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R892 Praying for a Miracle, PT.1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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October 15, 2020 8:00 am

R892 Praying for a Miracle, PT.1

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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October 15, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Are you praying for a miracle.

That's today's topic is Dr. Don open God's Encouraging Word together with us so good to welcome you to this very special time of studying God's Word, the Bible itself guides Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton well-known author evangelist Pastor and in some ways, best known as the pastor of Dr. Billy Graham for the last 25 years. I pray that as we gain insight together from this wonderful godly man, we would know as he would say it all points to Scripture today. God can speak to us about this subject.

Praying for a miracle. As a matter fact will be talking about this and praying together and studying of the next two days on this message and we're here for you throughout the time to connect friends. I'm going to ask you to take your Bibles this morning and turn with me to John's Gospel and the second chapter as we study the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you praying for a miracle. Are you praying for a miracle want to just say something to each one of you and before I say it. I just feel compelled to pray for each one of us would you bow your heads with me. Father what we're about to talk about runs very deep and there are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people who at this very moment, have reached a point where they need a miracle in their lives. Father speak in Jesus name, amen. Are you praying for a miracle that we give you a definition of a miracle. This is my definition.

I miracle is something that only God can do to get back to you again fact, you might want to write that down in your Bible spice in the Bible is very precious so I'm going to recommend that you use some of its precious spice. Write this down. I miracle is something that only God can do. I believe with all of my heart that there are literally hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands upon thousands of people just like you and just like me who have run out you going to say to me, will foster what exactly do you mean you know what I mean, I know what I mean. You just run out. Remember that a miracle is something that only God can do. I miracle is something in which impossible things all made possible miracles. All the show and tell of the power of God the show and tell of the power of God. Miracles are impossible things, made possible to summarize a miracle is something that only God can do and you've run out. Now we going to be studying a remarkable event. I should imagine that I first heard about the changing of the war cream to wine when I was just a little boy I've heard this story many times our boys being fascinated by. I don't know that I've ever read Lee seen beyond the obvious. I genuinely do not think that I have ever come to the point in My Own Life Way, God has allowed me to take a glimpse into what actually this meant. I explained the majority of my life believing that this was the first miracle that Jesus did. It is magnificent. It's the most unlikely thing I can't understand. I've actually been to China hardly anything there today. I've talked about it. I've probably preached on this many times, but for some reason the Lord has allowed me to see beyond this event and I want to share that with you today because I believe that there are thousands of people just like you and me who have run out and the only thing we can do is pray for a miracle dominated read this to you and I'm going to just explain a few things before we watch how that God by his spirit will begin to open the door about understanding and make an application into our own personal lives. Bible says that on the third Day Awaiting Took Pl. in Cana in Galilee, Galilee of course was a very fertile area. The sea of Galilee itself is 700 foot below sea level. It's 8 miles long and 3 miles wide beautiful Lake and it has fresh water in these people understood about quarter as opposed to those who were south of the border. The Bible says that awaiting took place not by the way weightings in those days were unbelievable events and some of us can identify with that. Some of us think that today awaiting comes around and we got a corner on the market, but I've got an announcement to make. To all you moms and young ladies in Brian's weightings were unbelievable events in the time of the Lord Jesus. They didn't have television and the Internet in the Super Bowl to watch.

This was the event of the week.

In the event of the decade. I don't know.

But when weightings came around, everybody showed up, and particularly those who were invited, and particularly then those who were related and I just want to say a word to your dad's out there today. I tell you dads the dance back in this day they understood what we dads understandably tell you one of my favorite movies and I hope you will just forgive me for that cold father of the bride. I like to just sit down with my wife and daughter. I can't stop laughing when I watch that and watch this total funny fellow who you know all the surprises in the way he responds to the impending weighting of these daughter and it's just amazing. I mean, what he have to do the preparation and goals and getting things ready and invitations would be imbibed not to invite, and the pressure that he had from both wife and daughter, but then not me that they also had a monster of the feast know that his name was funk or something silly like that. But you know from just cracks me up because this man had the responsibility of making sure that everything was in place.

I mean it was a pipe job will they had someone like that in Jesus time, believe it or not Frank was there, folks. That's not an original thought that movie should be playing the Bible royalties and song's responsibility in the Bible involved giving the very best of the base to the guests who wouldn't want to do that it awaiting me in the daughters getting married. This is this is the greatest demand. The bride is here which daddy doesn't want to give the base and back in the time of Jesus.

Of course they drank wine they didn't have the privilege of having that was purified but they didn't discard water particularly in the region of the Galilee of the regions where the water was fresh.

It was there in the Galilee region and what they would do is they would have to get one.

The fruit of the vine. They didn't have refrigeration so what they would have to do is get wine and they would have to keep that one fresh.

It was strong because it was pure they didn't have all the means at their disposal and the base wine was the fresh wine.

It was served right up front and the father of the bride and funk himself would have to make certain that the dance was served the very best of the best and what they did was they would pull little bit of water in there to neutralize the acidity of the grapes and the big struggle I had was the first main thing of this pure wine they didn't have the at their disposal. The means that we have and so drunkenness was a real problem because weightings went on for a number of days days they went to our events and so what happened was, as the wine began to run out because they didn't have a never ending supply of fresh grape juice coming in the as that began to run out so they would water down the wine more and more, and really what they were hoping was that perhaps some of them would get a little tipsy and they wouldn't notice how the water had diluted the wine but eventually it would get to the point at which it would be 98% water with just a little drop of old wine and finally they would run altogether and that was the catastrophe of old catastrophes that would save him from into the worst kind of Skype you could possibly imagine. And the whole reputation of everybody was at stake.

What were they going to do and folks and it produced the weighting to a level of impossibility what you do go out and manufacture vineyards. They didn't have a Honda motorcycle to get on site.

Listen same somebody down to Jerusalem quickly what you want to school and get FedEx to bring it in. When they ran out they ran out. This was a crisis, it was impossible remember and recall is something that only God can. They ran out. Have you run out as the food is gone out of your life. We see some things here today that are just remarkable in the Bible say sharing this one that this weighting took place. Jesus mother was then also Jesus and his disciples are being invited. When the wine was gone.

Jesus mother say dim light got no more wind which Jesus said their women. Why do you involve me.

By the way, he wasn't being cheeky. This was not Jesus being rude with these mother. He was being sassy woman. What is this going to do with me what he was doing as he was looking into the heart of the mother that bore him as the incarnate Christ is God himself, and he was proposing the most important question when it comes to a miracle are you talking to me as your son, because if you're talking to me as your son. I can do nothing. But if you are talking to me, the one who is divinely appointed as God is God want you to know as the son of the living God capable of doing the impossible.

So it is that these mother said to the servants in verse five.

Do whatever he tells you to do.

She didn't know what he was going to do. She had no idea she just simply made a statement that she knew was the only means by which a new wrinkle could be delivered because miracles are something only God can do nearby students, six stone water draws the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing. Each of them holding 20 to 30 gallons. Jesus said to the servants fully draws with water so they fold them up and he said not drool some out. Why drool them out as they went on a walking to the waiting with 13 gallon clay pots filled with water.

This was awaiting folks. The bride's parents and probably taken a trip down to Jerusalem and it got the best chime in the country. The goblets they would drinking from not being pure so I don't know, but this was the finest of the finally drew Walter out to serve in the manner and according to the custom at the level at which the father of the bride had determined to serve it and they did so. The monster of the banquet here comes from taste of the will to that of being turned into wine. He did not realize where to come from. Though the servants who drawn the water knew by the way, watch this folks, when you pray for a miracle. And when God gives you a miracle there again to be some people who will receive the blessing of that miracle, even though they did not even know that a miracle was taking place you type marriage, for example, there are hundreds of marriages that often years go by. The fizz runs out you just run out of juice is no more taste. Lift if you got younger children. Your children don't know about that necessarily maybe a house in your home is still intact and you're doing your best is mom and dad, but the fizz has gone you've run out of the base and you pray for a miracle that has what happens folks God brings a miracle to bear in your marriage in your life together, and the second part of your marriage is far brighter than the first part, the lost 35 years of your marriage is far brighter than the first 20 and not only that, but even your children become the beneficiaries and I had nothing to do with it.

To begin with but I didn't even know I watch what happens here everyone he said in verse 10 brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper one off to the get to bed too much to drink, but you cite the best until now. This the first of these miraculous signs Jesus performed the training gallantly, thus revealing his glory and his disciples put their faith in him, folks. One of the four reasons why miracles happen. Let me give you four reasons why miracles happen just quickly number one to demonstrate God's power to demonstrate God's power. Number two to glorified God's name, number three illustrate man's total the payments on God. Remember miracles on those things that only God can do and number full to strengthen man's faith Bible says in verse 11 that his disciples put their faith in him everything that happened in the life of Jesus was like a drum roll to just boots I crescendo a growing strengthening of the eruption back in just a moment with today's messages we continue to think about praying for miracle and how that crescendo rose to strengthening of faith. Perhaps your faith is feeling weak at this point time you like to have someone to pray with you and for about whatever miracle you're prepping for. We stand ready to do that right now at 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673. We would be honored to be one of your 2 AM Francis Dr. Don would say search out the number down stored in your cell make us a contact.

We are 866-899-9673 and would love to pray for you getting time registering the broadcast anytime day or night would also be happy to connect keyboard to keyboard that's TW this note were available right with you for now back tomorrow. Today's message praying for miracle with Dr. Don Wilton on The Encouraging Word just a very quick summary of events are not ready just going to give you a down to earth modern-day version. A summary of events that took place here at this wedding feast at Cana in Galilee. Number one. The wedding had lost its foods by ran out as your wedding lost its foods your business, your finances, your health, disposition, attitude the things that you need to do. Maybe it involves a son or a daughter just lost its foods. Number two.

Jesus showed up any questions. Jesus was in the center before the miracle took place. So what's this folks are going to have to awesome going to get that you got have to ask a question number one has the fizz gone out number two is Jesus the Izzy in the scheme of things does he figure out what's happening. Is he the one that you prepared to go to number three. Mom spoke up. I'm just giving you a summary of events. Mom spoke up.

I tell you, folks, do you know there was a time in my life that I actually thought my mother was the Holy Spirit as not good theology.

I'm just telling you like it is. Mom spoke up.

What happens when mom speaks up number full questions were almost if you praying for a miracle if you run out. It is quite okay to always question where do we get this, but you cannot off guard questions.

Where does that come from. That's not a sign of your lack of faith that's not sinfulness questions were almost you go ahead Montesquieu have a conversation with God on skip Lord, why, how, when I don't understand. If you follow the life of the disciples, they almost every question you could imagine, Lord way can I said can I stand up on him like that, keep that listen, could we do this explained it to me again that even looked into the face of the Lord Jesus and said I'm sorry monster. I don't know what in the world you talking about. Questions were almost number five. Instructions were given you. Praying for a miracle. Get ready. Instructions were given number six action was taken at the park.

We struggle with action was taken and number seven.

Everybody was blessed you know if you going to a character study of the wedding feast at Cana. There were a lot of people there folk from the monster of the house to the parents of the bride to the family, friends, relative servants, I mean likelihood they were there were scores of people at this wedding. It was a happening event folks, and everybody got placed. Now I want to share with you very briefly the seven elements of a miracle you need to write these down the seven elements of a miracle. I'm dying to give you a biblical guarantee. I believe with all my heart that the Lord has revealed to me that these seven elements will always be present when God brings a miracle to bear upon your life, and upon mine seven elements of a miracle element number one presents Jesus was there. So you gotta ask yourself a very important question. You see friends.

The greatest miracle of all is the miracle of salvation.

In fact, in John's Gospel we are in chapter 2 what happening. Chapter 3 we find the demonstration of the greatest miracle of all conversion. Jesus said to Nicodemus, you must be born again, he said, how can these things be disabled by miracle, not by flash but my spirit you going to be blown up the spirit.

How does that happen. That's the miracle of God.

You see, when we talk about presence when Jesus showed up. He was telling us, my friends, that miracles will not happen outside of himself.

Otherwise, you throw yourself into the realm of good luck in the Bible defies good luck number two.

The word predicament that's ripe in verse three.

The wine was gone.

Predicament second element fundamental element of every miracle predicament. The wine was gone they run out. Do you know of anybody in this life to as not found themselves in varying degrees of predicament. When sinners saved by the grace of God I don't know a lot of people who don't find themselves in a predicament folks more and more marriages and just run out, you know it, I find godly Christian business people who say I just want to say but I just run out parents praying for their sons and daughters. What can we do.

I don't know what else to do. They say you just run out.

Maybe you lost a loved one, and it feels like your heart is being taken on your chance to just run out getting desperate predicament. That's the second element of every miracle number three is purpose. Yet Jesus put his finger on purpose, but he wasn't just talking about his purpose. That is the entry point purpose because Jesus is the originator.

He's the makeup of all miracles, but he translates that into his divine purpose for each one of us whereby there is a demonstration of God's power. There is glory to the name of God, and there is a complete strengthening of the faith of mankind. There is a purpose behind every miracle. God just doesn't do something randomly just for the point of doing it. There is a purpose.

Have you run out what purpose do you suppose could be there for God to do a miracle in your life purpose.

What purpose could you write down could you put that down you know God restores that joy if he gives back to me that beloved fee resurrects this thing that I feel is half dead iffy if he brings me back to be on this is my prayer.

If he turns the ship around. What is the purpose.

If you can define that purpose. My frame you are in line for a miracle number full parameter parameter says right there in verse five.

His mother said to the servants, do whatever he tells you that me tell you what that is. Folks parameters all the rules of engagement. You can go to any athletic team, folks.

I'll guarantee you my friend. Even the two teams that play in the Super Bowl. They been operating according to a framework there are means of engagement and Mary the mother of Jesus put a finger rattle man. She said your parameter of engagement is absolute unquestioning deviance to what he says. Number five the word practice.

That's the fifth element of every miracle practice. Boy, that's a tough one because it means that not only we operating according to certain parameters, but we are willing to put those rules of engagement into practice. See folks let me tell you why many of us do not experience that miracle in our lives is because we go so far and get to know further we've coined that phrase you can read lead a horse to the water but you can't make it drink.

Jesus said, I declare that to be null and void. I'm already telling you to go to the water, but read my lips drink that's practice you want to miracle you got it drink.

You gotta practice number six the word power. That's the sixth element of every miracle or what a demonstration of how the impossible became possible. God did something that only God can do. So yeah you on your looking at your own life in your own situation your own circumstance, your finances, your healthy marriage, your children, your whereabouts where you live where not to live and it's just impossible. My friend is going to be a demonstration of God's power. You cannot explain it any other way and then number seven the word possibility love verse 11 you see print possibility is the essential ingredient of the final goal of every miracle performed by God. Aimless possibilities God can do things that will boggle our mind and touch people that we couldn't have dreams about you. Praying for a miracle with a powerful challenge today. Are we praying for miracle. Could it be that we have allowed the situations and circumstances are like seemingly be so overwhelming. We have had an overwhelming year have been a lot of things that we would never ever said Lord.

This is what were looking forward to put in the as we into and depend on God more. Are we not gaining strength by knowing that which is completely dependent on Jesus know that we would love to pray with you and for you in the middle of whatever situation you're in. And especially if you're praying for miracle. Our phone number is 866899 word that's 866899673 would love to be a part of your fellowship a part of your encouragement a part of your 2 AM friends is Dr. Don would say again, 86689673 or email us at sheet. But before we get away.

Dr. Wilton has some closing thoughts could be the most important thoughts of the entire day. Are you ready to give your heart and life to Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer right now. Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for today. I painted myself I receive you into my Jesus, my friend welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting.

You ready to give you to do just pray with Dr. to next steps. Let us help grow.

Dr. Don has prepared some wonderful resources just for you absolutely free. We dedicate your life to Christ. Like the first point you call us at 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 or you can connect online as well as a benefit right now on line.

The remarkable and resources and help grow in your faith that one call the safeguards of our faith is loose with all the details about safeguards of our faith. We are living in a rapidly changing world.

This new normal. Today press on my resting in the safeguards of our faith.

When you have a history of God's will in your heart and spirit boldly and exceedingly thin travel south to you with your support to The Encouraging Word this month you will receive Dr. Wilton building safeguards of our Lord and when to stand firm on the foundation normal day, less than 866899 8/3 of our faith or DVD today The Encouraging Word if a viewer supporting ministry. Thank you for listening times on for David to stay connected

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