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R1675 Knowing and Doing God’s Will

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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March 13, 2022 8:00 am

R1675 Knowing and Doing God’s Will

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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March 13, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Knowing and doing God's will to powerful words and will gain insight Dr. Don Wilton today via mobile. This is the emerging word featuring the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton, an author seminary professor, pastor, and today is my chapter 2.

These two powerful words knowing and doing.

Knowing God's will is first and foremost doing it. Are we putting that in the actual gain insight from Dr. Milton's day on that and while we do so much more that were available reconnecting right now on our website. many folks are asking about this wonderful prayer resource, especially for families, parents and grandparents in particular the details are on our website GVW will give you more details later, but you can check it out right now GVW would love to connect with you open your Bibles to Nehemiah and we going to be in check.

Going to read you just excuse me the first six verses of Nehemiah chapter the Bible sees in the month of Nissan in the 20th year of King Artaxerxes, when wine was before him, took up the wine and I gave it to the king not I had not been sad in his presence, and the king said to me, why is your face sad, seeing you are not sick. This is nothing but sadness of the heart. Then I was very much afraid, so I said to the king, let live forever. Why should not my face be said, when the city, the place of my father's graves lies in ruins and the gates have been destroyed by fire, and so the king said to me what you're requesting. So I prayed to the God of heaven, and then I said to the king, if it pleases the king, and if your servant has found favor in your sight that you send me to Judah to the city of my father's graves that I may reboot and the king said to me, the cream sitting beside him. How long will you be gone and when you will you return so it please the king to send me when I had given him a time. May the Lord give us an understanding by this blog, open our hearts and apply this word to every situation in every life in every need.

At every turn because we believe in Jesus, we trust in God. Lord Jesus, I want to know you are my commander-in-chief. How can I know you will. I think we can extrapolate knowing God's will. How to know God's will and I'm going to give you five pointers today number one in order to know God's will. He looked up he looked up verse three verse four. The beginning part of verse five and verse six the latter part.

He looked up.

That's where he began. If you look at verse three. I'm not going to read all these again. What did he begin with king you walking live forever. This man in his predicament seeking, searching, knowing this burden. In these hard he looked up friends watch me. We know this to be true.

When you hurt when you're faced with decisions when something norms that you when you look pain courses you and me to look down predicaments crossroads. It forces you to look down you look down on you look in because it it's a quandary. It's not necessarily a painful thing but any kind of decision courses you look down not up on' church there been many times and I say this very lovingly and I may be speaking to you today that I've known precious people to begin to go through difficult time and I'm speaking symbolically here.

They go from the front row to the middle row of the back row to the upper row to the outside road. They move out. They move away the greatest discipline you and I can never have is to keep our focus on Jesus number one. He looked up number two. He looked at.

He looked at chapter 1 verse three.

If we go back to chapter 1 verse three where we've already been powerful verse. The and they seem to me you want to know God's will you first look up into the face of the king. Second thing you need to do is to look at not to look at who you've got to look at trusted, tested, proven, godly people my aunt would you allow me if I just had a word with our young people cannot just do that if you old hot and bothered. Right now, don't listen young people. I want to speak to you as a grandfather and is a dead you want to know God's will just look at your mom and dad at your grandparents. Look at the godliness the wisdom you get from people that you know walk with the Lord is unparalleled. I could not survive as the posture of this church with all these people and all the opinions in this church for 29 years.

No way. If it weren't for the hundreds of people that I look at every day you rule over ICU everywhere. You're young you're older you are earning unbelievably precious. There is no king in this church because he alone is king.

He looked at right now you thinking of that best friend that mother prayed for you grandmother that wife's that just that husband, dad God. And it's not one.

How do you know God's will, God speaks to people number three. He looked out he looked out. How do you know God's will just look out what you mean.

He looked out well.

Chapter 1 verse three and then again in chapter 2 verse three says the same thing I'm looking out. I received this report. Godly people are speaking to me. Many look darkly sore for himself. Open your eyes. One question you should never loss is what's in it for me. The church is not a smorgasbord not a buffet where there's gotta be a taste of something for everybody's needs to satisfy them.

The church is the tabernacle of the living God designed with one purpose, and that is to maximize everything about the church in order to reach everyone for Jesus wheeled the church where everyone can invite anyone to come to first Baptist to encounter the living that should be the mantra of every Christian church everyone that means nobody's left out anyone. Have you ever tried to define anyone toll short of every race of every creed of every disposition of every culture of every because hit has the bottom line when Jesus went to the cross. He leveled the playing field.

He loves all people.

Everyone now you and I have attained some seed to see each other in our school districts in the school is better than that school. Jesus doesn't do that or we measure it by our successes or by positions.

These are natural thing and they are part of life. But we are one in Christ, he looked up into the face of Jesus. He looked at godly people. He looked out in the practical reality he sold that the wolves were broken down.

Hello, he saw the needs they affirm the needs so the fourth thing he did was he looked in. Now this is a good one. Did you notice what the Bible says. The Bible says that he had a very sad face, and in fact the king, God came to him and said to him, how come your face is so sad you not even sick. He's face was said, what is God trying to tell us if you want to know what God's will is for you. Look in to your inside self, don't confuse just defeating here but God will bring about burden upon you. Malachi chapter 1 verse one tells us this the burden of the word of the Lord came to Malachi concerning the people of Israel. I won't tell you today's report, I have a burden for our people of God are really burden I'm going to burden for you today. I'm burdened I've got an inside burden. I bought a burden that you would give your life to Christ today. I got a burden for you.

I got a burden for your family. I want you to be whole and and happy and content. I go to burden it gnaws at me, not doesn't you understand what I'm saying in amidst all the joy in the fellowship and everything I'm preaching today with the burden can you feel it. I'm not just a piercing out Have a little preachy preaching on Sunday morning. You know what, I'm just going to get up and say something that everybody will be happy with.

I'm burdened I want God to speak to me and give me a word to say to you, but I want to speak to you with a burden in my heart. It's like you know when when your mother comes to you and says my mother did it many times, son. I just I don't I just want you to know I love you so much and I just really want you to get the straight he looked in number five. He looked to in verse five in verse six he looked to the king. I mean these verses here in verse five in verse six are just so fantastic. He says I seem to the king, if it pleases who the king if it pleases the king, then he goes on in verse six and he says he tells us he reports so it pleased the king, it pleased the king is what we are doing pleasing to the Lord is what you are doing pleasing to the Lord. So because an acid test, God has you being offered to jobs you can take this job this job and you not know which one, and you're governed by a lot of things, like this one plays a little more listens got better benefits, and this one's care in this one you know is wonderful because I don't ever have to leave the town in which I live but if I take this one, which is actually better and that it means I bought a gun live in this place and I don't know that I like living in another place and you winding up up and I you don't know what to do and all the rest. Yes, because Rick comes God's watchlist, if it pleases the king a piece of God will come upon go how we seek peace of God forgive you corruption.

Dr. learns this to remind you we are here to pray with you 24 hours a day. Our phone number is 86689. The number 10 stored in your cell were here to pray anytime at 866-899-9673 and were also connecting with great resources as well. Our website TW you can sign up for the date Encouraging Word right now.

TW to receive a free copy in the mail seated by email every single day We also find great resources like this, God's Encouraging Word to your friends, family, and with the classic books from Dr. Don Wilton.

These nine powerful books include forgetting the power of the cross guide strategy for success in the living when God totally think there you care overcoming discouraging eggs praying for a miracle find me. I encourage means and he emotional to order our website, you 899 word order sexy day. That's just one of the many resources available now back today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton so just an acid God has you being offered to jobs you can take this job this job and you don't know which one, and you're governed by a lot of things, like this one plays a little more listens got better benefits of this one's care in this one you know is wonderful because I don't ever have to leave the town in which I live but if I take this one, which is actually better in that it means I got a gun live in this place and I don't know that I like living in another place and you winding up up and I you don't know what to do and all the rest kept his kids where it comes God's watchlist, if it pleases the king a piece of God will come upon you. Sometimes you gotta stop dithering around and hovering between two opinions, and based upon what as you look up into the face of Jesus. As you look to godly counsel. As you look into yourself and since the burden as you look out in a practical way, and you see the reality of the options in the decision as you finally look to the king, Jesus site. Lord I I just I do my best ability. I believe this is what you're telling me and you, so to speak. You. You pull the trigger say yes Lord, I'm going to do that. I'm telling you, you'll get an affirmation because it's like as you enter into it with all the quandaries and the questions. Peace will begin to come over you.

You just know it's right by God.

Is that a good statement on is not good English. Forgive me.

It's right by God. I want I want to be right, Barbara or knowing God's will. How do you know God's will exit. So how do you do God's will. This writer done number one recognize the signs recognize the if your building needs repair. Recognize your building needs repair. Recognize the signs. So here's what God does when he's revealing he's wound to you. He brings everything together. What is he doing Keith uses all the factors that we struggle with.

He brings your situation, and he aligns your situation in agreement with these word by his spirit together with godly people. The facts as they all and he aligns all of these things. That's how God but if you want to do God's will recognize the signs number to identify the needs so now you recognize that God's putting you in this now identify those needs, naming what all what is you'll need before the Lord.

Can you list your greatest need in the circumstance that you're searching for God's will identify the number three pray the Lord go to the king, by the way he he invites at Lord I just all Lord which way I I recognize the signs and I know you're aligning them I'm identifying all the needs I'm going to you. We're in a 52 day, pray God will speak to you I got every confidence in God. So number four seek the wisdom.

This is not doing it.

Seek wisdom that should never stop. There are people God's placed all around you then are just there to help you pull the trigger watchlist, they they to walk with you through it and that begins with Jesus. I'll never leave you never forsake you in a God sets us on a path way and then he sticks with us. He doesn't say. I want you to do something you're on your not on never leave you nor for sake. And that's the wisdom of people I see them everywhere.

For example, in our church.

You mean a man you just you, not Fairweather. There are thousands of wonderful Christian moms and dads and people in church members you're in it, man. You you you then you stick with it. That's a discipleship lead.

That's a mental that's a coach that's a leader I'm tenure.

God's given you and me schools of those people and I will stick with you seek. That was the Mets a continual present tense number five prepare the solution you want to do God's will prepare the solution. What's the solution what if you're trying to decide on the job. The solution is coal whoever it is that office to offer you the job and say I accept the job so good sitting there thinking about it. Prepare the solution. All the plans do the work necessary. Get it together and do it right. Use godly people. Godly wisdom constantly be talking to the Lord.

Do your homework. There's no shortcut to knowing and doing the will of God. It's jolly hard and it involves discipline involves discipline. Number six.

Did I mention number six the final point stop the action.

One of the reasons many of us battle with knowing and doing the will of God is because God keeps telling us what to do, but we never actually start get on and do it right.

If you need to say no to French fries say no to French fries is not going to kill you. It kills me. But it's all going to kill you.

You understand what I'm saying stop the P chili telling everybody what you going to do somebody get up and leave. Do what you need to do if in fact you followed God's guideline is God's going to give you great joy how we pursue that great joy that only comes in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ you been listening to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word and you Purdom is preaching and teaching from the pulpit. Now I pray you open your heart to what he wants to share next you know I love this opportunity to be able to share with you like this and I want to thank you for tuning in and for listening. God is speaking is even in our day and age today and he seems and he loves you, Jesus, God's ongoing loss that wish you read to give your life to Christ. Do it right now. I'd love to be able to help you know, pray can save you. God can you pray this prayer.

Make it your own. Pray dear God, I know Jesus died on the cross for me. I believe I accept say and I'm hearing you speak to me today. I repent of Mohsen by faith in Jesus night that amazing you know what God has just heard you pray because of Jesus. You know my frame of site your name is being written in God's work in heaven is fantastic. So here's what I'm going off. You can visit me. Visit us T. W online award TW is another one. You might want to write it down. Make note you can call us at 866-899-9673 the some people tell me numbers over time and I can't write them down quick and so here it is again, 866-899-9673. I'd love to hear from you. We are on standby. We therefore part of the same family. God bless you my friend, if you just prayed to receive Jesus Christ, along with Dr. Don Wilton moments ago. We are so excited to see what God's going to do next in your life. Dr. Donald love to put some free resources in your hands will help you grow and he would love pray for you. You can contact us at 8668 will send those resources out right away 866-899-9673 which is right to Dr. Don he would love to hear from you if it's that's Don Dio in that TW all those resources you'll find on our website as well at G for getaway closing thoughts from Dr. Don okay just before you go today. I just want you to know how much I love you means so much to me and I just want you to know that with all the things that we've talked about the way in which God is speaking to your heart right now, we on The Encouraging Word and we are available to you 24 seven, morning, noon, not all day. You can call a friend one of my friends right now and they will encourage you pray with you, listen to you is the right to have people around us really care about you are not alone godly

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