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Why We Get Angry, Part 1

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt
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May 12, 2021 8:00 am

Why We Get Angry, Part 1

Fellowship in the Word / Bil Gebhardt

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May 12, 2021 8:00 am

Understanding anger and how to deal with it.

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Today on Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhardt challenges you to become a fully functioning follower of Jesus Christ when it happens to us as we set up our expectation that we set them up when someone doesn't meet our expectations.

We get angry almost always almost always joining us today on this additional Fellowship in the Word pastor Bill Gebhardt Fellowship in the Words the radio ministry of Fellowship Bible church located in Metairie, Louisiana.

Let's join Pastor Bill Gebhardt now is once again he shows us how God's word meets our world geologist have described our culture as the age of rage, road rage, parking rage, air rage checkout line rage from pipe bombs to drive-by shootings to battered women to movie heroes who bear lethal weapons and die hard anger is every where it rides with us in our cars. It joins the foursome on the golf course. It sits beside us at work.

It stands in every line we waiting our blood pressure rises are mouse get dry our fist clenched our muscles tense and then anger flows in many different ways.

Some of us are volcanoes skewers.

Sometimes it's slow cooking and sometimes it's microwave but when we drop we erupt with words and gestures, sometimes even with punches and slaps some of us are toxic waste dumps. We are leaders. We bury our anger and then over the years.

The contamination begins to leak out when everybody around us. Some of us are snow cones.

I call them stuffers and they sorta give you just the big chill. They don't act as though there's anything wrong at all.

They simply repress all their anger and they really don't hurt anybody but themselves. See, it doesn't matter if your volcano or a toxic waste dump or snowcone a rescuer leader or stuffer anger can be a very very big problem in your life before you get too pious and thinking I might be speaking of somebody else, let me ask you the question have you ever done something you wish you had done while you were angry. Have you ever said something when you are angry you wish you could take back.

Have you ever made a bad decision when you're angry and never wrong to friendship or marriage or family relationship or business relationship because of anger. Have you ever seen someone hurt because of someone else's anger physically, emotionally or psychologically, have you ever made yourself feel miserable or guilty have had pity for yourself because of anger. The Bible would say in a resounding way. Yes. Proverbs 29, 22, Solomon says an angry person stirs up strife hot tempered person commits many sins so I would like to speak about anger as they want to simply answer three basic questions before we really get into the heart of it. Next time. That is what is anger. Most importantly, why do we get angry and thoroughly can anger ever be a good thing.

What is anger. I will rely on Webster for this. It seems like the best of all definitions. Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a perceived wrong. Anger is a feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a perceived wrong is amazing when you go to with the source and see how many synonyms we have for anger, enraged, furious, indignant, mad, seething, infuriated, irritated, aggravated, annoyed, bothered, frustrated Huffy inflammatory irascible provoked red-hot round up teed off peeved your felony other things, but all finger you know what it feels like Tim Jackson wrote this at times anger can feel like inner fire.

It hit you in the gut. You see red and you feel hot and sweaty. Your stomach churned. Your blood pressure rises, your breathing rate increases and if you're laboring as if you're laboring under a heavy weight. Outwardly, your body responds to the internal activity with a flustered appearance. He says you perspire.

Your nostrils may flare your jaw tightens many people describe their experience of anger as her blood boiling. On the other hand, anger can be experienced as compliance on the outside while resentment and hostility run just beneath the surface. The little boy who complies with the stages request to sit on may still be standing up on the inside.

A strong feeling it manifests itself in a variety of ways of displeasure and and belligerence directed toward others aroused by a perceived wrong boy that's got to be the heart of it. It's very subjective chipping room defines it in a different way. He says anger is a charged morally neutral emotional response of protective preservation. The key is, he says, what are we trying to protect and preserve whenever we get angry if you look in the Bible you will see many warnings that we have about not getting angry but you have to come to grips with another reality that reality is is that anger is an emotion we share with God.

In fact, in the Bible, we find a God is angry at times. We also find that Jesus Christ is angry and in Ephesians.

The apostle Paul wrote to them in Dawson. He said this be angry and sin not.

So what is anger is the anger is this whole idea of a strong feeling that we have. It's always good to be aroused in us and anger has this way, manifesting itself in a variety of ways. One, we get angry.

That's the heart of what I want talk about. I hope you can find yourself in these three points this morning while you get angry see why the very important question to ask. The first point can be made in Genesis chapter 37 Genesis 37 and verse three. What is anger a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a perceived wrong Genesis 37 you know the story, but I want you to see something in the story I want to become sympathetic this morning with a group of guys you never want to be sympathetic toward and that is Joseph's brothers. I mean really you always think of Joseph brothers a bunch of rats I mean are just terrible guys, but I think you could sympathize with them a little bit here. I think you can because I think there manifesting anger in her manifesting it for the first reason I want to give this morning hurt from unmet needs. We get angry because we have hurt from unmet needs. Verse three now Israel. That's Jacob loved Joseph more than all his sons because he was the son of his old age, and he made him a very colored tunic and his brother saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers while. Would you be angry if you want his brothers is a legitimate need is there a legitimate need that a child is loved by their parents is a legitimate need that if you have more than one child you love those children equally.


But that's not the case here, and not only did Jacob say it and he said it in the presence of the brothers, but he made Joseph a very colored jacket to remind them every day that I love him more than all of you. I really did feel how would you feel you see it's a legitimate need anger from unmet needs. His brother saw the father loved her more than all his brothers, and so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms anytime he spoke to them they were angry see that's what happens. We have needs. We don't get those needs met.

We can feel rejected, lonely, betrayed, unappreciated and unloved. And boy when that happens we get angry. Now obviously they were more the volcano type it kinda manifested itself in a very big way sold him into slavery. Remember though several of them wanted him dead. They just wanted to murdered. That's how angry they were want you to see some insight in this idea of how this anger makes us feel told me to Psalm 35 the book of Psalms 35 and David.

You See, We Have Legitimate Needs.

We Have a Need to Be Loved. We Have a Need to Be Accepted. We Have a Need to Be Acknowledged. We Have a Need to Belong and When That Doesn't Happen. We Can Get Angry While David in Psalm 35 Is Not Enjoying His Enormous Popularity That He Had after Goliath, Everybody Love David Then Accepts All but Everybody Love David. But As Things Went on for David. David Ended up with A Lot Of Enemies and so David Starts to Feel This Idea of Being Rejected This Idea of People Hate Me.

People Want to Betray Me. So Here Is David Praying to God.

And It's Interesting.

This Is a Prayer of Anger from Unmet Need.

David Says Content Overlord with Those Who Contend with Me When You Mean David Fight against Those Who Fight against Me Denim God Denim That's Really Want to Get Him. He Says Take Hold of the Buckler and Shield and Rise up, He Says, for My Help Draw. Also, He Says the Spirit in the Battle Ax to Meet Those Who Pursue Me Say to My Soul. I Am Your Salvation. Let Those Be Ashamed and Dishonored Who Seek My Life. Let Those Be Turned Back and Humiliated Who Devise Evil against Me. Let Them Be like Chaff before the Wind with the Angel of the Lord Driving Them on and He Says Another Way, Be Dark and Slippery with the Aims of the Lord Pursuing Them, for without Cause. They Hid Their Net for Me without Cause. They Dug a Pit for My Soul. Let the Instruction Come upon Him Unawares and Let the Net Which He Had Catch Himself into the Very Destruction Let Them Fall Is Angry When You Feel That Disenfranchised When You Feel That Your Hated Not Acknowledged Betrayed, Unloved, When You Feel Those Things You Go Anger. David Is the Kind of Guy That Lets It out. You Might Not Be the Kind of Person Mequon Person Stuffs It All in with Stuff at All in Your Sort of the Snow Cone Type of Person. The Only Person You Ever Heard Is Yourself and You Will Is Is Tremendous Amount of Hurt from Unmet Needs. There Is a Second Reason We Get Angry and Maybe the Most Common. I Want You to Turn the Second Kings Second Kings Chapter 5, and a Man Named Naaman. He Is an Impressive Impressive Guy. Naaman Is a Leader of Men. He Is a Valiant Warrior He Is Respected by Everybody and He Is without Flaw. Except for One Thing, He Has Leprosy in That World. What a Mark That Is Live by so and Second Kings Five It Says Now Naaman Capt. of the Army of the King of around Was a Great Man with His Master and Highly Respected Because by Him.

The Lord Had Given Victory to a RAM and He Says and the Man Was Also a Valiant Warrior but He Was a Leper and Now He Says the Aramaeans He Said Had Gone out into Bands in a Taken Captive. A Little Girl from the Land of Israel, and She Waited on Naaman's Wife.

She Was Brought in As a Servant, and She Said to Her Mistress. I Wish That My Master Were with the Prophet Who Is in Samaria That Would Be Elisha. She Said I Wish He Couldn't Meet Elisha Elisha Can Do Phenomenal Things. Notice This Girl Taken Captive Has Deep Respect for Naaman.

She Wants to Help Naaman. She Respects Him so Much He Sees It. Then She Says This, Then He Would Cure Him of His Leprosy.

So Naaman Went in and Told the King's Master Said Thus and Thus Spoke the Girl Who Was from the Land of Israel and the King of Iran Who Stinks so Much of Naaman Said Go Now and I Will Send a Letter to the King of Israel, and He Departed, He Took with Him 10,000 Talents of Silver and Says 6000 Shekels of Gold and 10 Changes of Clothes, Which Is Unheard of in Those Days. By the Way, That's 12,000 Ounces of Silver in 2400 Ounces of Gold so You'll Gold Selling for Right Now You Can Kind of Do the Math Here Know That's Given to the King of Israel, but by the Way.

Sometimes Your Best Intentions Are Very Much Misunderstood. Notice What Happens. He Brought the Letter to the King of Israel and Said and Now This Letter Comes to You, Behold, I Have Sent Naaman My Servant to You That You Make Your Hope Is Leprosy Is the end of the King of Israel, the King Came about in the King of Israel Read the Letter That He Tore His Clothes and Said, My God, to Kill, and to Make Alive at This Man Is Sending Word to Me to Be to Cure a Man of Leprosy, He Says, but Consider No CLE Seeking Was a Fight against Me. This Is a Set up Business Set up. He Knows No One Think I Can Cure Leprosy Is Give Me All This Money and Say and Then I'll Do It When I Don't Do It Is Getting Angry Is Going to Try to Fight with Me What Happened When Elisha, the Man of God Heard That the King of Israel Torn His Clothes, He Sent Word to the King, and Said, Why Have You Torn Your Clothes. Now, Let Him Come to Me You Shall Know That There's a Prophet in Israel, so Elisha Hears about This Is a Divine Appointment. So Naaman Came with His Horses and His Chariots.

Now This Is a Big Entourage. This Is Naaman He's Number One Guy Is a Five-Star General It Comes to the Little House of Elisha and Elisha Sent a Messenger to Him and This Is It, Go and Wash in the Jordan Seven Times in Your Flesh Will Be Restored to You and You Should Be Calling Well Should Be a Happy Story Right. Naaman Was Furious, Furious, and He Said, Behold, I Thought He Will Surely Come onto Me and Stand and Call on the Name of the Lord Is God and Wave His Hand over the Place and Cure the Leper Universe. While the City Turn Anyone Away in a Rage. Why Is He so Angry the Same Reason You Are so Often Frustration of Unmet Expectations, Frustration of Unmet Expectations. What Was He Expecting Well He Said Look, Leprosy Is Something We All Die with so Leprosy to Cure a Leper's Gotta Be a Big Thing so There's This Great Prophet When I Need This Profitable. First of All I Think the Prophet Would've Come out and Talk to Me.

I'm Naaman but He, Naaman, Dudley Sent a Servant to Set Another Guy out to Talk to Me and What I'm There Been Some Kind of Religious Ceremony Sugarman Something I'm Maybe Some Flashes of Lightning and Clap of Thunder, Something Big and Notice with This Guy Does Is Go to the Jordan Lock Yourself off Unmet Expectations. See He Is Furious and It's Interesting Because Notices Response Are Not Been in Far Part of the Rivers of Damascus Better Than the All the Waters of Israel, Could I Not Washing Them and Be Clean. This Is Ridiculous. He's Angry. And Then the Servants Came in and They Spoke to Him and Said My Father Had the Prophet Told You to Do Some Great Thing We Do Not Done It. How Much More Than When He Says Wash and Be Calling the Cool down by As You Know the Story. He Went He Did It Musically. So How Do You Think He Felt That He Felt Just like You Do after You Get Wrong for the Wrong Reasons, and You Get Completely Upset and Angry over Unmet Expectations and You Find out Are Not Well-Founded at All How You Feel That Stupid Just Plain Stupid.

He Had to Become Sought Notice When He Does It. He Went down and He Dipped Himself Seven Times in the Jordan, According to the Word of the Man of God, and He Says in His Flesh Restored like a Flexible Little Child.

He Was Clean) You See, This Is a Really Really Really Really Common Reason We Get so Angry Unmet Expectations Damascus of the What Are Your Expectations. What Are Your Expectations for Your Husband. What Are Expectations for Your Wife. What Are Your Expectations for Your Children or Your Parents. What Are Expectations of Your Brothers and Sisters.

What Are Your Expectations of Your Employers or Your Employees. What Are Your Expectations of Family Members and Friends.

What Are Your Expectations, You See, When I Happens to Us As We Set up Our Expectations and That We Set Them up When Someone Doesn't Meet Our Expectations. We Get Angry and Almost Always Wrong. Almost Always Were Wrong. You See, Here's the Ignition of This Here's the Fuse That Likes It in Verse 11. Naaman Was Furious and Went Away. And Here It Is. And He Said, Behold, I Thought, Behold, I Thought I Thought I Thought That Once I Got Married, My Husband Would Be Different Than You Are. I Thought My Wife Would Be Different.

I Thought My Kids Would Be Different Than the Way There I Think I Thought I Thought As We Do. And When Someone Doesn't Mean I Thought the Service Should've Been like This in This Restaurant I Thought. Then We Get Angry and the Trouble Is That Expectations in Close Relationships Become Demands Our Expectations for Is That Dangerous for Us but Careful. If You Have a Vocabulary When You Deal with People with Words like This Ought Should Must Always Never You Talk like That Your Problem.

You Always Do This, You Never Do That.

That's My Expectations.

By the Way, Let Me Be Honest about This. Only God Always Numbers Understand That Only God Only God Is Capable Always and Never but We Knew That Only It's Always in the Context of Anger and the Reason Were Anglers Were Frustrated about the Unmet Expectations See As We Go on in the Series. I Want to Warn You That Your Expectations Better Be God's Because of Their Hoosier Fine, but If They're Yours Your Pastoral on the Radio Ministry of Fellowship Lord, If You Ever Miss One of Our Broadcast or Maybe You Just like a List of the Message One More Time. Remember That You Can Google a Great Website Called One That's One and You Can Listen the Fellowship and the Word Online That Website You Will Find on with Today's Broadcast but Also Many of Her Previous Audio Programs As Well at Fellowship in the Word. We Are Thankful for Those Who Financially Support Our Ministry and Make This Broadcast Possible. We Ask All of Our Listeners to Prayerfully Consider How You Might Help His Radio Ministry Continuous Broadcast on This Radio Station by Supporting Us Monthly with Just a One-Time Gift Support for Ministry Can Be Sent to Fellowship in the Word. 4600 Clearview Pkwy., Metairie, LA 7006 if you would be interested in hearing today's message in its original format that is is a sermon, the pastor will deliver during a Sunday morning service at Fellowship Bible church visit our website FVC that FVC and oh LA.O RG at our website you will find hundreds pastor Bill sermon you can browse through our sermon archives to find the sermon series are looking for. You can search by title.

Once you find the messenger looking for. You can listen online or if you prefer, you can download the sermon and listen at your own.

And remember, you can do all this absolutely free of charge. Once again our website is FVC forecaster Bill Gebhardt and Jason Gebhart.

Thank you for listening to Fellowship in order

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