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Understanding Euthanasia, Part 1

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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May 10, 2014 12:00 pm

Understanding Euthanasia, Part 1

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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May 10, 2014 12:00 pm

In Part 1  of a two-part series, NC Family  president John Rustin talks  with Arina Grossu, Director of the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council in Washington D.C., about the current status of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide in the United States.

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This is family policy matter program is produced by the North Carolina family policy Council of profamily research and education organization dedicated to strengthening and preserving the video. Here's John Rushton, president of the North Carolina family policy Council, thank you for joining us this week. Profamily policy matters. It is our pleasure to have arena gray suit with us on the program arena is the director of the Center for human dignity at family research Council in Washington DC where she focuses on sanctity of human life, ranging from conception to end of life care arena's writings have appeared in USA Today national Catholic register Washington times and the Congressional quarterly just to name a few. She recently hosted a lecture at FRC about the current status of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in order to be talking with her about these important end-of-life issues and their status in the United States arena welcome to the program well were delighted to have you. If you would arena defined euthanasia for us and how does physician-assisted suicide relate to euthanasia and confusion about material, alert, and are not interchangeable when another third-party administrator in education and articulate person and regarding the UN and 58 after they died and limitation. The medication and determines whether or not I went to get it in order to count himself or herself and definition house by prescribing a dispensing and legal quantity of anything that hello we have to keep in mind is that they quickly became in our nation that within pension of causing letter to myself or to 1/3 party in order to alleviate suffering and both are morally on the connectable and taking the life of someone like Shakira.

Life is a great evil mind loves you what, how many coaches currently allow euthanasia in some form. Now euthanasia is only legal in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg guided Rego in Switzerland Jenny Albania, and legal and three US-backed Oregon Washington Vermont now, and Japan have contradict your contradictory live" private and onions yourself. It's a little confusing because, for example, in Columbia. Legalized euthanasia is the ninth 1997, but was never ratified by: Congress and Japan does a lot get euthanasia, but since 1982 bed, the criteria laid out for performing it legally defined Belgium.

It's legal in Canada as of now the bill at dad and Isabella dead threatened their NBI illegal but is often carried out without any consequence and not a lot of crap right now on Dr. Philip McKay, who founded exit international is a prominent speaker on euthanasia and even though the currently illegal, it was legal for. In the Northern Territory and I think that he and his group are going to continue pushing at their in England. It illegal, but a Dr. claims that the any Killed off about hundred 30,000 elderly people through unassisted play called Liverpool Play and I fraternally outpatient and and and moving closer to legalization because the panelist was set up by the president there recommended be like legalized euthanasia as of December 2013 popping up all over the world. Educated where it then legalized that if they made it illegal like kind of going under the radar and it happening all around the world will talk about Belgium, which was sweeping euthanasia law that actually allows children under the age of 18 to be utilized. Tell us about that wall in the dangers presents to the sanctity of human life, not just in Belgium but worldwide. Well, Belgium, the world community because this lot, and euthanasia to children has earned.

I started out Bartlett's first four adults attacked in May 2002 and one in effect at the time, but nothing too bad now as of February 2014. Belgium had legalized euthanasia by lethal injection for children and what's really apprising back 75% of the Belgian population is in favor of euthanasia for children and what we fear that I think children can't make such a joy and should not be even better articulate their being. Three. Not taking care of by now parents and their doctors by even recommending that as an option.

And loving is that there are no limit to the dangers of euthanasia and fell and everything another country that didn't stop with the terminally out and extends to people who are deprived until it really opened up Pandora's box and give the power to an adult or to someone who is in a position of strength to make it a life or death decision for someone who is vulnerable and I think me and Belgium. The children are very vulnerable and weak, especially for children. Specific conditions Belgium wall or withholding terminal illness or something like it was just a pretty wide open wide moat in another cave. I can't hide that this condition or that condition that the child shouldn't live through that condition and tell they can make a decision at any point in themselves shocking talk about the United States and you mentioned earlier that it is legal in three states that one of the circumstances of the extent of the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in those three states and what you see is efforts across the country with respect to that to expand before you, which is someone else administering that Debbie does is not legal in the US died when the person himself or herself administered it legal in Oregon, Washington, Vermont now in Oregon in 1994 by public referendum and in the first US state to legalize died and a large continuous patent 2008 by public referendum and it was a copy of same law in Oregon was applied in Washington and most recently and Vermont and a black snake May 2013 by legislation. Confusion on Montana and New Mexico people include those as part of places where it legal in the US and Montana, not legal to that is not legal but a court case recognizes that your joy can defend for the eating died so that the protection for a doctor. He can use the defense of consent and in New Mexico. The ruling was just appealed cell not legal but it still remains a threat. Other places where their current threat. I New Jersey to complaining that bills were introduced in 2013 and died and really government. Gov. Chris Christie is keeping things at bay.

But it will affect their in California that group, compassionate choices, which I call the Planned Parenthood of the euthanasia movement launched a campaign to legalize it there in California as well as in Colorado impacted we started little girl underneath in the national news not only Newton who (and her grandfather let died by way of being Dr. death and they are pushing for the guide to legalize an impact that, but in 2014 state legislatures consider proposals similar to the one that happened Vermont police to keep in mind is that it's not even know it doesn't get as much attention as other issues is interest group like the one I mentioned compassionate choices that are strategically paving the way the state level for acceptance of euthanasia or in the daily guide putting money behind and they have medium cottages. They have lobbyists they are putting make it acceptable that we have to do we have to look at this right now. Compassionate choices given Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, and New Mexico, among other date trying to really put through. I we waited actually in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and of course as annexed to New Mexico where bills that were introduced for guidewire seating and so on. A very good rain but we have to keep me that day. Basically what you think is the driving force and those pushing for the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide was driving them. What idea what lighted philosophy that people should have political choice at the end of life, but I think what what more involvement and more is that good fascination with that and and and having read little bit about compassion and joy. The president started it. Basically his wife was currently L and he decided to poison her coffee and then he wrote a book in 1991, which became a New York Times bestseller and it was a book about how to guide the nation that and in different euthanasia died in 1938 in the US in New York City and it's been a movement bent down and goes back to the history of eugenics, and in America to its noncomplex and they went back in the 1930s and beforehand, but I would where we are going to be a place for on a more practical level is that that we have a population crisis. So have a longer life expectancy.

People now I living 30 years longer than they did in 1900 people living longer. We also boarded a major component of our population, 56 million unborn baby ever had a chance to lead, which means that you have a number of people who are not contributing big budgeting to society economically and in so many other ways that are not of the declining birthrate and and then that economic factors and healthcare articulate him and you have you have top of of euthanasia becoming oil riveted that becoming sighed, because you have the growing elderly population are not enough young people do support the elderly and not enough economic resources to support the elderly going to become something ever going to see more and more and I wanted to say that one of the euthanasia group. They met back in 1985 enigma every year and you need to make it okay to take away life take away food and water from someone and they said that if we can do that becomes an acceptable practice.

Then at one point we can introduce died at the option because at that point, people, people want to get a person suffering and dying a slow death of nine, 10 days without food and water while he just a quickly, have mercy on them and put them out of their misery and let let give them an injection and donate their incrementally trying to introduce bed into into public and popular thought, almost out of the show but were working to learn more about all that you and the family research Council doing to address his wife. She's in the resources that are available at under that we will have major life is as well as marriage is in an otherwise then you can click on either the life issues. There is a link for euthanasia and under that are reflected on that I would recommend for anyone to fit the I gave up education on that and it publicly available online. If you go to You will find it and you can you can watch the presentation as well and really have other resources for you. We have publications and lectures that you can watch over your computer on a lot of life issues today could stay updated on them will encourage the listeners to avail themselves of these resources.

Clearly this is an extremely important if you will only proceed thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to be with us on family policy matters and for your great work defending the sanctity of human life, that the family thank you to buy family policy matters. Information and analysis, family policy Council join us weekly discussion on policy issues affecting the family. If you have questions or comments on one line 0708 visit our website and see family.1

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