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Bringing Laughter to Everyday Life

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly
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November 16, 2020 5:00 am

Bringing Laughter to Everyday Life

Focus on the Family / Jim Daly

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November 16, 2020 5:00 am

Listen in and laugh out loud as comedian and singer-songwriter Tim Hawkins shares his humorous, unique perspective on various aspects of everyday life. (Original airdate: Aug. 31, 2016)

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Finding trust and faith building payment for your kids is easy with the adventures in Odyssey club. It's an online community with almost every episode ever Focus on the Family clubhouse magazine subscription AIL notice and so therefore there there a lot of airports are luggage stores, luggage stores and airports. Looks like everybody's got X taking care of everything out awful close, and I wish I had some kind of container zipper in a holy thing they make those yet. Welcome to today's broad rate brighten your day. This is Focus on the Family with your host spoke with Pres. Jim Daly and I'm John John. We've covered some pretty heavy subjects on the broadcast.

Recently, so I thought it be great to lighten things up, but featuring one of my favorite comedians Mr. Tim Hawkins. Tim does comedy shows and about 100 cities a year, but you might know him from YouTube, where his work has received over 300 million you that's pretty amazing. And best of all he keeps things clean. He doesn't go into the gutter, like so many comedians do what's right and is actually a homeschooling father for. I'm sure that gives him really good material and Tim is a way of finding the humor in some of the more stressful situations of life and I hope you will inspire you to look at the stress in your life in a different way. Maybe after today you can find the humor thereto here now is Tim Hawkins from his DVD range of motion is episode of Focus on the Family anorexic building a new home in building a house and it's going really well and I want to say it's going really well. I mean just nickel and dime people in the 200 513% down. The builder lady. Now she's at a keyboard. Okay thank you kind today I endorse some the option to upgrade how you were my fingers doing this I learned from Angel okay to hear Matt here if you want the are you going to be wanting Doris running water to love the younger couple Dallas County Rent-A-Car course in Dallas well built Dallas on people move here roads and bridges everywhere here bridges all over the place. Also want to know where like about the bridges right midair essay offramp UA kit software sparks and metal flu and GPS tell you what to do.

Beautiful, so nice long and I get into Dallas you're on your own.

Your guess is he with you.

I love the GPS we make around 30 some bad. It's like three computing computing not you will know computing life GPS. That's what I want to do my life. You'll fly down bridges, your breath smells like a sewer we need is Mary's GPS guys, Mary's GPS will something about her hair recomputed all of yes, it's really cool redneck GPS and turn left at Walgreens, mostly of people go kart people don't know you read it again. Yes, directions you know and they don't know they just don't know. You're in a small town, you have no idea how to get anywhere yes will get them all from no from Pakistan.

I was start from there.

Too much technology. I seen this Quattro razor ferment for blades for which I got was like a first leg grabs the hair and secondly grant near the lower third leg chops.

The hero through the court late takes a hunk of you cheek about the size of teabag physically put me out of my misery, lazy technology, the electric toothbrush that was maybe lab the electric toothbrush was brushing her teeth to strenuous and exercise some people. I am really feeling the burn here is the motor on it like a gallery like some people have a rubber grip on their toothbrush refugee to fast their last year for Christmas I got the laziest gift for my kid got the alarm clock that projects the time on the ceiling.

We all know how hard it is to go know this is going to stop right here is red bull is you live with somebody that is lazy and not fun with the lazy person. My brother was a ladies individual in the world, my own room you saw. He's a guy he would never throw the milk jug away gently write back the way it out to the light of my being that glaze their costs.

Oh that's perfect because I was going to have cornflake later this is going to get nice and soggy is mine. Lazy folks out where always you put gas in your car the last little kickstand that holds the thingy don't you hate it when it broke just ruin your day will will open may prepay your gas get like 10 bucks and they set the pump for you when it goes really fast to that last gallon for some reason that all about you like 1099 dollars and 99 like a pure in Florida long ago I saw a sign on the gas pump.

That said, do not siphon gas with your mouth need that some see some old boy one time according like that little switch might you need to start siphoning with my mouth the next logical step suck it only not try this at home see these commercials for these bills is medication you take one pill for one thing, with a list like 100 side effects like there just rolling minute and your thinking is really a good tree can't be a good tree. People were locking headaches, nausea and vomiting like my elbow and take I can move it around and I got full range of motion.

I was watching what I was watching the cartoon network my kids. Recently I saw a commercial like that. It was a pill for bladder control issues on the Cartoon Network bladder control pill first side effect was diarrhea. I take the lesser of two evils. Just one over play the hand built me.

You knows this is women's clothing store seal around here women's clothing store. The actual name of the store is Dress Barn, Dress Barn. That's the best thing you can come up with. That's the one you want to go with think of ever taking my wife to a place called the Dress Barn three computing Dress Barn will work if Dress Barn can I help you learn and I got three kids about who try get good advice.

You know which I'm trying to do the best I can sometimes spell it by summer. My mom and I was a kid. Good advice too late.

Good advice too late to get. I hit my head on the corner of the table. Sure glad you were there this is big help when you lose something I think your mom is not helping all mom I can't find my wallet. Well, I got where that's good I thought I was going crazy for me. I thought I was looking for something that didn't exist.

Thank you and go where you leave laugh your good.

Thanks Capt. obvious. I was on a totally different where I left it was the worst nurse in the world. When parents and mothers they just don't use the same what's wrong with the kitty tell me the same thing simulates what ladies mix VapoRub does not cure everything so waiting for you.

People rub on your chest all over the longest night of your life. I think of stock they alone is not a little boy like these little and is great is one downstairs one, so meeting a milk bone dog biscuit is my third child, so I let it know exactly what I'm talking about is not that you don't love them as much about certain things more lackadaisical about certain issues like the thing probably good for his teeth for the kids to be no radio when my son was three he that he was did you make up games like it will hurt themselves they do like out the backyard one, me and see if I get out of the way God when you go with her job to judge me because I wanted to let my hand I was thinking is probably not a good idea but you like only churches really cool church is really messed up once.

No offense.

You Christian here. I mean, it's cool.

Glad you're here. But we you know Christians that use language.

Sometimes like like codes like doesn't mean what were saying this is Frey's servant's heart.

Frey's servant's heart here that YOU go service heart. You have got a servants heart semi says I got a servants heart things they want me to start stacking chairs you know when people talk about their churches like a code hear someone say my place all of their all of the music. There let means of reaching space a sale of the music but of preaching music stinks, so I save a place all of their no one judges me and I can be who will be your bar thing.

The way we praise and prayer is a pretty powerful thing. But when you're growing church. Did you hear prayers all the time difference stuff works. The people having a brand-new phrases I don't understand this day we use the phrase's weakness is what we heard growing up. I think this is the right thing to say, we pray, like hedge of protection that is a lot we are praying of protection around you, buddy. That's right around you home flame only to complain is that the best you can do about a thick cement wall razor wire on top of that clippers did Wright do that got a set of those scare them away. My greatest weakness is his will forget the last 30 seconds ever happened something like when they pray to get nervous and they say just too much longer. If I think what I just just jumping occasion in your like just finished the prayer is not ready for this. Stacking chairs next week Friday is this 20 Praise Uses Father Way too much.

We praise father father father you are just Just job your friend like that and it will read and he would be your friend anymore so best, those way people with food that we prayer food. We don't know why was this what Lord bless this food in the hands that prepared it hands that prepared it, why not the whole body just addressing part of this one over food food and asked God to make up for our bad choices when we that's funny. Lord bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies. Lord, bless this bad. She does in this jumbo Dr Pepper Lord somehow make this nourish us in some way. I don't know how you don't do it. Father, but we trust in you. Now change the molecular structure is complete, show they are going to go into a carriage and right now right there. I'm so sorry. Great message from Tim Hawkins on Focus on the Family and we've all been right where he was sure have been more times than I can count, and I hope Tim's messages help you unwind a little bit and have a good laugh before we wrap up today. I just want to remind you that Focus on the Family is listener supported. We rely on your gifts to stay on the air. So if you benefit from our program with laughter. Would you please consider supporting us today. Let me bring you just one statistic that really matters in the past year. Focus on the Family helped over 300,000 people dedicate or re-dedicate their lives to Jesus Christ.

That's 800 people a day and that's an impact of eternal value, so please partner with us as we share the hope of Christ with families who really need it and when you make a donation of any amount I'd like to send you the DVD of this message from Tim Hawkins with lots of extra content including some song parodies the Tim does so well. I know you're going to enjoy it and right now some generous friends of the ministry or offering to double your donation so that it has twice the impacts of take advantage of that offer today and the DVD again is called full range of motion and we got details about it in the episode notes and we get in touch. Make sure you donate to the work of Focus on the Family and request that DVD and when you're online with us.

Look for a video segment of a conversation we had with Tim Hawkins on his last visit to her studios and then next time on this broadcast room to turn the corner to very serious topic as we hear from best-selling author and speaker Lisa Turk cursed shall sure about finding hope during a very difficult time in her marriage.

I only one hand held onto any that my marriage is an thing that I kept saying to myself is just me a little bit more forgot and on behalf of Jim Daly, and the entire team. Thanks for listening to this Focus on the Family podcast and please take a moment give us a rating of Apple podcast for were you listen and share about this episode with a friend who could use left, I'm John Fuller inviting you back next time. As we once again help you and your family thrive in Christ life was fragile in the old West trust in God reliance on prayer and the love of family were necessities for a perilous journey and that's still true today.

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