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R1639 The Trade of Sacrifice

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 10, 2021 8:00 am

R1639 The Trade of Sacrifice

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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July 10, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based reading of Dr. Don Wilton about a trade of sacrifice. See, this is The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton as we had the second Corinthians chapter 5 today for this message. Know that we are available to pray with you and for you in this day and age of typing and texting sometimes one of the greatest blessings to have another Christian woman or man on the other end of the phone praying with you and for you and we do that every minute of every day available in 866-899-WORD got the number down start yourself here for you. 866899673 in pallets open our hearts and open God's word together to second Corinthians chapter 5 today's message with Dr. Don Wilton called a trade of I want you to open your Bibles to second Corinthians chapter 5 we going to be in wonderful passage of Scripture you know as soon as I find myself thinking about sacrifice group about men with at the tomb of the unknown soldier this week with safe bhakti. One of my I should imagine favorite places to be.

That being there with Steve Skinner and without students. Quite a number times over the years is we been able to go administering prisons across the nation. You know it's kind of a happy sad place to be this something that will hold up when I'm in Arlington walk around and all those flags, memorials just grip your heart if you're a parent today make a point of taking your children to places like this don't let them just see teach them talk to them, show that let them understand what it takes to have the freedom to worship: I am of the Lord Jesus be able to stand up for that which you know to be right and true. This I think about sacrifice I come back to where I am because I'm a Christian man, I'm a proud American, but I'm a Christian man and I'm a Christian man because of the trade of sacrifice because something happened in order to give to me the life that I now live, something happened somebody did something for me.

Somebody traded my sacrifice.

If somebody hadn't done that for me.

I'm dead. I have nowhere to go, because I was born in sin.

That's the way I was born because of the son of Adam, I was born lost.

I was born without hope. I was born with all kinds of giftedness and potential in my human flesh, but I was born to die in somebody love me me love me enough to try my sacrifice made it possible for me open the door for me, gave me what I ordinarily would never have had. I would've lived a life of captivity.

I would've lived an entire life of absolute hopelessness I would've lived a life of self indulgence, selfishness, everything about me would've been about me, me and myself.

Something happened somebody took my place in his name is Jesus. Second Corinthians chapter 5 in verse 16. So from now on we regard no one from a worldly point of view. Though we once regarded Christ in this way, we do so no longer. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.

All things have tossed away and behold, everything has become brand-new.

All this is from God reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting Allison against us. And he has committed to us this message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you, therefore, I implore you, because I am Christ's ambassador on Christ's ball half be reconciled to God. Please my friend, be reconciled to God today. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so they'd given him we might become the righteousness of God is not a fantastic passage of Scripture. I can preach on that all day today when I look at this and when I think about these great heroes. These men and women throughout the decades.

We remember those who number one gave up their seats. These people going back to the Revolutionary war gave up their seats. Just think about that from. They had their home that I had the livelihood. They had their families, their frame of reference, but gave up their I said I'll call give up my place and I will go you take my seat. I want you just think about they gave up their seats when we remember them.

We remember those who put on the uniform. They did this for their country. They put on that uniform military uniform that represents is this is who I am. See this insignia see this flag. This is who I am. They 100% iodine T5 with United States of America number three, they departed serve their sacrifice. These people that we honor gave their lives, they departed wherever it might've been. They went to where they were going to serve and number four they traded for freedom. I said I'll take it in order that you can have it, my friends, the greatest trade of sacrifice ever is the Lord Jesus Christ. What is he sacrifice me Swanton place.

This in our hearts today.

What what does that mean that Jesus trade sacrifice.

Please forgive the interruption yes will get back to the answers of both those questions and just mom with Dr. Don Wilton, but we also remind you that it's not just a presentation of the gospel through this podcast and radio broadcasting, television broadcast, but it's also an opportunity every single day to spend time in God's word together in a very focused and organized way.

This will jumpstart your quiet time. It's called the daily Encouraging Word Bible guy Encouraging Word's most requested resources.

The daily Encouraging Word daily Encouraging Word is a daily national quarterly look like or delivered each morning docs like to request this free devotional.

Please call 86699 word 866-999-6739 TE W We are confident that it will be a blessing to you Encouraging Word I think you are a listener supported ministry for listening today and now back to today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton about the trade of sacrifice offerings greatest trade sacrifice is the Lord Jesus Christ and what is he sacrifice me Swanton place this in our hearts today. What what is that mean that Jesus traded sacrifice number one.

It means that Jesus gave up his seat. So now I want to try to explain this to his seat.

The Bible tells us that God has a throat he's king, and he is seated on his throne. You will remember often Jesus had come to the earth. Then he gave his life upon the cross, he went back to the Mount of olives in the ascended back up into heaven, where the Bible sees.

He is now seated at the right hand of the father in heaven. I'm not going to get into all kinds of details right now but even in the Jewish tradition in the temple. The priest even during the time of Jesus there was a difference between when you read in the New Testament, the high priest with the high priest set down and did what he did or whether he stood up and said what he said and there were many times in the life and ministry of Jesus that Jesus would sit down to speak the Bible say is that when Jesus gave his life.

This trade of sacrifice. It began by. He is willingness in obedience to the father to give up his seat. Isaiah chapter 6 and verse 1C is in the year that King Uzziah died, I sold the Lord, high and lifted up in the Lord seated on his throne that would high and lifted up means lofty and exalted, and he is training or his his room food. The temple, the picture that we got here was God, our heavenly father God father godson God the Holy Spirit, literally seated on the throne and his robe the array of his glory in his exalted and lifted up rulership. He's authority. His sovereign Lordship. This was the throne of God. And when Jesus came to take our place, gave up his seat. He walked out he left his throat. When you go to some dirty stinky little that was with cow dung and shape and nobodies and a bunch of people fighting over one another as to whether to stay in the Hilton whether the charge taxes when not to do this and do that all the mass of humanity.

Jesus traded his seat. He got sacrifice not only gave up his seat buddy delivered over his body. Romans 425 save the Jesus was delivered over today, sin. If you been to Hill in Georgia right downtown Hill and they have a Memorial Park. I know you all follow me on social media, and I appreciate that, but I posted a picture for Memorial Day most amazing statute in the middle of Helen George reread it to you. I took a picture of it.

Then I wrote it down.

This picture is a statute of a man and he's standing like this in position of throwing a hand grenade.

World War II cannot read you what the citation says the president of United States of America authorized by act of Congress, June 9, 1918, takes pride in presenting the distinguished service Cross to Pvt. Rundell H delays United States Army for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy while serving with company i.e. 275th infant infantry Regiment 70th infantry division in action against enemy forces on 17 February 1945 near Lexington France. Look it up on the map during a company attack murderous enemy machine gun fire hold to the involves realizing the extreme gravity of the situation. Private delays voluntarily assume the toss of knocking out the hostile weapon he crept across open terrain while exposed to heavy enemy mortar artillery and rifle fire and hold a grenade at the machine gun crew killing them instantly, though fatally wounded his courageous action enabled his company to continue its violence and gain that subjective.

He's gallant service personal bravery and zealous devotion to duty at the cost of his own life exemplify the highest traditions of the military forces of the United States and reflect great credit upon himself the 70th infantry division in the United States Army. You know what Jesus did that he first gave up his seat.

Then he delivered over his body.

We have a very distinguished Army officer with us today. Col. Tim, God bless you sir, this man who died in 1945 gave up his seat, boarded a ship arrived, no doubt in England crossed the channel you know this was so close to the end of the war, gave up his body pulled across the field, bullets coming from everywhere. The face of enemy five gave up his body.

Jesus gave up his seat. The throne of God then gave up his body and he was delivered over today for my sin. He pulled out his life. Isaiah 53 in verse 12 Bible sees.

He pulled out his life unto death, was numbered with the Tron's graces 40 goal the sin of many, and through that made intercession for the Tron's graces. Can you see private delays.

Can you feel his pain. Some of you men and women you being there. Haven't you sits right here you seen it you felt that you came back home. What does it mean that Jesus poured out his life. I often see our young men and women, many of them are very young.

You know we we memorialize them but sometimes I think we need to remember what they went through what about Jesus.

This sacrifice, giving up the seat and delivering ovaries, body, pouring out his life. Number four. What was he doing. He settled his love the sacrifice he settled his love Romans, the book of Romans. What a powerful this is the magna cartel about human faith about Christian faith. Romans 58 God demonstrated his love toward us, watch this, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Do you know that, while men and women, many of them went gave up his seat and winked and served and died. I don't want to say please I'm not pointing fingers. Do you know that there were people who didn't that all they could do was loft and Mark and jeer and some of them couldn't have cared less, but those men and women school traded their sacrifice. You know when Jesus came to this earth get this. Do you know that they were people that mocked him, lofted him scoffed, blasphemed his name you know just recently at the PGA golf championship. One of the top golfers just use Jesus's name is such a blasphemy. Then they printed what he said because he was upset by the crowds, they blanked out in the writing. Some of the more moderate that I say that cuss words but they didn't blank out the blasphemy because of course who cares what anybody calls Jesus when Jesus sacrificed his life trading for our sacrifice. He seafood his love. Yes like this beautiful wedding ceremony as we do for all I've done hundreds of weightings in my ministry that time. When you get the ring and you exchange the rings and it's so symbolic and I think I seem to this to Jennifer Nolan yesterday and Helen George. Or maybe I say this I said you knows you exchange of rings you all making a statement about your love, your settling your love it's symbolical just to see that ring on my finger. Now you're going to say to me yeah but you been married for 45 years and and will not see that they do not.

It means means I'm accounted for.

That's what it means means I am committed to one person.

I'm in love with one lady. I'm in a covenant relationship. When Jesus went to the cross. The Bible says God demonstrated his love for us. He put symbolic. The ring on our finger. But there is a final point you this sacrifice of Jesus means that he traded his 11 verse 21 of chapter 5 it's so powerful.

God made him who had no sin to recent trade places with us took on himself. Allison such powerful truth. God took upon himself my sin. Yours so that he could take her place so that you could know God have a place with him in eternity. I pray that is you've heard the teaching of Dr. Wilton you've heard, not just the Scripture but the Scripture come alive, and the power of the Holy Spirit begin to speak to you would open yourself to a Dr. Don Wilton wants to share next well hello again my friends are you ready to give your life to Christ, you know you been listening like us and God is been speaking as an he's speaking to your heart.

I'd love to help you give your life to Christ right now but if you pray this prayer. Make this your prayer because you know that God knows when he hears our prayers, but he also celebrate pray this prayer with me. Dear God, I know that you love me very much. I believe Jesus came and died on the cross just for me, that he gave his life right now. I confess my sin to you by faith I receive you into Mohawk and into my life in Jesus name I pray.

Well if you've prayed that prayer right now just a moment we going to send you something like I want you to listen real carefully because you can take note of. We've got the means by which we can connect together. I want to connect because you're part of my family are part of the family of God. You are my brother and sister in Christ broad-based you today. Welcome to the family of God.

I'm convinced some of you moments ago praying along with Dr. Don Wilton to give your life to Christ for the very first time. Perhaps some of you, like me, were at a stage in your life or you realize you have been turning your back on God, and you needed to be dedicate your life to Jesus and you've done that today as well. In both situations, we not only want to rejoice with you but we want to put free resources in your hands that Dr. Don wants you to have if you'll just call us our phone number is 866899 word take out a pen, jotted down open your phone stores in your phone. We are 866899673 ready to encourage you at The Encouraging Word is free resources available just for calling 866-899-WORD 96734 me this online threaded a keyboard keyboard were right there at large that's TE W is of the put those resources in your hands and help you grow in your faith. We really are here to encourage you and thank you so much for your wonderful, prayerful and financial support of the ministry of Encouraging Word where every day people life to Jesus

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