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Hope for the Caregiver

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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March 16, 2019 6:50 pm

Hope for the Caregiver

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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March 16, 2019 6:50 pm

Hope for the Caregiver on American Family Radio  

March 16, 2019

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The hope of the caregiver.

This is Rosenberger I am glad this is the nation's number one show for the family caregiver here on American family radio thrilled to have with us 888-589-8848 885-8988 40 millions and millions and millions and millions of people put themselves between vulnerable of one of the worst disaster we do it every single maybe you're one of those individuals maybe this is where you will live your loved one who is dealing with Alzheimer's or child's special needs still with autism may be your in the orbit of somebody who has an addiction, alcoholism and drug addiction may be you are struggling.

Somebody has a mental illness.

Whatever the impairment.

Whatever the impairment, there is always an individual circling that in that that impaired individual and they're the ones that are putting themselves between that vulnerable of one. And even worse disaster. This shows committed to helping that individual to strengthening the family caregiver the one who was up late at night doing laundry, mopping the floor cleaning up stuff, preparing meals back and forth the hospital back-and-forth the hospice back-and-forth rehab center dressing wounds, making sure that the child does not get up and move about and just run off.

This is what happens to family members who have a child with autism elopement is a huge issue.

The child just gets up and leaks and how do you sleep like that in their ways that we talk about the with the waste use technology to help with that sort of thing, but that's a real fear that she get up and just leave if we don't minister to these people who's going to talk to them where they go to turn and that's what this show was about American family radio is committed to helping that family caregiver who is just at the end of the rope and we want you to know that this this is the place where you could start finding real practical solutions but we want to do his will to back away from the cliff help you get to a place of safety show you what safety looks like give you the courage to ask for help. Once we give the vocabulary we give you the courage to do so trip to really inspire you to go hit it's okay. Raise your hand and ask for help. It's not come in every way you want, but working to start that process and then for those were not caregivers, particular those who are involved in any kind of ministry church related pastor whatever we want to give the vocabulary of what help.

Looks like to a caregiver and you know it will help hopefully inspire you to offer that help friends don't let friends caregiver loan and that's what were about of the show and it's hard enough to do this it's impossible to do it alone and we speak fluent caregiver here if you want to call in and speak in your own native tongue is a caregiver. Guess what, this is the place. 888-589-8840 and I want to just quickly address something that's current in the news this thing in New Zealand and what's happened here again this is these mass tragedies that come out, and we've had this ancillary fact, I wrote about this regular blog contribution to American family Association and their blog called the stand and you go out there and see several my columns of this one. It's about a deeper consolation in all too many times we tend to just put our our what we do is we just did this, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of victims. Our thoughts and prayers. You hear that a lot and even the left now is starting to push back on this. What what good are your thoughts and prayers. I would say this for some time because it really it's a nice button up way to say something but it's really not accomplishing the the task at hand. When you live with something that is rather extreme and suffering people's thoughts and prayers. That sounds very nice and meaningful in its sentimental and all those kinds of things, but in reality it doesn't what what thoughts what prayers we pray who you praying to legal pray you to talk to the great I am Jehovah, Jara, King of Kings and Lord of lords. And you're asking what you want that person suffering to do what with that information. My wife's missing both legs. We got legal pray for her legs to grow back. Is that what you can pray this is the kind of thing it since that message. Do we want to send that message thinks what your thoughts and prayers are between you and God.

And please pray, keep them in your thoughts. But let's go specific.

Let's go deeper and and go back to look at James to see this is that the. The inspiration for this whole conversation look at James 216 if one of you says to them go in peace, keep warm and well and keep warm and well fed, but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is that doesn't mean you could fix somebody's situation, but you can speak into that situation with great specificity and clarity and and you can offer somebody something tangible helpful to give you an example. A lady I know here and in Nashville were burned with a set of national and about what we are live 888-589-8840 but we this lady was take care of her husband with a brain injury for about five years and she was struggling and so forth.

But then something happened. Her car broke down and she finally worked up the nerve to somebody church you know for some help. She said look I really need some help card to take care my husband on disabilities and help the lady was very kind to church, she said oh we can pray for you and I will bring your meal into her credit this this caregiver said to this woman said look, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers and your meals.

I really do. But I really need a mechanic, a car does work. You follow me on that one it see this is what happens a lot of times we just want to cut a glibly offer something that we understand but it's really important that we listen to understand what's going on with that caregiver with that person.

A neat we can't fix the problem that there caring as far as the medical stuff up in the moment it's husband at a brain injury having you you not to be a brain surgeon.

But what you can do is say okay is car working okay.

What we do get I don't mechanic you can ask about specific things in their home. I guarantee you if the caregivers frazzled their home is frazzled and there are things going on that need to happen there and you kids, you can go very specific. The more specific you get, the better it is and that's what this show is all about is teaching people how to how to go into those places. What things you hear me say over and over and over is have you been to your doctor lately, but what's the last time you were at your doctor's office and there's a there's an article about it if you don't subscribe to it.

Jim Libby as she quickly arrived from the gym.

If somebody wants to it on the mailing list for the American family Association's journal how do they do that they would visit and once you're there you will see divisions one of those would be the AFA Journal and if you want to go straight to that. If they have a and they can sign up for a free one-year subscription to the Journal and you were mentioning your blog a minute ago that's and the Journal if you get a free mixer for year and they have great articles in their throughout the year of very subjects and I was really pleased to have an interview with a rusty Benson about the show and he said in the article. What could look at what listeners expect they can expect or ask about that list or how are they feeling what's going on with and so you read the whole article. I think it's online as well. Hey this Peter Rosenberger this is hope for the caregiver. The number is 888-589-8840 will be right back. Have you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became it.

I questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me.

But over time, my questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help and inmates in a Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs.

All of this is to point others to Christ.

The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting others that standing

I'm Gracie. I am staining with help. How do you feel your body sluggish. How about your mind.

What about sleeping is that difficult for you when you had your last physical. What did you learn about your health.

Should you lose weight if you are like so many caregivers those are hard questions you didn't get here overnight, and you won't change it overnight. But there are steps you can take starting today. Find more that's a healthier so forth caregivers about caregivers hosted by caregiver, I am Peter Rosenberger. This is hope for the caregiver and we are glad you with us bringing you here. We have 37 the 33rd year of this other carrier now for over 33 years 12,000 days to get half days.

It's over hundred $20,000 is a lot of time and I bringing all of that experience to help you stay strong and healthy as you care for someone who is not how are you feeling 888-589-8840. Hey, I got something.

Do I want to try that out. I just a basket for your help. That's of the brand-new that I'm doing and I think we've worked out all the kinks of it.

If we have it, you have to be family, but if you go to caregiver caregiver we are at my website.

We are trying to collect recipes that caregivers love that they make and to share them with other caregivers who are having to learn how to cook maybe for the first time and there's there's a way for you to upload a story about the recipe why it's important to you and a favorite scripture or favorite verse song lyrics or quote or something that gets you through the day as well is a picture of you and your loved one in your family or the meal if you want take a picture of it. See you give everybody an idea of what it looks like and you get and what we do is we don't know we will share your personal information but will produce will put the recipes out the special page on our website so that caregivers who are finding themselves cooking for the first time maybe ever. They they haven't had to do it, but the thrust of this role and they don't really know what to do and were looking for heart healthy meals. Please don't try to put things with tons of butter and fat and sugar and all I can stop because I doesn't help us as caregivers, we need look for heart healthy and I got is been really mentor me and you guys know who use Graham care, formerly known as the galloping gourmet and he really changed his entire life around when his wife gets. He was kicker for his wife for 28 years and she had some some real health problems and and he blamed himself to blame.

The way he cooked because he cooked with a lot of fat and so forth. So we changed everything in his own real mission is been that way for some time to help people learn to look at food differently so that we can be healthier individuals doesn't do much good for you for putting all the stuff in your body. That's not helping us. So if you got a recipe that you like and maybe you could substitute something in it. Maybe your you're using cream and maybe we can substitute your Greek yogurt for that kind of stuff but it's up it's a recipe that means something you go to caregiver meals.calm caregiver and uploaded see if it doesn't work. I mean this not because I did try hard did, but you know I think it should work if the convert all the kinks of it so I look forward to seeing what you're cooking and what we can share with other caregivers because let me take some cooking meals can get a little bit gnarly you're at the end of the day and you're tired and you just throw some together and hopefully got macaroni and cheese out of a box, thing that is no way to live and I think we can make heart healthy meals that are easy to prepare. Don't require a lot of brainpower, but they have a lot of great benefit to our bodies and it's important for us to stay healthy because were taking care of someone who is not all right. Let's let's get to the calls here and this is Aurora in Kansas, Aurora in Kansas. Good morning how you feeling well on for dear life back off on my mom. I needed lender will first off let's back up, how are you feeling that my referral on my mom. I love to see if this if I can do this right.

English is not your native tongue. Is it right.

Most of us will battle is that this is so cortisone.

As this model are bumping don't you didn't intend to live that week we got.

We spoke a little bit of space just for you and me but we gotta let everybody else know or speak English so you said your heart is broken tell us what's going on here are there. My mom and I think we're married in time following my at night. How one might not only will I and 90 for her outline found on my hat you will do it. You are doing all the work I and so aware what's going on with you today out my mind now called my thoughts to writing their number of progress on my mom's and he he only when my mom because she how sick I was it going right now on evening long white uncle and he, not anymore. One year now, so she's not your mother living make sure I understand the server that he could understand what's going on, your sister, your half-sister, your brother went to go live with your half-sister, but she's never done that before and now your half-sister doesn't want to do this anymore. So the where is your mother might not have all my but where where is your mother now. I mother still with your past so your mother is still with your half-sister right right so can you bring her back to can you bring her back to Kansas.

No nightcap. Our okay all my mom might think everything she wanted fight might not pray for my mom had a house on Al Dale. Everything and so you basically get the cut right to cut you off at the break here, but so basically your half-sister has kind of taken over everything and his soldier mother's property and your mother is stuck with your half-sister, but she's not happy and you don't know what to do. Is that correct right lot 12) walking that call blocking love my mom and Betty felt the fire all that you worried about your mother safety right-handed time on what I want my mind made up that word about your mother safety. There are organizations that you could call that could check in on her to make sure she's not going through elder abuse that's that's kind of a nuke. That's kind of a nuclear option so you could almost forget about having a positive relationship with your half-sister once you pull that trigger, but that may that may if you're worried about your mother safety that may be the place in the in the way to go and what I would recommend doing. Do you have any type of access to legal or professional care of any kind you have a do you have an attorney that you could call do you have a social worker that you can call or somebody that effect because there are agencies in Texas. If there if there is a suspected elder abuse. You can call them and what they'll do is they'll go though.

Go check on things to make sure that your mother is not being mishandled.

If you worried about her safety. Following about one outlier, nobody know why you would not know. I wanted to go to pick on me like a sale.

It sounds like your sister has done a pretty good job of locking everything up so that she's in control and you could have to fight to battles.

It sounds like I'm try to get a picture of what's going on. One of them is you have to fight a battle to make sure that you can start getting control back of your mother stuff if that something you think you need to do and then the other. What is you need to start probably with this first to make sure your mother is safe and well cared for it. If you think she's not safe and well cared for. Then you need to go to the authorities and they have. I don't know where she is in Texas but you need to go to the authorities.

They have agencies that do that to to call on elder abuse and they will they will investigate this. I don't know how fast they'll do it.

I don't know how effective they'll do it, but there are supposed to do it and I've got friends of by you get on Facebook much now. Well, I'll put the link out on my website and on Facebook of some things. If you feel like there's elder abuse that I will I will do some research and find out what was the best of her to call in Texas and put that out of my website and the Facebook page will be at. Hopefully caregiver on Facebook and then you go to hopefully and I'll put a little notice out there about a number to call for that sort of thing, and that may be your first place to start.

Aurora okay well I wish I could be a little bit more help on this. I don't know the whole story, but I think the first thing to do is Make sure your mom is safe and being cared for. Okay. And there places that you can call on that and do that and I'll put our problems up with that on the website today and hopefully hey listen, thank you so much for the call this Petersburg if we have to go to break will be like that watch advances a culture where human life is valued in religious liberty thrives only virgins host Washington watch right here on the American family radio network inviting you to join us weekend for the weekend edition of Washington watch for the latest from our nation's capital on what is happening as it pertains to faith, family and freedom. You'll hear from policymakers, congressional leaders, and others.

Each day, 4 PM central time. Have you ever struggled to trust God when lousy things happen to you. I'm Gracie Rosenberger in 1983 I experienced a horrific car accident leading 80 surgeries in both legs and became I questioned why God allowed something so brutal to happen to me. But over time the questions changed and I discovered courage to trust God that understanding along with an appreciation for quality prosthetic limbs led me to establish standing with help more than a dozen years we been working with the government of Ghana and West Africa, equipping and training local workers to build and maintain quality prosthetic limbs for their own people on a regular basis. We purchased ship equipment and supplies and with the help of inmates in a Tennessee prison. We also recycle parts from donated lambs. All of this is to point others to Christ. The source of my help and strength, please visit standing with to learn more and participate in lifting I'm Gracie and I am staining without his love that that is my wife, Gracie, with John, your daughter and I just love listens to women saying oh my goodness will Peter when you need to send me the whole song all will will and will is to play the whole song and we can't find that where you hit hopefully I have a whole music page there about it but you could get the salt of the Caddell of the song from any of the. streaming. I think it's on spot of five everything that's out there it's out there. I will get that to you. I just love it and Johnny just finished up a pretty intensive bout of cancer for her second go around and Gracie would sing songs to her on her phone just center clips of it and they would sing and in Johnny would play it while it then she would face time with Gracie.

They would sing in harmony together. It was just really meaningful to watch these two women. My wife Gracie for those you don't know 80 surgeries. Both legs amputated. She was hurt when she was 17, just like Johnny was hurt when she was 17.

Several years apart but Gracie was her back in 83 and so this is really meaningful to listen to those two women encourage each other and strengthen each other and do it for us as well listen I did some research bubble if you will be on the show skews me 888-589-8840 888-589-8840.

This is hopefully caregiver computer Rosenberger and I did some research over the break and you can go.

This is for aurora Aurora still listing hope you are.

There's a 800-number you can call in Texas to report abuse now. Again, this is the nuclear option so you could kind of forget about having a decent relationship with your half-sister. After this, at least for some time, but it's 800-252-5400, 800-252-5400 if you think there's elder abuse going on in Texas that that's the number to call for roar and its PX like Texas PX abuse by dot org and there's an online contact form.

You can use as well. That abuse that is right there at the top of the webpage DFP just Google there's that unfortunately think they don't make it easy website addresses sometimes and state government for things like this, but the best way to do is TX abuse roar, if that's what you think is going on with your mother, I would point to that place because her safety is more important right now. Even then, your your harmonious relationship with your sister if you think that's what's going on. 888-589-8840 if you want to be a part of the show that this is not an uncommon situation that is going on with so many and in families become very fractured over who's going to do what I get when I get so many emails I was on the 700 club recently and when you do a big show like that you can to get flooded with just heartbreaking situations that I was just getting a lot of emails would try to still come out from underneath him and address these things as best as possible. But there's just so much out there were families are just coming to blows. They are there being just ripped apart over you know these things and a lot of times it has to do with controlling the estate and the money.

A lot of families will will will struggle with the fact I got a buddy buddies neurologist here in Nashville and at Vanderbilt and he deals with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and Huntington's. These are three big areas where he deals with, but we are told about this. He said that the family gets a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. For example, the first question asked is how much is as good a cost as the first question he said, by far, that most families ask how much is this going to cost and it's as extremely expensive and the cost of more than just monetary. What it does to families and how it affects families and and so did you get somebody say whether or not doing a very good job of this or that. There's all kinds of dynamics get involved and I cannot stress enough to you. Do not try to do this by yourself. There's legal help available. There is there are social services available that you can do this. They're not going to move as fast as probably you would like, but if you try to do this by yourself. Chances are this is going to go south on this could be an incredible sticky wicket for you and and I just cannot stress that strongly that if an enemy to start with your pastor in one of things we you hear this a lot of my shows me pushing back to pastors pushing back to the church. I am of the mindset that if the church is not out in front of this issue than we are in real real deep trouble because what is the world could be.

Say you don't you think about this.

You've got a family with the special needs child that is pushing them to the break in the other to the break in the breaking point and and I know people that are like this that are having these kinds of disc difficulties.

I had a family member.

The child is screened incessantly just I me this was just going on and on and on.

The family was just becoming just so frazzled over this and when you got a child with with that kind of situation going on what one of the listing to who were the listing to her. They can listen to the governor Virginia who is saying you know if the child was severe deformities is born with to put it aside of them will have a discussion.

I is that Huger listed Maryland just yesterday passed another medically assisted death bill. Whether allowing this their joining. I think the rest of the eighth or ninth state. I don't know. There, the numbers are starting to pile up a why is there law enacted at the first the year and now Maryland is following suit and at least at least Maryland did this they they were lawmakers that were weeping as they were doing this, rather than applauding like New York state legislator over late-term abortions, but but as long as the viability of life is being dictated by state legislators word were down a dark path.

If the church is not out there speaking the life into the situations and importing people towards life and and strength and fortitude it works.

I got a come from secular come from is like a come from the state legislators and you know this is this is what I'm concerned about and in you get these family caregivers who are thinking okay.

Would it be better just for Bob to go ahead and go put them out of their misery. You just heard Johnny and Gracie singing because he lives it at the at the last course and out you go download the solids on iTunes and Amazon.

Whatever is go get it, but it said that the two of them say together because he lives we can face tomorrow because he lives, all fear is gone.

Now those are great lyrics that Bill and Gloria Gaither of the stamped on us that every have known everything else but what a woman is been in a wheelchair paralyzed as a quadriplegic, his face cancer twice things that with another woman whose body is just broken and is go through surgery, having just 80 surgeries that I can count lives with pain everyday in both legs are gone when those two women saying that their hearing life and their communicating life in a way that the rest of us desperately need to hear. What did they know about Jesus that we need to that they could sing a song like that. You can't fake that kind of stuff. I've seen a lot of people who cut up skate bound stuffer couple months or maybe even maybe a couple years but when this thing stretches on for decades like it has for Johnny who got hurt and 67 Gracie got hurt and 83 when this thing stretches on for decades. You're going to need something more substantive to hold onto what are you holding on to as a caregiver right now. What are you holding onto what is getting you through the days you're watching somebody you love suffer or slip away or act out or whatever will you holding onto 888-589-8840 because if were not pointing each other to something to hang on to to to grasp with everything we have the one we do and who are they going to listen to. III would much rather equip pastors to be able to speak life from their pulpits that have these people tune in to listen to politicians what the governor Virginia says will to put a child aside and have a discussion about whether that we would resuscitate or let that child to live that has a severe deformities or state legislators say you know if the pain is that bad looking to give you some medication let you go ahead and just check out a lot of people would want to live like my wife. A lot of people would want to live like Johnny. Basically you are the place but it what what I am imploring is that we learn how to speak with clarity the gospel into those kinds of situations. If were not willing to go into those kinds of train wrecks of people's lives are struggling with this. The what good is our Christianity. If were not willing to walk into those kinds of heartbreaking scenarios with the clear concise and and and conviction of the gospel and speak with great authority into that even if were weeping. What we do it that I got I got to ask you what will look good is your faith. This is not a country club religion.

This is this is frontline warfare. This is triage people's lives are really truly broke it. If the church can't speak into that and offer something for folks to hang onto the kind have to wonder what good is all these wonderful beautiful buildings. We got around it is nice because it fills a great sound system and great worship teams all the stuff I want to show up and see a worship team. I really wish oversee a pastor. I would assume the church see Jesus here. This life-changing gospel. I need to hear it every day so that I could better care for my wife that I can better live my life.

888-589-8040 dispute arose whether this is hope they dispute.

Rosenberger never helped somebody walk for the first time I've had that privilege many times through our organization.

Standing with hope when my wife Gracie gave up both of her legs follow this horrible Rick that she had as a teenager and she try to save them for years and if it just wouldn't work out.

And finally she relinquished him and thought wow this is that I'm not happy legs anymore. What can God do with that and then she had this vision for using prosthetic limbs as a means of sharing the gospel to put legs on her fellow amputees and that's what we been doing now since 2005 was standing with hope. We work in the West African country of Ghana and you can be a part of that through supplies through supporting team members through supporting the work that were doing over there, you can designate a limb. There's all kinds of ways that you can be a part of giving the gift that keeps on walking and standing with what you take a moment ago understanding with and see how you can give they go walking and leaping and praising God. You can be a part of look back and so forth caregivers about caregivers hosted by caregiver. I am here Rosenberger bring 3+ experience to stay strong and healthy as you take hear of someone who thought glad you with is 888-5888 40 880-589-8840 I want to squeeze in a few calls here.

Janine and Texas Janine good morning how you feeling, Janine Highfield will audit your program. People stumble, praise and honor program at K and lay down a lot of that work that well that and a great day and everything that you know Janine you are why do the show and you inspire me and what you and your husband go through my heart is just deeply moved by this entity. What I want you to do.

I want you to hang on and Jim's to get your information I will said you copied my book hope for the caregiver and I will send you a CD that identical songs for the caregiver is just music it. Gracie sings about half of them played on it and her fist heals and so forth can't do a whole lot for you, but I can give you this but I think it will be meaningful to you and I just want you to know that I I see the magnitude of what you're curing and and I want to do what I can to put my shoulder to the wheel of that and with that be okay can send that to you where I met with terrible holiday on top that it you hear that anything I have found I have found that a lot of people that are born with congenital limb loss and that's when you just born with a hand whenever they don't particularly enjoy the prosthesis typically hand out its it's cumbersome they don't it it it doesn't feel right and they don't have any any awareness of having a hand so it's not it. It just like I got a buddy my that I do that was missing it below the elbow, and he felt like what he put on a prosthesis that his arm was like 12 feet long kind of thing just it out.

You just didn't care for most of what we do here in an West African we do with legs because we can get the.

The bigger benefit of walking with legs, hands we just technology just has not replaced.

You know an out of what God created the first place. You can get that dexterity to shoot one quick question that I got. I want to go and take another call here but I wanted to ask you when you hear somebody like the governor Virginia saber to put this child with deformities over here to the side and will have a discussion. This is a loan? There is no wrong answer of just asking you what was the reaction you and your husband had heart heart better that pediatrician hospital at night.

I argue and operate on here strain measured by any other way not to let a anybody else that says that I would think the rose-colored glasses but somebody who is taking care of a child with severe disabilities for 40 years. That's kinda worth listening to folks what would what is the Scripture that that you hang onto when things get pretty pretty rough. Go ahead and say it. Go ahead and say it can't hurt.

Dr. live in the cave. Like Johnny, Eric Lee right right here in and now that it's okay here it out will I think they've heard it.

I think that your attitude Janine, and a lot of times we as caregivers, we want somebody in our life suffers and they have their so inspiring and we are so excited about their inspiration, but I want you to know that I'm I'm excited about your inspiration to me and to the listeners of this audience that you are willing to trust Jesus with the very difficult set of services you and your husband and your family have endured it and faced and this is a your why do the show. So thank you and thank you for listening.

Don't hang up because Jim's going to get your information there and working. I want to send you a book and a CD. I just want this do something for you that that's going to bring a little bit of strength and comfort are list go to Jackie and Texas Jackie is Jackie good morning how you feeling well and are only adopted 11 mental and we had consummated nine days old so were the only family that were not on and on. We had to biological children have older kids that are by biological kids don't suck don't struggle with anything like this and has a severe addiction. He was born in crack cocaine is a great kid growing up, but then puberty years ahead with distant struggle in the last five years he just turned 18, February 11, in the last two years have been so hard and then so I didn't really see myself in a caregiver role until I heard your program and I thought oh my word, and then my parents are elderly and they live about 4 miles from us in some kind of the go to person for them. My sister lives that are in a halfway that I got your book on that landmine book and I was really good. I think the one that hit me the most is the isolation we we stopped going to church with Benji for a long time because they knew the they were aware of the situation that we struggle with that. There is no freaking out at all and and then we start on phonetic church and we share with them what we're going through now reaching out at all. I just I'm just when you emphasize that it is raining so true with me that that I may not have like one of my main I'm really clinging heart to the Lord that a Christian for long, has that iron is very supportive of each other that I have Thursday morning ladies Bible study that so helpful when we text each other at their prayer requests and and I know that there that they are so supportive of us that this not having up after not feeling like you have a spiritual covering that I think is so important, and that were just not finding that an Salvation Army because the camera and come home and so were trying to find this walk that fine line where Billy we love you where not abandoning you are not rejecting you that we will not enable an innate and rescue him, and so on. We got a call last night from the Salvation Army that that date on their district there kicking him out because he showed up drunk again and so we've gone through so many counselors and therapists in residential treatment centers and all that for the is banalities 18 at the different story. Will the brief time I have had to cut you off at the top down.

Are you going to any kind of 12 step recovery program for you and your husband when we were there for a while. There is one hearing in our town and I finally have. I would recommend that strongly, even if you don't necessarily theologically agree with a lot of things that are being said and I think that I don't struggle it. I think I would put that in the box put that aside because it sounds like you your strong theologically as you as you are, but there are some real benefit to being around people who are wrestling this with their with their own lives and strengthen each other that and I cannot stress to you enough how important that is in their online as well. There sums some some things that you could check in with online that there are somebody resources but I think that's the thing is you and your husband realize you have to make it whether or not he does now and that you are at this point, it sounds like of listen, I didn't get as much time to spend with you on this as I'd like listing you can call him next week as well. If you want to talk about this more. This this is this is a powerful issue that we want to continue addressing and I want to clean up the pastors and so forth. Got to take this on. Otherwise good is your poem families are going through this thing take it on. This is hope for the caregiver.

This is Peter Roseburg upstart have cut it up. It will be back next week

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