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R520 The Innkeeper

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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December 10, 2020 8:00 am

R520 The Innkeeper

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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December 10, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Which is ready for Christmas.

Don't you think. At least I am. And we are here at The Encouraging Word with a Christmas message from Dr. Don Wilton. It's been an interesting thing to talk with many of you who are loving this Christmas series of messages early in the month.

Sometimes we save these until later in the month of no we want to celebrate the price of Christmas all year long, but most certainly all month long.

The Encouraging Word if you haven't been to our website lately GVW might be a resource for you to have some Christmas gifts and others that will point them to Christ.

Remember during this holiday season. Friends are more likely than ever to be open you talking about the Christ of Christmas to you the details are for resources and more. Now it's open God's word together were headed to Luke chapter 2 about the innkeeper. Dr. Wilson today I want us to move a little bit and I want us to think about the someone saving Scripture. In fact, is not all nondata submit to you today that we guide awesome God by his spirit.

Help us to understand what it did in my own heart, keep the in said no to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now Scripture does give us one perhaps significant reason. Perhaps the best reason seems to me rather lengthy events that Took Pl. in Judea took place as they did. Of course we know that they stood in line with what God intended for them to be down God's intended purpose for the Lord Jesus Christ is King of Kings to be blue in such humble origins as a lowly manger. Can you imagine that innkeeper have said no, what exactly happened on that special day when Mary and Joseph turned up the I want you to open your Bibles to Luke's gospel chapter 2 the gospel of Luke chapter 2 well-known passage we read this so many times I'm sure that many of us could even quote this passage, Baha and did it is as significant today is the day these events took place.

Luke's gospel chapter 2 nondata read just the first seven verses the Bible says that in those days I remember. By the way, that Israel was a Roman protectorate was under Roman rule and what ever Caesar Augustus saying all and you remember last week that we discovered that that Jesus was of the line of baby and so Joseph and Mary Murray, Medline, Jesus was born of the line of David. These conventions were very much possible with the acceptable of his day. Jesus was able to validate his origin. His credentials spoke to them soon and we discovered that there was another side to this. Mary and Joseph, being of the royal line the line and lineage of David. I guess that was a downside Caesar said to those who are the line of David need to come and be text.

You gotta pay the government and so Mary and Joseph stood in line. They would basically him in obedience. Just the same as everybody else. Lesson one happened in those days Caesar Augustus issued creed that a census should be taken of the entire Roman rule. This was the first census that took place while Cyrene is was governor of Syria and everyone went to his own town to register.

Just like we do when we vote about a given site precinct we call them precincts. When the presidential election comes along you about our assigned precinct by the high school.

The municipal building or the post office middle school wanted when we go to that precinct where we are assigned as American citizens and begun ranges for our right to vote.

That's why they went to their own town that had to go to the place of origin verse for so Joseph was no exception.

Also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea in the town of David, because he belonged to the house in the line of David. He went there to register with Mary, was planes to be married to him and was expecting a child. While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her first son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was found no room for them in the I wonder what really happened that day and walking through the mind of the innkeeper when you join me as we pray. Father, we could never begin to understand the mall. This truth of the unbelievable eternal birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We cannot even begin to understand what transpired in the mind of one solitary figure. The innkeeper father speak to our hearts today and may we stand ready to open the door to the ends of our own hearts and lives in Jesus name we pray, serious serious if you startled me. How long have you been standing there, none of your jokes now tell you if you smiled that hideous smile and financial mailing like yesterday.

I'm going to write out the knife you hungry, help yourself to some bread you like to watch out for your teeth. I feel like the soloists and it's all seasons fault.

So what do you think of my cozy little and then listen to you. Yesterday was maybe three travelers for the night. Would you like to guess how many are there right and I not make fun of you and your long distance.

Guess wrong.

I have 21 guests and customers because I just didn't have any hymns like this area because of the census season is very hungry for money and so serenity is a census in the census come to taxation, then we must be taxed otherwise seasoned authorities as gladiators in his conquests in his feet, but it's not your friend. Through this I know, I know the old looking down from seven yes but I say Herod had a hand in it.

Otherwise, why would anyone be to the hands of the fathers to be counted like like me say Herod's idea and I say he's getting rich about expense.

So the sense of business that is not an easy the rooms down there. They have families in them and and families together. The excess Roman and every available space is rented last night very late for a couple arrived at the times the price for any loans I had left but I didn't have any rooms left so so I went to my room because I didn't bother telling settled in that they intended to pay need to meet and one of them.

Find value in my left so we ate there was plenty for everybody. That family had a sentimental attachment to seem to have much of an appetite so they may have gotten my room. I got Nazareth and and I had to put them somewhere she was about to have a baby.

Baby is a very frightening to understand in front of you and I could just wander around staying here, there would be no privacy for the baby in this room it's very hard. We cleaned out one of the stalls and I bet some fresh blank extending here that I can spare Joseph Young men's names Joseph fixed a manger doesn't come here we hang that baby does, and I'm stuck with the married young girl now you so sweet.

So, she didn't seem to be a bit nervous about having a baby so far from home. So that's how my going through this easy using and when it was over.

There was no better for me so this is pleasant for the census business wouldn't be so good. He's wrong. Around the middle of the night set in place to sleep. You and I very grateful.

We live in the homes of our fathers, otherwise I might be traveling to sleeping now. Instead I rent out my room.

The price of the few needs and goals when misleading the saw Caesar maybe good for my business thinking so good for my back that I dreamed of angels and yes it was quite agreeing to sit down and just Joseph about this angels and Joseph married young couple from my dream also my sister's husband Zach the ownership. It all seems a very solid median. I remember I remember I was gathering take shepherds up that late in the evenings and I had some cheese and some bread and some wine and some grooming dream seemed so real I can even remember smelling getting some grease on my hands.

I started out the door towards the terraced hills. The night was clear. The stars were magnificent and I started up the first Terrace to see a light as I climbed the stairs. I could see the light a little better so I heard a very welcome to the top of the last year when I stopped I could see very clearly wasn't coming from a five would you guess who the light was coming wrong. It wasn't a nameless night. See red stand before an angel of God that I was frightened and I knew it was a dream Angel just shy so that seven 327 yes never been on his way through this. She said do not be afraid to bring good news of great joy which for today and Savior has been born to Christ the Lord.

This would be assigned find strips of cloth and lying in the manger scene is speaking, angels, and the night side is I see that such dreams you say if I told you there was more than one Angela, how many you think that will go, I will not make fun of you. Again, that's a whole host of the count praised God praise God should consider glory to God in the highest, and on peace to men had heard the angel's heart was so full of one surfeit of choice of first.

I don't know that heaven will be like this but that I must hear the angels glory to God with the angel of the that my friend dreams is not to forget anything when I'm finished. The lightest color sounds. I remember this into the day I die after the angels on the shepherds try to decide her mind to go into town to Bethlehem and see this thing that God I just watching them as they went to town. I got my dream.

After a while, standing there and done that I decided to follow my dream so I tried so fast and I was carrying all of that food you just click on the my state.

Joseph and Mary.

There was Joseph and that was Marion.

Maybe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in the manger shepherds.

That is exactly that with my mouth open, thinking about God. Shepherds are going to town to tell everybody what they had seen what they heard enough. I do know what sometimes dream shouldn't speak and then there's no telling what something Joseph was saying to me closely said some of the Messiah is flushed something and I said to Joseph, the prophet Isaiah says that Emmanuelle was born to a virgin.

Joseph smiled and said that the key Mary was a virgin angel appeared to Mary and told him of God's plan has conceived a child and married an angel appeared to me also Messiah, Jesus.

I couldn't help it that I cried for the child and Joseph he said is wrong.

Isaiah had also going to be despised treated very solid morning. My assumption that attendance is Joseph is all that was left, and God has his own plan for the Christ best since the shepherds on that.

I gave Joseph food and I asked him if there was anything else that they might need narration. She looks at time she gave me a smile and I was about to ask her if she was all right and I did and I saw the Messiah of God in swaddling clothes little vulnerable. I have never felt this way.

This is a child. How beautiful are doing wonderful about the angels meet Messiah Joseph he said to the king you could spare some clean linen and some freshwater seen the Messiah, Mary, Joseph, Jesus is awake now, and I think perhaps Akeem would like to hold and I want to hold not just in my hands will go to Greece in the end I needed a few things so I called back after I got the things they came in here tonight.

I will not sit down there and I sat down to think you know for a little and that that's all I remember standing over there so it begins with shepherds, angels, sirens, stable and ends with these learnings and this is the right coincidence because Joseph is keenly fed us these things for everyone. 21 over there families and families together The family and tell them the Messiah by major tell them all they want to see the Messiah, where they can find Messiah. Remember Mary and Joseph came by that in.

I wonder what the real reason walls wondered about the innkeeper always wondered forgive the interruption will be back with the rest of today's message of Dr. Don Wilton in just a moment, but Dr. Don insisted I remind you we are here for you mentioned a number quickly at the beginning, but you need to jot this number down or storing your cell and spew contact get that plus input 1-866-899-9673 interphone let it be a way that you know that Dr. Don would say we be happy to be at 2 AM friend of yours. You can call anytime. We love to pray with you and for you The Encouraging Word now back to today's message It must've been so much that was going on in these hawk Bible say is that they went into the manger, because there was no room for them in the that I began to think of you and me about Sue and I wonder why so many people today seem to have no room in the in wonder why it is that there are so many people today would be about every conceivable activity.

We could ever imagine this Christmas that they will not go to the maybe pure conjecture may be speculation, but I think somewhere, somehow God speaks to our hearts through the innkeeper. Let me make a number of suggestions. Yes, maybe because of saturation certainly true in the case of the innkeeper saturation too busy, too much, too much going all the busyness of the everyone running here and there and everywhere I meet mainly ladies moms and dads got so much going on. They don't have enough time for their own children. I don't have time to repeat children throwing frisbee that I don't have time to go to a ballgame just too busy. I meet people who are just too busy to many business decisions to make.

Too many places to be too many homes to Boone that use of their lives and become saturated and there's no room for Jesus at the end. Well, what about status maybe statuses enough of a reason that I certainly would not suggest this because often rule the innkeeper that I'm sure had a remarkable experience, but is Possible that the he took one look at Mary and Joseph, and he said you know they don't quite measure up to the standard that I'm used to be my in but I think he was onto something because that same one that he talked of encountering is the same one who turned to me one day and say Don Wilton come to me because you are laden and you are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

It's incredible thing is all starts with simple choice choice you can make today you open your heart, what our pastor Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now you have gone. I know that I miss and I know that Jesus died for on the cross today. I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend.

I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting news. I believe some of you actually prayed along with Dr. door moments ago and gave your life to Jesus Christ for the first time some of you have rededicated your life wasn't just doing that prayer all through this message today, maybe even in some other teaching from Dr. Wilton or others you been hearing on the stations you know God is holiday season resources. By 198669988997 connect on our website as well. Bible itself

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