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Dealing With Discouragement - Part 1

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt
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February 14, 2022 7:00 am

Dealing With Discouragement - Part 1

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt

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February 14, 2022 7:00 am

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Today on Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhardt challenges you to become a fully functioning follower of Jesus Christ saves us in a lot of questions you going to find out things that God is taught to be absolutely true.

Many of us know a lot of God's promise. I know his promises. We know the names when major lines discourage joining us today on this additional Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhardt Fellowship in the Words the radio ministry of Fellowship Bible church located in Metairie, Louisiana Pastor Bill Gebhardt now again he shows us God's word meets our work. I know I and and I know I'm in good company.

Martin Luther led the Reformation had enormous pots with this discouragement, Charles Spurgeon, probably the greatest single preacher since the Reformation blinded had tremendous possible discouragement. My mentor at Dallas theological seminary.

Howard Hendricks had battles with discouragement. You know I think one of the reasons as pastors we get discouraged, perhaps were little bit too idealistic one were to be said is this the pastor if he is dedicated at all is a man of ideals. He wants to achieve for the glory of God and yet no matter how hard he prays and works. It seems that his goals forever elude him and never really quite arrive there other reasons.

When people disappoint us. We get discouraged.

That's biblical Apollo 2nd Timothy four Dimas having loved this present world, has deserted me and gone on the Thessalonica's discouraging when you're unfairly criticized become discouraged when you're disappointed with God. You become discouraged and are planning many others but I would say that the number one reason all of us as children of God ever get to steerage is because were not believing in a good sovereign loving God in our life. We don't believe and we don't believe that we end up becoming discouraged. That's what I want to illustrate this morning so I invite you to open your Bible is the book of numbers numbers chapter 13 numbers 13 Israel is about to enter the promised land.

They left Egypt. They've gone through what is their right there right at the doorstep. Depending on how you read maybe 689 weeks to get there. 2 million people. God has promised the land flowing with milk and honey ready to go. It says then the Lord spoke to Moses and said, send out for yourself. Men, he said, so that they may spy out on the land of Canaan, which I'm going to give to the sons of Israel. You shall send a man from each of the father's tribes, every one a leader among them. There is the task you can see what they're going to do a Samba to send them out in it. It's an interesting thing because God is already told them of the land of Canaan would be like, and God is already told mom to give you the land, but he sends them out. This is interesting because there's a reason I think God is testing for this. In fact if you look down to verse 17 it says when Moses sent them to spy out the land of Canaan. He said to them go up there in the negative. Then go up into the hill country see what the land is like and whether the people who live there are strong or weak, whether they are fewer many. How was the land in which they live is a good or bad and how are the cities in which they live. Are they like open camps or with fortifications. So Moses decides okay I'm going be involved were going to send them out that that's the task that's what happens, you kind of know how this whole story works.

One of the reports. What is it they come up with once they go out into the land. Well, what you end up seeing here is to be good down to verse 25. When they returned from spying out the land at the end of the 40 days. They proceeded to come to Moses and Aaron and all the congregation of the sons of Israel in the wilderness of Peron at Kadesh and they brought back word to them and to all the congregation, and showed them the fruit of the land. Thus, they told him and said we went into the land where you sent us.

And it certainly does flow with milk and honey, and this is its fruit. Fruit with them earlier verses we look at the moment they took some grapes and cut them got an Oedipal pole between two men, shoulders and carry the cluster so notices point they know exactly what God said. Nevertheless, and there's the problem for all always. We do this over and over again. You go through a set of circumstances. You know what the truth is and then you say, but nevertheless that's what they said the people who live in the land are strong.

The cities are fortified and very large, and moreover we saw the descendents of I'm not there now. If you do your homework and study this on your own as a Giants sons of monocular Giants so we saw them there. He says Amalek is living in the land of the negative in the Hittites, the Jebusites, the Amorites are living in the hill country and the Canaanites are living by the sea, and that any sitting by the side of the Jordan. There are ides everywhere.

There's a lot of it's interesting what they end up saying here and then it says back. I'll go into verse 31 but the men were gone up with him said, we are not able to go up against the people, for they are too strong, so they gave out to the sons of Israel a bad report of the land which they had spied out the land. He says, through which the we have gone in spying it out is a land that devours its own inhabitants, and all the people whom we saw there, men of great size. They also saw methylene member, methylene was life. We also saw nibbling the sons of a neck are part of the mentally many says and we became like grasshoppers in our own site and so we were in their sight, so you get this idea of what they say they saw all except for two guys and one of them speaks here verse 30 Caleb then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said we should go by all means go up, take possession of it. We will surely overcome. They also say people.

They also the same cities they saw everything the same. Caleb and Joshua said okay we did it. Now let's go get goats and signal your tender discouraged. I mean there really discouraged.

It's interesting having all this the same as fastening Christians are a lot like this by the way, like the 10 US Christian. Do you know the gospel, how you sleep simply by grace but that mean that means God does everything he does everything he saves us.

I know that how and a lot of Christians you go wanting to find out they know a lot of Christian doctrines things that God is taught to be absolutely true. Many of us know a lot of God's promises I know is promises while we know the land is flowing with milk and honey that's what we know. But when major obstacles occur in our lives discourage measures in an interesting your child of God think that your child of God. God in that something any schism for you, not against you. I never leave you. I work all things out together for your good. He's telling us all this in your child of God and yet you get discouraged.

It's amazing how we can get discouraged like this warmers began says this unbelief always sees the obstacles. Faith always sees the opportunities for that's worth remembering. You see obstacles or do you see opportunities look we all know the Giants a real problem is a real, we know that so God's promises to. There's the issue. So what are the results end up being in a what are the results of all this with chapter 14 he starts out says and then all the congregation lifted up their voices and cried and the people wept that night in the sons of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron and the whole congregation said to them, what we had died in the land of Egypt or what we had died in this wilderness.

Why is the Lord bringing us into this land to fall by the sword are wives in our little ones will become plunder would not of been better for us to return to Egypt and they said to one another.

Let's appoint a leader and return to Egypt while what does discouragement lead to. They had a night of discouragement. They cried her eyes. They had open rebellion against God. They wanted to appoint a new leader and they wanted to go back into slavery. Why discouraged.

That's what discouragement does the loss. Notice how this member believe a really discouraged person telling you what reality because they always have the same kind of distortion and wall vulnerable to. That's why mention Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, Howard Hendricks knee wall vulnerable. This is no exception to this.

While seat Mike causes us to be so discouraged in this case we have a tendency to follow our eyes and not our ears. We look at the circumstances but we stop listening to God.

As soon as we do that were in deep trouble because are always going to be Giants and rise in difficulties in our lives.

That's a great reason why this happens to us.

Think of one of the great stories concerning discouragement first Samuel 17 discouragement for the whole armies of Israel, as one man 9'9" tall is named Goliath. And so the Philistines and that the Jews by Ms. big Valley on each hillside and are about to go to war. But in order save lives. You can challenge and survive from the Philistines comes on and challenges any start this challenge upgrade here challenging them and if you read this chapter because here, here, here. And he just keeps getting closer and still offering the same the same challenge over and over and over again to these people and what I find so interesting about it is that you end up as it says in 1724 when all the men of Israel saw the man they fled from him and they were greatly afraid and the men of Israel said, have you seen this man was coming up.

Surely he is going to defy Israel and if someone can stop them. The king will enrich the man who kills the man. So then enters the shepherd boy David Mrs. interesting. His brother insulted him.

Everyone is looking and shaking in their armor. Look at the sky who you going to send to go fight the sky. David just glances at Goliath, so he does as a teenager it is all my goodness, look at the he said who is this uncircumcised Philistine to top the armies of the living God, who is he David knows who God is, you don't taught the armies of the living God. She, David hears God and he believes God is very different kind of approach Israel soldiers. They look at Goliath and say we can ever doing. We do this over and over again in our lives we go through the same kind of thing we watch and we let her eyes decide what were going to do and how this is going to happen to us. As you know David was so unafraid that when even met me trash talking. I mean, he did Goliath I can intimidate this teenager and he couldn't intimidate them in all seek David believe God. David did not allow the circumstances discourage him. That's a great example to us.

Another reason we get discouraged. According to this, we listen to the many and not the few.

Boy, this is what you get a lot of trouble when you know what my friend said that by reason that the teenage mantra.

How do you decide which to what Mike, my friends, we got together and he told me that's not truth. See while you got a look at this. Think of harassing 10 of them said we can't do this and some to fanatical guys that we could and so they ended up discouraged.

Maybe another part is really important are sinful orientation to bad news rather than good. We really react.

The bad news. It really helps good news sometimes can move us but bad news can do it all the time were oriented that way. Notice in chapter 13 when verse 28 when he said, nevertheless, the people live in the land are strong. The cities are fortified and very large and there Giants are that's bad news on my goodness, oh my goodness Minnie Glover at verse 31 it says the men were gone up that we are not able to go against his people are just too strong for us. That's bad news if you want to move a whole group of people give the whole group.

A lot of bad news. It's interesting will move in unison because of their orientation. We had to bad news. They are gigantic see this is what they see now is there any good news in this story. Look back to verse 27 Chapter 13 when he said we went to the land and he says the land where you sent us.

And it certainly does flow with milk and honey has phenomenal fruit. So what they see exactly what God told you to see a land flowing with milk and honey.

That's why said That Food to Let Everyone See You See You Think That Would Really Motivate Them. I Mean Wind and Improve Wind of This Improve Their Diet Me Think about It. Manna Man in the Morning.

Men in the Evening Man at Suppertime There There Being a Land Flowing with Mother and Honey Think That Motivate Not Doesn't Motivate Them in Any Sense of the Word. Caleb Said Mrs. Go Take It Just As God Said That's the Way This Whole Thing Works. We Have This Tendency to Follow Our Eyes and Not Our Ears Listen to the Many, Not the Few. We Are Simply Sinfully Oriented Banners Rather Than New, and We Respond with Fear, Rather Than to Have Courage Even Back in Verse 20 Chapter 13 He Said How Is the Land Is a Fatter Lien of the Trees in It or Not Make an Effort That Phrase There Stuck with Me.

Here's the Here's the Idea That You Have To Have A Few Good after Regions Side of Discouragement That Make an Effort to See You Can't Say under Circumstances Why Believe the Word of God Have To Say on What to Make an Effort.

I'm Going to Do What I Have To Do Here. You Have To Make an Effort Using That's the Point. And They Went They Would Not Make an Effort. You Know It's an Interesting Thing This Whole Thing Is a Set up for Them How to Get Out Of Egypt. They Fought Their Way out. I They Were Warriors, God Did Miracle after Miracle after Miracle after Miracle against the Most Powerful Nation on Earth and These Two Making Shoes Slaves Get to Go Free. Since This Think of What They've Seen.

Unbelievable. Just Incredible.

I Mean If You See the Red Sea Open up Your Walk-Through and Write Land and in a Close on the Chip. You Would Think That Would Impress You, but It Tells You Something Else. What Could of God.Figure Just Waved His Hand and Lands Empty. Go Get It Done at All. To Test You to Be Discouraged Even to Be Faithful See You Going to Be Discouraged. Are You Going to Show Courage for You to Make an Effort You to Do Something to Test. See, God Could Have Done This with No Problem at All. These Are Just the-ites. The Ides on the Egyptians Doesn't Work That Way. It's an Amazing Thing. But God Says of All the Different Tests I Can Give You This Might Be the Most Important in Your Spiritual Life and a Matter What Happened in Egypt Has No Bearing on What's Going to Happen on the Promise Land to Test the Matter off. Think of How Many Things God Is Brought You through Your Whole Life. Now the Next Time You're Facing Discouragement Is That All You Think about New Mother Get up on This Thing about Now I Find Myself Almost Embarrassed.

How Many Times Gotto Test Me to See If I Get Discouraged.

I Still Do Is Decide What Is Wrong with Me.

You Know, but Elijah Probably the Greatest Profit. Elijah Went to Disc and Read a Couple Things Just Phrases Here. Elijah God Answered His Prayers and He Made the Rain Stop. He Prayed and Arranged for a Long Time God Fed Him by Ravens Bringing Him Bread and Meat, so the Bird Showed up and Brought Him Food and He Was Sustained by That He Performed Miracles by the Power of God. The Widows Barrel of Flour and Jar of Oil Never Ran out Ever Emma Supply the Lives of Their Doing.

He Raised the Widow's Son from the Dead, That Get Your Attention of What God Is Done through You. He Called on Fire from Heaven, and Consume the Water Soak Sacrifice, and Then He Took a Sword He Killed 300 Priests to Me.

Think of What This Man Has Done but Jezebel Threatened His Life and Fear Struck His Heart Became Totally Discouraged and He Was so Discouraged That He Said I Want to Die. I'm Not Fearful and He Did the Worst Thing He Could Do under Discouragement.

He Isolated Himself and Then He Thought and He Said They Got I Think I'm the Only One Left. The First Kings 19 Surgery. There's This Pretty Party That's Discouragement for Me.

God Told Him No Shut up the 7000 That Have Been Bothering Me to Bail so It's At Least 7001 of You How to Get That Discourage That Fast and but Jezebel Scared to Be Cheaper, but Nothing Else Did, and He Knew Would Got It Done in His Life Incredible Things. It Didn't Make Any Difference. He Still Find Every Test to Be Unique on His Own and the Jezebel. Tessa Got a I'm Totally Afraid so Discouraged. Pastor Bill Gebhardt, the Radio Ministry or Fellowship nor If You Ever Missed One of Our Broadcast or Maybe You Just like the Message One More Time.

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