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The Significance of Rosh Hashanah to Christians and Caregivers

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger
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September 23, 2020 2:49 pm

The Significance of Rosh Hashanah to Christians and Caregivers

Hope for the Caregiver / Peter Rosenberger

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September 23, 2020 2:49 pm

The first of the Jewish High Holy Days is Rosh Hashanah.  It literally the "day of shouting or blasting." This "shouting is a call to something ...but what? 

My longtime friend, Rabbi Eric Walker, calls the show to discuss this and helps connect the dots to how this can meaningful affect a family caregiver. 

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This is one show for you as a family caregiver are you doing you know you function as you care for someone with some type of chronic impairment. Maybe it's also addiction.

Maybe it's autism. Maybe it's from a whatever. There's no into the period of of of dysfunctions that we face as human beings on this planet. But there's always caregiver whenever there's a chronic impairment. There's a caregiver. This is the show dedicated to you if you will be part of the show 877-655-6755 877-655-6755 for more than an auto to three years now. Maybe board met. I have had the privilege of serving on the last Monday of every month with my friend Rabbi Eric Walker with fish show would be so brought to Seattle network called igniting a nation ministries out of Birmingham, Alabama, and is a best-selling author, and he spent a lot of time in corporate America build up all kinds of stuff and then was called into full-time ministry and he founded one of the largest messianic congregations in the world and he has been featured on hundred his reservationist really really really long.

Of all that he's been featured on just an amazing speaker, teacher, he's been a great mentor to me to understand things that are going on in the in the Hebrew calendar in an Scripture what's going on biblical prophecy always cuts that will house that relate to be the caregiver. What would you talk about today because were in the middle of right when not in the middle of we just started Rosh Hashanah/to become on and just share what does this mean what does this mean to us as believers and wise caregivers. Is this important, what can we glean from that and and II think is so important to stay grounded in the word of God and an understanding what's going on around us that we got just kind of stumbling along here. There are things going on every day there important for us to know and and Rabbi Walker has just been a great friend to help instruct me on this. So Eric, thank you for being here how you feel all right and honor be on the show. You not only stand behind your vision and mission. Your mission, your journey will greatly and the message of hope that you bring.

And that's exactly what the message of God's appointed time. This from a biblical perspective. All is a message of hope I did this work as I in Leviticus 23 forces. The Lord says that these are his feast. These are his times. These are his things to jump right into that and take us down this path of what does that mean is we as we see the the nation of Israel and and and Jews around the world looking and celebrate Rosh Hashanah. What about us as believers, what is all this mean just jump right in our limited 23 God made it very clear that an instruction among speak, others like you call them you are my appointed time. As we look at how that applies to believers.

They are grafted and to the Commonwealth so in a broad stroke. He saying to all those who belong to me.

Believe in my promises and my confidence and now not the sacrifice of my son for your salvation you to get to enjoy the richness and depth of meaning behind my appointed time. So as we take a look at the sprain face looking beginning with Passover, which was the death than not, the resurrection, and ultimately the tension in the giving of knowledge spirit. There's a progression that and the progression was fulfilled was fulfilled in a very unique way is was crucified on fossil Iran was on the street piece of her skirt. He gave us the Holy Spirit on the cost and shovel the feast of weeks, all that is laid out for us in the text and certain days of the year on the I'm the Hebrew calendar and we look at the fall fees were looking at a time that has yet to be fulfilled by Jesus return so I thought occasion based on understanding what these fees are their names and their meaning it gives us a great deal of hope and so let's start with what's called an the world today is Rosh Hashanah black. Actually in Leviticus 23 is the feast of trumpets. The trumpets in this case are not the silver trumpet. This is a commemoration of the show file of the ram's horn and this was the redemption of Isaac on Mount Moriah from Genesis 22 so we all remember this amazing story of events taking place where God instruction test Abraham and he tells them to go to the place that he will show him it cannot Moriah Betty Temple Mount in Jerusalem nicely sends it. There is parallels to the crucifixion. It is, they were considered to be the only begotten sons of the father. They were not enough. There one for the offering up the mountain. They both did a lot of the father that so many parallels to shedding the stage for what would take place on the last day of Jesus's life but as we come into this season in the fall, beginning with the feast of trumpets, Russia, not the head of the translate had of the year.

Cheryl new year the changing of the calendar. So in the Hebrew calendar we want from 5780 which is talent from the sixth day of creation to 5781, so it's actually a new year and it is shop a day that we celebrate the blowing of the shofar reminding us that Jesus will return at the trumpet blast, so let me jump in real quick so the the spiritual feast sent by God. Theological feast has been kind of combined with a civil new year holiday is at. Did I understand that right correct show just like in America. We celebrate January correct. However, when her kids went back to school.

The new school year wasn't January 1. It might be August or September.

They had a new school year so you might work for company and the company has a new fiscal year and might be in June or July we all celebrate many different new beginning. This happens the time set for the new beginning of the civil new year and show where January 1 range and not on the Gregorian calendar, wavering, and not on the calendar.

I knew year and it's time that began in the month before leading up to the seventh month with God tells us the dates in the seventh month in the six month on the month preceding, we began and traditionally had a time of reflection and repentance examining war we've gone astray things we need to turn from preparing ourselves for the fees in the spiritual renewal and opportunity for a new beginning.

Will reminded of the words of Paul in second Corinthians 517 that anyone is a Messiah is a new creation the old is gone. The newest Tom so think about salvation you accept Jesus as your misfire that there is not an instantaneous transformation that takes place you don't.

I do not get back into this new life and all of your past is erased and the kingdom of heaven, but you still have the habits that you had. You still have some of the language. The behavior of the thought pattern for the time of accepting that mantle of a new beginning, and self-examination, and my conforming transforming into the image of misfire and as I celebrate this time. If the time of reflection at time of celebration that God has sustained us for another year and and the world of believers as I am a Jewish believer.

I believe that my name is for ever inscribed in the Lamb's book of life in the nonbelieving in Jesus Jewish community, they believe is an annual renewable inscription and therefore through the celebration of these appointment times, they begin to work through the process of first of celebration, then the 10 days so that expense ratios on the first day of the seventh month.

Get all the sacred assembly and celebrate with the blowing of the trumpets, the comfort was a the shofar was in biblical times, it was the call with the battle call.

It was a signal a warning from one village to another village that an enemy might be coming. It was also celebrated as a wake-up call to those who kind of backslidden wake-up from your slumber away can renew this relationship with God. Take inventory is also a warning to Satan, the enemy that the Messiah was coming in so we read in Scripture that Messiah will come at the last trumpet blast so we look every year to the east, as told to us in Ezekiel 43 that the Lord will return when he breaks through the eastern skies of Jerusalem, so every synagogue in the world in almost every church is built facing Jerusalem. Most people don't know that, but it has to do with the dedication of the first Temple where King Solomon interceded for volunteers and non-Jews that prayers were offered while you are facing toward that place then God would hear from heaven and answered your personnel of the first intercession made in the dedication. The first Temple for non-Jewish people so it interesting that the half to God was paved through this Jewish book, the Bible, so the two days ago on 18 September we began the celebration is a sacred assembly for the blowing of trumpets celebration of the new year, but it's a very intentional time. We all have problem areas our spiritual lives in most of us know what they are. We also have Whaley turn to God to follow other things, some of which we may not even realize. So during this period of time from the celebration until 10 days later, celebrate the day of atonement. We are to take an inventory and examine ourselves and look to see King David wrote you know searching on God and see if there's any unclean thing within and as we examine our lives. We also are two look at the people in our lives you know Jesus secure our vertical relationship with God and so we accept misfire, we become in right standing with God as our sins forgiven, but there's another aspect to our life and our salvation with the ultimate and experience all this would be taken out of this world. The minute we said yes to Jesus but yet were still remaining here and so when we look at what Jesus said what were the two greatest commandments was first to love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and all your strength. In the second love your neighbor as yourself and show in this 10 day period between the new year and the day of atonement were supposed to look at ourselves and think about the words of Jesus who said, if you bring your gift to the altar and thereby realized your brother has something against you, leave your gift and will be reconciled to your brother, then come and bring your gift and it will be acceptable to God. So during this time. Imagine you as a caregiver. How many times you were frustrated with just that the people what the insurance company. The doctors may be a good Sam you do with your family and friends who that I get a lot of on the cellular calls from people who are struggling with family members adult help. The way that they would. What if elected to the band and they feel resentful. That's it.

Resentful, his resentment is a huge issue for somebody family caregivers and this is what I wanted to bring you want to talk about this because this is the time set aside once a year in the Hebrew calendar, but it certainly can be extended throughout the whole year of that reflection in MI understood that right absolutely.

So think about the people in your life how the July which you are relinquishing because I truly believe we have choice, we have a choice in a commander forgive and is there any unforgiveness in our hearts which are keeping us separated from the love of God are we that that that Dr. that just didn't do what he said he was positive and were living with the consequences of that heavenly Sheriff Karl Marx and examine it so you know I am holding the scribe against my brother and God says that's like murder, but in this case, the one who is imprisoned is not the doctor not your friends and family. If you you lock yourself in a prison of resentment and unforgiveness. And this is the time to examine that and say you know Lord you are sovereign, my trust is in the people arguing disappointment when I have to find a way to release Jack and this is the time that if there are people you need to talk to to restore relationships to reconcile if he can then God gives us this windowsill in the day of atonement comes with common with clean hands, you know, the Bible tells us who can offend the mountain of the Lord, the one with clean hands and a most of us in the Pentecostal charismatic spirit filled world lift our hands in the sanctuary, and I've always appreciated at the time of presenting my hands to the Lord and sang search my hands a lot and see if airplane she what I've set my hands continued going this week that they'd been for your kingdom for your glory. Have I blessed because the curse might have. I prayed for those that despitefully use what I forgiven my brother.

Even the brother that sins against me. The therapist that just is always late or somebody who commits to do something and doesn't never do it, and I've been holding on to release them and when I release them in relation to myself the time for God to speak to us and to showoffs as we reflect we then move into once something is revealed to you. God is looking for a response, and that response is our repentance.

What I need to do Lord what you want me to do about the situation. Lord help me to turn from this anger and resentment and conflict back to you without resistance and with the trustee and grateful heart asked and you want and recommend somebody in a show who, how, and what can I do to help keep me focused on what you called me to do in this coming year.

Manuel has asked Betty losing someone to have you on the slope will join today because I I have found over and over and over that one of the big issues for family caregivers. Is this quagmire of resentment and despair over the fractured relationships that go on and are horizontal relationships and also the fresh we have with God because we get into that place of resentment and I think is fascinating that it way back to Leviticus a time was set aside for just that thing and it it does is not limited to serving these 10 days, but it is a corporate thing where the collective nation of Israel came together for this purpose and that it individually.

We can do this anytime you want, but this is also a collective time and I look at you know so many of these principles in oh would they be applied to our collective nation if we would come together for a time of reflection. It is a time of repentance, as a nation and the Netflix back to and chronicles receipt of my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray that I will hear from heaven and heal their land.

And so I get to that collective group and you know we as caregivers are not collectively come together as a nation of caregivers, but what the principal was still the same.

The preceptor still the same of learning to reflect and say okay this was important enough for God to establish this for the entire nation to do this every year and and then Paul went even further Jesus and then Paul built on that went even further, say look every time you come to the communion table.

This is where you have space needs to be and and so as we prepare this in England. Repentance and what is exact. I hope my filters will understand forgiveness doesn't mean it doesn't matter. Forgiveness means you to take your hand off of someone else's throat and and let go of that resentment that you're hanging onto this just destroying you and I see that so many times with fellow caregivers, and so I thought well this is this is a time just to kind of reflect on those thoughts okay. How is this benefiting me to hold on to this resentment in the last two minutes, take us up to Yom Kippur and then to quickly. I know this is asking a lot, and then throat to the final feast, the feast of Tabernacle. About two minutes okay so we attended. You normally have a day God has instructed us to fast start deny ourselves so that we become adults present not focusing on the things of the world that the things above, we use that time to contrast dissident tells us to confess you send one another.

God is faithful to forgive us our sinfulness for this is very the they opportunity to do that. If you haven't done that. This is the opportunity gives in and five days later, is the feast of Tabernacles on the predictive ingathering where we celebrate in the past the 40 years that God would let what she was thereby a pillar of cloud by day and Abilify by night 40 years and we celebrate we lived in temporary booth that now we celebrate the fact that Jesus is going to come back and set up this time.

So it's a very hopeful time of celebration that actually extends. Over eight days the first day ushering in this case, the Tabernacles and then people in Israel. Though these on the balcony, though temporary shelters like parents and they sit out there and they read the Scriptures at night and then on the last day of the celebration, the law reminded of what the priest did. They had what was called a libation ceremony, whether or not water on the altar praying for the latter rain and for the coming of Messiah, and so this was harvest Festival in the fall and one where we take a look and examine the fruit of the fruit of the steel of the fruit of our labor and what is it producing ethics opportunity good person and God is going to take that branch and cut that branch off illicitly) examine this virus will my dear friend and just a tremendous teacher to have you back on as these topics continue to unfold in this report.

First caregivers to act on these things take it to God.

Let go of these resentments and then look for those moments when we are with God, thank you for joining us in igniting a nation.burger your help somebody walk the first time I've had the privilege many times through our organization.

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