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R1680 The Carrier’s Promise, Pt2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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April 8, 2022 8:00 am

R1680 The Carrier’s Promise, Pt2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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April 8, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based teaching Dr. Don Wilton as we study Matthew 28 together.

Yes, this is the Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton well-known author, evangelist, teacher, seminary professor and pastor, let him be your pastor. In these moments as he opens God's word talks to us about the carrier's promise as we gain clarity if we gain understanding about how God carries us through our prayer you know where here for you to pray with you and for you anytime our prayer line at 8668998668999673 and why you're on the phone. Be sure and ask about this wonderful resource about praying for our adult children find those details on our website as Dr. Wilson sitting we may not know about your life, but I'm trying not on your own because God is carrying through. You may be signing. I don't know. I got this diagnosis and this disease is going to take my life and I don't know what to do and I don't know how to do it. I don't know how to make ends meet.

I don't know what the answer is I don't know where I should go. This burden is too big for me. I've got this massive undertaking. It's far bigger than we could ever imagine how we going to do this when we got to do this. How can we do this, God said, hold on a minute, I just in Jerusalem, and I promise you, you through. Well take a look at these believers just to help us think first of all I think we all agree. They followed him. What I have in common. I followed the followers of Jesus, you know, when we go to Israel ready you want me to summarize it. We follow the footsteps of Jesus. We just Tracy conduit all in 10 days, but we tried Johnny hard to we have the best time in the world. These people followed Jesus. They didn't just follow him in terms of the footsteps. They followed him in their heart they gave their hearts. They will believe like you like me.

I'm a follower of Jesus. He's my Lord. The Bible tells me because I'm a follower of Jesus faith. My faith comes by point number two. They didn't only follow him. They heard him, he spoke to them. He told that's what we doing right now. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by word of God. We are hearing from God, my friend listen to me, this may have nothing to do with what I'm saying right now, but you are hearing from God.

Right now you know it you know it you're a believer and your faith is being strengthened because you hearing because you following because your reading because you are accepting the word of God. This is not a Baptist document people lost me from time to time. All you assaulted over being a Baptist absolutely not. How many times have you ever in all these years heard me get up and preach about being a Baptist. I'm assaulted over Jesus. What I pray is when I get up to that I talk about preach about, read about and present Jesus, God, because faith comes by hearing, following through the word of God by his spirit and God right now because you follow him your hearing from him. That's what they did, which leads to the third thing they not only followed him and heard from him but they were unified behind him, guys cannot say something speak freely please don't think I'm trying to impress anybody I I hesitate to even use this kind of language like G look at me, but it illustrates what I'm talking about. I've had the privilege of speaking in audiences little audiences and thousands of people all of the world so I can tell you about speaking to believers and nonbelievers in Asia and Africa all over Europe and Australia and all of the United States and Caribbean islands in Alaska. You know talk about everywhere and I'm in a tell you something you ready for this.

Listen, I'm in a tell you something.

I can tell when God is present in an audience like this when you get up done. Speak to Chris and Lindsay, they can tell speak to spiritual people. There are scores of you here today. You can walk into a gathering you will pick up on the presence of the Lord just like that and I'm going to tell you something folks God spoke to us and God said to us. I want you in your Jerusalem to what I am telling you to do with one Pappas and that is to reach generations but Jesus Christ and I want you to do it like this and I want you to know that I've spoken to you and our people came together the five years and said yes Lord yes and we became unified in the spirit of the living God.

Are you ready to do that with your life. Can you trust God like that they were unified the Bible tells us in verse 14. Very clearly they were with one accord, they will all united together. They had they had followed Jesus they heard them speak. They understood it, and they came United signed by walk Lord you the one who carries us through not the first thing they did often that they devoted themselves to pray. Now they prayed to him. That was the first order of priority Bible tells us in verse 14. Those men and women those Boys and Girls Club's preachers in layman. All those people who are followers of Jesus they heard them speak.

Then I said yes. Together, and then I got to the knees and I began to seek the face of God. So let's talk about that just for second how you doing in the prayer department did you pray this morning you just on some of this to the Lord. That's circumspect that you prayed about you going to your knees now tell you the big irony. This is not an indictment and by the way, all fingers point back at me, I'm in the same boat so you know why I know and you know that Trey is the primary most important thing we can do you know how I know that cannot ship with you Matt cannot tell you how I know that prayer is important. I want you to just imagine that tomorrow, God forbid, tomorrow you have a plane you go to the doctor and the doctor says to you got cancer, you want me to tell you the first thing you want to do.

Number one, you will cry out to God. Number two you will send a text to somebody and you'll say please pray for me. Number three will contact the church and say man. I just need let you know I've got this let everybody start prying. We will do that we should do that you go through divorce the family split up. You love the Lord Jesus.

The first thing you gonna do listen if we had a hurry can come through the city tomorrow.

Most every believer will immediately call on God. Let's pray together. Hello will be the first ones to invent this so what's this got Jesus get this Jesus has gathered the moron.

He says don't leave Jerusalem, I want you to plonk the first church in Jerusalem well thank you very much.

I all I want you to do is forget about the kingdom of Israel. I want you to be about being my witness, I want you to be a Jesus people and then he takes off no one that I stood there looking up intently. It was like thank you very much. As you know what he just said to us, then I go back into the hangar and they get themselves together not, let's just think of the soul out. He just said we got a like bill) when he's pondered us as he missed something.

There's a bunch of bad people out there. I mean they gonna kill us and like us. Nobody wants to do this. People are far more interested in the Roman games then they are in the work of Jesus and you want us wake and restock. I just got this little room what we can guess what happened that I got on their knees. Not only did it myself. Cannot just give you a glimpse of the rest of the story began right there on the sudden steps of the temple.

I mean, right there at the point of the greatest opposition among all these strange people coming and going worshiping and doing all kinds of stuff was right that that these believers who trusted in Jesus Christ began to witness to the saving grace of God in Christ Jesus. That was a bridge that was the mission field. That's where God plotted and God began eye movement right there in that place in Jerusalem that prevailed around the world, but Jesus Christ, somebody say Jesus today. I get excited about this stuff.

Here's the question why did they probably two reasons. Number one because they trusted him by prayed because they trusted. Number two, they prayed because they surely needed him right or did they need him. Then we bring this together.

What did pray, do for them what does pray do for us what does pray do for you so you are already identifying what it is that you're facing. And you know you can't do this on your own. Been a long time since your son showed any interest in the things of God right but more can you do. Maybe you are a victim and God says he will carry you through what it pray do for them. Number one is connected them. Prayer connects you.

So what's this, it connects the carry your to the care read you get connected into the one who says he will carry pray is the way you do that that great. That's why when people go through something.

What's the first thing believers do.

Please pray for me. Beautiful man. I'm is beautiful. It's right to privilege because where one we come together God's putting this in my heart when a call on the name of the Lord. We got some people you can't is not going to happen, but God's going to carry you through. We gotta be looking at so many events and stories and happenings we had to be hearing testimonies of people who been carried through, he connects you the second thing that he does when he connects you through pray he direct you. We all need to be direct, to be redirected by God means the dog tells us how what when when he direct southpaws.

He direct southpaws so he will direct you in the next step you need to take which doctor to go to which counselor to consult which decision to make. How to speak to your son and your daughter how to reconcile your marriage. The issue of forgiveness. He will direct you. You will direct you in way too soon. So how do you arrive at something, I'm just being practical you looking at it you got payments and you got school and you got commitments and you got family and you this and that. How do you when you are properly connected into the one who carries you through. He will properly direct you, even in your giving so guess what's gonna happen to you when you say Lord.

Geez, my wife and I've done this, Tony and Karen Saturday we done the same thing you want to look at that. You gonna cite Wheeler in men.

God called us we gotta do this.

He spoke it but I don't know how I'm in a good plan on how we got a good and you are connected into him and you cite him Lord, because my finances I tell you what God's going to do God's going to put you where it needs to be and then he's going to raise it by 203. I want to say that. Listen carefully. God never closes you and me to do what you and I can do because he's told us with our faith it is impossible to please God please forgive the interruption will be back in just a moment. Dr. Wilson wants us to remind you that we are here for you as a doctor that I would say it's not just a presentation. It's a conversation. It is such a joy every day were opening mail and email and text from you taking phone calls and understanding how God is at work in your life through The Encouraging Word ministry and we'd love to hear your story. Seeing how God's changing from the inside out these life change stories or what fuels That's why we do what we do love seeing God work through his Word, the Bible itself, God's Encouraging Word if you'd like to write He would love to hear your story, and he would love to pray for you could write him that's dawnd@twonline.or again. He would love to hear from you. We love to hear from you and pray for you right now it's a matter fact it 866-899-WORD we have friends ready to take your call right now is not ready 24 hours a day at 86689996730 we can connect keyboard to keyboard on our website as that's TW or call us anytime at 866899967. Now that today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton, so why would God turn to one of his children and say why don't you just do this yet because that's easily manageable to what God never contradicts himself and yes what God does. He takes us into the upper room about hearts and we connect into him then he shows us what we ought to do and we say yes Lord, I how we got to make ends meet on how we could have this amount to survive and God says good. Let me carry you through. That's what he did with them. He put them in an absolute hellhole, a place that kills people a place that didn't even want the witness of Christ and he said I'm going to set you on a rock and use you to baseball missionary gospel around the world, of which today I am a product of that meeting and then upper room in my life is been changed forever and so has you Yep we might not be able to do this on our own tell you and God's people come together in one accord. It's not about the amount it's about the sacrifice. It's about the willingness to say yes Lord, in God we trust.

Which leads me to my closing point. What it pray do for them. I love this one.

It connected them direct to them but get this it encouraged them while guys when I look at you crying any watch those little children there. It gets to my heart's I deal with anger.

I want to go and pick up a bit as you can go and join the troops over there. Look at our wounded day look at the mass you look at the divide. You look at the way people treat each other the racial attitudes and division. The disrespect the language you live in this world, mixed in with all these men we live in such a beautiful place, a beautiful world with so many blessings you know it's kinda like this mixed thing all the time right but I'm so encouraged. I'm turning you really encourage me. God is spoken.

This we will do. Now what will I meant to tell you we are going to remain connected within a remain director and because of that we can remain encouraged and you thought your marriage is beyond repair.

Know it ain't you thought your diagnosis was at the end know it isn't and you thought the death of that person you love so much spelled just total everything changed in your life know it hasn't because God will carry you through.

And guys, I cannot wait to show you.

God carries us through the picture on the other side of the screen test. You are about to experience joy. I promise: imagine indeed it is a joy beyond our greatest imagination. It's our prayers as you been listening. Today's teaching from Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word. You've heard more than his wonderful South African Rd.

You've heard the spirit of God speaking through the word of God and the servant of God to know that this point is a time for change. There's an opportunity to make a decision in your life today with you been following Christ for long time with your brand-new and just considering following Jesus Christ. Perhaps you even run from God and God is using this broadcast to let you know how much he loves you.

He has a plan for your life an opportunity to have your sins forgiven to find a place in heaven, and a purpose for living.

Every single day. You've heard Dr. Donna's is been preaching and teaching from the pulpit. Now open your heart what he wants to share.

Are you ready to give you life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with God. I know that I miss and I know that Jesus died for me today.

I repainted myself and by faith I receive you into my in Jesus night, my friend.

I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting. You just pray along with Dr. little moments ago to give your life to Jesus Christ. Dedicate your life to Jesus. Please know we are ready to rejoice with you to celebrate with you and to put some free resources that Dr. prepared just for you in the mail right away if you call us and let us know 866-899-WORD is one way to call us at 866899967.

Wilson materials to you right away or you could even meet us on our that's TW love to help you grow love to introduce you to many resources will help you take the next step in not only growing your arms out to reach others with the love of Christ, but to dig your roots deeply, so to speak the word of God and the power and conviction of knowing how much God loves why you're connecting our website I hope you'll take a look at a very special book written recently by Dr. Don Wilton. I cannot begin to describe how to sit at the feet of Dr. Billy Graham's frame so many pennies every cent. I have put down Saturdays with my this relationship never violating any just sharing my this man gone to reach so many people frames of prisons and prime minister. You don't want to miss this.

It is food personal and bubble the blessings that flow from the heart of God. Serve Dr. Billy Graham. It's such a great book because it 866-899-WORD to order your copy or meet us on our website TW and while you're there, be sure and sign up for the free email from Dr. Don brings a wonderful bit of insight, a moment to launch your day in God's Encouraging Word the wonderful application of Dr. it's on our why you're there, take a look at how the Lord has called us to keep the word of God first and foremost in our teaching or preaching or programming, and the reason we do that is because were seeing life changes everything.

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