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R1681 Starting for the Finish Line

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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April 22, 2022 8:00 am

R1681 Starting for the Finish Line

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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April 22, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton in a message called starting from the finish line where all the way to first beginning in chapter 28 in just a moment with Dr. Don Wilton well-known author advancements in a professor and pastor and today as he takes his starting for the finish line.

We understand that faith is the key factor in finishing well reopen God's word together. We want to challenge and not just enjoy this one broadcast we connect with God's word every day. You haven't been to our TW that's you while you're there, sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don another God's word powerful application and time of prayer launcher day in a wonderful way online CE W now Dr. Don Wilton we you pause to talk to us today. What I say to us today applies to every church, and you may be worshiping today. This is for you. This is where you all you know where you are by mistake you where you are because God has you where you all way you all of the people God has placed around you. I will never be able to figure it out for me it's extraordinary and for many people for me and for Karen.

It's an amazing thing because of where we came from and the journey we've traveled. We cannot figure it out but what an amazing thing that all these years God's given us you as our closest friends that we've been the recipient of this kind of love that we stood on the shoulders. Many people we never made who did what they did. I was not here when this church burned to the ground, but they will congregate. Masses of people just like you that gave to boot. Even the buildings. Look at Genesis look at you in Genesis right now. Take a look around, look at the place look at the platform look at the stage area.

Look at the seating look at it. Look at the potential look at how young people look at children look at this community. God's placed us here years ago people even told us that this this city was being emptied the great movement.

The migration away from the city and people in this church.

My decision to remind downtown because they believe God spoke to us and God's people came to given what God's done now the whole trained every way. People are moving into the cities. Hundreds of thousands of people, buildings are going up. Families are coming. People love it love it in your city and they love it.

In my city and there are young people and their young families God's placed strategically. I cannot say to you enough what God has done to me. I'm just one drop in the bucket. This is without being able to bring up my sons and my daughter these schools. This community among these people and I'm a person has a heart for the will I go any every time I can possibly get. I travel to Israel.

I preach in Africa.

I go to Europe whatever it is, but this is way my soul food is. This Is Way, God makes a difference. So we come to a time like this.

My beloved friend and I invite you, I invite you to have a heart of Thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus today.

That's what this is all about because he carries us through, and I will be perfectly right up front in and bam I talk to you today is your pasta.

I even struggled about a day like today I have I I'm I'm being honest with you I'm going to be honest I struggle, I stress about wheelbarrows in the worship service. You know what is a wheelbarrow got to do is worshiping the Lord you you some that there some people here today you just want to tell you ought because I believe so much guys.

I'm a I'm a person that's engaged. I'm deeply concerned about our world.

I believe you need to be involved in the politics of our world.

Don't you ever misunderstand what I'm saying. God is raising up people speak up. Use the means you've got stand against stand firm did involved in legislation getting involved in in the election of people don't settle for. Don't settle for the onslaught that's coming against us did involved, but I want you to notice a pasta my role, my responsibility is to understand that everything you will not do. If we are not united as God's people around Jesus that is a waste of time. You've got to know where to begin. If your family is not strong, you will go through life having traumas and issues in your life.

Parents give time to your sons and daughters.

It's worth it. Take time off, go to the Rose Bowl game sacrifice that extra thing you do make sure you get home a little bit earlier because your family is important. Your home is important. So what about the church when it is that this God is taken me through this journey I want to speak to you today for a few moments about starting for the finish. Because God is spoken to this church that done done this church overwhelmingly massively spoke said this, we will weave on said the coal you said yes now it's our turn. This is where we now stepping because God uses us dads look at me.

Don't just keep talking about how much you need to love your children do it, don't keep saying one of these days I'm going to get home early enough so that I can go to my daughter's game actually get home early enough you'll talk about until the cows come home and the next minute you kids are grown and gone and you live a life of regret over that I want to tell you, God took me into his word and what we're about to do comes from little so I want to share with you what God says and I want to say a couple words and I want you to get ready and every person worshiping today in every seat, every hymnbook in Genesis on every step. There is a call that looks like this cities vision 2020.

I'm going to Austin. Everybody get a copy of you might be a family if your family just get one everybody you got at one of these. Can you hold them up. Cannot see them. Genesis look at your there all up. I want you to just keep that in mind see vision 2020. That's a place called widows elicit what you mean, what is start what it what you talking about. How does this affect every believer in the church of the living God. Where does it come from open your Bibles to first Chronicles chapter 28 first Chronicles chapter 28 by God's grace and only by God's grace I want to read this to you without interrupting what God is saying just listen and you hear and see your self and God will speak to you in this passage David begins what God had told the people of God to do this is starting for the finish. They hadn't done hardly a single thing yet, except say yes to God. That's where we are. This is starting in order to finish and I'm going to begin reading in verse 19 of first Chronicles 28 he made clear to me in writing from the hand of the Lord. All work to be done according to the plan. Then David said to Solomon his son, be strong and courageous and do not be afraid.

Do not be dismayed, for the Lord God, even my God is with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you until all the work for the service of the house of the Lord is finished and behold the divisions of the priests and Levites for the service of the house of God and with you in all the work will be every willing person who has skill for any kind of service. Also, the offices and all the people will be holy at Cucamonga and David and the king said to all the assembly, Solomon my son, whom alone God's chosen is young and inexperienced and the work is great for the palace will not be four-man but for the Lord God. So I have provided for the house of my God. As far as I was able the gold things a gold silver for things of silver bronze for the things of bronze iron for the things of Ironwood for the things it would, and beside great quantities of onyx and stones for setting and to many colored stones and also suppress stones and marble.

In addition to all that I have provided for the holy house. I have a treasure of my own gold and silver because of my devotion to the house of God. I give it to the house of my God 3000 talents of gold of gold of Beaufort 7000 talents of refined suitable for overlaying the wolves of the house in full work to be done by the craftsman goal for the things of gold and silver for the things of silver will offer willingly consecrating himself today to the Lord. Then the leaders of the father's houses made their free will offerings as good. Also, the leaders of the tribes.

The commanders of thousands of hundreds in the offices of the king's work that gave the service of the house of God 5000 talents and 10,000 barracks of gold and 10,000 talents of silver 18,000 talents of bronze and 100,000 talents of iron and who ever had precious stones gave them to the treasury of the house of the Lord in the character he knew the girl should not then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly for the whole heart they'd offered freely to the Lord. David, the king also rejoiced their food. David placed the Lord in the presence of all the assembly and David said blessed are you, oh Lord, the God of Israel, our father, forever and forever yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty for all that is in the heavens and in the earth is yours.

Yours is the kingdom, the Lord, you are exalted, his hand above both riches and honor come from you and you rule over role in your handle power and might, and in your hand is to make Brighton to give strength all and now we thank you God, and we praise your glorious name but who am I and what is my people, that we should be able to thus offer willingly for all things come from you and your we have given you for we are strangers before you and sojourners is all our fathers were our days on earth are like a shadow and there is no abiding O Lord our God, all this abundance that we have provided for booting you a house for your holy name comes from. You will hand in his own your own. I know my God that you taste the heart, and you have pleasure in uprightness in the uprightness of my heart. I have freely offered movies things and now I've seen you will people who are present here, offering freely and joyously to you oh Lord, the God of Abraham and Isaac, and Israel, our fathers keep for ever. Such purposes and thoughts in the hearts of your people, and direct their hearts toward you want to Solomon my son a whole heart that he may keep your commandments, you taste me your statutes performing all that he may move the palace for which made provision. Then David said to all the congregation bless the Lord your God and all the assembly bless the Lord God of their fathers, and they bow their heads and they paid homage to the Lord and to the king. It seems to me that they were eight words, God gripped my heart with just eight words out of all of this that happening God's word and we give them to you.

First word, the word hand. Everything about what they were doing had to do with the hand of God beloved friend list the hand of God be on you. You not even listening right now. List the hand be upon us. We labor in vain. The gracious hand of God. Second word is the word carried carried verse 20 God says throughout this journey from start to finish. I will never leave. I got your Bible says without faith. My friends swiveled and helping you grow your faith so that we might all God is a part of our mission here at the Encouraging Word please forgive the interruption will be back with the rest of Dr. Lukens message in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton remind you we here to praise you through any situation herein to encourage you on the phone at 866899 word that's 866899673 or online as well. We have wonderful encouraging resources.

You'll resources like this. Generations are lost the desire to be popular and accepted is an attractive Lord. It's a huge challenge to live in a way that is pleasing to our Lord so easy to get off track but remember God is in control. There is power in prayer for your gift of support to The Encouraging Word this month you will receive Dr. Williams message train up a child along with the bonus book the power of praying for your adult children. I look forward to receiving your testimony of how God views you to change the precious generations in your family that just one of many powerful resources especially on the power of prayer available on our website at, he that's TW and while you are there.

Be sure and sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email I mentioned earlier, just click on devotion and would love to send out to you every morning on behalf of Dr. Don Wilton et al. online at Now back to today's great teaching Dr. Don Wilton verse 20 God's word says throughout this journey from start to finish. I will never leave you, I got your Bible says without faith, my friends, it seemed possible to please God. If any of us can figure out how, when and what down to the absolute later. Notwithstanding all our based efforts then were not pleasing God because we have to have faith you are thinking right now about what you going to give if you can do it you not pleasing little.

You gotta have faith people.

Let's try God it's tight committees would word number three. Everyone strike that in verse 21, right at the beginning of this every willing person that they speaks not to the giving to the willingness of their heart when our church so amazingly Satan. We bless this what we were saying is Lord we willingly do what you tell us to weaken the falling so willing heart. If you don't have a willing heart before the Lord of willingness is a release to the Lord. It's a trust statement word number four. Leaders starting in verse six and pride of that you can't avoid the word leaders. Leaders verse six.

Then the leaders of the houses made. They free will offerings. I'm just telling you is your pasta among the hundreds of really amazing blessings that I have experienced is watching the leaders of this church. You've lived with time discipline action man and woman I see you in Genesis right now sitting there. I see you in celebration. I see you on television worshiping by way of 10 your leaders. We need spiritual leaders to stand up and lead. It has literally I am so surrounded by godly spiritual leaders.

We are the men and women in ministry. I young people that are leading guys you listen to those daily video prayer in our 52 some of the everybody.

It's just taken my Braithwaite listening to some of our young people you talk about spiritual leadership word number five willing willingly.

Verse nine. Then the people rejoiced because they had given willingly. God's not asking you to give reluctantly. He's asking you to give willingly that would willingly means to entrust word number six thanks you know when you get into verse 10.

Therefore David blessed the Lord in the presence of all the assembly and he just began to pour out his heart.

Thank offering Tony right Tony and Maryellen rock Tony right is very sick. I said any's house this last week. The doctors have told him that there's nothing more they can do for him are set with a brother who is set there for years and his precious wife.

He must've seen pasta. I'm so thankful for in the hour and something that he poured his heart out to me.

He must've used the word on thankful for hundred times and the doctors have told him is nothing more they can do for him or he I'm just so thankful. I'm just so thankful word number seven is humility. I tell you that little diversity in verse 14, but who am I and what is my people, who are we folks who you slowly and none David says, you know, our lives are just were not going to be here forever and we just mere mortal humanity and wrists and is only saved by God's grace. Who are we, is living amazing thing that God would bless us like this. It's in the final word. There is the word homage out of this humility. Verse 20. Just got a lovely David said to the gathering of all of God's people bless the Lord your God and all the assembly bless the whole God of their fathers. They bow their heads and they paid homage to the Lord. Back in their time and going all through the Middle Ages and even today. If you were to go to Buckingham Palace in a symbolic way you would be taken in your role pay homage to her Majesty in Solomon's day when you paid homage to your loan you didn't do it remotely.

You did it actively, practically physically seeing Lord Jesus. This is one precious I'm so late the blessings of Fox every precious person Jesus name we pray together God's people say God bless you powerful message of Dr. Don Wilton may regrow actively practically physically in each of these areas in our walk with Jesus Christ our prayer you heard not just Dr. Don Wilton God's messenger you've heard God's message in God's voice reminding his plan for your life. As a matter fact in stepping out in faith God can provide you forgiveness for your sins. A reason for living right now purpose for living in a place in heaven. But it all starts by saying yes to Jesus Christ. Would you like to pray to give your life to Christ. I love to lead you in that prayer, you can just say me to his eyelids in the prayer repeat along Lord God, I realize my sin has separated me from you so I turn my back on my sin. Gotta ask you to help me to live for you.

I ask you to be that the CEO of my life to be in charge, but I love you. I believe you are the son of God, and died for my sins so safely in Jesus name I pray, amen. It really is a straightforward and simple as saying yes to Jesus Christ. We would love to talk with you and pray with you and give you some resources Dr. Don Wilton to have absently free, if you will call us our numbers 866899 word again that is 866-899-9673 or let's connect on our would love to put these resources in your hands and to encourage you that's online at

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