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Raising Mission-Minded Kids

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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September 16, 2022 6:00 am

Raising Mission-Minded Kids

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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September 16, 2022 6:00 am

Shauna Pilgreen, author of Love Where You Live, discusses her family's experiences with church planting and describes how listeners can become missionaries right where they are, while teaching their kids to do the same.

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I have a hard line. I don't I can do this because as and when I laughingly or in travel and often times that will happen, but ultimately the glory of God and what were you doing for his kingdom overrides all that any day that is some tremendous wisdom from the middle schoolers the little green.

His mom is actually here as we talked about the importance of sharing Jesus with others, honoring God in the everyday moments of life. This is Focus on the Family John Fuller and your hostess focus Pres. and author Jim Daly John and I want to have the same attitude. Sam does right and eagerness to say what I do for the Lord is the most important thing in my life. Yes, Christians were called to go and make disciples, but in the day-to-day monotony of waiting at stop lights and going to work in vacuuming floors and paying the bills so easy to forget what our main thing is, as believers in Christ, just like Sam said that furthering of God's kingdom is the most important thing will ever do because were talking about eternal souls being saved. For me the most convicting thing about forgetting my purpose on earth is that my kids may forget their purpose.

If I don't model for them what it means to be a believer and a follower of Christ in sharing the gospel with others, and that's why we started the program here. Focus a few years ago called bring your Bible to school and that's a day every year. This year it's October 6 and we encourage parents and their kids to be involved to take their Bible school. They have every right to do it, but it's not an antagonistic thing. It's a thing of simply being brave enough to say in this country. I have the right to be a believer to share that and we provide that opportunity will speak more to that later.

But what a wonderful example to talk about today wish on a pilgrim and she's a mom of four kids and we heard from Sam. One of the kids there. She's a church planter and is you here she's got some very creative, some even out-of-the-box ways that your family can live on mission for Jesus and that she's captured all of this in a book called love where you live living sent in the place you call home.

We've got copies of the book and details about bring your Bible to China welcome this your first time. I love it. Welcome to Focus on the Family a Q so appreciate you taking the time and energy to get here. I love your story. I mean even hearing your son, Sam, I just I'm giddy about it because you were proud to sit there with tears forming in the air during interview and it was the walking home so proud about. Let's get into this because this is a humorous God story and I do think God has a wonderful boundless sense of humor I agree. Someone once asked me what you think God's belly laugh will be like, and I think that's part of the order. Talk about union family were enjoying this normal. If I could call it that safe comfortable life in Missouri when your husband made a suggestion that turn your life upside down.

What did he say to you in that nice cozy big yard, Missouri home. He sat. I think God is leading us to start a church and one at the strategic cities in United States.

How did you translate that as they want to be missionary since you were a little girl, well sat and going on doing for God for every cosmos is always down just my family. Strategic USC did not seem to be what I was think that's the new news and you thought originally. Maybe somewhere in deep Asia, saving people and knowledge and amazing charts in the Midwest. A church that was constantly sending people out nationally and internationally.

Some thinking pretty good doing our part here in sending other people so it definitely cut me off guard. So then how did you select the city that you landed here in the US to be that missionary couple out. I first asked if you give me a few days to pray about this and this is no while raising little cats. You know how old are your children at this point they were 135 okay so your husband agreed.

Let's pray about this and then how did you come up with San Francisco bow down to some research. What are the five strategic cities in United States San Francisco being one of them on the top five. One of the top five.

While we reached out to you. Just organizations and people that are serving in the cities.

San Francisco was the city where people were actually responding to emails and phone calls interesting and so the formula was in a how-to book on how to figure this out but it really was someone returning calls. That said, we really need more people here let me we have a film series or that's authored by Ray Vander Long call that the world may know in one of the points that he makes in this series and in person when you take a trip to Israel with them and he gets very dramatic about it is that the West is captivated by the residual effects of the Roman Empire in Hellenistic thinking in that our pursuits are comfort and leisure, and you make that same point you say a life of comfort is a win for the enemy. I got tight comfort is comfortable being in a nice home in a big yard in Missouri raising your kids with neighbors who know the Lord most likely is this okay absolutely.

So why is this a win for the enemy. If were moving toward comfort rather than toward discipleship.

Well, when you're comfortable most of time you're leaning on your own strengths and what you can do and how you can take care of yourself and you lean less and less away from God and what he wants to do and how he wants to stretch you before you go too far a lot of people watching cable news are going to think about San Francisco. There, in the news a lot because of the needles human feces everywhere. It seems out-of-control and address that point about the bum rap or the true wrap that San Francisco is getting and you know, of course, it's in a political context of the leadership of the city that allows these things to happen just hit that quickly because people are thinking about a lot is what you see on TV and we walked through it. Every day we are and the kids.

We are stepping over needles I kids are passing by people in their sleeping bags on the way to school.

We see it every day is a tolerance for everything everything go so for that Christian who say why would you put your children in that kind of risk is that what God would want. How do you answer now there's two things we say it any point I kids are no longer thriving in that city, in danger seems to be winning. We believe it's not worth it for the cost I can't but by the grace of God in his hand of protection nine years were still there. I kids are thriving.

I kids are going a heart of compassion because they're not just hearing about it on the news there walking diets oldest. We pray at night his heart. He still didn't. The people who have no home he has that because he sees it every day was again the reminder. There's your living with purpose, not just moseying through life hoping good things happen and where learning day by day and it's hard what we get to see who we get to pray for and who we get to do life with surpasses any comfort that we never had right to tell us about the day you were taking some food to the family when something scary happened to be Mrs. Jimmy sings are all tied together the more you risk for the Lord. I think the more spiritually you are rewarded in seeing his actions right right well and of course you just as much is got us alive and working in our cities. The enemy certainly is.

Stephen said this one felt definitely like an attack that sat we just entered a minivan and dedicated team get the spine Adele because it had no dark windows so were trying to spy Adele downtown to take the mail to family and we scored a great parking spot which is hard to do is to work in the Bay Area, you know, so we were all high-fiving sites are probably inside the apartment for maybe half an hour and as he came down on I did the little clicker on the remote and it should make a sound and it didn't. And I looked closer I thought. I think we got a hole in our window so they got closer we realized someone had broken and taken our kids backpacks and made away with it and here I am. Three little kids right beside me on the sidewalk staring at brokenness and people walking by me as if this is just a normal part of life in the city. Unfortunately particular action is pretty common in seven Cisco right and what did you do with those broken pieces well so I called our friends that we had just taken an octave, has been, he was not worry I needed him to be. He was on a work trip and talk kindly to him all driving to the husband help me to continue.

So call the police filed a report home with the class and missing backpacks.

It was a dark moment. I wanted the windows closed the door locked and go outside for a few days. What were you feeling I was feeling like somebody just been taken away from me, Violet, and so everything we do.

The whole reason we're here is to serve the people and one of the persons in the city took advantage of that heart. It really hurts. Did you translate into where were you God absolutely out of the good answer. And how do you out there doing so much good to help people who are poor who were broken taking a meal to family and Lord really let somebody break into my van and learning that our battle is with flesh and blood, even though I was mad at the person: the window/emails not him or her, I realized that person is more broken, are just as broken as I am and so tried to sleep that night, but the next morning I went scraped up all the broken glass in the van think are probably few crunchy French fries and glass leaves you with these pebble Kenneth did you script it into a drawer.

I say that is not reminder for me that we are where we are to be with people who are broken because if we it's broken with broken right that we come with beauty can only found in Jesus Christ. And so Petey has to live on the broken is so good show that you really capture you and your husband have done such a great job with your kids when we talk about modeling evangelism for children. A lot of times we wonder if there truly watching the board, especially teenagers all come home and you sure story about something great that happened her focus.

You know somebody came to Christ through something that was said right here yes and you know most the time everybody is excited with me, but sometimes it's a little bit of are you there my teenagers you hear what I said yeah course that was the excitement worse because of you haven't had to wonder in your son Sam is really lived out his faith in what we heard at the top of the broadcaster one wise young man. He is immune as a middle school are in fact we have a clip of him talking about witnessing to a friend. One day in gym class. I want to play the response one day and I kind of lying on the ground playing catch going a hard time. I asked them, and should after I paid him. We talk a little bit and I went to church Christian, which was amazing and that change as well. What about how parents are. Hearing this, it have distant children spiritually.

You know were just going through the days and paying the bills like talked about at the beginning it's gotta throw your heart to see your kids are catching what you teaching in the parents listening regular sale.

Kate, Sean, I hear it. How did you do this, so speak to all that will part is God. What part is your kids temperament, makeup, and what part is you and your husband doing such a good job. You know the God peace is.

He has a plan for all of us and it's not just for the husband and the bike the mom and dad it's for the kids as well and so God's part is to call us into something in our part is to step into that which is calling us in tape and not said that we set up a life of comfort because he's got things he wants our kids to see he's got places.

He wants us to go things he wants us to do with the gifts he's given us. So as we stepped out onto what has become an adventure into San Francisco. We went with the mentality that we can do this together.

Part of it lies.

Who wants to go at anything alone so we set out learning the city learning the public transportation meeting the neighbors that we sought after doing this together not by ourselves are well within a lap band yet because he's the church planter so it was all hands in and this does mean that I could see things that are scary I kids encounter and notions, and there's a lot of debriefing at home. Isn't that what we want for our kids to see things while they live at home with ice that we can help them process and understand and intercede for as opposed to waiting until they go off to college and are exposed to this for the first time on a mission trip and exposed it for the first time, you know Charlotte that sounds so right, but I'm thinking of the fearful mom.

As you just mentioned that your kids are exposed to things that are no not what many kind of Midwestern Christian families want their kids exposed to.

If I could set that way you can certainly be that on the coast as well. A good healthy Christian family, how did you get over that mama fear and trust God say I think it lives in tandem with the courage that we have to have in Christ. Second, Laura usually yes were not afraid to even see that fear good grade and we tell our kids like we might end up on the wrong street taken the wrong bus parked in the wrong spot get the van towed. We had to walk back home sarcastic C&S make mistakes but I think it frees them they can make mistakes to purchase learning together doesn't go away.

It comes back up all the time so it's learning how to push through the fear will probably leave it with God. Right Christian is thing to say but that's part of it. You say Lord I want to trust you. Yes I'm scared about what you called me into working to go for it will talking today and focus on the family was shown a pill green and that we want to encourage you to get her book love where you live. It really is a great resource. A lot of good ideas in here and it's going to encourage you to step out and to live right where you're at for God on Mission OnPoint and of course we have the book of or call 800 the letter a in the word family 800-232-6459 shown that you describe circles in the book give the listener a little flavor of what you mean by operating in circles within your mission right so you think you're paying attention.

You're paying attention to what's going on around you realizing that you're not seeing things just with your physical eyes. There are some things that God wants you to save your spiritual eyes so I describe circles I'm talking about about your part death.

Think about the circles that are formed in your life some uniform son you step into.

For example, maybe your staff is your circle. Maybe your part of the PTA, or your part at a small group at church. Does your circles. Those are the groups of people that you do life with and most of the time you have something in common with those people so I talk about quadrants circles and huts as these are places you are everyday people you're doing life with every day that we need to have this mindset again were just not going to take the road of comfort and say well it's just people like me know. Who are those people that you're around that God has placed in your circle to do life with and look for ways to have this conversation shown in the book of so many creative ideas and how to do this and that's why we wanted to cure your resource to get more people kind of opened up to this. It's humorous that this one I think you had a failed barbecue, turn it into something proactive. So what did you do with your failed how you failed barbecue. First of all barbecue because you Artie felt an Easter. I can't try to do for your neighbor had all planned at the grill.

Elijah was helping with the vegetables and all six of us had a different role in this. While the grill went out.

This is a neighborhood barbecue. This is a neighborhood party. We are putting on last neighbor head and that so we scrambled and last minute we just went to Costco and bought. I don't maybe 20 pizzas, bottled water, you, my plan was to bring about into our tiny city patio but the kid said you know what they're not coming here.

We need to go out there and get it to something their learning and living in the city so we set the table right outside of offense and so many people came by wanted to pay were quite sure will be redoing it and we got to meet so many people and people may not have caught what you said you got all the barbecue stuff read in the front you have no gas in the barbecue. Thank you, dear husband.

Is that something is handing out pizza slices right yes in the summer and if you ever been, you know that coal is blowing you know that eventually lost its warmth pretty quick that people stop by all kinds of people stop by and we live in a busy intersection where people are coming back from work and so we got to meet you family across the street has a down syndrome kid we've never stepped out of the house or we've been on visible and neighbors people driving by.

It was just amazing amazing. You know, again, the combination of the top of the program. We talked about bring your Bible school in that we just thought this was such a good fit your content book and than what we've done the past four years or so with that over half a million kids participant.

The biggest statistic that I love about is about 32% of public schools that students participate. That is big and were simply trying to remind students particularly that you have every right to bring a Bible in school not to be disruptive, but it lunchtime and free time you're free to read the Bible. Have your friends read it with you and do whatever you like to do. Pray together. The school administration has no legal right to prevent you from doing that and it's not to wag a finger at people, but to say in organa exercise.

This muscle we have called religious liberty. I think it's important for young people what your son's age to realize that I am shocked at how many school administrators and teachers don't even know these fundamental rights and we work with alliance defending freedom and people can go to the website and download all this information.

It's a nice one sheeter that the kids can print out so when that schoolteacher comes up what you doing we can hand this quick legal brief and they read it and usually the outcome is. The teacher goes okay looks like you're fine to do that but they just don't know and it's a wonderful way to embolden children to be positive about their faith and to be just confident in what they're doing and you've done this in the book. What are some other things that children can do young people can do that you've done with your kids. Well, we start by praying on the way to school. I think it's a simple way mom and dad who ever the carpooling parent only so just pray pray every day, pray over what's on their mind that's an easy way.

We encourage our kids spots. That's with you throughout the day, you're not alone.

You can call on him at any point we just keep tabs on was our moment today that you had to ask God for something, just a reminder for them because schools are loving in so many ways for them to know that God is with you as you walk through the day is huge and then we encourage our kids hate Walmart got out in the community you're out at school. Look for ways eyes wide open. Look for the person that's hurting all the names of their classmates on our wall. I saw that. I think that I regret that we did not do that. That is a wonderful idea in middle school and high school because of the number of student you just pick one child the night to pray for before they go to bed. I think that I was kicking myself and I think that that's a great idea.

Well, it's to be looking for that person.

Let's end with the recurring dream you had about evangelism the people know what what what yeah I mean the Lord's been very effective working and dreams in your life. Describe what you see in that dream and what does that teach us about sharing Jesus with others. While this gene came when I was little far. Before I could see San Francisco or not seeing Africa where I thought me gene came when I was actually in middle school and high school myself and just begin to think what would heaven look like if the people that I get to tell my story to into heaven with me and said the recurring dream is seen myself walking the streets.

It happened and looking to my left and my right and seen the people that I got to share my faith with ensuring that some people feel that is a burden. But what people need to realize, I think, on average, it's like 11 touches that a person receives before they make a commitment to Christ, so you might be touch number one or one through 11.

I don't know. Or you could be that last touch were person says yes I do want to know Jesus as my personal savior. You just don't know the idea of planting watering and reaping is the concept of God's harvest yes and Jan, I still get sweaty hands when I'm in conversations and I know God is prompting me to share parts of my story, but it's worth it. It doesn't ruin our relationship with God. He just continues to give us what we need will. It's the main thing I'm so grateful for you and your family.

How inspiring. I look forward to meeting Sam someday you will do that San Francisco, but let me turn the listener and really encourage you to get a copy of Shawna's great book, love or you live, how to live sent in the place you call home. It's inspiring and you heard the proof in the pudding.

Sometimes you can hear from people you think it's all theoretical. You heard Sam there young middle school are speaking so profoundly and was great wisdom for young man and her book is packed with these ideas on how to engage your children in the community around where they live, and this is one of those resources that is very practical will help you and deferred gift of any amount to just contact us and will send you a copy of Shawna's book and it will do that as our way of saying thank you for investing in the focus ministry if you can afford it.

Get a hold of us. We believe in the contents are much will send it to you believing that others will cover the cost of that and that were delighted to do that for you. Your number is 800 K in the word family link is in the show notes and if you can make a monthly pledge that really helps even out the fiscal year for us and be really helpful if you can't do that one time gift or as Jim said if you're not a spot to give just ask for the book and will make sure it gets to you. And remember, bring your Bible schools coming up Thursday, October 6 a wonderful way to engage your kids in evangelism and to bring the Bible to school and participate so many young people have written this afterword, and said you know the below Bible study at lunchtime, they lead people to Christ and it's awesome. These are the testimonies that flow in and you're completely in your legal rights to do that as a student.

So don't shrink back. This is a good way to encourage your young person to exercise their religious liberties and we would encourage you to register for bring the Bible to school day online so we can kind of count your voice among the thousands.

The tens of thousands that will be participating in standing up for Christ in the school. When you register online with an offer that free guide Jim mentioned earlier some downloadable posters, activities and information on your child's religious freedoms in the school register for bring your Bible to school day and get a copy of Shawna's book of the details are in the show notes John again, thank you so much for the witness that your family is in for the courage to do what you do. Thank you. We love living where you live and it's a pleasure to share stories, come visit. Please and I would suggest her listeners pray for you tonight is the go to bed with the family so you can be more effective and have the covering of the Holy Spirit behind and have a great weekend and plan to join us on Monday when we have the Christian comedy duo. The skit guys joining us on the water and Eddie James describing the importance of friendship man's life.

You can spend your whole life doing the easy thing. But if you take the chance you'll realize there's something much greater out there for you and on behalf of Jim Daly, and the entire team. Thanks for listening to Focus on the Family I'm John Fuller inviting you back. As we once again, you and your family thrive in Christ Focus on the Family. We know you want to see your grandchildren follow Christ that the legacy grandparenting summit, the only national conference on Christian grandparenting coming over 100 locations on October 20 and 21st. You'll find wisdom, direction and inspiration from speakers including Graham Lott and Miles McPherson.

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