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R533 The Coming of The Holy Spirit

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 25, 2021 8:00 am

R533 The Coming of The Holy Spirit

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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August 25, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today.

The Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton about the coming spirit has reopened the word of God together today know that were open on our website is well pleased to hear this message and share with friends. J EW We would love to connect with grade off, turning your Bibles this morning to the book of acts chapter 2 the book of acts.

In chapter 2 house series back to the future we are going back to the beginning of the New Testament church and we are all asking ourselves what is it that God put in place. What are we doing today that is honoring the Lord what are we not doing.

How can we find out what it is what God wants us to do for tomorrow. We don't understand what the textbook has to teach us about today which is tomorrow. Acts chapter 2:02 weeks I have spoken to you on this. The second chapter of the book of acts, and I have said to you that it is probably one of the most important passages in all of Scripture is controversial debate in its starting whole denominations are being built up around acts chapter 2 in acts chapter 2 deals with the coming of the Holy Spirit and we all will are going to do well to be reminded that in next chapter 1 when Jesus ascended to be seated at the right hand of the father following the days that he spent appearing to over 500 believers after the resurrection from the grave, that Jesus said to his disciples. I want you to know in acts chapter 1 and verse five he said I want you to know that I'm going to say in the Holy Spirit down you not going to be like orphans you not going to be without me here even though physically you're not going to see me as such when I got to heaven. I'm going to promise you that my spirit will come in the pasta weeks. We looked at the power of the Holy Spirit. And then last week at the work of the Holy Spirit and I've tried to lay someone out of the ground work. I want to set the table.this week we going to be looking at the coming of the Holy Spirit. What happened when the Holy Spirit came going to need your Bibles this morning very very much because I'm going to ask a whole series of questions to try and come to grips with what God has to teach us about the coming of these Holy Spirit. If you don't have a Bible with you. You'll find one right in front of you has a radiocarbon I want to invite you to just reach down pick that up and for the thousands of people who worship with us by way of television. I want to encourage you right now send someone to the bedroom or two wherever and get a copy of God's word because, as always, on every Sunday.

I've got nothing to say to you outside of God's word.

I'm not going to be speaking this morning from the readers digestible from the National Geographic. I'm not going to speak to you as a Baptist or Methodist or Pentecostal or Presbyterian.

I'm going to speak to you is one man who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, who has nothing to say outside of God's word that I want us this morning to look at the word of God and ask ourselves what it is that God says about his Holy Spirit. What do I say what or why. What about grown up with what church was born in. I've heard people say all kinds of things are not included in that group.

What is God have to say the coming of the Holy Spirit. I'm going to read to you this morning, just the first four verses of this passage, only the first four verses, but I'm game to be preaching to you on the first 13 verses we read that this would be the third Sunday that we would read this whole passage and for the sake of time, I'm Dana read just the first four verses and then we will talk about this wonderful subject. The Bible say is when the day of Pentecost came together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each one of them earlier them with food with the Holy Spirit began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them now may the Lord write this word on our hearts. I want you to flip over the page very quickly. Acts chapter 1 acts chapter 1 and verse full one for us to read again what Jesus said.

Jesus said do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my father promised, which you have heard me speak about. John baptized with water, but in a few days you will be what is the word baptized with the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is about that moment in time when you and I receive Jesus Christ into our hearts and we receive God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit the moment we are born again we all baptized in the Holy Spirit. We all completely immersed in the Holy Spirit, God wants me I'm going to stand up and go to do this.

I'm going to come back to several times very important for us to understand the moment I give my heart to Jesus Christ. I am baptized in the Holy Spirit and I begin my Christian once I begin my Christian work as a believer I become prone and subject to all the challenges of life God gives me a commandment God says that I need to continually be food with the Holy Spirit.

Nowhere in the Bible does the Bible say that I need to continually be baptized in the Holy Spirit. I can only be baptized in the Holy Spirit, one time, it is an unrepeatable act. It is the instantaneous moment that by faith through repentance of sin and confession of sin I receive Jesus Christ into my heart and live I'm baptized completely immersed. I receive God's spirit. I don't receive just a taste of God's spirit and then at some consequent or subsequent experience. Maybe in a church meeting or the youth meeting or in a private meeting. All of a sudden I'm baptized in the Holy Spirit. No, I am completely baptized in the spirit, but I am bonded to be food with the spirit, because if I do not follow God's come on I am going to be living a life which the spirit of God in me is literally quick. I am hindering the work of the Holy Spirit in me, who dwells in me, because rocks have fallen into the river. Sin has interrupted the flow of the expression of God's grace. So God combines me to continually be filled. I'm going to talk about that in a moment that I made all scroll other questions this morning on question number one. What was this event. Coal that was this event: well, it's right there in chapter 2 and verse one when the day of Pentecost. Everybody say Pentecost, Pentecost, right now there are some churches that are Pentecostal churches where do they get that name from Roger in acts chapter 2 and verse one. The cost Pentecost literally means 50th and it is the Old Testament name a big apartment.

It is the New Testament blame for the Old Testament feast of weeks that we find in Exodus chapter 34.

You can read about it there in verses 22 and verse 23.

Paint the cost of the feast of Pentecost which means 50th claim of the Old Testament word typo called the feast of weeks or the harvest Festival in Exodus chapter 23 and verse 11 and it took place quite literally the guys off the path over by ladies and gentlemen, listen watch me for a minute. What is sparse over the Jews celebrate Passover. You remember when Moses had to go and free the Israelis, the Jews from bondage in Egypt, and God brought about the plagues and eventually culminated with the angel of the NEC to early Jewish people. If you put blood over your bill opposed.

When the angel of death calms and literally kills all the firstborn of Egypt. When the angel of their sees the broad quote unquote of God Jehovah over the doorpost he will know that they are believers in me and the angel of death will literally parse over that household. You remember the story in the book of Exodus that all of those who had blood on the door painted over the door. They were parsed over they were spared the tremendous grief that came upon those who were disobedient to Almighty God will what was happening here in the New Testament is that Pentecost was the link between the pack of feast in the Old Testament with the coming of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament in Leviticus chapter 23 I want to give you this background is very important we find a picture of some of these feasts that the Jews would enjoy and still goes through to this day there was the feast of Passover. What is a feast of possible it is to remember with thanksgiving what God has done and what God did when he parsed over the children of Israel.

There was the feast of the unleavened bread still celebrated.

To this day. This was to be celebrated the day after the feast of Passover and then 50 days after the first Sunday following Passover was the feast of Pentecost at the feast of weeks on the feast of Pentecost 50 days off after the first Sunday following panic following the Passover does what they do Festival that have to bring the firstfruits of all Lake crops into the temple and offer that to God.

It was called the firstfruits why the firstfruits. This is where the Bible teaches us about tithing, the firstfruits of the harvest literally represented minimally. 1/10. Although they crops that they had in other words, God would say to me Don Wilton if you wanted a whole lot of tomatoes in your backyard and you've cultivated them and you are trying to grow them when they grow up and I become wonderful tomatoes to put on your sandwiches with all the good things like mayonnaise and everything else that you like so much I want you to know that the first thing you gotta do is you gotta bring me 1/10 of that crop to my house as a means of saying thank you to me for supplying what you that's why God teaches us to five books. That's why the Bible says that as believers we need to bring the firstfruits about harvest to the storehouse. That's what the Bible says that's what tithing is.

And if you want to experience the blessings of God, you need to be about the business of bringing in your tie minimally. 1/10 of your harvest of everything that you own, bring it to God's house and God says I'm going to bless you now, that's what happened in the Old Testament off the painting cost. What God was saying to them was literally this he was saying to them that it painting cost you believers are the firstfruits of the harvest of believers that are yet to come. Pentecost, the feast of weeks or the feast of Pentecost 50 days off to the baklava gone down his spirit from heaven to demonstrate the coming of the spirit of God in person and to symbolize the coming all the harvest of God's people throughout the ages, of which I am one of them. And so it is that we have Pentecost or the feast of Pentecost? But to where were they when Pentecost took place while the Bible says right there in verse one that they were all together in one place. I want you to note the emphasis on the one that will altogether believers which believers well. Acts chapter 1 and verse five verse 15 says they were at least 120 of them.

I we going to discover from verse five on not anywhere. There are hundred and 20 believers, but all a lot of other people began to come in because they saw what was going on. That's what's happening at First Baptist Church. We just got people coming from the north and south and east and west by coming to Gonzalez.

Why because they are hearing and seeing what God is doing and so they are attracted they come together.

People want to be where God is moving. And that's exactly what happened at Pentecost now want to show you something a lot. Where were they they were all together in one room? The three.

How did the Holy Spirit come. How did he come while verse two said to seek. I am very suddenly look at it in verse two with me suddenly there was an element of surprise in the coming of the Holy Spirit that folks listen. It wasn't that they were not anticipating his coming. While we know that because Jesus told, but he came at his own little effort by direction of God. And in this instance, 59 years after the resurrection.

He came after the ascension. He came because God that way by the whites. No different to the second coming to the rapture of the church. Jesus said, I will come again and I will receive you on the myself and where I am, that he might be also. The Bible says no one knows the hour no one knows the time, but we need to be ready and we need to be prepared.

So how did the Holy Spirit come became very suddenly.

Question number four what did he sound like when he came what he sound like, well look with me at Brewster Bible says suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind any of you ever been around a tornado very much. I think that's what it must've sounded like I remember on any 20 years ago my wife and nine white castle Louisiana among the bayous down there lot of sugarcane fields and sugarcane rats to values to come and visit us in our little trailer parsonage and on time. You that'll put the fear of the Lord into you right there. My wife just love them. She adored those kind words. I mean, it was just a great experience and we would be there one day I was preaching and the entrée. One of those Louisiana storms came over and got so black where to put on all the lights in the in the small church in it got so black and thundering and everything else and subdivided 12 o'clock and folks you won't believe this but I was preaching on the judgment of God that we never had so many people say that that is remitted right I tell you I boxer.

I was just about ready to end and all of a sudden I heard a sound. I've never heard anything like it.

It was like a room something. There was a shaking of the building. We stop all the lights went dark. Some of the papers and everything got stuck on the roof of the church. I mean it was really quantifiably experience and then all of a sudden it was gone. He went outside and we discovered a tornado had come down in the sugarcane fields in front of the church, looked up, said all at First Baptist Church Don Wilton's and they jumped right over us jumped right over the top and landed in the sugarcane fields beyond this and took care of some of those kind rats. I'm sure I've ever seen an airborne claim rep folks to wonder. I just want you to know I want to tell you something I really believe that what happened at Pentecost was no different to the calming experience of a tornado. Bible says that that that when he came he sounded like the blowing of a violent wind so powerful was the coming of the precious Holy Spirit of God.

Question number five. Where did he come from where did he come from well look again at verse two says that the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven.

Alright everybody watch me. Where is heaven. Everybody point up. Put your hands down.

Now some of you are not planning to go there. All you everybody point to heaven. Please. Yes, that's it.

It's why Jesus went up Bible tells us it's up when he went up he said I'm going to say my spirit down yet. We have applied in Scripture what happened suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came down from heaven, wind in the spirit of God come down because Jesus Christ gone every next chapter 1 and visit. He went straight up into heaven when he got into heaven. 50 days later God, by the express come on the be something Grace dispatch these Holy Spirit and he said I want you to go down there in person because you are me and I want to send me down to be among those belonging to me because I'm not going to leave my children like so he safety spirit down by the six question number six. What were they doing when he came.

While this might disappoint some of you it says in verse two that he came down from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting now friends here at this time about the baptism of the Holy Spirit is rather significant to me.

Folks there were none who were walking down front, they went praying for this, I went looking. They weren't doing anything that was sitting they were following the express commandment of God by I just say this to you. The Bible says that when you give your life to Jesus Christ. There is nothing that you can do in order to be say salvation is the sovereign work of a gracious and a loving God. Salvation begins and ends in the heart of God.

You cannot save yourself. I cannot save myself. No one can save themselves. Only God can find his spirit. The prerequisite for salvation is confession of sin, acknowledging who God is and by receiving him into my heart and life. You see salvation is not achievement it is receiving, it is receiving what God is giving and has given to me through the death of Jesus Christ upon the cross when I am baptized in the Holy Spirit when I'm born again of the spirit of God. I received what God has done for me in and through the Lord Jesus Christ is that wonderful listing to the Bible-based teaching of Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word and he'll be back with the rest of today's message the coming. The Holy Spirit will encourage you to connect with us on our website TW you can hear today's broadcast including some portions were not able to include that's on while you're there, sign up for the daily devotional from Dr. Don.

It's all now back today's great message. The coming of the Holy Spirit with Dr. Don Wilton. They were sitting next question number seven what he looked like when he kind.

Well, the Bible says in verse three they saw what seemed to be tongues of fire. Well guess what he looked like he looked like tongues of fire.

The folks I want you to listen very carefully because the Bible is not talking about literal fire here. This is a simile. He says they saw what seemed to be what black tongues as of fire tongues that looked like if I remember when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan what happened the spirit of God came down in a voice from heaven said this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. God ride throughout Scripture uses symbols to represent what it happened and something here very interesting happens.

It seems they saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on them. So yes question number eight received this coming.

While the Bible tells them for food and spoke in other languages. There were no exceptions. God never said I'm going to put this group at first because Christians are they here they are going to be baptized in the spirit but not this group what God is saying listen unless you been baptized in the spirit you cannot see the kingdom of heaven. You cannot be born again and God Pentecost demonstrated to us exactly what it was that he was trying to show us they separated themselves not let me show you how that works.

I'm going to just skip you will beg my pardon from and I want you to just imagine that I'm the Holy Spirit a lot, and God is going to send me his Holy Spirit down to earth. So here comes the Holy Spirit down to earth and then as he comes down to earth he comes among all these believers and he sees them and he sees Mr. and Mrs. Phillips any season meal and Martha Phillips and he knows that they are believers in the Bible says as he comes down he truly separates himself he separates himself and he completely baptizes not only Neil but also market. He doesn't separate himself into bits and pieces parts and segments. He separates himself entirely and completely in the first person and work of the Holy Spirit. Does the question watch me folks, but also question is God by his spirit is he here this morning all in five aside are all right mixed Christian is God in Beijing, China, by the power and presence of these Holy Spirit is in China right now.

Will hound will connect me. I thought you just said he was yeah folks, it is is God by his spirit is he in Columbia, South Carolina. Rocco is here in Chicago. Is he in London, England is in you daily in India. Is he in Brazil is he without missionaries and Manuel Bova. Is he ever God is ever how can that happen not part of him in a piecemeal of him on a segment of and what God is saying at Pentecost is listen.

When I came down in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and not baptized believers by my grace.

I separated myself so that I could begin will and baptized every single believer from head to toe not importantly me every single week. I'm expressing tongues of fire and when you receive me as your personal savior you receive every single path and absolutely there is nothing that is left absolutely nothing is left out.

You been hearing Dr. Don preach from the pulpit and now would you open your heart to him as he steps the studio with this message. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now.

They have gone.

I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you in tomorrow for Jesus night, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news. If you just prayed with Dr. Wilson. Moments ago.

Give us a call and let us put three resources in your hands will help you grow in your faith are numbers 8668 chapter number down 86689673 or we'll discover great resources like this The Encouraging Word sale prices will start at $6.06 dollars. Visit us store located at the top of the pains. We appreciate your support in The Encouraging Word is your listener supported Street thank you for listening today. Sure join us tomorrow for more great Bible teachings of Dr. Don Wilton between now and then connect

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