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R921 Temptation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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November 10, 2020 8:00 am

R921 Temptation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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November 10, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

We all face temptation and today will go to God's word with Dr. Don Wilton to discover one of the ways we break free.

This is The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton in this message from Matthew chapter 6 on temptation will gain insight on how we can break free will also be reminded that you are not alone in that temptation.

Sometimes the most important thing we can do is share with a friend. The fact that were being tempted before we have to share.

This is the sin we ask you to help us move away from what we love to be a partner with you an accountability partner a prayer partner. We can do that it 866-899-WORD that's right, 24 hours a day, 866-899-9673 will connect with what I was happy to talk or listen up right here for you that today's message with Dr. Don Wilton. I want to give to you six solution overcoming temptation right out of the Bible not usually what I do is I preach all message from the text and then I give you the solutions at the end will do that at the end as well, but in a practical sense. I want to begin with the word of God. They all number one put on the whole armor of God put on the whole armor of God. Ephesians chapter 6 verse 11 and following. That's the first solution by the way they many more. There are many more.

I'm just giving you six laws will have an overload. I don't have an overload today number one put on the whole armor of God, watch the spokes solution number one get greatest property get properly graced and God tells us how to do number two watch and pray, Matthew 26 and verse 41 watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. Now watch why did Jesus say this, that's where they watch you know to cleans folks means just open your eyes below Jesus spoke about this. He was telling us way back then.

This is real stuff temptation is real, he wouldn't have included that in the he knows what the devil wants to do. He wants to tempt us wants us to pull wants to destroy our lives. He wants to discredit our witness. Jesus said if you means you pluck it out, he wasn't talking about I and he was saying to you what it is that you needed watch Jesus said watch and pray number three.

Present your bodies Romans chapter 12 that would be present in Romans 12 watch this same tool body, so you will fool to the world. What is the world say to me the World Series man. If you look at it and you want to take it if you like it yours taste good and feels good. Looks good. That's the bottom line have added big boy who cares about that beautiful wife and is being so faithful. Conrad means your eyes and your bodies with old junkets put out on television, and all pornography and destroy the very self-worth you guys. It won't even happen to you.

What will happen. With your sense of self-worth and that might go on for months and years.

It'll just eat away at you like an acid like a cancer and eventually it will catch up you unconcealed, it will destroy you.

That's what temptation does present your body you when you give way when you you you lay it down it means that you all submitting to the authority of God who enables you by his spirit to stand up against the conforming the Mons of the world. Number four I love this one. Be self-controlled and alert. First Peter chapter 5 in verse eight. Be self-controlled and alert.

Because the devil is a roaring lion, seeking whom he made about that, would they be so, but be vigilant. Be self-controlled, be alert the word… I'm word is the word watch. This means open your eyes. Be on the move. Stand up, be vigilant, be on your God, because you can do something about it. Number five I love James Ford verse seven. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Now that word resist say is I come long Dixon active ingredient do not know some of you will forgive me but I'm so glad football season is your old times and then play the game football and a lot but it would be if you put on oldest Patty see, I grew up playing rugby didn't have padding. That's why you have so many dead rugby players. I'm just talking about what what I hear coaches saying in football is that when you playing football on the alert. I'm tiny.

Those guys get down.

They get sick man and you just see this like it and I looking men they got. They want to have quarterback for lunch with apologies to all quarterbacks right below it be ready get ready on your mark get set go resist the devil ready the place, trying in a bucket you not to deflect the ball even when at school in the number six hide God's word in your heart. Love that one. Psalm 119 verse 11 hide God's word in your heart. Okay, this six solutions or great truths put on the whole armor of God, watch and pray, present your bodies.

Be self-controlled and alert. Resist the devil hide God's word in your heart.

Read God's word study guards would memorize God's word.

This is a director from the Lord Jesus folks and there are six facts just in these two lines. There are six facts that he gives us about temptation. I just want to give them to. It's amazing just to let Jesus gives us six facts that all people need to know about this issue that robs us number one temptation is considerable. Excuse me, temptation is not just a parsing little fancy. Jesus is letting us know it's major it's considerable fact number two Austin God is advisable. What if temptation is considerable.

He says you and I need to go to our heavenly father and say to my father which is in heaven. Would you be so kind as to help us prevent us from being laid into temptation Austin God is advisable. Temptation is considerable extract number one number two that Austin God is advisable. Number three. Prevention is possible while love that Jesus was making an announcement. He said listen, you can prevent temptation from taking hold in your life number. Full deliverance is available to prevent something is one thing but to be done from something is entirely another to be prevented from succumbing to temptation. I want to be deleted from even the same things all being tempted by the evil one.

I have to deal with this to you so what's this temptation is considerable Austin God is advisable. Prevention is possible. Deliverance is available but the first fact that he gave us is that the devil is capable. He said rather deliver us from the evil one. I'm not preaching today on the doctrine of the devil.

I'm tiny folks we could do a years series in this church just on what Bible teaches us about Satan and he means business. I tell you young people he's got your number me.

You know what he wants to do. He wants to destroy you before you got off the ground.

What it really like to do is just like you are planning to destroy a laugh licking his chops man before you get married. Whoever it is that you gonna marry knows that you been with every person in town.

He wants you to be washed up and used up. He comes to seek and to kill and to destroy. So what is Jesus I just letting us know the devil is capable but there's a six fact victory is attainable. Victory is attainable.

You got a flow of fact, that comes from the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ. Temptation is considerable and Austin God is advisable and prevention is possible. Deliverance is available. The devil is capable to ready in Christ Jesus is a time or love that. Okay so how does God do this, how does he do it I what's this Jesus is telling us he said listen, I want to tell you something. You can go to him, you cannot skip. My question is I know he's gone. But how does he do this, how does he prevent me from being laid and succumbing to temptation. I'm here in my life.

I'm making a commitment to the Lord that I don't want my life destroyed. I don't want to get to the age of 40 and look back and say man.

If only I had listened when I was 18 and 19 and 20. If you ever meet somebody at the age of 40 that looks like a 60 and 70 just chewed up by way some of the most precious godly people I've ever met full into that category. I tell you can get every person who falls into that category. They'd stand up in a New York second and they would stand in the tree big.

How does God do this well, it's quite simple. He does it through the position we occupy.

I have been adopted as a son in God's family. You been adopted as a daughter in God's family… Three children myself all grown but I'm telling you, as we as a family interact. I'm the only dad that they've got. We have a unique relationship and because I have a unique relationship as father to my children. There are some things that I'm able to do with and for my family.

Watch this because of the position we occupy to get will. I'm a child of God. I want to be's children.

I'm in a unique position and when God gives me a promise and he helps me. He makes available to me all the resources necessary to be able to stand for to overcome because of the position occupy number two through the word, we live by at soundboard does it. The Bible says that thy word is a lamp and a light lamp under my feet and I lacked my path way he does it not just by the position through the position that we occupy.

I am in Christ, God's imputed righteousness conferred upon me as an adopted son, but he does it through the word, we live by. It also does it through the spirit we are empowered by Zechariah chapter 4 verse six. It's not by my nor by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord grabbed the three things working for me here that God can work through by one my position as an adopted son is an adopted daughter in Jesus Christ. Number two, through the word of God that we live by this word just food with God's promises number three through the spirit of the Lord who empowers us, Christ made all not my power but God's power, round number four through the authority he rules by. That's the 4th Way, God doesn't. He tells us about it in the last phrase of the Lord's prayer for thine is the power, the kingdom, the glory for ever and for ever.

That's what that means folks in the saints.

I don't want to put words into the name of the Lord Jesus.

But what he saying here is listen, man.

I'm talking about temptation, yet including all these other things doing the will of God and praising him and getting his provision and getting forgiveness and forgiving others, but I'm going to tell you something, the means by which God is able to help you and me to overcome temptation is not just the position that we occupy is not just the word that we live by. It's not just the spirit that we are empowered by, but it is through listen to this, the authority that he rules by his is the kingdom the power and the glory there is a sense in which I can hear I can get Jesus looking into the face of the devil, citing you want a piece of me son you talking to me you want to pick on one of our people here listen you think you got power, all power is mine. You think you rule the kingdom I'm in charge, you think all glory comes to you.

I am glory forever. Maybe the devil was sitting there somewhere side that I get your forever ever and for ever and for ever. All right, now what's this, how do we bring it all together. What can we do what must we do we will tear at six biblical solutions we looked at six facts that Jesus makes concerning temptation. We've even tried to discover how God does this. What's the means at his disposal, and we've uncovered opposition, the word of God in the spirit of God and the authority of God please forgive the interruption will be back with the rest of today's powerful message on temptation and how we break free with Dr. Don Wilton, but Dr. Don Wilton remind you mention the phone number earlier 866-899-WORD his way to connect and have someone pray with you and pray for you. That's 866899673, but we also love to connect with you online keyboard keyboard so to speak at G that's our website TE W We are here for you… Today's great teaching Dr. Don Wilton folks.

What must we ready for this. Garrett is down the line number one number one, folks, this is Sarah's stuff faceup faceup face up to the facts faceup to the fact I believe in America today.

Folks we were to start facing up to the fact America needs a revival.

You and I need to face up to the facts about own struggles. What is it, what are you being tempted with what your Achilles' heel what's going on isn't pornography. What is it is it line is it cheating is it your disposition. What is it faceup number two faceup wanting to face up to the reality, it's another thing to faceup to confess it to Jesus because it's his business. He wants to be his business. I'd love to partner with you. I believe in accountability but I can't do anything about it. The Jesus came faceup I cannot about you but I found myself praying sometimes infect more times than not get down on my knees and I know that there is a sin in my life. But man of my date body my actually going to call a spade a spade. So I get down they'll be sitting here and I'll just simply pray on driving my motorcar and I'll say Lord just help me and I can face so my sin parents. How many times do you know what your child has done, but you want them to tell you about it. Why because generic confessions don't get it done. Folks faceup number three put up put up you know when you think about athletics. Think about those cheerleaders training all year for those bowl games. Then finally the time comes in the bowl game arrives and all of his moves in all the activities in all the time and the coach of the cheerleading squad looks into the faces of those girls and says goes. It's game time tonight. It's time to put up there's no more of this stuff running around will. Let's do it again.

They I know more news it again tonight we are out there in front of the crowd, put up that would put up means you go to get on with it. Number four player you want to be where God wants you to be right up.

That's what this prayer is all about.

That's why Jesus said watch and pray number five standup by the way that the word they standup was rather interesting. It means that you go to take a stand where Stan needs to be taken. You see folks you not in a popularity contest over this.

Some of you are going to even risk a little bit of friendship and popularity because of the stand. You take some of you young people on that high school campus when you stand up you might lose your best friend of that's just fine and dandy. God will bless you stand up.

Maybe it's out of that country club or you love that game and you love the Lord Jesus Christ. But this just something about it every time you get out there into that group of guys and they stop talking like that and I start drinking and they start carousing and and they will married man and they talking about the woman and all the time. Every time you hit the golf ball somebody's bossing Commons time. It's just not stop.

It just goes on and God says stand up because if you don't take dictation is going to just suck cueing to that back to you go to become part of that group.

Listening are you listening, you don't stand up you not going to go anyway and some of you come to church on Sunday and God speaks to you and you know what you need to do your even willing to faceup in faceup and put up but as soon as you get out there not standup to afraid your check and then euro school thing chicken in the economy of God, you won't take your stand like a dead fish and you'll come to church on Sunday and you look the part and you sing the plot and you sound good in front of your wife and your children. But when it comes down to where the water here against the wheelman are not willing to stand up. What's the matter with you man, I'm telling you something, my beloved friend that pornography will destroy you, or whatever it is.

Jesus wasn't playing games I read in this passage that Jesus said well you know by the way there's another thing I'd like to just mentioning policy.

If any of you would like to give it some consideration.

But you don't need a deacons meeting for this standup but you know there's one final thing that we must do stay up all whole man please.

I wish I hadn't saved that stay up. Keep on keeping on. This is a life's journey takes a life's commitment means you're in it for the long whole I'm not anything special.

Folks, but I tell you what I have told both my sons my daughter-in-law and my daughter my children. I told my children are said to them, my beloved children by God's grace and my wife by God's grace I am making a commitment to you that I will never go to a pornographic site. I told my own children said your daddy I'm gonna tell you right now I'm in a make a commitment to you because I love you folks. I cannot do that in my own strength going to cry out to the Lord, you've got to cry out to the Lord you go to establish parameters to faceup to the facts faceup to God you go to put up and make a start because it's time you would a prayer to God to help you stand up, take a stand and be counted. And then you go to stay up if you don't stay up and will get you like a folding down. The good news is we go down we went to stay down. Ephesians 4962 are better than one for either of them falls one can help the other up and we are here to help. Know that were ready to pray with you to connect you and encourage you with some resources here at The Encouraging Word that's TEW or this phone number Chinatown store it yourself. We are 8668 24 hours a day that will connect with when I was happy to talk or listen or pray 866-899-9673 we're here for you. And speaking of here for you. Dr. Don is here with perhaps the most important questions of our broadcast today. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross.

Today I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting you got spoken to you like to Christ.

Give us a call.

We have free resources will want to put in your hands.

866-899-9673 or and why your online discover great resources like this people around the world are looking for some kind of assurance to quiet their fears. Let's be totally secure total insurance comes from God. Serious question to ask you if you were to die would you go ahead this month with your gift of $25 in support The Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Wilton's powerful message for comforting assurance of salvation along with totally secure.

Both of these ministry resources will help answer important questions people charts charts struggling salvation. Can I leave my salvation will I go to handing things when I call life at 866899, where the request of the company necessary for salvation, along with totally secure. You can find a hearing of God The Encouraging Word anything you are and your support in ministry. You are listening today. I typed on through the connecting and join us tomorrow for three spiritual exercises. That's the message coming up tomorrow with Dr. Don Wilton on The Encouraging Word

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