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R1635 Who’s Your One, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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November 3, 2021 8:00 am

R1635 Who’s Your One, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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November 3, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton. This edition of The Encouraging Word. Today we continue in second Samuel chapter 9 about a very unique message with this question who's your one Dr. Don Wilton shares this time together know that we're here to connect with you in a number of ways, both on the phone at 8668 that's 866-899-WORD 9673 or online as well as TW many friends are getting a wonderful combination of DVDs of the movie risen and a message from Dr. Wilson: wonderful hope. Again, details are on our website at T.

W and while you're there, sign up for the free daily devotional from Dr. Wilson now Dr. Don Wilton will soul headed in for David. David was the wonderful Goliath and was anointed the future king and soul turned against him did everything to destroy him destroy everything about his household and Offerman in the middle of all of that David developed a really close friendship with Jonathan King soul son, but it didn't end well because soul, a spanner in the works, op. cit. everything and the walls and everything like that and eventually Saul and his three sons were killed on Mount Gilboa and they were killed other three sons were killed by the Amalekites and soul actually cookies on lot fell on his own sword eventually and they would drag north to fellow Playskool British ran where they were held up in public in the bodies and just like Benito Rossellini off the in the middle of the second world war hung out there for shame and it just all ended badly.

But you know they had a policy back in those days, which is hard for us to wrap our minds around in those days. If somebody did something wrong. The whole family got punished for in the household so you know what happened when soul the grandfather and the three sons, one of whom is Jonathan when Jonathan was killed by the Amalekites on Mount Gilboa. Micah was five years old that's already was.

He was five years old, so he probably had a five-year-old memory of his grandfather, but what happened on that day when those men were killed in that battle on Mount Gilboa was the nurse made of Micah the lady who was responsible for taking care of five-year-old Micah.

She and she because she knew that the whole of souls household would in fact lose their lives, including grandsons, granddaughters and everybody in between, and she picked up Micah and she with him and while she was pleading with him, she fell and dropped five-year-old Micah into a ravine and he broke both his legs and some commentators conjecture that he broke his spinal column: and he was rendered, paralyzed, and incapable of looking for the rest of his life. So one thing was piled upon another. So Micah now was left without a father.

We don't know anybody's mother without a grandfather. He was fighting for his life.

He was even fear he had nothing. He was executed using inheritance had been lost and you know this boy was left on these army was isolated and then all the sudden, something happened God showed up. By the way I want to give you a little tip you will know that everything in the Old Testament shows us the face of God's grace. Everything you want to know how to read the Old Testament every passage you read, say, as I read this passage. Dear God, show me the face of Jesus and he will do it, what we looking at here is the face of Jesus that you want to use the proper term. David is a type of Jesus. He shows us God, by the way, do you know that's why the Lord uses us to find somebody to make a difference in their lives because he uses us to be his face to read is hard to be his hands to be his feet. He uses us here. This is clear right here in this passage, so three things about refurbishing someone he had a complex heritage number two. He had a fearful existence me. This boy was on his own and he was afraid fact, the Bible confirms it when he comes to seeking David number three had a serious condition. He was paralyzed.

Yet a physical condition so everything about him humans to who we are showing us how helplessness and hopelessness without him. He was on his so long comes. King David and I just share a couple of thoughts about what important David do first of all, he lost a personal question sit is that anyone in souls household not I'm an attorney that's a personal question because back in David's time. It's not in your personal question, but it gives the appearance that it's a dumb question. Back then, that's kind of like a dime? Are you stupid or something. King you know what our tradition is everybody's David Negron what you talking about soul was the enemy and when email*everybody may stop.

He's not here. Don't worry about this and they could have been 100 of these advises go to see Jim acting I don't want to mess you up will be disrespectful but what kind of question is that it's like the face of God. It's like us looking around and say you kidding me. You mean God cares about that. Nobody in often wondered how many people in our community feel like nobody cares about the thinker any around us.

You know, guys listen David didn't have to do this I mean he had. Maybe he was king. The sky was eating lobster for lunch.

He was being served, hand and foot.

This guy had a condo down at the didn't see even have anything to worry about why. Why bother. Can you hear the why, why throw one starfish back want to come home and get a laugh you think and what difference are we gonna make you lost and you lost at about your country Alaskan about your community. What differences would tell me what difference is gonna make you you you mean that one young girl, you mean that one young man you mean that granddaughter that grandson doing that framed what I mean what I mean come on, if I'd been in his court house. I probably would be next. Souder said King, you big dummy. Just then forget those people men get on and enjoy your lobster guys guy got a suggestion to Mike which I'm not Mike why we just close up today and I mean it's the Lord's day.

We had a good time on this.

Scott had lunch and get on with it. How about if God is saying to us, going hand lunch. Enjoy the blessings go to the beach despite the bowl game.

But you know why you doing that Oscar personal question secondly showed a gracious intent. Didn't I can even leave people hanging out.

They said to anybody in souls household that I can show them kindness. In fact, he sees here in verse three, to whom I can show God's kindness. Did you notice that, is that great. I want to show them God's kindness tenure arms. I personally am so seriously lacking in this I did I get so serious, loving and enjoying what I've got. I have a tendency to not really notice some other people. Number three Austin direct question I mean when refurbishing came in these prisons you know someone in the in the in the syntactically if you're an English spacious, but in the in the Hebrew text, the question when he said he said all you in fact refurbishing, he Austin equation. I just want to identify you as you as you are you who I believe you all that I'm told you all this guy was serious about one person coming one young boy living you caveman. No, for he gave detailed instructions. He looked into this lease, boy's eyes and he said he said first support, he said, don't. Don't be afraid and that a fantastic word. You do this, so will please don't you do this guy should do this so will when you show God's kindness to people. Be careful that you don't lord it over them I'm not producing this to giving stuff okay. It's not a book that don't don't do something for someone and then give them a lecture at the same time forgive the interruption will be back with the rest of today's message. Who is your one with Dr. Don Wilton in just a moment and perhaps you missed yesterday's program, which is now tuning in the never all these messages are available on demand on our that's DEW you can also sign up for the podcasts and sign up for the daily encouraging email from Dr. Don Wilton right now. There's so much excitement about the movie called reason and the message from Dr. Wilson: wonderful. Hope you find the details about how you can gain those wonderful resources that's DEW Now back to today's message. Who's your one by Dr. Don Wilton.

Don't go in will you know don't bring an attitude. It nullifies what you do that don't go in. You know I'm in a give you this, but just make sure you don't space painted on drugs you don't need just just Charlie will get on and do something in the name of Jesus meant let God take care of these things don't guys listen me and you do it on this. I'm not talking to you told who whom I talked to in this guitar here so I want this good talk when you do something just Charlie will do it don't do it with strings attached. Why, why have wise anybody go to say well okay I'll do that. I'm just gonna let you know stick it in your throat when can you this picture David Gibbs should just gets to me because I don't how many times I have given with strings attached, and if I haven't seen it. It's in my heart you know what I mean I've sort of see where you know how lucky you are man that I showed up hello my friends would tell you how magnificent I am.

This picture of David man is the picture of God's kindness gave detailed instructions.

You know, I'm giving back goal of sole stuff and and I love the lost 20 issued an authorized invitation.

He said as full refurbishing he eats at my table.

I like that I mean that is just so powerful man in fact the Bible concludes they bought saying. As for this boy. He spent the rest of these time in Jerusalem because that's where the palace was, and he had an invitation from the King.

You know that's what Jesus gives to all of us.

He sees come sit at my table and I love the fact that at this church with the church where everyone can invite anyone.

What is the word what is anyone mean it means anyone is welcome. How do you define anyone everyone all of us can invite anyone to, to do what drink out of the living one to sit at the King's table. There is it's to partake in the riches of God's basics or can you imagine the impact can imagine the impact if every one of us who say you know I've met Jesus isolate the king's table I got a lot done a lot to do. I have an but I know man, Jesus makes the difference.

So the usual one right so they three decisions that we will have to make you go to Mike if you want this to work as three decisions you go to Mike if you here today and you sign will you not hear or not see it. I read it man, what a great story about this kid, and the king just three decisions. You and I have go to Mike number one we got and determined to live on mission you order determined to live on mission. Are you willing to say that the Lord today Lord from now I'm gonna live on mission for you.

I am on mission which means I'm available right for you, to select one person, Eunice.

I now wait a minute, there's a bunch of starfish out the just just check out one person, just select one person, just think of somebody Eunice I will I and if you can't think of anybody. Now, that's fine. But as soon as you determined to live on mission God's gonna put that person in front of you. Just keep your eyes open your is in your heart. Watch I'm tiny it'll knock your socks off. Gonna be your buddy that you play with in the backyard. It's going to be the one you go fishing with gonna be your friend at school gonna be that lady in the nursing home. It's going to be that person out on the street gonna be that person that comes to the bridge that you're serving. It's gonna be a family member into God's gonna get you just if you if you determined to live on mission.

The selecting that one so the usual one usual one, number three commitment to activate commit to activate, would you make a commitment today just commit to the Lord say Lord I'm I'm I'm going to activate this. So now the question is how do you activate it right. How do you activate what you do.

I gave you a very simple illustration which is just to illustrate dominant grocery store and I been reading this passage and I mean for crying in a bucket. All I'm picking up some eggs, minding my own business and actually I don't talk to too many people because I'm on holiday. I want a road I'm through with traffic for a couple of days.

I want to just be on the beach mind my own business to get your own groceries, men and here I'm standing they and all of a sudden this is the weakest illustration you've ever heard. It's just an illustration. So forgive me, but I really believe if I had not done that CI determined God was making me I was say Lord, would you give me somebody today and then I'm going to be willing to act if I want to commit to activate see that they number three commit to activate and not sitting so I'm standing there in my week silly little illustration and I'm saying God said it, and under God's got me and I woke up there in the final analysis, my I say this I walked out of the not black, old man, I wish everybody had seen me man on the big cats meow right now. It was something in my heart I just can't describe it. It's just like you just see you at the touch of God. I it's like anyone can you describe that. It's like you just know you've done something little drop you just do one starfish back in the so yes three actions to take. Number one initiate initiate initiate means get started.

Number two share and someone shows you that person share with them according to what it is and the number one means you and I shares the gospel awesome people. Would you like to give your heart to Jesus. That's the starting point. That's the starting point would you like to give your heart to Jesus number three help them and that's a real practical would help the when someone says to me you know I would like to help them give their heart to Jesus. And it's not about praying a certain prayer in a certain way. Bible sees those that call on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved. Help them you know David in this context he he he went, black all the way in what he said he was going to eat. He finished what he set out to do. You just bow your heads with me. It then this begins with each one of us does not do you know Jesus you trust him as your Savior. You give your life to him today. That's the question. Would you give your life to Jesus today. Perhaps her questions rushing through your head. Based on the Scriptures you've heard Dr. Wilton with the teaching today you like to have someone to talk with the pray with. We're here to meet with you right now at 86685 are available anytime to talk and pray with you at 866-899-9673 love to be a part of helping you understand how much God loves you and how today can be the very first day of the rest of your life in the best of ways. Before we get away. Dr. Don has not time from the pulpit. You've heard him as he's been teaching, but now is he just shares from his heart. Open your heart to what he wants to share. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know you love me very, very, and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came God on the cross so that I might be forgiven of sin. Today I repainted myself.

I confess my sin. And I invite you to come into my heart and into my life in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer.

Let me be the first one to welcome you to the family of God. This is one I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying for you and how very important this is for me so we can make life begin this wonderful ending, just a moment I'm in a come back. Final welcome family. I'm convinced some of you afraid of documenting moments ago to give your life to Jesus. We dedicate your life to Christ, you need to know we are excited to see what the next step and put some resources. Dr. Wilton insists we send to you absolutely free to just give us a call.

My phone number is 866899 word again grab a piece of paper job is down or stored in your cell 866899967 connection with what was 24 hours a day. Happy to talk to pray and, importantly, connect with resources that will help you grow 866-899-WORD 9673 or if you prefer me this online. Our website is TW you can receive exclusive teaching letters from Dr. Wilton information about our messages. Bible guides every join our email community. Dr. Wilton's letters will encourage fortify you in your walk with God. You will also receive periodic how The Encouraging Word is working to share God's truth. Searching world. Subscribe today by visiting our website, TW online/email Encouraging Word your listener supported ministry you listen to The Encouraging Word featuring the teaching of Dr. Don Wilton who is she there that's always known to his grandchildren and ducky the grandmother of Wilton plan, and tomorrow a grandmother's example is what we beginning the two parts are from Dr. Wilton that I hope you will join us for it's gonna be an exciting time of open God's will and I hope you will join us invite some friends to join us know and I realize extra time away, closing thoughts from our pastor and chief encourager Dr. Don Wilton you know these are such special times together. I'm so grateful my friends that we can worship together like this through The Encouraging Word broad cost ministry and you such a vital part of all that God is doing and I just love you and I want you to know that you know this ministry goes on 24 hours around the clock all the time.

We want to be involved in your life and we want to continue to pray for you. You can call us at any time you can partner with us all the time through prayer and through you giving me know that you are 100% the day, as we all sharing without searching will that's what this is all about. We need Jesus done, God is great and I love you today. Thank God for you, pray for God bless and we love to connect with you her phone number is 866899. Word jotted down stored in your cell 866899673 or meet us on our website is TW that's TW This program is sponsored by The Encouraging Word, your generous financial

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