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R246 When All Arguments Cease Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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January 13, 2022 8:00 am

R246 When All Arguments Cease Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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January 13, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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We all could use some encouragement and will find it together today in the Bible itself guides Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton today. Dr. Wilson continues this concept in the message called when all arguments cease helping us know nominally how we act, but how we react as followers of Jesus Christ is a powerful part of our witness in a powerful part of the way we grow in Jesus.

As we study the word together. Know that we are to encourage you both on our website at OR G. Many folks still getting signed up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don again that's on our website W if you need someone to pray with you.

We here at 866-899-WORD eight 668-996-7324 hours a day for prayer and for resources.

We love to connect with you on today's teaching Dr. Don Wilton. I wonder if there's someone here today, who's in the boat of life and you gone downhill in your writing that both outside and away from the Lord Jesus Christ. All I don't know why Jesus sent them away by them so I think Jesus understood his disciples don't you. I think maybe Jesus when when Jesus in verse 15 of John chapter 6 understood that they were people who understood these messianic message. These many people in Jesus day who believed that Jesus was not so much the same room. The will as he was being delivered from Roman oppression. These people believe that Jesus was on the outskirts of Jerusalem Bonnie Croft carrier waiting to invade the little nation of Israel and this the Roman oppressors in the very authorities Jesus did not come to deliver them from a secular oppression. Jesus came to them as the Savior of the world, but his disciples were struggling with sorrow.

He said I'm going away by myself.

I don't know. Maybe he understood. Maybe he understood the fiery nation of the apostle Peter to think maybe understood the name of James and John. Maybe he understood the sailor zealously on this.

Simon the Canaanite. Maybe he understood the motive of Matthew the tax collector. Maybe understood the nature of Dr. Betty sent them away and the present these men to recognize the danger that surrounded them because they were handed wrong action. I want to notice as they recognize the danger that surrounded them. Not only light in the direct killing which they were headed lay in the darkness that began to overcome friend it's guaranteed you want to guarantee this morning outside of Jesus Christ.

Darkness will overcome. The Bible says that Jesus is the light of the world, and the word of God teaches us most clearly carried verse 17 when they got into the boat. They set up across the lake because it was now can you imagine being in that boat from the sea. Gallantly without Jesus Christ encompassed and overwhelmed by what helplessness and hopelessness.

The Bible says that the world outside of Christ is go in the sinfulness of mankind. That darkness covers the earth so that the world outside of the Lord Jesus Christ is lost. These men were in the boat without Jesus. I wonder if they someone here today worshiping with us and you're in the boat but you're headed in the wrong direction and your world is covered in darkness, but there's 1/3 thing to notice about the recognition of the danger that surrounded them.

It wasn't just their wrong direction.

It wasn't just the darkness that covered them.

But in the third place.

It was the dread the dread that the claim them. It was unbelievable. The Bible says that they saw Jesus approaching on the water.

I was scared to death works. Have you ever been really scared. I remember that 25 years ago are just going to tell you this. I was in Africa and I was on the Indian Ocean sitting on a surfboard against a man of my calendar. My wife remembers this day. Betty will and I was sitting on a surfboard in a place called Port Alfred beautiful and on those beautiful big waves man waiting for the waves to catch.

Used to love being out there in the city and over there on the peninsula where I could just see them. They were two men fishing and they started to shop and wave at me. I said this is Charlie Norris.

How very pleasant. The vendor wave at me when I'm out you in the middle of the Indian Ocean saw way back not my Royal way. I said gentlemen because they couldn't hear me but I waved well.

Two minutes later they were going quite busy waving at me and shouting and waving at me and looking shouting at me and doing away back again and I look pointing like this and screaming and I could hear them and I looked at them again. Then I looked a little bit further down about 50 yards away. I saw exactly what it was they were waving at me about it was a great white shark and that spring was about that high out of the water and guess what he had lunch with Manolo Reese place. I tell you favor. I believe what my grandmother always said about me that I was delicious. It was right then because I mean I was going to be a meal just in one box that's all it took.

Just like it. Born he was coming out folks. I'm here to tell you today that is the first motorized surfboard you've ever seen in your life. I want to tell you I had that board.

There were no waves to catch our quote away. I put that thing at right angles.

I was paddling so hard it was going backward and forward Marcus when I go to the beach. My wife said it's okay your own land. I was going.

I don't think I've ever been as scared as I was that guy on the surfboard with a great white shark chasing off to me friend I want you to know the Bible says that the dread that overcame these main as they were in that boat by themselves headed in the wrong direction. Overwhelmed by the darkness that surrounded them was a spiritual dread. It was a physical exam. It was an all encompassing.

Because the Bible says that man outside of Jesus Christ is the helpless and hopeless and there is no peace that you can hateful. There is no place of protection outside of Jesus Christ. There is no solace outside of the school board.

There is no good could ever take the place of the love of God in and through the Lord Jesus Christ may submit to you, my friends, that when humans see they must be a recognition of the danger that surrounds my father has stated a thousand times. To me, son of man or woman will never come to know Jesus until they realized how lost they radio a person will never come to know who God is, until they understand who they really are. That's what happened to the prophet Isaiah when he came into the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and he said what is maybe because I am on ice in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord my miserable compared to the holiness of Almighty God must be a recognition of the danger that surrounds you. But I want you to notice in the second place that these disciples all their arguments ceased when they realized the presence of the Savior who approached the oral arguments ceased when they realize the presence of the Savior approached. Verse 20 the Bible tells us that they saw him coming along when they had road to a 3 miles they sold Jesus approaching the boat walking on the water and they were terrified. But he said to them, it is being knocked afraid, be not afraid. What a tremendous joy to understand and to realize my friends that human ceased when you realize the impact of the presence of the approaching footsteps and the loving arms of our Savior, the Lord Jesus cry. Forgive the interrupted will be back with the rest today's message in just a moment.

Dr. Wilton wants to remind you it's not just a presentation of the gospel. It's a conversation and were connecting both on the phone at 8668 and on our website. DEW many of friends are still signing up for the fresh new perspective on life and God's word. It's the email called the daily Encouraging Word devotional that you haven't signed up, it's easy to do on our website.

Just click on the devotional tap at the very top of the website, you can sign up to have it sent to you via email every day. That's what I do like my bride. She prefers the hard copy try to send that to you as well. All the details are on our and maybe there's some of our resolutions that we broken so far.

Let's be resolved on a daily basis to spend more time in God's Word, the Bible itself, God's Encouraging Word details on our now back today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton there are three things that took place right thing that I want you to know, first of all, the Bible tells us Jesus came to them. Jesus came to them. It's right there in verse 19. They didn't come to Jesus meeting time to see my friend the sovereignty of God is the indisputable about the grace of God. Salvation is God. No man can the grace of God. It begins with God and it is with God. It is God. It is that we live and we move and we have our meaningful God so loved the world that going. He's only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not die but have eternal life. Why, because God didn't say be starting to the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might believe in might be saved and the bread of God teaches us. My friend that arguments again to cease when we realize the approach of Jesus Christ who comes to he comes. There are men and women and boys and girls here today. You sense the approach of Jesus you know that he's there. He is spoken to you. He has ministered to you. He's done everything he possibly can in one student in your life and he's coming to you and the Bible says all arguments will cease number one when you recognize the danger that surrounds you outside of, but secondly, my friend, when you realize the approaching presence of the only one who can get into the boat and make you walk he's the only one. Number one he came number to talk to them.

I like that don't you. Did you notice that about the Lord Jesus choir. He talked to the can you imagine being in the middle of that see several years ago I was in Israel. As many of you have been.

They took us out on the middle of the sea of Galilee. It was incredible.

You can see Tiberius restating Todd bears and see Capernaum. What a tremendous joy they took us out of the middle of that scene switched off the it was the most unbelievable silence on neighborhood and it was my day that they do. The devotions and I got out my Bible and I opened up to John chapter 6 and all I read was by sold Jesus approaching the boat walking on the water and they were terrified, but he seen today. It is our being knocked afraid when all arguments ceased Israel being knocked afraid. What tremendous hope. One. Unbelievable joy. What great gladness water not pouring of the presence and the power of God not only came to them, but he talked to them and in the third place. He just loved it all. He loved them. Jesus must've love these men.

They were something else. I mean they did all kinds of things. Every one of them had a character flaw. I would just like you and me, all you as they put their foot in their mouths they were going to many more times before Jesus died these with the disciples who became a little disturbed because the crowds were getting too close. These were the disciples environment along sometimes with the Pharisees, these with the disciples who were going to fall asleep when she's exhausting to pray these with the disciples who didn't really understand the depth of the kingdom of God and yet the Bible says that God's grace in a demonstration of the power of his grace came them out into the middle of the sea them soon and then he stands and watch as they fall apart when they begin to fall apart.

He walks on the water and he comes to, and he talks to globs. He loves that I want you to notice something in the third instance about when all arguments ceased. You see friends if all arguments are to cease and when all arguments didn't cease for these disciples. They came to the point where they will be willing to number three. Garrett is relinquish control to the Lordship of Christ.

You see it's not good enough just to recognize the danger it's not good enough just to realize the human approach of the Lord Jesus Christ. You gonna take it to the third step my frame for all arguments to cease, you must relinquish political control to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. You see, in Matthew's account. That's exactly what happened. Peter Peter always wanted to be the center of everything, didn't. He's probably he was probably a little bit like me you not find hard to keep my mouth closed and I mean Gary was right there in the middle of the den and Angola disciples guess you pops up brother Pete says, Lord, Lord, I Lord, what you use me as your magnificent servant to walk on the sport. Jesus said, come on son, step out, take a cruise. Come on down this way.

I want Jesus agreed with Peter, but I believe maybe Jesus agreed with Peter, because he was privately demonstrating to Peter the outpouring of his power and grace. Maybe he was about to teach Peter, the greatest lesson that Peter could ever ever learn and that is simply this, that my son Peter.

Even though you have relinquish control to me. Don't take your money. Don't ever take her off me.

You see friend in order for all arguments to cease Peter and the disciples have to be willing to train five Jesus it wasn't good enough just to acknowledge his presence wasn't good enough just to be aware and recognize the danger they have to give up and relinquish all control just a moment gonna sing a great hymn of invitation, I surrender all to Jesus I surrender, I surrender all, this is what they did they relinquish control to the Lordship of Christ. Why because you see friend Jesus Christ is not just my Savior, he's my Lord you don't accept him as Savior and then make him Lord, he is Lord he is Lord. He's my Lord and Savior. He's in charge. The backstops of these days he is the pilot of my aircraft.

He is the captain of my ship, he is the maker and the motivator he is the one who moves me. He's the one who saves me. He's the one who loves me. He's the one who comforts me and picks me up a little Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. All arguments were about to cease. With this band of disciples, that you think they recognize the danger that surround them. There's no question about that. Then they realize that Jesus was approaching the admin Jesus approached them that have to do something they had to relinquish control to him, you know why Jesus is not prepared to settle for anything. Jesus put it like this and said if any man will come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and he must follow after me, he must give everything that he had, she must give everything that she had. There must be a total relinquishing and dictation of the throne room of one's life and we have to place upon the throne room of our lives, the King of Kings and Lord of lords. Yes, there was a recognition of danger. There was a realization of Jesus present.

There was a relinquishing to the total control of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then I want you to notice something in closing today. If you are ever my friends and if I'm ever going to get to the point where all arguments ceased. There must be a return to the Lord Jesus Christ often we have taken our eyes will there must be a return to the Lord Jesus often we take in our eyes will fit.

You see, there was no doubt that Peter relinquish control to the Lord Jesus is no doubt about that. There is no doubt in this congregation, and many who are watching by way of television this morning would say Dr. Wilson before God.

I have relinquish control to him what happened, why all the problems what's going on. Perhaps it's because you've taken your eyes with Jesus. You see friend.

The Bible says that the moment Peter got onto the water. Guess what happened to him. He all of a sudden noticed the sharks been come by. He all of a sudden noticed the wind and the waves he all of a sudden became strengthened by his own mortality.

You will suddenly recognize that he was just one heartbeat away from drowning, and so he took his eyes off the one who had come to him and the only one who could say in the Bible say is immediately began to sing and you see friend before logging the disdain. It is at that. We must return to the Lord Jesus Christ know why because the Bible says he will immediately charting the custom opportunity is available for you right now to take Jesus hand. One of the things that Dr. Wilton insists that we put together when we began this ministry. We got open door after door after door for television and for radio and for online and podcasting cease and we need to be available and we are available to talk with you and pray with you right now at 86689 just a number down stores in yourselves. Dr. Don would say all of us needs to a.m., friends, and we'd be thrilled to be one of yours. You can call us anytime at 866899 word that's 866-899-6731 of our prayers as a team is that you cannot just hurt the wonderful South African brogue of our pastor and chief encourager Dr. Don Wilton what you heard from the Lord you listen the doctor that is preaching and teaching. Now, as he steps in studio. I pray you open your heart to what he wants to share next year rated to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanting to pray this prayer with me.

Dear God, I know you love very very and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came God on the cross so that I might be forgiven today.

I repainted myself. I confess my sins and I invite you to Jesus name if you prayed that pray that we need the first one welcome to the family of one. I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying how very important this is for me to call us so we can talk to you and connect you in the right place you can begin this wonderful journey. And in just a moment I'm in a come back with the final perhaps you are praying.

We talked about moments ago to give your life to Jesus Christ. We dedicate your life to the Lord know that we love to be part of launching you into a freshman giving you resources… Want you to have for free if you call us 866899 word 866-899-9673 will connect with these resources that will help a great restructuring your life roots to grow deep and branches to bear grapefruit again.

That's as well or call us at 866899673 is a benefit right now we have some of the resources to help you grow in your understanding of our beginnings.

Is this with all the detail begin with with Dr. Wilson back to the beginning of the origin of everything faced with some foundational people also find answers to practice fair sound of one including grandchildren, no trim, 668-998-6999. My thinking beginning five dollars might not just one of many resources available on our and yet still some copies of that town daily devotional book called heaven life and the resurrection. Again all the details before get away closing thoughts from know before we go to worship you and I have in the middle of alcohol, our beloved nation, tribe, so proud you know this board cost assumed by so many of them on the cross we hear from many many we love them.

My they are our real heroes and I want you to join with me as we are praying for them on families and loved one that right now showing just before we got Jesus joining with thousands of people trying for our members rated right name's families left behind listing but stay connected on our website large

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