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R892 Praying for a Miracle

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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October 16, 2020 8:00 am

R892 Praying for a Miracle

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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October 16, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Watching God work through prayer, praying for a miracle. We continue actually finish the series today with Dr. Don Wilton yesterday. Dr. Dunn laid the groundwork, so to speak about the way you and I can be actively praying for a miracle and watching guy were not like we're rubbing a lamb no no no no no, God is in control but as we grow in our faith is we can stretch our faith in praying for miraculous things God does remarkable things and miraculous things in the midst of that as we open God's word together know that were open to you.

We love to pray with you and for you right now it 866-899-WORD that's her phone number jotted down stored in your cell 866-899-9673 this online as now. Today's match at the conclusion of praying for a miracle with Dr. Don Wilton just a very quick summary of events are not ready to give you a down modern-day version. A summary of events that took place at this wedding feast at Cana in Galilee, one the wedding had lost its foods by ran out as your wedding lost its foods your business, your finances, your health, disposition, attitude the things that you need to do. Maybe it involves a somnolent daughter just lost its foods. Number two. Jesus showed up any questions.

Jesus was in the center before the miracle took place. So what's this function going to have to awesome going to get that you gonna have to ask a question number one has the food is gone out number two is Jesus the Izzy in the scheme of things does he figure out what's happening. Is he the one that you prepared to go to number three. Mom spoke up. I'm just giving you a summary of events.

Mom spoke up. I tell you, folks, do you know there was a time in my life that I actually thought my mother was the Holy Spirit. That's not good theology. I'm just telling you like it is. Mom spoke up. What happens when mom speaks up number full questions were almost if you praying for a miracle if you run out.

It is quite okay to always question where do we get this, but you cannot off guard question. Where does that come from.

That's not a sign of your lack of faith that's not sinfulness questions lost.

You go ahead Montesquieu have a conversation with God on skip Lord, why, how, when I don't understand.

If you follow the life of the disciples, they almost every question you could imagine what way can I sit cannot stand up on him like that, keep that listen, could we do this explained it to me again that even looked into the face of the Lord Jesus and said I'm sorry monster. I don't know what in the world you talking about. Questions will number five.

Instructions were given in praying for a miracle. Get ready. Instructions were given number six action was taken at the park. We struggle with action was taken and number seven everybody was braced you know if you going to a character study of the wedding feast at Cana.

There were a lot of people there folk from the monster of the house to the parents of the bride to the family, friends, relative servants, I mean likelihood they were there were scores of people at this wedding. It was a happening event folks, and everybody got placed. Now I will share with you very briefly the seven elements of a miracle you need to write these down the seven elements of a miracle.

I'm going to give you a biblical guarantee. I believe with all my heart that the Lord has revealed to me that these seven elements will always be present when God brings a miracle to bear upon your life, and upon mine seven elements of a miracle element number one presents Jesus was there. So you gotta ask yourself a very important question. You see friends.

The greatest miracle of old is the miracle of salvation.

In fact, in John's Gospel we are in chapter 2 what happening. Chapter 3 we find the demonstration of the greatest miracle of all conversion. Jesus said to Nicodemus, you must be born again, he said, how can these things be disabled by miracle, not by flash but my spirit you going to be in the spirit. How does that happen. That's the miracle of God.

You see, when we talk about presence when Jesus showed up. He was telling us, my friends, that miracles will not happen outside of himself.

Otherwise, you throw yourself into the realm of good luck in the Bible defies good luck number two word predicament. That's right. In verse three. The wind was gone.

Predicament second element fundamental element of every miracle predicament. The wind was gone they run out. Do you know of anybody in this life to as not found themselves in varying degrees of predicament when sin is saved by the grace of God. I know a lot of people who don't find themselves in a predicament folks more and marriages and just run out, you know it, I find godly Christian business people who say I just want to say but I just run out parents praying for the sons and daughters. What can we do. I don't know what else to do. They say you just run out. Maybe you lost a loved one, and it feels like it does mean I cannot be a chance to just run out getting desperate predicament. That's the second element of every miracle number three is purpose.

Yet Jesus put his finger on purpose, but he wasn't just talking about is purpose that is the entry point purpose because Jesus is the originator ease the makeup of old miracles, but he translates that into his divine purpose for each one of us whereby there is a demonstration of God's power. There is glory to the name of God, and there is a complete strengthening of the faith of mankind.

There is a purpose behind every miracle blog just doesn't do something randomly. Just put the point of doing it. There is a purpose. Have you run out what purpose do you suppose could be there for God to do a miracle in your life purpose.

What purpose could you write down could you put that down you know God restores that joy if he gives back to me that beloved fee resurrects this thing that I feel is half dead a fee if he brings me back to beat once is my prayer.

If he turns the ship around. What is the purpose. If you can define that purpose. My frame you are in line for a miracle number full parameter parameter says right there exist Bobby's mother said to the servants, do whatever he tells you the me tell you what that is. Folks parameters all the rules of engagement. You can go to any athletic team, folks. I'll guarantee you my friend. Even the two teams that play in the Super Bowl. They been operating according to a framework there are liens of engagement and Mary the mother of Jesus put a finger rattle man she said you'll parameter of engagement is absolute unquestioning deviance to what he says. Number five the word practice. That's the fifth element of every miracle practice. Boy, that's a tough one because it means that not only we operating according to certain parameters, but we are willing to put those rules of engagement into practice. See folks let me tell you why many of us do not experience that miracle in our lives is because we go so far and get no further. We've coined that phrase you can read lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Jesus said, I declare that to be null and void. I'm already telling you to go to the Walter but read my lips drink that's practice you want to miracle you got it drink. You gotta practice number six the word power at the sixth element of every miracle or what a demonstration of how the impossible became possible. God did something that only God can do.

So yeah you on your looking at your own life in your own situation your own circumstance, your finances, your healthy marriage, children, your whereabouts where to live when not to live and it's just impossible. My friend is going to be a demonstration of God's power. You cannot explain it any other way and then number seven the word possibility love verse 11 you see print possibility is the essential ingredient of the final goal of every miracle performed by God. Aimless possibilities God can do things that will boggle our mind and touch people that we couldn't have dreams about you. Praying for a miracle. Don't we all want our mind toward its fresh way.

Forgive the eruption. Dr. Dunn system I remind you were here and connecting it's not just a presentation of his message, but we are literally around-the-clock available to talk to connect. Whether it's keyboard keyboard on our or phone number that I hope you jotted down or stored in your cell is a contact your 866899 word that's 866-899-9673. As we pray about that miracle that God's ready repair for us again. It's a very strong concept to remind yourself it's not like God is our Jeannie rubbed the lap and he does what we want to know what we learn as we pray for miracle see our faith stretched to see our faith grow. We would love to be a part of that in concert with you as we pray together again. 866-899-WORD is the phone number 866-899-9673. We can meet online pellets dive back into the conclusion of today's two-part message from yesterday and today with Dr. Don Wilton Guerra seven states will miracle. I want you to write them down.

Guerra seven states. I meant to give them to you and then I'm gonna come back all right just write these down number one identify number two. Write it down. Number three full partnerships number one with God, and number two with your fellow man. Pray number five follow instructions number six anticipate and number seven respondent all right now watch this. I want to say just a brief word about each one of these heroes. Seven steps to your miracle number one. Identify what is it folks. Where have you run out. Don't tell me identify where you run out. Where's the food is gone, maybe more than one thing I didn't define it. Call it. Don't turn your back on number two right.

It down their friends, listen, tell you we've got so many godly people in people trying all out teams you know we talk to each other on the ministry team. We love one another so much in one about catchphrases as if we can't write it down.

All it is is an idea that's a tough one is an you I can walk around and say you know I've run out of run out of run out of run. Just write it down right write it down if you not willing to write down my friend.

You are not praying for your miracle that you have because writing it down is going to help you to bring together put it in your dear diary, get out a piece of paper writing to Bible putting something that you can look at write it down. Number three form partnerships form partnerships number one, your primary partnership is with the Lord why because miracles are some things that only God can do presence element number one leave Jesus out to God. No way to go. They should primary partnership but then I would encourage you to full partnership with somebody else. Folks, I want you to listen carefully. I am not saying to you going to tell everybody else be very careful of that folks tell you I get very very concerned in the local church that accountability is taken to a level at which we not supposed to be this business of well I've got a gun.

Tell everybody is nonsense. It is absolute nonsense know you don't and there are too many people who go around making prayer requests will I just need you to pray with me about something and if you could just hold this. This is absolutely confidential what I'm about to tell you when I talk about partnerships, folks, I'm told that a deep spiritual thing and you know who those people you know that husband that wife that best friend that member of your discipleship group that special person might be one or two people that you know when you go talk to them. That's it. They have such deep spiritual value. It doesn't matter folks they not going to bring it up at an appropriate they not going to go and share that information with somebody else. Even in the name of prayer, which is sometimes just a disguise for gossip I not going to go in betraying your confidence and hold the reserves were rainy day partnerships and you and surrounded by people like that but you can talk to and take it to the bank. It's been put in a bolt with a key and nobody can get in the gone first somebody else. The gods brought into your life maybe 1 to 3 people. I don't know but that partnership all right. Number four. Pray about. Of course pasta.

We ought to pray, pray you want a miracle.

You've got to have a conversation with the Lord about it. You've identified it written down your full partnership. How can you see what's happening folks. Now you praying about number five follow instructions, follow instructions, you cannot identify something, write it down full partnerships and God begins to speak to you is I well I'll think about it. You go to do it. Follow those instructions.

If your marriage has run out. You can hear instructions like this, you need to start taking your wife on a date, you hear instructions like this admit that you're wrong. Say you're sorry. Ask for forgiveness, give forgiveness change your habits turn this TV said all get home on time get up with the children.

Be there for this dude folks let me tell you, you will get so many instructions from the heart of God.

The issue is this.

Are you willing to follow instructions because it done is say listen.

It's run out man we just exist. We have no thought of divorce.

We got no thought of separation, but you know the children.

The neighbors and we just gonna stay together and I mean we have a good time together when we have a good time but there's no sparkling on marriage, the physical are you kidding me we not know we don't believe in divorce what we gonna do we been married for 20 years, we just might up our minds that for the next 30 years. We just got a kind of live, you do your thing I'll do my thing and will honor God will just stay married.

That's how we'll honor God will just stay married see a lot of peeps. I will stay married and by staying married. We honor God. Where does it say that and so folks now watch this on your business. All you've got a song that struggling at the end of the line you know what else to do, you run out and God is going to give you some instructions, though they do this say that expose this visit for that go talk to someone. So I mean there's just Garrett is folks watch this part, follow instructions, can you see that, follow instructions actually follow those instructions.

Do it if these servants turn to Jesus and said, that's a much read ridiculous thing I've ever served a mortal man will lose our job. Mother said just follow instructions. That's all you need to be concerned about number 611, number six, anticipate, anticipate, probably the best example here was the Lord Jesus mother. She didn't know what he was going to do or how I was going to do. She just believed he would do it and in the words you anticipate folks is is a recent rejuvenation of the heart and expectancy, and in anticipation that God actually is the God of miracles that God can do the impossible.

He can do it and you anticipate that and by the way. Anticipation is a process. It's not a feel-good moment in time. It's not just a oh whoops he knew this is a this is a spiritual discipline.

Can you can you sense that and then of course the final one, as you pray for your miracle is to respond and did you notice that I'm saying that before the miracles taken place. I do not believe that God will bring a miracle into my life and in your life. If we don't read determine how we are going to respond when God does what he does.

Lord, my marriage has run out. I want you to know as I identified this as I write it down in full partnerships and as I'm willing to follow your instructions and is on to supply. I want you to know the Lord that when you bring that spark back into my marriage. I want you to know that I'm going to use my marriage to glorify you to testify about your Lord.

When you seek me back, straight up. You help me to stand instead of wanting to sit down, Lord. When you pick me up. Lord, if you were to just bring my son back to me again if you want to perform a miracle and just remove that drug addiction is run out. Think he's trapped she's trap called do anything else trapped in alcoholism track trapping drug addiction, attracting loneliness, trapping desperation, trapping or hurting are trapped in a bad marriage trapped in making that decision, trapping pornography, trapping you name it. Lord II it's impossible I've run out.

I don't know what else to do. Everything is becoming insipid. The strength of my life is been down there is no longer any taste. I want you to know that you bring the taste back into my life. I want you to know that I'm going to respond to you. I'm going to stand up.

I'm going to be on the frontline meant to become about to be one of those people and others again to come to me and I'm going to help others. I'm going to give my money to you. I'm meant to give my time.

I'm only here in my marriage. It's not just going to be just a little Sparky thing that might happen. I'm not just going to go and open the car door for so that she'll be happy with me for one day. I want you to know that my life is changing and I'm going to commit myself to a lack of responsiveness to you and you are going to help me in my imperfection as I stand up again and as I look out the window and I see the sun actually shine and guess what you got to look forward to. So you've been married for 20 years have you Bible says that Jesus saved the best until lost. I believe my friends that when God does America. The biggest is yet to be the best is yet to be. That's why he says forget those things that are behind you lay it down. Stop looking over your shoulder stop dragging all you parse through the dirt going to understand folks some of the greatest miracles. The miracle of conversion. The miracle of forgiveness. There's a miracle.

By the way some of you looking for miracles. It's already happened. You got the miracle you just not willing to recognize forgiveness is one of the greatest miracles of all. Can you imagine that God would forgive us in Christ Jesus of all Dowson it's gone, stop it, stop holding onto it, lay it down, it's gone let Bianca go walking around with an anchor dragging in the mud behind your ship happened. Yes, you should but it's gone you, yes you had a baby out of wedlock.

It's gone St. Louis to a laugh of misery because of the mistakes you made. All because of where you were what happened.

One of the greatest lyric loses the miracle of this in the miracle of reconciliation of God's day is the first day of the rest of your life and yesterday is Stanton call. It's dated and please see free names sit down in the presence of the load. Identify that predicament. Write it down form partnerships pray, follow instructions, anticipate what God will do make up your mind, how you gonna respond before it even happened and you my friend will experience God's miracle, would you bow your heads with me. Father, we cannot even begin to understand that you would do this for us, for we are unworthy.

We cannot even comprehend because we have so many anchors dragging in the mud Lord, we thank you for postulate records are salvation and forgiveness and all the things that you've done that we could never have done. Lord we want to present to you clearly identified places where we've run out Lord do miracle to America.

Give us some miracle in Jesus name Amen you been listening to the teachings of Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word and more than that our prayers that you been hearing the voice of God you've had that stirring of knowing that as we seek God to give us a miracle that he calls us to be earnest opportunity to seek God out to ask him for miracle is to first have a relationship with him to be one of his children.

Have you given your heart to Jesus Christ before we get to take a moment and hear perhaps the most important 60 seconds of our Pastor Dr. it's coming up. Are you ready to give your heart and life to Jesus Christ.

Why don't you pray this prayer with me right. Dear God, I know that I was and I know that Jesus died for today.

I repainted my sin and by faith I received Jesus night, my friend. I would welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting.

You convinced that many of us have been changed by today's message for some of us like me walking with Christ provide the commitment to the reality that God is ready to do things beyond my imagination if I would just perhaps in these last few moments you been praying for a long with Dr. Don. Moments ago and gave your life to Jesus Christ.

If so, you have all of us to church. If you don't have resources that will help you spend time in The Encouraging Word the Bible itself. That's where we can phone numbers 86699668999673 right now what you give us a call or visit us discover great resources like this can be very devastating and life altering.

How do you move forward.

Julie Rogers, the widow of renowned pastor Adrian Rogers has walks the path of widowhood since 2005 after being married for faith for years. The race for the window ledge anything. The fog of Los Angeles are three types in detail how she called on the Lord and his promises from Scripture for strain. This book is filled with thinker and its readers. God's continuing plan than those last rates for the widow I journey is available for you again $16 marketing parenting, life at 86699 copy today. Limited quantities are The Encouraging Word is a new era and listeners in morning ministry is a great launch of the week and I pray you will join us of God Encouraging Word

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