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Feast of Trumpets

God 1st / Brian C Thomas
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August 15, 2020 9:00 am

Feast of Trumpets

God 1st / Brian C Thomas

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August 15, 2020 9:00 am

Les Lawrence of Elisha Vision is this week's guest on the podcast. Les joins us to speak on the Feast of Trumpets.

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Welcome to God first with plaintiff economic when committing to encouraging you to put God first won't even life. The window of the Bible. Now, in honor of the one and only true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let's join Wayne see Thomas for today's message greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Brian Thomas, and I am so honored that you are joining me today on the God first podcasts as I have a good friend of mine in the ministry that I have asked to join me today to talk about the topic of the feast of trumpets which is coming up here shortly and a lot of things going on in the world and a lot of people are sensing things happening in things that may be happening and so were going to talk about the feast of trumpets in and what it means and what it possibly foretells for the future goals will get to that in a moment, but I want to introduce my guest list.

Lawrence, who is the founder of Elisha vision and again he's here to talk about the feast of trumpets the less it again is an honor to have you ahead you on a few years ago to speak about the seven feast of the Lord today were going to speak about this particular fees. But before we get to the feast. Can you talk to our listeners a little bit about your ministry and in your background and how you came to where you are sure appreciate your good opportunity with you on not Grendel years are not God. My wife and I got to the church in Florida over 24 years. One particular church in Clearwater, Florida, God launches in our ministry called her nontraditional ministry based on the prophet Elisha prayed for his servant eyes to be open and went to see more. One day there were not regular with them on the victory. Elisha was surrounded by an army of our vision are calling is graded equal rights would be open to what God is doing and not especially focuses on what is doing what Israel and the restoration of Israel and left my maintain written about eight books now mostly on that subject directory travel and speak now around where legato doors are a number of times other countries as well and is thankful to be able to use, the Lord wants you. Thanks again for me on the show today certainly welcome and it is deftly honored to have you. Thank you for joining us and as you mentioned you and I we met years ago and we hit it off right away. We both have a heart for Israel. We, we found that right off the bat we have a heart for Israel, and so you doing great things and I'm just excited about what God is done how he has used you and how he's continuing to use you for the kingdom.

So we're here to talk about the feast of trumpets so want to begin by asking the question, where do we find the feast of trumpets in the Bible first mentioned in Leviticus 23 verse 24 actually 107 different states of the holder the peace of God directly called the feast of Israel, but the term in the Bible of your home first and he causes people to observe the nurse there in three spring summer and fall. In the spring one summer three in the fall in the trunk of the first one of the flock and so as I mentioned in general that is 23 all the future listed there and unique thing about the piece of trumpets is that it's the only piece of the seven that have defined starting time in terms of the particular day, and that that can manipulate and talk about one a minute but it this year, the Tabernacles begins on going down Friday, September 18.

The most significant observance of the sounding of the shofar, the blowing of the trumpet, and a lot of meaning in that. So you can touch on yes yes yeah and that is this PC deftly has a lot of intrigue behind it because as you said is not a is not a sick thing and were going to talk about that again. And as far as there's not a definitive starting point.

As far as when the fees will start and so so were going to talk about that is will now here in in the Western world.

We refer to it as the feast of trumpets, but if you're in Israel you will hear Rosh Hashanah so explain to us Rosh Hashanah that term and why it is referred to as Rosh Hashanah versus the feast of trumpets right Tucson means year on a Ross meathead in Hebrew, nearly year and so it three new public dealer in Israel at the beginning of their civil year, but in the Bible the beginning of the year is actually in the spring associated actually with times over the first one of the children, the Jews actually celebrate two different. One is your and the other civil year civil new year begins on the Tabernacles on the day of trumpets sounding the show and so a little confusing but break it down, religious, civil understand beginning of the year and when their calendar start in terms of the government and modern-day Israel. So for us, yelling our nation and in so many parts of the world were celebrating the new year when the calendar rolls over from Jan from December 31 to January 1. But on the flipside with the nation of Israel when it comes to this fees for them.

There are celebrations on the new year is at this Rosh Hashanah is that correct exactly right.

So that puts it in context force. Now you touched on it earlier about the blowing of the shofar, the blowing of the trumpets and also as far as like what the fees what starts the feast of soap to use explained to was as far as you mentioned the dates when it scheduled for this year. But how do the people who knew it Israel or for that matter, for all who are participating in this fees how they know when the feast is actually supposed to begin an interesting question because that dimension with the beginning. This is the only one of the 7000 habit defined date to start right to make October 1 seven is actually the Bible, mostly on the third begins on the 14th day of Nissan, a biblical monk named Nissan and so that's when McAfee starts supporting the needs on a specific date and then learn after the Passover spring next summer and a costly call after four weeks to download and Hebrew, and that summer starts.

After Passover so you cannot count days literally calculate the minutes Fienberg got and then when you come to the fall face bottom blowing of the trumpets Rosh Hashanah does not have a specific date, but then after that they then count again and days of the next series and then five more days to Tabernacles other" are all very defined liens of the one trumpets. Why does not define the rental very interesting concept because what the Bible study did find actually not as a particular date, but is defined as when you when when the high priest on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is able to see the 20 looked up in the sky in the evening. Like for example in this case. September 18 if you were doing it in the biblical way. On the Temple Mount. You look up in the sky and the 1 it would give the signal and they would blow the trumpet shofar and if you could see the moon wouldn't give a signal, shofar and might be dark for several hours maybe 4 PM 9 o'clock 10 o'clock 11 o'clock, then you can fit like venue Robichaux part if you don't fear that night. It all relates overmix right in the article is cloudy. Here are some really good on the next night would win the finals.

Then you didn't signal and you start the sounding of the conflict. So it was dependent on actually physically spotting the new moon rising and and so the obvious question is why, what's that all about, but I believe in the application actually has a great meaning which which we find in the Olivet discourse which is Matthew 24, 21, Mark 13, where Jesus getting a sermon on the Mount of olives and he talks about the state we are asking him what will be the time of your return cycle.

Finally it started thinking that you really going to be leaving. They don't fully understand it yet, but there they got I really live so that the and because she gives a very lengthy definition of all the different things will happen. Earthquakes and pestilences have been a lot of different things that happened many all of those things actually happen every generation, so it's not really very distinct, but just always kind of general things will happen. But then the one thing that he said, one in that same night answering that question. He says no man knows the day or the hour and some scholars on one of them believe that that was actually not obscuring the answer to the question of when you coming back that he was actually answering it because that expression. No man knows the day or the hour was associated with the pizza trumpets with a good observing for hundreds and hundreds of years, trumpets starts with no man knows the day or the hour, yet that she pleaded moon removed so when he said that I believe he was answering the question that he was coming back Trumpet every year we get this time of year that I get a little excited now you want to be wrong. You can come anytime the year and be ready anytime with that, especially regarding the default time to be genuine. U, Ms. year that the topminnow pricing kind of a neat way to look at it riled actually talking about is another thing I want to go on for long here, but if you want to I can go and zero letter part of that thing sermon on the Mount abolished while else about the economy.due to continuous sure okay. One of the things I've been teaching for a while and not in all the things Jesus describes their 24 that are coming most of all of them can be in any generation.

But there's one particular part of it that he says he prophesied the downfall of Jerusalem and the restoration of Jerusalem is also be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles is fulfilled, and then is rhetorically the units are that about 38 here 35 somewhere in that range in the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. so he actually said it was going to happen before it happened in God and so the downfall was shortly after Jesus in heaven in 70 A.D. the dinner was trampled down of the Gentiles. Like you said it would be somebody trampled down about the Gentiles until the time of Gentiles in euros loan was over. But we also see Matt now in history and a regular that occurred in 1967 when Jerusalem came back into the hands of the Jews in Israel for the first time because there was overtaken by the Romans in 70 A.D. and the temple was destroyed so in that passage of the Olivet discourse of the metabolic only trying to escape it thing we can find in their is commentary about the destruction of Jerusalem and then restoration of Jerusalem, so that the timing of this generation were now living in and and or and later on in the same message invited in Luke 21 he says this generation will not have to worry until the coming of the Son of Man politically exciting. Anything that Jane conflict Matthew 24, 36, Lori Kaylee from no man knows the day or the hour.

So I believe there was a clue that people understood that three connected to the future trumpet that the coming action. John thinking answered their question when he coming back will be in the generation with Jerusalem restored and will be finding of the sounding of the trumpet driving it is it is you have to be paying attention as the Bible says and Jesus said, you know, the season knew that the season know the signs of his return. And so it is definitely a fascinating fascinating teaching were going to take a short break, but on the other side want to come back and we will talk a bit more about the significance why the piece is important an idea why we as Christians should be excited about this time of year. Don't go away you attuned into God first podcast listening to Brian Thomas only got more crying as God not horse around the library.

There you will find articles and messages available as MP3 downloads on various topics such as salvation. Lesson just to name a few. Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter and visit with God book back to the God first podcast, my name is Brian Thomas and I joined today by ideas list Lawrence of Eliza vision, a man who I consider to be an expert on this topic of the feast of the Lord easier today, to teach us about the feast of trumpets and so we just talked about the importance of it list that our Lord in answering the question, what would be the sign of your coming and the end of the age and he stated no one knows the day of the hour and as you mentioned, the feast of trumpets because of the fact that will you have to go out in and see the moon and if it's cloudy you don't see it. So around that area is known as the feast of no one knows the daily hour because you don't know exactly where it is going to start so there are a lot of people out there that believe that Jesus again was given a clue as to win his second coming would be when he would return to rapture the church and I've heard people out there that will say this.

This teaching can be dangerous because your your lips until the people to let their guard down at different times of year because you know we feel like will. This is an indication that his rapture will occur at the feast of trumpets because when you look at the previous fees. Although it is first coming he fulfill. He had fulfillments that took place on those exact fees and in you correct me if I'm wrong, but there people out there who will say with this is kind of a dangerous teacher so so what do you say to those people not to do? Are correct about that not all each of the case. The first four weeks of already been fulfilled by Jesus himself and the last three of the properties beginning with trumpets working with people, when Jesus comes back.

So people go to Montauk. We are the danger of coffee to think about that about a dangerous thing you mentioned earlier before the greatly times and seasons because you are not ignorant of the times and yet you don't know the day or the hour because no man of the daily are not even not only the father not so strong that we don't know the day or the out but we cannot times and received, so I think it's so in the sense of is not wrong to say it season of the fall. I don't think so. I think we can know the season now your second point is that a dangerous thing to Carol L will become in the fall and I can live for the devil. The other nine month 311 must well if you're thinking that way, you probably live in my the devil to the devil anyway so don't go out I conducted that that particular argument is really cold water going as a believer and an advocate earlier even though we we might believe we got it figured out. We could be wrong, not in our letter so we would need to be ready to go direct as you look at that event around the Soderberg you got one. I watch in heaven anyway, which is a good time to outcomes on right yeah and I love the way you answer that question because as is true believers in Jesus Christ, you are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. You're not going to abuse God's grace. You're not going to wait until the fall in the feast of trumpets if it comes and goes and say okay he didn't return alike is a live for the devil. The rest of the next nine months. If you are a true brother in Christ, you're not going to do that. That is not going to be hard because you're not going to grieve the spirit and then the other side of that also is that Will we could die at any time. The logo colors from dessert at any point in time and you don't want to be living for the devil if you just simply say will you know he didn't return here at the feast of trumpets.

So in in February I'll be living for the devil you could die in February and so I like the way you responded to those critics and what if we look at the pattern.

The pattern shows from the way our Lord will fuel had fulfillments at his first coming of the first four if the pattern continues. Though his second coming, the rapture in a let's make a distinction about that is will because we believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. We believe the rapture takes place before the tribulation. So when we're talking about a second coming.

We we do need to make that distinction that we are referring to the rapture coming at the feast of trumpets began our Lord returning to the earth to establish his kingdom.

That happening at the end of the tribulation the world the same page with that right right okay all right do some people get confused about this lesson want to make sure we have that clear. So again, if we see that pattern continue though that then that would indicate that our Lord would rapture of his people at the feast of trumpets and that is what gives me so excited because we look around. There are no signs that the Bible speaks of concerning the rapture, but there are signs concerning his second coming at the end of the tribulation list were already seeing the size take place this at the beginning of those signs of already happened. So if we are seeing the signs for his second coming at the end of the tribulation. Then we know therefore his rapture is that was near right around one of the best version of this first Corinthian 1552 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.

For the trumpet shall sound on the dead shall be rated incorruptible, and we shall be changed in the last trumpet actually is another reference to the feast of trumpets trumpet long on actually found the trumpets up in Jerusalem on on the trumpet will be doing that on number eight painted John down while one may sound the trumpet they actually need a series of glass and certain old curriculum long/short blasts coddled last within the last one in the whole series is one long blast of the trumpet shall so when the apostle Paul is writing the Corinthians he was referring reference to that again blowing the trumpets and suggesting that Jesus comes back to the sound of the last trumpet the last trumpet one when he actually appeared in yard, thinking everything pretty literally but not I've always believed that you can take Scripture literally in the course leader is another verse number) strong export. 16 also refers trumpet being gone so it is associated with the return of the Lord and got 100 and I should mention is that one of the meanings of the blowing of the trumpet in the Bible is a gentle warning of part of the meaning of the piece of chocolate and Rosh Hashanah in the way the Jews observe it for the day of repentance. They humbling ourselves before God, which is Christian. We understand what you just described on repenting in Canton being Lord and ready immediate until the trumpeters as a warning, not in the Bible throughout the Bible, trumpets, you loudly was used to call the people to Mount Sinai for the 10 Commandments is used in Jericho along the trunk of varicose wall spell Gideon used in Denmark and with the feeding of the Midianite David have the trumpet sounded when they brought the ark of the covenant back to the dark into Jerusalem on Joel blow the trumpet in Zion, so trumpets are our very important in their used for warning their used for call to worship their used not to go into battle so there's a lot of aspect of it and I'm surprised that it she sound in in the second coming in in the rapture and catching up.

And of course every every great event you'll see trumpets sounding so they're not sure discriminate is really an exciting and we realize that when there's another verse I want to mention the not Isaiah 2713. It talks about God will gather his people together. There's a regathering of this people is retreating again. Historically, they were scattered in all or I like to say that,, the time of Jesus until 1948 the Jews never won a war from 1948 to the present. They never lost a war. Well, what changed.

What changed God turn the page from from the judgment of the Jews now at time of restoration where he is really gather them in this regathering, which is part of the meaning of the of the fall. This regathering is also good Christian picture of of us being caught up to meet the Lord in the air and being with him forever in and gathered under him so this gathering works well greater court on also the one who believes that in the last days the Jews are going to turn to get it to recognize his client directly saying that with a lot of Jewish people are now recognizing the Jesus you sure is the Messiah card is your retarding time and progression lived neither the either the glory of the games preceding that great trumpet sound when Jesus calls us to gather with him in the cause of top Canadian know the rapture like word rapture does and Kurt Kerr in the Bible is catching up gathering is in the Bible and that's where that's what next big thing you know, and on the calendar as it is exciting times and that is why there are so many out there who are as Christians are anticipating something major happening and somebody may say with major things already happening because were seeing this pestilences in the land with with coronavirus Kuwait 19 received this their spirit of lawlessness. The Bible foretold it will come upon the earth and we see this wicked black lives matter organization that is just anti-Christian and him it is just there people who will being just folded for the delusion of it. We see these things happening and people are saying something must be about to take place, and a lot of people are anticipating the rapture and we should be looking for is coming and before we close. I just wanted to clear his listeners that we are not making predictions here were not date setters were not saying that the rapture is going to happen this year. When I say make sure we don't know exactly when boat again for as you stated, list the Lord says we will know the seasons we should know the season we should be able to pinpoint around the season as to when it would retire, but we do not know the exact day or the hour.

So this this is always a fascinating teaching I could sit and listen to you for hours and hours on Ian. I want to thank you for coming on FY listeners that want to find out more about your ministry did move her teachings your books. How can they get in contact with you. Thank you and an honor to be with you Brian on II do writer blog post for lunch or twice a week and I do a YouTube video every once a week. My migration can be found. The larger the second product, not Elijah, but Elisha is one of the larger and now that would be not be the way to get in touch with anything, when I'm doing all right arrival again less.

Thank you so much for joining us today share this great teaching.

It is exciting times people that we are living in to our listeners.

Don't be troubled by what is happening in the earth.

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ we have so many great things to look forward to our Lord is coming again for soon and for those out there. If you've never trusted him as your Lord and Savior.

I encourage you to do so today so that you too can have eternal life.

So as we eagerly await our Lord's return.

Remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem is God's great nation of Israel to the only wise God be glory through Jesus Christ, forever.


You can think of the Bible God for Ryan and I first was protected under our copyright is until next time great nation of Israel first

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