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R308 Experiencing God Despite Spiritual Warfare, Pt.1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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April 8, 2021 8:00 am

R308 Experiencing God Despite Spiritual Warfare, Pt.1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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April 8, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based printing of Dr. Don Wilton on this edition of The Encouraging Word were headed to Mark chapter 1 on a two-part series today and tomorrow giving us the ammunition to go into battle. It's called experiencing God despite spiritual warfare we all face spiritual warfare and sometimes the first thing we have to do is acknowledge that today will gain insight from Dr. Wilson and also you need to know you gained a friend, a partner in this warfare. We love to pray you through whatever's going on in your life at the other end of our prayer line. 866-899-WORD is the phone number Chinatown stores in your cell 866-899-9673 go keyboard keyboard on our We'd love to connect with you now. Today's teaching with Dr. Don Wilton is like a copy of God's work this morning with me your Bibles to Mark's gospel chapter 1, the Gospel according to Mark chapter 1 all subject today is a very critically important subject experiencing God despite spiritual warfare now friends I want to spend a good couple of minutes introducing all subject today because it is so vital and so critical.

Experiencing God despite spiritual warfare, how you use spiritual warfare. Well, the Bible tells us my friends that we ought to put on the whole armor of God. That's what Paul told the church at Ephesus. He will people about spiritual warfare, and in fact there are many many passages write throughout Scripture from Genesis through Revelation that deal with the subject of spiritual warfare. I believe that God gives us permission to come aboard his grace brought God wants to us the privilege of being able to experience him. It is not an automatic right.

I don't believe that experiencing God happens by osmosis.

It's not a decision that people make it as an encounter with the living God.

Based upon the grace of God and rooted in everything that God is experiencing God is knowing God, and we all experience God every time we meet with them in the fabric of our daily lives and parents on Sunday mornings. You and I need to foster now. Seatbelts not only because the best is yet to be that we met a farce in our seatbelts because I'll guarantee you that God's word teaches us that Satan doesn't like it one bit. I wonder if you've heard anybody say just when things seem to be going so well.

Everything fell apart. You see, it doesn't have to be like that my friend doesn't have to be like that in your marriage. It doesn't have to be like that in your personal life.

It doesn't have to be like that anyway you go because the Bible says we can ask God this might spiritual warfare, but we've got to be prepared to understand the biblical mandate and we got to be prepared to put on the whole armor of God, we need to keep our eyes open to see the materialistic naturalistic will is pulling away from the side and from that side this world as opposed to the materialistic world are engaged in absolute all combat on a daily basis and the Bible says that Satan is as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. I wrote a summary and I wrote it down five conclusions that are drawn with regard to the materialistic world in which we live because what the world teaches us to the five computations of the materialistic naturalistic will, as opposed to the spiritual world that is rooted in God through our Lord Jesus Christ number one.

They first conclusion that the universe is a cosmic accident that has no ultimate purpose. The universe is just simply a cosmic accident that has no ultimate purpose.

You see friend everything the Bible tells us about experiencing God is rooted in Genesis chapter 1 verse one in the beginning God created the heavens and the and if we are going to continue to experience God. We understand that the universe is not a cosmic accident and it has absolute and ultimate purpose because God is the foundation of everything that we have and everything that ever wall number two that human life is a biological accident that has no ultimate significance.

That's what the materialistic world would have us think that's what Satan wants to write upon our hearts. It's no wonder my friends that so many people have no problem whatsoever in killing unborn babies.

It's no wonder in America today that we are witnessing the greatest slaughter of innocent lives that you could ever witness anywhere upon the face of the earth that is putting even Hitler and the third rock to same. Back in the 30s and the 40s. Why because the naturalistic world warfare under the leadership of Satan himself would teach us that human life is a biological accident that has no ultimate significant as the Bible teaches. From the moment of conception that we all created and folding the image of God from before the foundation of the world. Number three life games forever and day. That's what the naturalistic will would teach us. That's what the New Age movement is all about. That's what the Coke would teach us. That's what Ouija boards and spiritism and all the spiritual mediums are trying to teach. That's what the poison is that is being spread all over television programs at $0.95 a minute and you gotta be over the age of 18. In order to cover a multitude of transgressions by friends what the world is saying out there is that life is forever a death that's not what the Bible say that's not what happened to Mignon Jeffords yesterday no sir Bible says God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall never die, but shall have eternal everlasting life, and she was taken by the Angels.

Tom sported to be seated at the feast table of the king. Number four, the mind has no separate existence or survival apart from the brain. Number five that humanity's belief in God is a form of self-deception. See this is what will doubt they would have us to think they would say experiencing God. Not that self-deception getting really just getting to know Obama. Let's not get into all that stuff that's hexane Chris that's going over the bowl. I mean, that's stretching appointments you not be religious but don't get so involved, I mean going to shop for a bowl team. But what if you don't get excited about the word of God, pray for overtime at the NBA finals so we can stretch the popcorn for one more link, but whatever you do, never pray for overtime in God's otherwise, God forbid the Methodist might lead us to the cafeteria. All that I say that you'd say to me today will pasta what is this it's the battle between good and evil. It is the battle between right and wrong. It is the battle between light and darkness is the kingdom of God versus the kingdom of evil that Jesus spoke about repeatedly throughout the synoptic gospel.

It is the essence of everything that Jesus Christ is as the life of the world and in him was no darkness at all. You'd say to me today pasta. How do we understand these things. We can only understand it from three perspectives number one theology number two exegesis number three. The experience of God's people. You say how does those things three things help me to understand spiritual well number one theology what is theology comes from the word fee off. What is the awesome who is the awesome God. You'll never understand spiritual warfare until you understand God, my friend, until you prepared to come to an experience with God until you prepared to come to a deep understanding of who God is. That's why I'm so grateful to God for our church and for the movement that is being sweeping across these hallowed holes why because with coming to grips with theology. I want you to know friends that what we believe is going to determine the way in which we live. But there's a second way in which we understand spiritual warfare and that's two exegesis with exegesis is from the word exegete, which means to come to grips with the word of God.

When not just coming to grips with theology which is God with coming to grips with word of God.

What is said about God.

How we learn about God.

The unsearchable riches of God in Christ Jesus. We got understand theology we go to understand exegesis. That is why it is so important. Every Sunday, this pasta and the Sunday school teachers and expands God major everything that we do in the unsearchable riches of God in Christ Jesus.

There is never an exception to that rule.

The third thing is the experience of God's people. It's what you and I know to be true about God through the exercise of our own lives. So how can we understand this. I want us to have a look at one passage that will help us to understand this. There are many passages in Scripture, but one of the Mark chapter 1 and verse 21 follow along in God's word with me this morning. The Bible says that they went to Capernaum when the Sabbath came, Jesus went into the synagogue and began to teach now hold it there for just a minute you know three things that theology, exegesis, the experience of God's people. It's right there in that first verse.

Jesus in the church teaching. Watch what happens.

The people were amazed at his teaching because he taught them as one who had authority not as the teachers of the law. Just then. Now this is shocking.

Folks are you ready for this. Please don't leave.

Listen to what happened. Just then a man in their synagogue who was possessed by an evil spirit cried out. What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth.

Have you come to destroy us. I know you all you are the holy one of God require say Jesus sternly come out of him.

The evil spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek.

People were also amazed that they lost each other what is this a new teaching and with authority.

He even gives orders to the evil spirits, and they obey him news about him spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee by the Lord righties word upon our hearts for things that I want us to understand about experiencing God despite spiritual warfare). This passage number one, the evil one process. This man number two, the evil one protested the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ number three, the evil one had no power to resist the component of the Lord Jesus Christ and number four all the evil one punish the man before he came out of the let's look at this closely together Festival, the evil one possessed the man things if we're ever going to understand spiritual warfare we got understand the deep significance of spiritual possession. You see, the Bible says that when Jesus Christ comes into your heart and life. He doesn't sit next to you, he doesn't just cuddle you. He doesn't just carry you, he possesses you.

I try, I mean he just takes over. Now what's what's going to happen here. It is the key and spiritually impossible for a born-again believer to be possessed by a demon or an evil spirit there.

It is very important point to folks. It is biblically and spiritually impossible for a born-again believer to be possessed by a demon, or by an evil spirit or by site say how can that be pasta well it's very simple. The Bible says it is impossible for the temple to be occupied by light and darkness at the same time.

Darkness cannot comprehend the life according to John chapter 1 Jesus said I am the life adding me. There is how much God there is no darkness at all. Now one of the Christian cannot be possessed by the evil one. The Christian can be influenced by the evil one eye on the site will now pasta is spreading his, though I'm not really looking at exegesis in the mind of God. You see, it is possible as a born-again believer full Satan to try to influence me quote Tim Teicher that Jesus himself was tempted yet with no sin. That was the difference you see I can be tempted. I can be influenced by the power of darkness that I can never be possessed by the power of because the Bible says because of the Spirit who dwells within me. He immediately sets up a report from Eddie kicks the power of darkness away from me now that word possession is very interesting in verse 23 Bible says.

Just then a man in the synagogue who was possessed by an evil spirit that word possession. They literally means to be taken over concrete.

It means to be concrete sold by.

That's why you remember in John chapter 8 and verse 44 Jesus said to his disciples. He said that Satan is the father of lies. That means that he is the controlling, manipulating, factor of everything that is the antithesis of the holiness of God. Little wonder that in just a moment.

What is the one thing that the evil one could not tolerate this far as God was concerned it was his holiness, and in fact the evil one in the next verse is going to say get away from me. I cannot tolerate goal holiness. I cannot tolerate goal righteousness. I cannot tolerate goal sovereign grace. I cannot tolerate everything that you all number one, the evil one possessed this man, but there's something interesting about that. You notice that this man was possessed inside the church. That's what the Bible says Jesus went into the synagogue there. The people were verse 23. Just then a man in their church in their synagogue sigh pasta horror upon hearts. You know what that means. That means that Jesus Christ is just reminding us folks that just because a person comes to church doesn't mean to say that they know Jesus. Just because a man is a preacher doesn't mean to say that he knows Jesus forgive the eruption will be back with the rest of today's message in just a moment. But as Dr. Wilton challenges us all in our study of God's word to experience God despite spiritual warfare you need to know you are not in this alone. God has built each of us for community a part of the body of Christ. If you're facing spiritual warfare and you need someone to pray with you before you. We stand ready to do that right now at 86689. That's 866-899-9673 that will not just doubting the broadcast. But anytime, 866899673 will connect with what was happy to talk or listen or pray or connect with resources that will give you ammunition in your spiritual warfare. Like the daily Encouraging Word Bible guide you can receive it physically in a small booklet that we be happy to send you absolutely free. You can call or visit our website to request a copy signed for the email will begin sending it to you every morning. It's a powerful word from God's encouragement from Dr. Wilton and how we should pray for the day and how to apply God's word to her life again. It's called the daily Encouraging Word email Dr. Don Wilton sign up today at G you like a physical copy, just call us and ask for it at 866-899-9673 that back today's teaching Dr. Don Wilton just because you sitting in the pews today worshiping with us by way of television does not mean to say that you love the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says this man was not under the control of God. He was under the control of Satan and to make matters worse he found himself inside the church. But you know something that's good news is on no cost or not you really you telling us is good news. The man was possessed by the evil one in the church.

You know why because it was in the church that he encountered the presence of Jesus folks and look what happened. That's a good use. That's why love the invitation. Some people say will preacher showing the invitation needs to be said and more but I that's the best time of the whole service you know why people are joining the church people are coming for baptism. People are coming to know Jesus Christ.

People are confessing sin. That is the climactic culmination of the entire worship experience. You know why because we are sinners saved by the grace of God and the Bible says this man was possessed in by the church, but in the second place that the evil one immediately protested the presence of the Lord Jesus. That's what the word says in verse 24 what you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth. Is it possible you really think that the devil recognizes Jesus as sucker someone said to me one time does the devil believe in God, you better believe it. He believes in God but I didn't mean to say that he had the Lord Jesus living in these are see most of Americans today know about regarding the heads but they don't have Jesus living in their heart Bible says the devils believe in God and they tremble. They understand they know exactly who God is at the Bible says that immediately Jesus came into the house of God, the evil one protested the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was fostering a church in South Louisiana that's why speak with a Cajun accent and I was there for six years. Precious group of people love them to the start. One day I received a phone call from Baton Rouge, Louisiana which is the home of the LSU fighting Tigers which according to Dr. pounds used to be a very good team and I beg your pardon, Jerry. But any right, I got a phone call to Gupta General Hospital in Baton Rouge and there was a family there they met me at the dorm I say to me pasta we heard you preach at a meeting and we really need you they were in agony sit on the altar. 16 years of age is in this hospital room and she's dying I said what, what's wrong.

I said nobody knows what's wrong with her.

She's try to commit suicide. She's been immoral.

She's got involved in everything, but she's got nothing physically wrong with why know what to do. Folks do not go to Dr. but I didn't have the right one for this.

Why didn't have one back then either and I walked into that hospital room and I'm telling you something folks I don't if you've ever been in a place where you feel the evil. It was just evil the Sock Bourbon St. in New Orleans. My wife and I just stopped going. You could just seems the evil just walking down the street just evil. You condescend just evil folks. That's all it is ugliness the antithesis of God.

When I walked in they I knew that there was only one thing I could do that was to pray is not silly. I mean can you imagine having to resort to pray.

I mean how can anybody get so weak I don't know what else to do. Maybe I did not understand the power of prayer like a duty day there about 10 people and then I realized I needed an ally. I needed someone who knew Jesus Christ to pray with me. I went up to the first man I see them sir, are you a born-again believer. He said well it depends what you mean by that I said would you mind leaving. Please talk with you. Please, if you don't mind, sir. I couldn't take the risk. Folks I went up to the next lady and I said ma'am are you a born-again believer. She said all yes preacher, I love the accident unexplained right you don't move it's written all over your face you love Jesus.

I went up to the next person, I said Sir are you born born-again believer. He said well I go to church every Sunday.

I said, would you please leave man I can't run that risk modify understand this passage just because he goes to church and I just because you born in a motor and a garage doesn't make you a motorcar you know that don't. I said, would you please leave well I ended up with with that with a several people standing around. We join hands together and I turned this young lady who was so angry when she looked at me I'll never seen such hating on and I began to pray Lord Jesus, I know you shed your blood will be calling on Calvary's tree.

I don't know what to say I've probably signed all the wrong things God would you do something for this young lady coming to her life presents yourself folks the Laxton fallout wasn't quite Mississippi River did not think that I tell you all such and she turned around to me and for the first time in smiled hello and I looked at her and right there with her mother and on the street I lived that young go to the Lord Jesus Christ baptized her some weeks like we lost.

I heard she was still growing, little Jesus Christ, that all will be desire to continue to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ. But that growth starts with a single choice, a decision the Lord is not going to force himself on any of us but there is an opportunity for you to change your life with a simple decision today. A life-changing decision that Dr. Wilkins going to share with you next. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me today. I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my in Jesus night, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting new as Dr. Wilton was praying that powerful salvation prayer.

Perhaps you agreed with heart and you like I did many years ago are saying God as best I know how to save what you've given your life to Jesus Christ. That's the most important. But thanks we love to walk with you not only growing your faith at helping you plug into a local church near you.

All of this takes place by just starting a conversation phone numbers 866899 word and we stand ready to talk with you.

Pray with you and give you free resources and Dr. Wilton that will help you growth can help you find a local church to plug into. You may Artie know the church you know to go back to know that we are here to help you at 866899 word again. The numbers 86689 ninth 9673 or is the information a little earlier.

The broadcast love to help you sign up for the daily Encouraging Word as well. Daily Encouraging Word devotional available in a quarterly delivery you would like to request history devotional 6699 word for our website The Encouraging Word and OIG will be on the right thing to you The Encouraging Word you are listener supported ministry for listening at times gone for today but tomorrow we bring you the conclusion of this experiencing God despite spiritual warfare message from Dr. Don Wilton again. It literally is giving us ammunition to fight the battle and to also know how we can defend each other and defend ourselves as we struggle to leave the men of God. The women of God that we know were called to Texas. All that's coming up tomorrow between now and then. Let's stay connected on our

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