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Find Your Identity in Christ

Family Life Today / Dave & Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine
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May 27, 2020 2:00 am

Find Your Identity in Christ

Family Life Today / Dave & Ann Wilson, Bob Lepine

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May 27, 2020 2:00 am

Like many men, business coach Cory Carlson found great success and meaning climbing the corporate ladder. But when he put too much focus on his career and not enough attention on his wife, he almost lost his marriage. Carlson now seeks his identity in Christ and tells how he's teaching his children to do the same.

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Having our life priorities in order.

That's important and it's easy for really important priorities are spiritual life for relationships to get sidetracked. While we start to prioritize the wrong things. Cory Carlson says that's been his experience, I know the right order should be our live life to but in times of stress times of frustration times of anger.

I personally connection get them upside down on the provider for family nervous about. We have enough money to have enough clients in the pipeline and I can have a scarcity mindset and that's rude for me person that's rude to back my child this is family life today hosts are David and Wilson on bottle pain find us sometimes the urgent things are not really the important things, and sometimes the important things don't wind up being urgent. We make sure we maintained the right priorities as we live our lives talk today with Cory Carlson about that statement is, and welcome to family life to. Thanks for joining us when you get to do a little coaching. This is your chance to coach yeah and that coat you.

You do this with going to go poster out against cover to know about it. Coaching guys to keep their priorities where they need to be and figure out how you balance the priority of providing for your family because I'm so good at it right off because you've learned some things along. I learn something that's right and you want introduce who is going to help us with all of this you Cory Carlson here today with a great book. I love the title is one of things and I try to do when we when we speak about how to win at home even incorporation. Sometimes we go in like I know you do this a lot is the right, leadership, business principles, very few come in and say you can win here but how do when there the most important area in your life is the wind first at home, which is the title of your book and you had to learn that in your own life as well. Right absolutely inquiry you do all kinds of coaching all kinds of coaching football field like me that more important coaching). I love you soccer coach that know it is with corporate execs business owner, small business owners and really the interesting piece and how the title the book came about is I would get hired to help executives or business owners with a how do we improve the culture of the company. How do we define our vision and values for the organization and even small businesses is reviewing the profit loss they just trying to figure out ways to help them in time management is a right of different reasons to get hired for its interesting is almost all of our coaching is one-on-one like will do workshops and half-day sessions, full-day sessions, but really that information is great, but if you really want that transformation. Then you got application and that all comes through the coaching. It was so interesting because I'd be with these clients. We talk about vision values.

But when we got one-on-one on the call. What was really keeping the executive up at night was none of those.

It was how can I be more intentional with my spouse.

How can you be more proactive with my kids how I lose 10 pounds. How do I drink less and it just every single call was like that with these new different clients and so I found myself say listen, we will work on vision and values, we will work on different ideas improve the profit loss statement, but in order to do that with the win at home first we need to start pursuing your spouse when you start thinking of ways to carve out time to be with your kids get to the gym. Are you journaling are you reflecting and once you went home first. You then have extra margin your life to be empathetic with your coworkers guy. I just have to stop your and and plug here family life. We have been working with business owners. For decades, hundreds of business owners who have made our weekend to remember marriage get away. A corporate benefit of just like you have healthcare. Whatever else they will go to their employees and say any employee who wants to attend. We can remember the Camille pay for, and two things happen. First of all, many of these guys are Christian business owners.

This is a simple way for them to take their employees and expose them to the gospel in a nonthreatening setting. You know they're all asking the question, how do I share Christ with my employees without it being weird. Are you not it would get in the EEOC called Islamic. This is how you do it you make a benefit will send you to a marriage conference.

It's completely optional, but if you want to go.

The company will pay for.

We had some companies that will paid not only for the registration will pay for your hotel and make it completely free. I was talking to a business owner who said he drove into the parking lot on a Monday morning completely oblivious to all of this and there's an employee meets him in the parking lot and says I just have to say thank you. My wife and I just this weekend. Went to the weekend.

Remember that you paid for. For us it's changed our marriage and it's going to change me as an employee and that's the payoff for the company.

If the guys figured out how to win at home. He becomes a better employee you don't get less of him.

You get the better of him, don't you, absolutely and for the employee working for that leaders when it home, they start to benefit because they're seen right at me as a leader goes, so goes the company. So if they are seeing the leader there honoring the family schedule.

They're going to family events. They aren't doing emails every night at 10 o'clock those behaviors that they're doing that the employees start to follow that and they start to see and therefore they start. Went home and then in the end, the company actually wins so it's feels counterintuitive, like let's invest in the people's time at home and that's can help the company but it does time and time again and I'll just say if your business owner and you want to find out more about how you can do this is a benefit for your company call family life to him and will put you in touch with somebody who can give you the information is call one 800 FL today and will get you fixed up a map and our people hungry for this Cory. Is it new. They are very very hungry for dicey an opportunity to speak to accompany huge company and did a workshop with them share the information and later when we have a dinner debrief about it says the company is always investing in ways to make us better for them.

It's like time management, it's this and that but to actually some the in the idea the five The Content Will Talk about Is This It Actually Helps the Individual, Which in Turn Helps the Company and so There's a Peace That People Knew That They Could Get Some of This from the Churches.

They Knew That They Could Get It from a Family Life. They Knew They Could Get It from Different Places, but Never through Their Employer to Exit the Employer to Support and Say Yes I Will Hire an Executive Coach for You That's Got Holistic Words Both Home and Work Worth a Whole Self Right the Integrated Life or Will Will Provide Workshops for You.

That's the Piece That Maybe Small Businesses Have Done Well and Not All of Them but Some of Done It Where the Big Corporations Have Not. So You Mentioned 5C and I Know It's the First Section in Your Book. So Let's Talk about What Are the. The Five Capitals Is the Idea That Jesus in John 1010 Says I Have Came to Give Life Life to the Full All of Us Don't Feel We Live Life to the Full Rights Running from Meeting to Meeting, Email the Email in Life Can Feel Chaotic and so in the Early 2000's of Book Freakonomics Came out Where It Was Talking about Really the Complexity of the World and How It Comes down to Different Currencies and Bartering and Things It and the Folks at Created the Five Capitals.Right This Is Great for Freakonomics. What Would Jesus Say about It and so Take a Look at a Couple Different Parables, the Parable of the Talents, the Parable of the Shrewd Manager, and Then Different Versus to Come up with the Five Capitals That in Order to Live Life to the Fold and If We Can Get These Five Of the Right Order, Then We Can Do Just That. And so the First One Is Spiritual Which Is Love God Second One Is Relational so Love Others.

The Third One's Physical Right. The Idea That You Can Do Anything for God for Kingdom for Your Family for Dead. So How Are You Taking Care of Yourself, As Well As Manage Your Schedule. The Fourth One Is Intellectual. It's about Insights and Ideas and the Lessons Financial Which Is about Stewardship and Generosity.

So Those Are the Five Capitals in the Right Order and Which Is Been Incredible Framework in My Life, but Also It with the Client to Work with and and You Said in the Right Order the Orders Important Orders Very Important.

So If a Guy Is Looking at His Life or a Woman Is Looking at Her Life and She's Assessing How My Doing.

You Say the Place to Start Is to Say, How You Doing Spiritually, Then How Are You Doing Relationally, Then How Are You Doing You May Be Thriving Intellectually, but If You're If You're Not Doing Well Relationally. It Really Doesn't Matter How Much or Thriving Intellectually Crying Yeah If You Look at It from Upside down Where It Know If You Have All the Money the World Beer Dumb As a Box of Rocks I Can Invest It Well but Give All the Minor World You're Super Smart, but You Know Your Dead Dobbs. Nothing Good Happening. All the Money the World Super Smart and Will Bill like a Limping Athlete but No One Likes You Can Be Lonely. You Know You Do That Again. All the Money the World Super Smart Bill like a Limping Athlete. People Love You but You Have No Idea Where You're Going in Life. There's No Greater Purpose or Just Wondering and See Start to See That up against Upside down. It Just Doesn't Make Sense about. We Are Told in the Ideas Are. That's Great, Though, to the Five Capitals. That's Right Order. What's the Catch. The Catches Were Told to Live Differently All the Time. You Know Hollywood Ranks in about Your Physical Capital. How Good You Look and Then within Financial Top Grossing Movie. Top Highest-Paid Actor or Actress and Then You Look at the Business World Business World Has It Upside down Where It's All about Financials.

The Pressures of Your Sales Numbers This Week. What's Quarterly Profits and Then Next Is Intellectual, It's All about You Are Patent We Have for Our Company or Its All about This Proprietary Deal. We Have Ordered All about Knowledge on the Smartest Guy in the Room to Make Sure That People Think That I Deserve to Be at This Table and Then Nixes Physical Thought about and Saw the Face Time and at the Office. I Mean, I Know I'm Guilty of Sending Sufficient Corporate Where I Would Send an Early-Morning Email or a Late Night Email with the Whole Evil and Thought of All People Know and Think about the Company Right Now You Know and I Know We've All Done Different Things like That Right and Then the Idea of You Know, Relationally, Is Who You Doing Life with You and Are You Spending Time with Those Different People.

So It's Is That's the Order of the Five Capitals but It's so Hard to Go Put Them in the Right Order Was Interesting Is A Lot Of It Comes from Our Own Cimarron Brokenness like for Me Personally. I Know the the Right Order. It Should Be.

If I Want to Live a Life to the Full, but in Times of Stress Times of Frustration Times of Anger. I Personally Connection. Get Him Upside down on the Provider for Our Family to Get Nervous about. Do We Have Enough Money to Have Enough Clients in the Pipeline and I Can Have a Scarcity Mindset and for Me Person That's Routed Back to My Childhood When I Was 15 My Mom Died from Breast Cancer, and My Dad Had Some Bouts of Unemployment during That Time, and so the Lie That I Made Was It's All on Me. My Parents Are in Will to Do It for Me Financially. God's Not Looking out for Me so That's an Ally That I've Made and so Finance Could Be My Number One Go to What I Get Concerned about. So When That Happens. I Then Go to Intellectual Capital, Which Is a More Can You Know If I Need More Money.

I Need More Clients. Therefore, a Bit of the Summer Park As a Better Read More Books. I Better Watch More YouTube Videos on Speakers and Then That Goes a Physical Capital Worth All That Working Working around the Clock and Then the Next Is Well None That's Working Awesome Base from for Some Help.

If That Works a Mascot of He's Getting a Notice I Can Totally Get Him Upside down Was Interesting As I Think about the Scene Reflect Back to My Whole Childhood. I Was Talking to Share Some Is with My Dad and I Found out to See Her in Recent Years That Year That My Dad Was Unemployed.

The Church Paid for Our Mortgage Did Know That I Had No Idea. And so Hearing That in Reflective Exit Weight. God Is the Provider Yes I Have To Pound the Nail Every Day. Yes, at the Steward. What I Have. Well, I Can't Sit on the Couch but in the End It's God's Provision so That Helps Me Recalibrate to Get Him Back in the Right Order. So How Does a Businessman Businesswoman like Yourself Is Put the Spiritual Capital As Number One. How Do You Functionally Practically Keep Jesus As Your Typewriter Let That Relationship like This, Paul Talks about You Never See Spring so A Lot Of Times out.

Note When I Work with Individuals in Myself. It Is Are You Going to God for Your Identity for Intimacy with Them. Talk about Early Different Times in My Life Where I'm Going Other Places to Find My Identity and My Man Is Based on Having the Corner Office in Different Things about Going to God for That Identity. So Understanding How to Find Time. I Love You Even Marking Other Gospels, but Where Mark Wanted to or Jesus. He Is Healing People and Doing Amazing Things but yet He Retreats He Goes to God, to Understand His Vision Again in the New Incomes That Bound the Disciples. The Disciples like Where You Been We've Been Looking for You but He's like for This Is Not Why Came We Have To Go on to the Next Town Is Which Is Re-Setting with God of What's Going on so They Can Look a Variety of Different Ways Wanted It for Sure a Quiet Time.

I've Had Mentors in My Life. Talk about Journaling and so I've Been Journaling That's Big Pieces of Different Devotional Books Things like That.

So Some People Are Good about That Practice. But What I Find That Where People Lose the Idea of Having Spiritual Capital to Top Is They Do Their Quite on the Morning and Then It's off to the Races. That's off the Races All Day Long and so This Idea of Were Pulses Never See Spring to Me and What I Try to Work on My Own Life but Also Appliances throughout the Day. So in between from Meeting to Meeting, Incentive Grab Your Phone Going Straight to Social Media Seen the Facebook Feed Seen the Instagram Post Checking Emails Stop Just Pray like Thank You God for That Awesome Meeting. Thanks for the Insight You Gave Me Lord I Pray for Help on This Next Meeting Give Me Clarity Giving Wisdom for What I Need to Say and Set Idea, throughout the Day of Putting That Spiritual Capital Top Acknowledging His Presence All Day Long Talking to Him on a Lawn Seeking His Wisdom You All Day Long. I Think That Habit Yeah and Then I Know That You Would Tell about Different Life Facts with the Some Bible Apps You Can Set the Time for the Reminder. I Sent Mina for 2 PM Because It I Can Find That I Can Get Drifted off and You Email Landon Doing All These Different Things and If I Get That Email to Will Hold up Now in Full Transparency or Some Days Is like God's Great Versatility I Move on to the Next One. There's Other Days It's like All Perfect Marie This Morning, Sit and Think on This Instance. Interesting That the Second Capital Right Away Is Relational. Yeah, It's Who You Do Life with Who Invested in His Invested in You. I Know, Three, Four Months Ago My Son Was Preaching at Her Church and He Wanted to Talk about the Yoke and so He Goes Online and Finds an Actual Yoke. You Know When I Have Tomatoes Land around Our House. So You Yoke Yeah the Actual Is like from the 1890 Earlier and He Founded and He Had It There Needed Tell Me to Lease in the Middle of Sermon Goes a My Dad Sit Right Here Wanted to Come up Working to Yoke Together and so He Gets It. One Socio-Can I Get in the Other.

We Should Post a Picture Is Pretty Interesting but I Never Honestly Seen One or Ever Put One on, but It Was It Was so True What You Try and Make the Point. As Soon As I Put My Side and He's Got His on the Second He Moves Right I Have To Go If I Move Yes Your Yoked Wherever I'm Gone. He's Got Fife off the Stage. He Fought off Stage If You Know It Was Just Exactly Jesus Was Saying in You Know Who Your Yoked with Who You're Doing Life with His Totally Going to Do, and That We Know As Parents We Tell Our Kids That's Right You Know You Hang out Bad Kids, Bad Things Happen Yoga but As Adults We Often Don't Do the Same Thing Right. This Is Relational Capital's Huge Wi-Fi with Relation Capital, Especially with Clients in the Witnessing Myself Where We May Know You Have Friends Because You Know and in High School Because We Had A Lot Of Friends Is Great Now and Then We Get Married We Start to Have Kids and Then We Start to Work and We Are Just Busy Busy Busy That We Start to Lose Touch of a Friends for Me This Hit Hard. One Time, Because When I Was Present. Sales for National Contractor. I Was Traveling about Every Week and Going around the Country with Base Get 30 Sales Reps and so Spending Time with Them. I Was Investing in Them Is in with the Company Then I Come Home I Want to Be Super Husband and Super Dad, Well, When a My Coach and Mentioned Something about Some of This Teaching.

It Hit Me Hard, like Weight, That's Me like I Am Doing Pretty Good with My Relation with God Going to Him. Quiet Time and out and Having Impact in the Marketplace Is Going Well, Me and My in My Relation Was Not Good at All and so I Knew I Had Friends.

I Could Call and Go Watch a Game with Third You Do Something with. But Knowing I Was Doing Life with No One That Could Hold Me Accountable and Different Things As Humans with That Yoke. So I Made a Change.

I Reach out to Some Guys Can Pray through Who Are the Guys Needed No Start Investing in. And Those Fears Go Fast for Now I've Got It Fantastic Men's Group on Monday Nights Went on a Hiking Trip This about a Month or Two Ago and Is Doing Neat Things like That That I Didn't Have an and I Find so Often with Business Owners and Corporate Execs. This Lacks This Lacks Is They Don't They Don't Have Friends of Who They're Doing Life with That They Get Together. This Is and Just Get Together Starbucks Stocks Whether Our Golf Golf Score and of the Latest Trade and Some Sport Session Talking about Life and Would since Talk about Marriage, Your Struggle Is Absolutely No Stuff That Matters Don't Talk about That Mean in the Book You Go to Marriage Go to Parenting in One of the Big Things You Mentioned That Really Impacted Me As I Read It Was Identity and Porn That into Your Children about How You've Done That I Did and Became a Important Thing to Me Where Learning of That in Light of the Idea Being a Bluff Son or Beloved Daughter of God and Am Involved in a Men's Ministry.

We Also Were Now Branching and out to Women As Well As Called the New Frontier and through That We Talk A Lot about the Identity of an Even Look in Jesus Life Is Example Where He First Found His Identity Right Is Baptizing God's Is Your Bluff Son and from That Flows the Mission. Now He Knows What to Go Do after Seeing That That Became so Critical. Where I Would Go to My Mission and in My 20s and 30s, and That Define Who I Was. I'm a Corporate Businessman or Hero in These Different Titles and so Many People Do That and so Seeing the Shift That Made My Life I Want to Make Sure My Kids Had It so My Daughter Was. She Turned 13. There Are There Are All Kinds of Counted Coming-Of-Age Ceremony and Could See out There That Yours Is Unique Because I've Read A Lot Of Different Sounds of Our Kids Coming-Of-Age but Shared about What You Did with Your Daughter Home Will Think You As I Was Looking for Daughter Ceremonies. They All Involved the Mom Only. And Then There Great Father to Son, Once by Couldn't Find Any Father Daughter Was That Obviously Bothered Me A Lot. I Mean, You Know, Holly and Kylie.

That's Her Older Signal. They Got a Great Relationship and They Can Do They Go Do A Lot Of Mother-Daughter Things. That's Great That I Want to Be Involved in the Sermon Because One Is so Important to Me but Also My Learnings. I've Just Consistently Find That so Many Even Corporate Leaders Their Brokenness, Their Disturbed View of Our Heavenly Father Has To Do the Earthly Father so Often That There Earthly Father Did Not Show A Lot Of Love Was Not around Will. Therefore, There They Think God Is That Way and I Just Seen Is like Now I Want to Step into This. I Want to Try to Be a Earthly Father Shows Love and Cast Vision and Do All These Things That God Does so in That Whole Process Doing Some Research Can Find Anything That I Liked and so the Pastor the Church I Go to His Name Is Brian Toma Crossroads Eroded Awesome Book Called Five Marks of a Man.

It Talks of the Five Different Things Differentiate a Man from a Boy Love That. But I Couldn't Apply That to a Girl and so Had That Idea, but You Can Necessary Do It Exactly Wanted to Do It so Hot I Felt Called to Go to Proverbs 31.

Take a Look at That Verse and Liking the Idea Five from Five Marks of Man We Thought God Lay on the Heart. Five Words That We Were to Affirm Kylie in at That Age Now There's More Words in the Cease-Fire That We Could've Selected.

I Think We Do for Next Daughter Ill Know Me Another Warming a Pull out or If We Do This Again for Kylie Which Is Older There May Be a Different Word Just Due To the, the, Diversity in the Just Uniqueness of This Woman Proverbs 31 of the Five Words We Chose Work Character Committed Generous, Influential and Excellence in Some of Those Five Words, We Assigned One of Those Words to a Man like One My Good Buddies and Then He Wrote a Letter to Her and the Letter Was a This Is How I Live out This Word in My Own Life. That Is How I Also See It in a Godly Woman and How You Can Live It out. Then Holly Took Those Same Five Words in Assigned 12 Each Different No Person of Her Friends Think We Get These Letters Back and I Was Blown Away by the Wisdom of Friends and Family That That Did That and Then Her Birthday Was July 1 We Had at Basic 4 O'clock. I Had Some Guys Come over and They Read Their Letters and We Talked for Little Bit and It Was Evident for Sure Start out Awkward My Daughters at the Head of the Table. We Got Men around This Table and Is As I Crawl, Staring Likely a Buddy Cracked a Joke Is Funny Looking out Louisiana Loosened It All up. We Read These Letters to Her and Then She Asked Some Great Questions and with Some Good Conversation and We Prayed over Then We Left and Holly and I Took Kylie out to Eat.

Went to a Nice Restaurant Had Nielsen's Mistaken Just Celebrated but Disaffirmed Her and Who She Is and Why We're Doing This in the Importance of It and Had a Neat Dinner. Came Home and Holly Did the Same Thing, but Now with Women around the Table. They Read the Letters II Don't Know. All Was Going on. I Was in There and so They Read the Letters in and Talked Well I Was in There Because I Was outside with Some Buddies Put Together a Fire, and so We Put Together a Guy Have Fire Got a Fire at All Times Loaded the Referred Girl Party. No Suite. We Were out There Putting Together a Fire and There Was Driving to Work One Day I Heard on Christian Radio Station K Data.

Still, He Was Doing This Talk about Exodus 38 and I Never Really Paid Much Attention That X Is 38 Specials Particular Verse and in It It Said That the Women Had to Hand over Their Bronze Mirrors to Be Melted to Make the Washbasins for the Tabernacle and She Has. She Impacts It.

That Verse More Is about the Idea of a Women's Beauty Is Great but Can't Come before God Will Be like We Talk Early the Five Capitals. I Mean, It's Great to Be Fit Is Great to Know You Can't Be There Identity Capillary Deadhead and so in That I Just Love That Teaching That I Heard and Then in Other Settings.

I Have Been a Part of Ceremonies at Different Churches That Idea.

Burn Your Ships. I've Found Breakthrough When I Write Something down.

I Burn It and Then Their Field Some Freedom so Taken All Those Ideas Together. What We Did Is We Went outside to the Art Campfire and Now We Got People around the Campfire and Kylie and so We Give Kylie a Blank Bronze Mirrors and a Sharpie and We Just Told Her to Write down All of Her Basic Image Issues Where She Takes Her Identity and I Don't Know She Wrote down a Minute Is off Sick. It Was Confidential, but I'm Sure It Has Something to Perfect Body Straight A's Social Media Likes Different Things like That. She Writes Them down, Throws It in the Fire and Then We We Then We Watch Them Melt Is Awesome.

Still Awesome Sub That Takes Place My Wife Had Embroidered Those Five New Words on Doing Bronze Mirror We Gave It to Her and We Disaffirmed in Her That Her Identity Is a Beloved Daughter. These Are Traits That We Feel God Oneness Affirm and You You Are Not of the Sinks in the Fire. I Guess When You Say to Have Your Dad and Have Other Man As a Young Woman Speaking to You Is an Amazing Gift Because I've Seen This Done Countless Times with Women. I Think of Myself Back As a Young Woman Even Now, My Dad, I Knew That He Went to Where Kenny Talked to Me Something I Didn't Really Know Him and He Had No Idea Who I Was and so Fight God to Speak into a Young Woman It's It's Important for Mom Afraid to Hang out Anything.

His Friends Are Saying This Is Where You Find Value.

This Is Who God Says You Are. This Is What We See You. That's Life-Changing. That's Unmarked Moment That She Will Never Forget You Have None Things to Make a Fist Bump in and on like This. My My Wife As Well Mean Yes I Too Agree on the Earthly Father Peace Just Meaning and Having All Involved As Well Use It Was Had Both. This Remarkable Unity and That This Is an Example What Winning at Home First.

Looks like There and You Talk about of the Book. It's Weave through the Book You Share Your Successes like This on Your Failures along the Way and This Can Help A Lot Of People Knowing Thank You for Coming in Doing This Talk about This and Thanks for the Book Fellows. Thank You Very Much and I Got up.

Imagine There Are A Lot Of People Been Listening to Our Conversation This Week Course and That's What I Need I Need to Get My Priorities in Order and I Need to Make Sure That I'm Focused on the Right Stuff and so I'd Encourage People to Get a Copy of the Book Win at Home First by Cory Carlson Go to Family Life to Order a Copy or Call One 800, FL, Today Our Website Again. His Family Life You Can Also Order by Calling 1-800-358-6329.

That's 800 F As in Family L As in Life, and Then the Word Today.

Cory's Book Again Is Called Women at Home First That We Have Just Got a Couple of Days Left before the Month of May Is over. David Robbins Was the Person Family Life Is Here with Me and David of the Month of May Is a Significant Month for Us Were Asking Family Life to a Listers to Help Us Take Advantage of a Matching Gift Opportunity That Has Been Made Available to Us This Month.

Every Donation Were Receiving Here in the Next Few Days. As Can Be Matched Dollar for Dollar up to a Total of $345,000 and Honestly This Is a Critical Time for Us As a Ministry We Hope to Take Full Advantage of This Matching Gift Yeah There's Maybe Never Been in the Last Decade. A Matching Gift Is Been Is Important for Family Life As This One. Actually, Two Days Ago Dennis Rainey and I Were Connecting the over Zoom and Having Our Regular Touch Point and I Was Asking Him to Reflect on Times throughout His Four Decades of Leadership at Family Life of That Have Been Similar to This and He Said Well There's Been Certainly 08 and Has Been One or Two Other Seasons, but the Unknowns of What Comes Ahead. Really This Is a Unique One and He Just Said David. I Am Praying for You and I'm Praying for the Whole Ministry. Certainly, a Founder Transition Is a Big Thing. The Navigate It's Been Going so Well yet Throw in a Pandemic into That and This Is Something Challenging for Us to Walk through and We Ask You We Want to Continue the Legacy of Helping Families with Everything That We Have Pointing to the Gospel and Helping Them Experiencing the Truth and Lie Found in Scriptures for Their Marriage and for Their Family. And If You Are Able to Get We Are a Donor Supported Ministry in Need of Your Help in the Season If You're Able, Please Give and Help Us Make This Matching Window for Some of You This Is a Very Challenging Time for Your Family and You've Had to Kinda Cut Back to the Bare Minimum We Get That for Those of You Who Are Able. If You Can Be Extra Generous to Help Cover for Those Who Can't Be Generous in the Season You Can Go to Family Life to Make a Donation or Call One 800 FL Today to Donate. Keep in Mind Your Donation Is Gonna Be Matched Dollar for Dollar Order to Send You As a Thank You Gift Barbara Rainey's New Book Which Is Called My Heart Ever. He Is a Great Book on How to Pray More Effectively during Challenging Seasons.

Challenging Times and Then If You're Able to Join Us As a Monthly Legacy Partner and We Need More Legacy Partners. Those of You Who Can Give Each Month to Support the Ongoing Work of Family Life to Your Gift Is Gonna Be Matched Dollar for Dollar. Throughout the Rest of This Year. So Every Gift You Give for the Next Several Months Will Be Matched and Will Send You As a Thank You Gift a Certificate so You or Someone You Know Can Attend an Upcoming Weekend to Remember Marriage Get Away and Were Going to Be Back Hosting Getaways This Fall and Next Spring, so That Certificate Will Be Good Whenever You're Ready to Use It Go to Family Life to Give a One Time Gift or to Become a Legacy Partner and Help Us Take Advantage of This Matching Gift. You Can Also Connect with Us by Calling 1-800-358-6329 That's One 800 F As in Family L As in Life, and Then the Word Today. Thanks in Advance for Your Partnership with Us and We Look Forward to Hearing from You. Not Tomorrow. We Want to Talk about How Much More Our Children Can Grab onto and Comprehend and Understand from the Bible Than Most of Us Realize His Parents Got a Great Opportunity to Pull A Lot Of Biblical Truth in Their Hearts When They're Young Jennifer Lyle Talk with Us about That Tomorrow. You Can Be Here As Well. I Want to Thank Our Engineer Today. Keith Lynch along with Our Entire Broadcast Production On Behalf Of Our Host Steven M.

Wilson and Bob Lapine See You Back Next Time for Another Edition of Family Life Today. Family Life to a Is a Production of Family Life of Little Rock, Arkansas. A Crew Ministry Help for Today Hope for Tomorrow

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