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The Lure Of Religion, Part 2

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt
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July 28, 2021 8:00 am

The Lure Of Religion, Part 2

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt

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Today on Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhardt challenges you to become a fully functioning follower of Jesus Christ. I often get one quite as religious but moral is a review by denigrating on the curb. Is he as always, I'm not one of the really bad I don't know how you establish that there people much worse than me can read about in the newspaper knows the as long as none of the bad Scriptures is none righteous joining us today on this additional fellowship in the pastor Bill Gebhardt Fellowship in the Words the radio ministry of Fellowship Bible church located in Metairie, Louisiana that's going pastor Bill Gebhardt. Now again he shows us how God's word.

Our world, just as Paul. That's what he does. Starting in verse 14 he says when I saw that they were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel, not that's a nice way of saying it. Paul said when I saw that they weren't straightforward about the truth of the gospel, not when you're not straightforward about the truth when we have with another word for that lie. That's what he saying he so when I saw that Peter is a liar.

When Peter was lying and Barnabas is when I saw there lying he said I would do something about it. I said to Cephas in the presence of everybody. If you bring a Jew live like the Gentiles, and not like the Jews. That's how you came to faith. You came in the freedom you had the vision. He says how is it now that you compel the Gentiles to live like Jews, why would you want to put religious joke around her neck now why would you do that and the reason is because were incurably religious.

I was on us is that we are Jews by nature are not sinners. Among the Gentiles. Look, I understand were Jewish women live past lives like these people did I understand were Jewish. Peter, I get it more Jewish than you are. And it really was. He says I was the jewel Jews. Paul understands that he says but nevertheless knowing that a man is not justified by works of the law.

You and I know that Peter you know that no man can be justified means to be declared righteous or if you want to put it another way, justified means you get your ticket punch for heaven. He said we know that no man is declared righteous by God. No man is justified by the works of the law.

He said, but through faith in Christ. Even if we have believed in Christ, so that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by the works of the law since by the works of the law no flesh will be justified. Pulses I can't say there's any clear broom to try. Let me just keep repeating myself over and over again. You can't be justified before a holy God by works of the law, you can't.

There's no religious scheme by which you will ever be justified by God never. You're only justified by God by the grace of God through faith in Christ. He said Peter you gotta know that you got no better than that, how can you possibly say those kind of things. It is a tremendous statement. One of the great books that I've been reading through the story, the study of Galatians is I was able to download and you can for free Martin Luther's English translation of his commentary in Galatians.

If you want to Kindle you could download a free, it is a wonderful thing to read the realize that this man is writing this nearly 500 years ago and it is his awareness of what happens in this book. That leaves the great Reformation is Franciscan monk reads the truth in these passages, and changes the world. The yoke of religiosity. He takes off. Luther said when he read that verse.

He said this, he said the truth exploded in my heart. He said it was like seeing the sun at noon day.

He said once I understood what was really said there he had been taught. His whole life that Amanda saved through religiosity that a person is saved by good works that person essay by going through the sacraments.

If you don't do that you don't have right standing around. Luther said I sought it changed everything.

Remember his original intent was not to leave anything. His original intent was to reform the church.

That's why he bothered the theses on the doors of Wittenberg. He said look, these are the changes we have to make.

According to the word of God, but to try to hunt them down and executing for that now is what John MacArthur writes about that verse. He said all claims that salvation is through belief in Jesus Christ plus something else blasphemous. They are lies. There can be no effective or acceptable human addition, the work of Jesus Christ.

This passage is a forceful and unequivocal statement of the doctrine of salvation by faith alone is you will find in the New Testament is a Paul said Peter you know this. You know what you were saying. By this, you understand it is not finished, he said, Peter.

Let's look at it this way then he said, but it verse 17 but if while seeking to be justified in Christ we ourselves also been found.

Sinners and what he means by that is this Peter if I'm wrong. If the gospel of Jesus Christ gave me which is faith in Christ alone. He said if that's wrong then I'm a sinner. I'm the one sending here is that I understand that but he said look, he said if that's the case then is Christ, and a minister of sin, then Jesus Christ is this the minister of sin because Jesus Christ gave me this gospel if the Judaizers are right, in its Jesus plus something. It's a religious approach to God that not only am I a sinner, but Jesus Christ is the minister of sin and of course any rights Megan Neutra may it never be one of his favorite phrases. Absolutely not. Verse 18 free set of I rebuild that which I once destroyed I prove myself to be a transgressor. He said I would be the worst kind of sinner he said with it. And so the was the next question and for through the law I died to the law so that I might live the God.

In other words, the question is will then why the law to the religious person canasta for them why the law. And Paul says well it's real simple, and is not only here but he talks about in other places.

Why did God gives the lawman if if we are justified before and by keeping the law. Why give it to us to show you. You never be justified on the basis of your own effort. In other words, the lost job was to let you know you're spiritually dead. That's lost job. Remember when Adam and Eve sinned what they say to them.

If you do, the knowledge of the tree of good and evil that day. What you will surely die. Did they die physically that day. No, I did die spiritually today.

They died spiritually dead, using, why did Jesus say to Nicodemus when Nicodemus came to my very religious man, a Pharisee, a leader of the Sanhedrin may be the doctrinal teacher of the Sanhedrin. Jesus said Nicodemus you must be born again. When he mean by that you're spiritually dead.

Nicodemus you see the whole point of the law was the show you were dead. Here's the problem. Though religious people got along just what they go to it. Keep it so were written. Remember the rich young Lord came to Jesus and may well have to do to have eternal life. So Jesus understanding what's in his heart said hey keep the law and what he say no understand something when talking about the 10 Commandments 600 laws and ordinances verse 600 laws and ordinances in the Old Testament 600 Jesus and keep those in what you say to Jesus done it All. I've All sit self-righteousness and the law was never designed for that. The law was to show me the law was for me to come to the conclusion I can do it.

That's with the lost point here is the righteousness of God. This is what you need to begin a relationship with me.

I try I feel I go got. I can do what I need help, which are more said I got it so consequently let me tweak this little James writes that if you're guilty of one aspect of the law, you're guilty of all the law. In other words, if you violate one aspect of the 600 laws and ordinances you're guilty of the whole thing and condemned when religious people do done. It so Jesus is Lord, let me let me try to take this one step further because he's talking to religious audience and he says to them, how about this you say that you shall not commit adultery but I say if you've ever had a lustful thought in your head. You are already an adult or you say the wall says thou shall not murder. I say if you've ever had anger in your heart. One time, your murder now that makes it tough. I mean, that makes it tough because by way who can sit there is a never been angry with anybody. If you're religious or angry with me right now you see, because that's that's the religiosity of it all. So you think Jesus had a right how they respond. Let's get him let's kill that guy really like that. But we can always tell religion that way religion kills people, kills people and threatens people there places on this planet right now because a religion. If you declare your faith in Jesus Christ, they would kill you for can in the history of the church is not much better. We think the Inquisition was about is an amazing thing. If you don't agree with me will kill you.

Or how about this if you don't agree with me I'll excommunicate you with throw you out and you have no chance because we have the power you have any power.

Jesus Christ has the power you see that's it. But that's not religion.

That's what Paul was trying to say so, as Paul was one he says that in verse 21 of the greatest verses in the entire Scriptures. He says I have been crucified with Christ is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live now is that I live my flesh. He said I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself up for me. Pulses look the question of religion. When asked with and how do you get saved. If that's just it. It was just thinking how did you get saved norms and Paul said, I have been what crucified with who Christ whenever you put your faith in Jesus Christ in your trust in Jesus Christ.

There's a wonderful things that happen in the Scriptures is a tremendous preposition forward. It uses the word in the Scripture says you are in Christ and Christ is in you and a ramifications that are astounding.

Biblically, you know that means where Jesus is. I am in Ephesians chapter 2 it says according the apostle Paul. We are seated in heavenly's now I know Jesus either never lays in the apostle Paul said yes. We are seated in heavenly's because we are in Christ, where Christ is, I am where I am Christ is the spirit, the Holy Spirit of God indwells me see the spirit of Christ indwells me. Not only were he is I am and where I am. He is, but where he was. I was, I am crucified with Christ. That's Romans six, Paul said, don't you know that you were crucified with Christ. If your faith in Christ. Don't you know that you were buried with Christ, don't you know you were raised with Christ. In other words that's what faith in Christ does so use it will who pays the penalty for the sin. Christ does when Christ was crucified. I was crucified that the apostle Paul said it's paid in full and then he goes on in Romans eight and says can ending change that. He said I'm convinced that nothing can change nothing can separate us in the love of Christ.

Nothing you see that's what Paul was saying, I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live, but Christ lives in me. Martin Luther in his commentary wrote this he zeroed in on just two phrases.

He said read the words me and for me. Notice he said Christ lives in me and then at the end he says in Christ, he says, the son of God who loved me and gave himself up for me.

Martin Luther wrote read the words me and for me with great emphasis print this me with capital letters in your heart and do not ever doubt that you belong to the number of those who are meant for this me. Christ did not only love Peter and Paul.

He said the same love he felt for them. He feels for me.

He says if we cannot deny that we are sinners, we can never deny the Christ died for our sins, for Christ is joy and sweetness to a broken heart. Christ is a lover of poor sinners, and such a lover that he gave himself for us know if this is true, and it is true, then we will never be justified by any works of religion religiosity on our own. Luther got it some fantastic truth noticed then that the apostle Paul said, I'm not nullifying the grace of God.

You see, I do not nullify the grace of God I do not set apart for if righteousness comes by doing the law or anything religious, even circumcision, then Christ died for nothing.

You see, if someone says to you, I believe in Jesus but I also believe that and you say, but I just believe in Jesus with the perspective is believing in Jesus. Soon enough, you only go to heaven by doing that, so Jesus Christ crosses out of the equation and matter saved by their own good works by the religiosity and accepts the grace of God completely aside. Apostle Paul was astounded by that. You see are religiosity goods is so difficult for us to understand this if you've witnessed the summer you've come to faith. Are you coming to faith now or whatever it is you know that when you talk to someone and inevitably, you only get to responses. At least I do that the first response you get is that the one response you get religious person is that's too easy hold my you know what Jesus Christ did at the cross. How is that easy. How would that ever become so easy.

You see, in other words, I want a piece of the action myself. I want a little bit of the glory.

I want a little bit of this and the other response I often get from people aren't quite as religious but moral. Here's a review, I think God is denigrating on the curve. You see, as long as I'm not one of the really bad people.

I don't know how you establish that there people much worse than me. You can read about them in the newspaper. Those people as long as you know, one of the bad people you get in. You can't. Scripture says all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The Scripture says there is none righteous, not even one. You see, if you have an eternal relationship with a holy, righteous, God, you gotta be one thing holy and righteous. You can have it any other way, the richest person says I think I can make. Let me illustrate this web use in the past. I want to imagine the Grand Canyon at its widest point. It's 50 miles across at the widest point and I would have two different people involved.

I want one to be an 88-year-old woman in a walker. Okay any other. I want to be Carl Lewis not remember Carl Lewis is a great sprinter and long jumper they long jump record that he said some 30 years ago. Still, the record 29'4". Okay that's all for bigger jumper than anyone could jump okay now I want you to imagine humankind on this side of the canyon and gods. On the other side and we want our relationship with God.

So the first person to try will be the 88-year-old woman in a walker.

Okay she gets up to the edge house ago just a little bit right now the best of us, the best to ever live Carl Lewis world-class speed, world-class hits the edge and goes 29 feet, 4 inches out there, how's it going for Carl. That's the problem you see that's the problem we're a lot further with God than 15 miles a Grand Canyon you see you cannot by human effort golf that gap. That's what Jesus Christ did.

Jesus Christ, the God man who lived the perfect life. At the cross span mankind and God. If you want an image in your head. It's the cross across the Grand Canyon and what's I called in the Bible. Reconciliation God reconciled a holy God to a sinful people through Jesus Christ in his finished work on the cross. It's not that Carl Lewis is in a great human being. You can really jump. It's just that there's not a chance he could possibly make it to the relationship with God.

And that's exactly what happens with religious activity.

You may be dedicated religiously. You may be devoted, you may show up every chance you get.

You may do things ritually, it won't matter. You're not getting there. You're not righteous enough.

Only Jesus Christ is it's easy to be religious as Peter religion needs to be confronted by the truth. As Paul I told her this is not easy because religious people if they follow my analogies and beginning don't get why because they think the Lord is a real they think the lore is the real thing. And that's why they bite it, but the consequences of the Lord disastrous and I know they think the Lords is the real thing.

I remember my early 20s when I came to Jesus Christ put my faith in his finished work on the cross on my behalf. You know what so many people knew me, said he found religion. I found religion and then they said boy Gebhardt truly religious Dante. One thing I think the worst insults anyone ever given me because I tell you one thing I didn't find religion. I find relationship with God through Jesus Christ and I am not religious at all. I am anti-religious and I don't live my life a certain way because I'm afraid or I have guilt I live my life the way I live it because I love Jesus Christ and I'm so grateful for what he did for me. I would put my life up against the life of anyone who is so-called religious because that's not the way it works love and gratitude away, stronger motivations than fear and guilt.

You see, that's the way it is.

It's such a better way in which to live your life so I want to leave you with asking yourself three questions.

The first question is ask yourself the question of how I've been saved by the grace of God, just by the grace of God. How even use the Donald Ray Barnhouse question if you were to die this very night and you are all of a sudden right at the gate of heaven and God himself is right there and he looks you write me I and he says to you on what basis should I let you in here when you tell him see what even to say to him, be careful because what you should say to them as I am here simply because of the finished work of Jesus Christ across my behalf. I put my faith and trust in Christ and Christ alone. I bring nothing to the table, but faith and gratitude is the key you start telling God what you've added to it changed it you seek to discredit Jesus Christ saying it wasn't enough. I had an little bit for myself. Secondly, do I try to mix law, religion and grace my own life giver find yourself compromising refining the situation you're doing some religiously. Just because you're afraid of what some family member or somebody's gonna say so you find yourself going through religious rituals, because it's a conviction because you're afraid that's what Peter did is a Barnabas was about to do and do that in the third question am I willing to defend the gospel when it comes to religion my willing to defend the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's what Paul, my willing to stand up and give an account for the hope that in me, because when it comes to the gospel truth is everything. The consequences are overwhelming. You see there's an awful lot of stake in this is serious business. Martin Luther know it. He said this early on in the book of Galatians.

He said the chains of religion are so light. We can feel them until they become so strong we can break them. The spring father, I thank you for the courage of Paul to rebuke Peter in a public format father is knowing the rest of the story. Thank you for Peter's heart because he changed he realized what he had done he realized that he was compromising your grace for his religious background. Father, I thank you for the truth of the gospel that we don't bring anything to the table except our faith that Jesus Christ did everything that is not needed for us to be saved. He gets all of the glory for our salvation and we live forever with a deep sense of love and gratitude for father, I thank you for the good news of Jesus Christ because it was the best news I ever heard in the best news I ever put my faith in father somebody is contemplating this very morning whether they'd released up the cross and put their faith in Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross.

I pray that they do so, this very morning. All they have to do is affirm that they put their trust in you and the promise of Scripture is that they are born again into the family of God that their eternity are secure in the promise of heaven. Christ pastoral the radio ministry or fellowship in the world.

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