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The Greatest of These is Love (Part 2 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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January 28, 2022 5:00 am

The Greatest of These is Love (Part 2 of 2)

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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January 28, 2022 5:00 am

Dutch watchmaker Corrie ten Boom explains how she got involved in hiding Jews from the Nazis, how she survived years in a concentration camp, and how the Lord helped her forgive her captors. (Part 2 of 2)

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The well and the patient to anyone will certainly were called to lead people to the Lord and we might do that with friends but imagine sharing the gospel with the mortal enemy today will be hearing more from author and speaker Cory Tyndall and hostess focus Pres. and author Jim Daly John Fuller well, as we said last time Lori and her family risk their lives to help. 800 Jewish people during World War II.

As members of the Dutch Reformed Church family strongly believe all humans are made in the image of God and that belief fueled their resistance to the Nazis. Sadly, Cory is the lone survivor of her family's incarceration and Hitler's concentration camps. Her 84-year-old father died soon after they were imprisoned and her sister Betsy died a week before Cory was miraculously released. I hope you can sit back with John and I enjoy the rest of Cory story.

There's some good stuff coming out here she is now quite in bloom on Focus on the Family and all the Jewish people to save as many mentally and can save my my life. Jewish people know she run the risk to sector 600 when that man came back.

I gave him six or let go. This man rush recently all inpatient enemy had said I can do it and make some money and make some money. He went home with 605 stop all extant men were sentenced to death.

The death of many Dutch people that I wrote him.

I myself have suffered since that I have for you and Keith is in my hot and weak health that I've said Jesus when your gifts like followers give me that same week and called to bring him a lot when I brought back. I smiled Bible but by the New Testament, especially in the ground ball.

I headed on my back that he had to be cinched. Then I saw the thing that the prisoners had hidden under difficult. I can't send chills from each, but then I thought angels today God you stood behind me and did not see me so I came with my Bible in story something to them in the Bible.

Angels ministering spirits sent you my how and angels bending so we can decide and far stronger than those flat against this and that's what I have experienced now. When I came in that position with the patient lives in a room for 200 rush mobility and pretty soon our offer nice those lies have crossed many sicknesses, but assume that we have helped us God's will come into our back to my baby message 28 and God that kills and lies July many of the people around me died.

Many died with Jesus name on their lips and that much room for Ryan, even Betsy and all that I had to endure once Betty said to McCarty, we must know from experience that the light of Jesus Christ is stronger than the deepest darkness. A week later, she died. Another weekly, I've set by men and the medical called for one of the weekly they killed all the women my age so I became a prolonged six years I have traveled over the and I bring the gospel to many people. Also behind the Iron Curtain on July always a joy when we work in this year and in the country's will may bring the every smuggler as many bridal sets week and I will never forget the first time that I came in Moscow I had a big suitcase and trust, overseeing Bibles and Christian and I saw a Christian sect suitcase I thought might when he find what is in my suitcase.

What really do send me to prison or send me back to Holland Baker.

We Bibles and then I started to pretty know I like to play with an open Bible. I have a lot USA Inc. and Amaya, one called watches over his word to perform it.

Now log the Bible see my suitcase that your word now with my hand Jeremiah one I pretty much for your word in my Bible still smuggled them. Not like you. But you know I found out that does not do so much. If you pretty with an open Bible in your output as Mr. KNOW you must have a fatty Psalms" exit visa before I release and no the log and you know what I saw this Seymour that I pleaded, I saw my big suitcase night beings I saw for the first time in my life feels and the moment that I saw, they disappeared. They didn't disappear, but I couldn't see them any longer life also had visa.

I you will flog me morning stroll in endo- front against me last man came to my suitcase. Yes, everyone yes only maybe I have time I can bring it to your to your God brought it suitcase to my car but a joy to know that all of the promises of the Bible, Jesus Yi and Damon and see that this privilege that you have that you can love your enemies get off work for me.

One of the greatest lessons that I love. I will sometime in the selling of Africa with a man who was sentenced to death. The political placement for Saudi. I asked him see. Do you know about Jesus. I have Bible at home. I know that she could die and across for the sins of the whole world. Also for my scene. I was so happy that you will eat him. See you know your imprisonment and your descendents.

Yes, I can tell you all the names of those who have become the meat and cough my descendents and I hate them.

I open my Bible and I had had what he says in Matthew six when you do not forgive those who have sinned against you, your happily father Bill if you your sins just Jesus who said it, but we through. I look on John's wife and children die. I said I understand that you cannot forgive and then I told what Jesus had been in my hot bring that man had to read. If I had been to the fraud of my beloved God.

I told him little expediency some time ago and I was in Berlin and it came in mentally and that man said to me, do you know me. Suddenly I saw one of the most men said I found about Jesus as my Savior. I am broke all my sins and I from the Bible that I have for giftedness. But then I played called information that I scored one of my fatty for victims giftedness and all I saw that you were speaking here in Berlin and now I skew boom there you forgive me my cruelties and members bonefish you that moment that came up to see my hot and I thought to my dying season that's meant to be. I had my thinking from home try five thank you Jesus that you have brought into my hot call to love spinach was given to me and thank you father, you will live longer than my goodness and taken it and that moment my hot lush order of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the spirit of love and I could see men give me your hand and I shook hands with him and I said I forgive you anything and it was as if I felt the call to love spilling through my arm when I shook hands with that man.

When I told this to that person in Africa. He send his life a message message to us. Don't hate the people who have brought me here you are on the table.

I am not able. But Jesus us is able you and I have to be there light of the world and I like to illustrate with my right know the flashlight doesn't get light broken, but I've only one that unit, I need to watch to Bethany's now D's like you are in my heart that first Beckley. That is what happened when you sent your first yes to Jesus and distinction and I have never done it. I hope you will do it tonight and you'll realize that when you say yes to Jesus for really amending the angels rejoice, while your phone is three fatty Prince. He is in God's eyes and them will receive the Rockies as I told you all the promises of the Bible are yours. The lady see. Have you ever received the Rockies as your Savior and I go every Sunday to the church. I said that's good, but a mouse blown in a biscuit and is therefore not A biscuit. No make you a child of God that he find children of God has no grandchildren to make a decision because a lot of fuel and he likes to hear vacancy yes lucky I thank you that you love me and I love you.

Thank you. They could die that the cross for me now. I'm glad he did it at lady, but now he did seek joy in your you know that your sins are for that many people say Holly, I am safe that you be at now you may say Holly don't see the end at the beginning that the moment you must show checks you must take all the promises of the Bible as limitless reach getting skilled and one of the great problems on the Bible effect. Jesus said, I will send you know will be spent in the Bible says be filled with the spirit and I think that second message and that second Beckley, the fullness of the Holy Spirit. If you will be doing each of the work, but I could not get it in my flashlight because of the four of her legs and you notice legs repented scenes provide jealousies and fees. These one is unclean thoughts, unclean deeds, unclean words disease selfishness. These scenes now I'm going to do something you tonight.

Please and will you say soon to me. Oh God, and know my heart to the said in the Psalms is a beautiful Brad. You can also see God show me if my flashlight and this just to say and then the Lord to show you as a yes you are selfish you are dishonest you are alive and rocked effort on Rob says don't make an excuse for the blood of Jesus has never cleansed an excuse but yes Rod I am, I have relied you forgive me and then the sentence means asking for this and then in the Lord God turned away from your sins, and it is necessary to us was a very good technology still about 56 he watches every week and then he was confident of these have now. I am a Christian I steal only 546. No, when Jesus shows his great love for Sheena's friend brought to him. The Lord said, I don't go to you and then he said go and sin no more. Jesus can see where he pitches fly and gets his wings and when you have brought you scenes to the Lord, to them, leaving the fullness of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the spirit is love and and kindness and goodness in South going through your and then you are the life doing likely flashlight. I think I've overlooked a little ahead to see sometimes when we are fatty seen. This can be secure little decency not just a little bit of self-pity little white lie but your heart must be filled with the Holy Spirit and then do it. He will meet you really do of the world and that you did good HI, we have nothings trying to establish that is not done, pest blend to escalate for me through his son, Dave. People pretty leave for your fellow Christians you know half off the greatest half of the body of Christ is suffering persecution and watch many Sandra and my feet were ripped my hand felt pain and feet off the Christians over the great part of the world for your fellow Christians in these countries and be sure that you cash your check so that you will be strong in times when you should come in difficulty of prosecution and a great guy when you said and all the logged he will fill your hot window Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is this better not a fee but offers enough power and a sound mind I have. He had a glove that cannot do anything but run my hand this in the glove and click I can do many things know, I know that that's not the glove that the hand in the glove you want. I nothing but gloves and hand the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit does the job that he makes you children of the light light in the spelling approach, but you must give room to the Holy Spirit.

When my hand is already in the midst of the glove for another glove cannot do anything know you must show them that anything get on off your life to the logged and he will feel you with the Holy Spirit, alleluia, and be pretty thank you Lord that a section of love available that you have and you know he said the problems please come home. When we go to our wire.

Thank you Lord, thank you. Love deals all what an amazing example of how to share Christ's love and his forgiveness as we listen to Dutch resistance leader Ms. Corrie 10 boom.

What a mighty woman in Christ, she was John. And here's the rest of the story.

After her release from the concentration camp. Corrie traveled across Germany by train until she reached the Netherlands, where she reunited with surviving members of her extended family.

After World War II ended, she was invited to share her testimony in more than 60 countries and was honored by the state of Israel for her work during the war. Her life story. The hiding place was published in 1971 and quickly became an international bestseller. Cory moved to California a few years later and went home to be with the Lord in 1983 on her 91st birthday. What a glorious day that must've been as heaven opened the doors and she entered sure was. And as we said at the end of the program. Last time Cory is a tremendous example of a person who forgives because it was what the Lord commanded us to do and you can empower us to do it in our day and age 2 and if you're struggling with the situation were forgiveness is needed. Please give us a call our caring staff would be honored to listen to your story and pray with you and if your situation warrants it, they can set up a free call back from one of our Christian counselors. Someone who specializes in the area of concern that you're going through and let me remind you, these resources are available thanks to donors like you and I invite you to make a contribution today and when you make a donation of any amount. I'll send you a copy of Cory's book the hiding place and if you prefer an audio experience visitor website to get the download of our radio theater production of Cory story.

It's the ultimate theater of the mind and you'll feel like you've traveled back in time so get a copy today and you can do that when you call 800 K. The word family 800-232-6459 or donate online and request the book the hiding place, will have the links in the episode notes. Have a great weekend temperature to be back with us on Monday.

As Lindsay Snyder, the president of In-N-Out Burger shares her long journey to find God's love. I also felt a lot of shame felt like I was kind of kicked out to you like I can question our I can't Christian, but I can't be what I'm supposed to because of party failed half of Jim Daly and the entire team. Thanks for joining us for this Focus on the Family podcast on John Fuller asking you to leave a rating for senior podcast that tell a friend listening as well join us next time. As we once more help you and your family thrive in Christ. Is it possible to love your spouse without expecting anything in return. Focus on the Family were excited about season five of the Leffingwell podcast. I'm John Fuller and I'll be joined by my friends and colleagues, Dr. Greg Smalley and his wife Erin as we discussed practical love and appreciation will find the Leffingwell podcast well that's well

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