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R840B The Meaning of Salvation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 10, 2022 8:00 am

R840B The Meaning of Salvation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 10, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based teaching Dr. Don Wilton message of salvation. Today's topic is salvation and understanding righteousness gaining a new perspective on how even in our best days never righteous enough to accomplish what God wants to accomplish. And that's ultimately bringing us into heaven with him as we open the word together in Romans chapter 3, another open to talk and pray with you 24 hours a day on our phone line as well. Numbers 86689.

The word that's 866-899-9673 or will connect on our website as well. TW DEW ballots open our hearts and God's word together with today's message of the meaning of salvation and Dr. Don Wilton in every school dining all across America at every lunch in every school. You will see type and sitting around every table are going to be circles of young people, many of those circles are defined by virtue of popularity in and who's out, there's the popular group yet comes less unpopular. She gets her trial and she presents herself in the dining hall while she unpopular. Well maybe she just doesn't measure up to the standards of the popular group she doesn't have boys hanging all over.

She's not in the first team.

She might be doesn't wear the right clothes. Maybe her parents just don't have the right connections.

Maybe they were unable to have the party at her house every second Friday.

Maybe dads not the chairman of the booster club. Maybe she just doesn't have the right looks can't have someone in your that the boys don't like you want to be in the popular group man. One boy falls by the wayside as another 10 waiting in line. Maybe she has an inability to speak. Maybe somewhere down the line. She got her. Maybe she was abused. Maybe she comes from a broken family.

Maybe she's carrying in the hot things that are so difficult.

Maybe it's a problem with the eyesight. Maybe she carries a little bit more weight than usual. Maybe she just doesn't seem to fit it comes miss unpopularity and she walks in and all types to be included is homeless, popularity to stand up and turn around and say come and sit next to me about girls. Susan's here, sit down, we can make room for you and when miss unpopularity sits down. Miss popularity turns to her and says goodness Susan, that is the prettiest sweater I've ever seen in my life. When did you get that I love that, and just one word from Miss popularity will completely strong school. The life of one single person may tell you what happens in discipleship groups of First Baptist Church of Spartanburg. We don't want that goal in our group.

We don't want that boy to be a part of this group that I don't suit us.

They don't measure up to our standard and throughout the experience of a person's growing up years, from elementary school to middle school to junior high to high school eventually miss unpopularity graduates and she goes off to college and all of a sudden miss unpopularity is willing to accept and do anything they throw at her just to be accepted she'll give herself to herself subject to self submit herself and thrown away on the altar of acceptance and God looks down on the heart of Don Wilton and he says because of my righteousness come sit next to me. My oh my, what a what an incredible sweating your way. You know that's just me.

Looks like the same sweater that my son wears you mean the Lord Jesus Christ. Father yes my son, that in fact looks like you sweater. I'm so glad you got one just like my son really father all yes what you don't seem to understand is that my son is accepted in my presence. He is the righteousness of God. His atoning sacrifice while I was completely satisfying to me and I want you to know unpopularity in your certain lossless that went I took a seat beside me sat beside me in the righteousness of God that heavenly father and by means all my son the Lord Jesus Christ. Somebody say amen this morning. Is there somebody in this place is willing to give up their seats at the lunch table.

While there, a group of young people at First Baptist Church of Spartanburg who are willing to stand up and say come and sit beside my man's greatest need to approach God to engage God to be accepted by God. This is my beloved friends is the very trial of humanity. It is this all of the human soul. It is the agony of the human heart, Dr. Billy Graham wrote that great classic work, how to have peace with God and millions of people bold.

He wrote the keys to personal peace and happiness you write to me here at First Baptist Church. I'll send you a copy of Dr. Brian's book. It's a booklet I'll send it to your people require if I wanted why because people want to know how can I approach God.

How can I engage God, how can I be accepted by goal, beloved friends.

No man is capable of coming to God in his own power. Not with all the religions of the world, all the human effort, not all the modeling standards and the ideologies and the codes of conduct in the comments. Only God's grace can do something like that only God's grace Isaiah the prophet Said it better than anyone of us and 64 in verse six. Man's righteous deeds are like filthy rags. No wonder we hear the cries throughout Scripture. Remember, often Jesus fed the 5000 and the people gathered and saved. What shall we do remember the rich young ruler who had everything and he came to Jesus and he said, what shall I do that I may obtain eternal life and he paraphrase that how can I approach to God. How can I engage God, how can I be accepted by God member when Peter preached that powerful message in the book of the acts and there was a boon in the glow in the hearts of people and they stood up together and said, men and brethren, what shall we do, and the lack of God's righteousness.

What about the Philippian jailer who fell 20 spice and Satan says what must I do in order to be saved. But what about Nicodemus. She was eminently qualified to have a relationship with God. What must I do to have eternal life.

How can I come into your presence. God said, look no further than my righteousness. You might say to me today will pasta what makes God's righteousness so different, what separates God's righteousness. What elevates God's righteousness.

Why is this all about God's righteousness. While there are three reasons number one God's righteousness is different because of where it comes from God's righteousness is different.

It's it's unique you're listening to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word. Don't go away. He'll be back in just a moment to complete today's message. The meaning of salvation, understanding, righteousness, the doctor will consistently remind you that this is not just a presentation of teaching and studying. It's also the beginning of the conversation.

Perhaps the Lord is Sterger hard as were studying Romans three together and you have a question or need someone to pray with you or for you love to connect with you. You can do that, both on the phone at 8668 potatoes calls 24 hours a day at 86689673. There also great resources and opportunities to connect with us on our website TE W that's G everything from the resources that Dr. Don's daily devotional it's actually free. You can sign up for the TW but also resources like loneliness, how to be alone but not it's a powerful combination of collaborative efforts from June Hunt Dr. Don Wilton you'll find the details on our website at He now back to today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton is nothing like it because of where it comes from. I've seen many great rivers in Africa, the Limpopo Zambezi in the Orange River in the two gala River.

The goes on the river.

I'm Ghazi River the laws River.

I've traveled all the many of these rivers in Africa going read these great books and biographies about the early explorers David Livingston and Stanley and all the others and they would pick their way through the dense jungles of central and southern African they would come across great Boston expanses of flowing water. Do you know what the first thing that would cross Lehmann I'm gonna follow this thing to its source. When does it come from. That's why when God punished Sodom and Gomorrah. He buried them beneath the what the Dead Sea got nowhere to go. Listen, my friends. The Bible tells us in Isaiah chapter 4500 site drip down the heavens from above and let the clouds pull down, let the earth open up and and salvation bear fruit in spring up with it because I the Lord have created those early explorers. They were fascinated by the Nile River.

For example, how many of them traverse lost their lives were eaten by animals gave up everything that they had in order to track the source of the Nile. Where does this come from folks we don't have to spend another second trying to discover the way God's righteousness comes from. It comes from the heart of God from before the foundation of the world because God always is God's righteous and so the righteousness of God is uniquely different. Because of where it comes from, but it's also uniquely different because of what it is made all about on Skype question about God's righteousness, my salvation depends on if I'm able to approach God and engage God and be accepted by God because of God's righteousness and God's righteousness is being made known to me, that's one thing to say. I know where it comes from. It comes from God. But what is it made all yesterday, my two sons came home Robin great but they came home. Both were in New Orleans this week and they came home yesterday. Tell you what, that's music to our ears. I know she doesn't want me to say this but that precious wife of mine. She went shopping on Friday. I know because I had to go shopping with her folks. We spent something like two hours in a grocery store because of my two pit guerrillas. I mean, we have to choose the exact right thing and mom just kept saying, you know, I wonder what it is that my boys like most she came up with with what we know that they love and voice. She spent time telling you from 9 o'clock Saturday morning. My wife stood day in that kitchen cutting and chopping and smashing and organizing laying out stuff come here and do that. Arrange this put the right thing. I mean we sent out the table. Folks, this is not grab a plate and watch a ballgame kind of stuff which I love. That makes sense to me. I mean we have to put it out with Soviets on the table and the knives and folks in the right place at reactive proper glosses sitting out there for sentence for crying in a bucket. What is going on here are two boys and daughter-in-law walked in and Shelley came home from her activities, we invited the grandparents and and Rob's parents-in-law Bruce and Kitty Cassian. We were there at home, and I'm trying it was just a delicious wonderful meal.

My sons, we've prepared for you what you love and then lost not offered was all over Sunday's are interesting days for me and my wife turns to me and she says my husband. It's late and I know you've got big responsibilities you go on. You must get your wrist cleaner. I'm tiny folks.

If it wasn't long off to 12 o'clock lost not my wife came in debate. I didn't even remember her coming washing those dishes, cleaning up scraping out stuff making sure everything stacked and put away properly wrapping up food.

We haven't eaten so that it can be kept property putting things in their proper place. What is all of this. See, this is the question folks when it comes to God's righteousness. What is it made of. What is it made of. I came to a fresh understanding that the righteousness of God is made of two things to it has two fundamental ingredients.

Number one the even imaginable. Love of God in the ingredient number one.

The imaginable. Love of God for God so loved the world, is that not just to amazing that God would love somebody like me, and he would love me, to the extent that he would allow me to approach him and to engage him and to be accepted by him just because he loves me love so amazing. Ingredient number two, the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ but to fundamentally essential ingredients of God's righteousness God's unimaginable love. On the one hand, and Christ's atoning sacrifice. On the other hand, listen to what Paul said to the church at Corinth in second Corinthians 521 God made him who knew Nelson to be sin on the half watchlist that we might become the righteousness of God in him is not beautiful or Peter put it like this in first Peter chapter 2 in verse 24. Listen to this. He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, that we might die to sin, watchlist and according to the righteousness of God. Now if I am in the mood by the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, not just to receive what God has given to me but to live according to the standard of God's righteousness, then it can be no love in this world that can compare to that. This is the righteousness of God's unimaginable love and the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. So why is it so unique because we know where it comes from number two.

We know what it's made of number three we know how long a glassful C frame when we talk about God. We fundamentally reject the pink bunny syndrome that grips the hearts of humanity. We all know about the pink bunny all here he keeps going and he keeps going and he keeps going all of us find see ourselves as pink bunnies we wrap up battery pack on our backs and we beat on drums and we make decisions we going to get flipped and we going to play more and we going to love our families and we gonna be more devoted and we gonna come to church and we gonna eat right and we gonna do it right but you and I always know that we all suffer from a problem. Our batteries run out.

Life is food with people like you and me running out of juice. All of us. We grow weary in well doing our generosity begins to take a dive open hearts gradually become close parts we get wounded and maimed. We grow weary, but not God's righteousness, Steve. I can't wait to go with our senior adult choir, yesterday's teams on our annual prison ministry tour. I believe we going to St. Louis is that right sometime in April and then we jump on those buses and it's absolutely one of my favorite weeks at our church to be with our beloved senior adult and to sing, but you know what we sing about folks we sing about what Daniel proclaimed that God's righteousness will shine like the stars forever never goes away. You see you talking about the eternal component of the fundamental elements which are the ingredients of God's righteousness God's unimaginable love juxtaposed against Christ's atoning sacrifice died once and for all that forever.

I might be with Jesus Christ. Therein lies the hope of my internal fighting what makes God's righteousness so wonderful.

We know where it comes from.

We know what it is made of. And we know how long the gospel see the world can collapse around me friend but God's righteousness is being made available to me for Christ died for me in that while I was yet a sinner, he bore my transgressions upon Calvary and you might say to me today will pasta. How can I approach God. How can I engage God, how can I be accepted by God is righteous. How can that righteousness become mine. How can I be clothed in the righteousness of God.

While the Bible tells us three things number one you must acknowledge or send you must number two you must confess that Jesus Christ you must, and number three you must trust in him by Friday you must if you don't do these things, my friend. It's no different to me standing in a parking lot in hearing the voice of Gary plan. Recognizing that voice and wanting to approach him, and yet standing exactly where I am and sign.

Excuse me Gary, it's me, would you, they got for second functionalists I wouldn't get further than not even first place. There is a sense in which the acknowledgment of my sin in the confession of that sin to Jesus and my willingness to trust in him means that I'm acknowledging who I am in the light of God is when I do what I need to do which is to humble myself in God's presence. I immediately invoke the grace of God. It's already that's powerful teaching from Dr. Don Wilton and such joy about the grace of God. Don't just know it in your head, understand it in your heart you heard Dr. Donna's been teaching and preaching from the pulpit that was.

He steps in studio. Open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanting to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know that you love me very, very much and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came died on the cross so that I might be forgiven of Marson today. I repainted Marson I can face Marson and I invite you to come into my heart to my life by faith in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer.

Let me be the first one to welcome you to the family of God. This is wonderful. I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying for you and how very important this is for me.

Call us so we can talk to you connect to the right place you can begin this wonderful journey. If you just gave your life to Jesus Christ.

Bring along with Dr. Wilton.

Or perhaps we dedicate your life to Jesus. Moments ago.

You need to know that we have a team rated not only supports you choices with praying for also putting sources in your hands that will help you take the next step of faith effect. If you make that decision for Christ to give us a call at 866899 word right now. Let us send you these free resources from Dr. Craig you through the next steps for the phone numbers 866899967 can also connect with us on our Dr. Donald love to hear from email directly on the ON he was up to pray for you and he'll make sure we send these resources to that's online at he sent him an email today. Speaking of online if you haven't heard about this wonderful resource you find it on our G ever felt lonely, isolated or abandoned. No one escapes the feelings of loneliness caused by separation, loss or isolation can strike anyone but God's place within each of us basic need for relationship with him this month with your get to The Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Don Wilton's powerful message. Fear not, along with the bonus book loneliness, how to be alone but not lonely.

These powerful resources will help you overcome your loneliness and find comfort, security, and companionship in God. It's a powerful bit of encouragement, loneliness, how to be alone but not lonely you'll find it on our or call that I could copy at 866-899-9673 that's 866-899-WORD 9673 or email us at

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