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Best of Family Policy Matters 2021

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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December 20, 2021 11:24 am

Best of Family Policy Matters 2021

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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December 20, 2021 11:24 am

This week on Family Policy Matters, we have a special year-end show featuring excerpts from the most popular episodes of Family Policy Matters that aired throughout 2021. Guests include North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, author Noelle Mering, and Kristie, a North Carolina mother of a transgender-identifying daughter.

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Policy matters and engaging and informative weekly radio show and podcast produced by the Carolina family policy Council, this is John Ralston posted his family and were grateful to have you with us for this week's program is our prayer that you will be informed, encouraged and inspired by what you hear on family policy matters and that you also better equipped to be a voice of persuasion for family values in your community, state and nation. Exiles bring you a special year-round shout featuring excerpts from some of the popular episodes of family policy matters aired throughout 2021. I first excerpt comes from a show that aired in October with Noel marrying a fellow in public policy center and author of a week a Christian response to the cult of progressive ideology. We hope you enjoy. I'm sure we have some young people who are listening and I and I'm often surprised when I talk about Marxism or socialism that they don't necessarily see what the problem is with that so can you talk just very briefly about why you think that's a danger if were going in that direction.

I agree with that problem to and truly other people said this before you communism should be understood to be as much of a pejorative as not that there's no reason to think that communism is any better. In fact the body count is higher so you know I think it's because we see every time and implemented the same pattern because it's an ideology based on heart a totalizing one filter each other and escape the lens of power that were supposed to see all human relationships, human dynamics to the lens of power it creates this opportunity for this endless power struggle where people are suspicious of each other where they are being virtue and being hurt like a prompt you to look for ways which are grouped in the kind virtue and moral stature. Not to create the culture accusation and every term and implemented it. Same thing because it is built on so many fundamental lies has to maintain power by coercion silencing propaganda because it's not fundamentally oriented toward truth and the truth is the thing that frees us to pursue were free to pursue the truth.

If we have truth is our goal that powers their goal and it becomes far more coercive farmer quickly shows in September with Mr. Broadus, Executive Vice President of the national nonprofit select approaches to marijuana you touched on a really important point that I think a lot of people don't really understand is big tobacco or big corporations that are that are behind this push and that's not the way they they promote this is it.

No, not at all tobacco 5000 years ago people were smoking tobacco but they weren't developing all kinds of cancer from it. We want signaling to people across the world, dying from it, but about 100 years ago we had the invention of the cigarette the first-ever tobacco industry. The global supply chain and they adulterated the tobacco plant ammonia nicotine.

Another thing the cigarettes and they got people addicted hope in all kinds of cancers and other harms happens and you know millions of people across the world are dying from tobacco-related cancer and other forms of disease. So what we are seeing with marijuana is very similar to that where we have a plan that you know has been around for thousands of years not really used by a lot of people, but it's been around but now it's being taken by a massive multibillion-dollar industry that has taken over $2 billion from the tobacco industry model that has taken marijuana adulterated it, bread it to be much more potent than it's ever been.

Now 99% potency THC agreement gets you I compared to just 2 to 3% potency which was natural to the plant two decades ago so totally different. Much more potent much more addictive and so now are starting to see these harms come out mental health issues schizophrenia issues with pregnant mothers and children in the womb all kinds of problems that we never really saw with the shrub for that were now seeing because of legalization because of this commercialized model that's happening and it's called addiction for profit and that's what this is from a company perspective you want to deliver returns to shareholders. So when you have big tobacco coming in and putting into billion dollars in this industry need to get a return on investment. But no matter what industry does and the only way they can do that is by selling the Thanh while we in making it very addictive and you know it's really interesting you look at Colorado.

Just 4% of the marijuana users in Colorado make up 70% of the marijuana sales in our stake from the latest numbers so 4% make up 70% of the sales for this drug very heavily addicted heavily using this drug and that is what the industry wants a big bay. Unfortunately, because of that profit incentive derive their money from addiction and that's why we need to keep industry out of North Carolina not allow this drug to become commercialized excerpt comes from a show this year was North Carolina. Lieut. Mike Robinson on his task force. We hope you enjoy the facts task force infection is an acronym that stands for fairness and accountability in the classroom for teachers and student so the facts task force which you have created has a very specific purpose talk about that little bit. What prompted you to create this task force.

Well, you know you love no observation existed in class a lot. It would like a small example of what I didn't realize how widespread it will talk to Chad all the public 10K all everywhere we went we filed travel. Despite we heard about these things as governor we could take your brother, and then I begin to see some of the Pope close and personal, attended school will be in the got inside look at some things in the gym get pushed at the state level and so is displaying immediately. Things are going well and again sure about all the time.

Everybody talks about all the time. The problem is, it didn't seem that anyone will really make even moved about and that is why we start this task will start this past teachers and students. I place with a lender complaint and not have them. Her actually figure out a way to do something about this problem not just to go through a lot of it is a problem all across the country, not just about indoctrination in the classroom. It's also about boxing the classroom with about five hospitals were conservative voices Christian. It's almost like not being allowed to be part of conversation and got to change that.

We've got to make sure everybody in the classroom have I met everybody in the classroom. I know in this country always tried to do that and we would an education as well.

So that's the purpose of the test excerpt comes from a show with attorney Chris gambling expert and author of the article teetering on the edge gambling in North Carolina which was featured in the fall 2021.

Edition C families flagship publication family talk a little bit about the different elements are levels of gambling are are some worse than others are.

Some more addictive than others you thing you have to keep them on gambling and how to distinguish about the horns gambling to create his work on gambling is an things affect that are really the proximity of gambling and the speed with which the form of gambling allows you to play the gamble on so if you say so you have a casino or a video sweepstakes for work within an easy drive your house session starting from a problem gambling standpoint.

That's because casino style games such as slots for video poker.

Fasting may provide a quick outcome. You can then immediately play again and that she's gambling high, meaning that the sky type games are more addictive in nature and for the same reasons. Legalization of statewide sports betting is Sean sports betting is no longer simply placing a bet on the outcome of your favorite teams again this weekend.

It's a little young nonstop daily form of gambling and that's to be placed on anything from college forced to close force to even electronic sports of gambling now is something to be constant and repeat it quickly sports betting bill passes in North Carolina decided that it would be readily available would really be an understatement building. No need to travel to Cherokee were the biggest sports gambling from the convenience of your own home and at the end of the day.

The bill would make every home in North Carolina potential sports that casino. That's why it's it's interesting that the national Council on problem gambling came out with a recent survey on gambling in United States and they said really on hold story. The biggest expansion of gambling legalized gambling in the nation's history and the reason I say that is the legalization of sports betting that's going on across the country and is fueling the unprecedented explosion gambling and and problem, final exit this week comes from a show that aired in March with Christie, mother of a transgender identifying daughter Christie as we concluded our conversation want to give you an opportunity to just share any advice that you would provide to other parents who are experiencing something similar to what you and your family have gone through. Well I would say go with your gut instincts. If you know that this is not right and stand firm, and don't play into your child. Santa say that they can change their sex because their sex is immutable and cannot change that they can dress up and try to pretend to be someone else that we know deep down who our children are and you have to be there. Reality check. I would be cautious with any therapist that you want to take your child to and any medical professional because they are very quick to start medicalization and that's very dangerous.

I would recommend that they do find a local support network that is critical in this maintenance and do you research because there are a lot of really good websites out there. I didn't mention before that gender HQ.Warrick is another one and to stay connected with your child continue to love your child no matter what because his parents we we just want what's best for our child focus on their health and well-being and pray.

I recommend just continued praying that your child will open up their hearts to God and talk about it, that's another important thing you have to be willing to talk about it do not suffer in silence. You have to have a support network, and you may find that there are some people that do not agree with you. If you are taking a creek critical stance that there are plenty of people out there who will support you. I know that I've had some wonderful friends that every day send me inspirational message is text occasionally to check in to see how doing and and things like that are really uplifting when you're going through this, but just remember that biological sex and gender are not the same thing that biological sex is your reality.

Gender is your perception how your body is being presented and that's you know something that can change from one day to the next. You been listening to family policy matters. We hope you enjoyed the program and play the tune in again next week to listen to the show online and to learn more about NC families were to inform, encourage and inspire families across from Carlotta go to our website it NC family.award that's NC

Thanks again for listening and may God bless you and your family

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