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R1557 What We Value

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 26, 2020 8:00 am

R1557 What We Value

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 26, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Sometimes we talk about what we value, we live out what we truly value. Let's discover what that means from second Timothy today. This is the Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton, and today's message what we value from second Timothy chapter 3. Give us a new perspective, a fresh perspective on how we regard our value system to be in line with what God calls us to be women and men of Christ choosing to follow God every single day you open the word together know that were open to you as well up to pray with you and pray for you at 86689 Dr. phone number jotted down stored in your cell 86689996730 email us at Today's message with Dr. Don Wilton will these days we all taking a good look trying to understand you know something that Jesus said Jesus gathered all those who believed in him and said you need to let your light so shine before others before everyone you need to let your light shine so that when others see this light that they would do one thing and that's turned toward the father glorify the father which is in heaven and we are trying to apply that first goal to our own lives individually.

Me, I'm asking God and I'm inviting you to join with me in this, what, what does that mean for me. What is it mean for you individually. What does it mean for our church. What does it mean for the church. Let your light so shine. Let me put it in another way, what what do people know us full what you know full what am I knowing full it's it's a deep question lost weekly. We considered the fundamental issue at stake. We are the church where everyone is ruling this can invite anyone.

That's the whole world any person of any description, any place, any time and and our role. Our responsibilities invite to come to come to gather to come to our church to be in church to come and be amongst God's people because we know that when they do I gain you encounter the living one that's what's happening right now.

That's what's happening.

That's why we are here to encounter the living one. The Lord Jesus Christ. So I'm going to show you something here. I want to begin today this this is not what I'm saying is powerful. This is what we are about to talk about is very powerful stuff. My friends, you and I have got to get this because today we going to talk about what we value.

Alright so yeah here's the you know we love all children if if you were to go to most parents today. If you are having a seminar with parents and you may be a grand. Or your teacher and you would to save young parents today. What are what's most important. When you bring up children. What is very important you. You have to begin at the point of asking this question parents moms and dads. It's going to be determined by walked you value how you bring up your children is in direct proportion to what you value the most right yes so you value. For example, quantity or quality. Which one comes first. Parents the quality of what you do or the amount of what you do and parents who value their children would obviously say will it's the quality which doesn't demean or discount quantity.

If you're a parent you have to value time spent with your children more than anything else. Dads look at me. Some of you are messing with your kids because you don't value the time that you give to that son and that daughter you cannot be a parsing ship in the night, you better do something about it. If in fact you value the value of time. Everybody listening to me. Some of you men are just in the name of business and doing stuff and going and doing the things you want to do your sacrificing your children because you don't value the time that you give them it's not what you give them.

I promise you when you get to my age and you look back some of the greats. You will always have, as you sow wish I had spent more time with my kids. I was just too busy. We just too busy. You need to listen to me you need to start saying no to everything and everybody else because your kids are growing up and you don't value the time all that little Google wants is a little bit of time with you, daddy, if you don't value that you not going to do it.

Simple as that. Don't give me a list group law about you need to be somewhere just stop it. Can you feel it if in fact you value that this is not a lesson today about raising kids how much more so as believers, how important do you think our core values you as a believer may tell you about some things. The cold values do. I'm just going to give them to just boom boom lock. This is a huge subject. If you are teaching a leadership seminar today at your business.

Take these apply these in your business, take it to office your next board room, take it into that school room coaches listen listen to this coaches but I'm asking this as a believer today cold values off fundamental beliefs by off fundamental beliefs and values all guiding principles by the principles upon which I operate because they fundamental to what I believe this values dictate behavior.

The reason you behave like you do is because you got a problem with your core values. Values dictate behavior. You dress like you do act like you do eat food with your mouth open like you do behave like you do class like a trooper like you do talk to people like you do demean women like you do behave like you do. Because of your lack of coal values. That's why can you feel it strong. I mean, this is like in your face stuff by this is, this is not well whatever you think values determine the right path way cold values measure the success of your goals. How do you know that you succeed excuse me. The only way you can know if you succeed is if you have values against which to measure your success. Otherwise, what you're measuring it against you gotten those standard as you just believe, will anything goes.

Whatever the reason America has been such a powerful strong nation for generations and generations is because the cold values of this country and what's wrong with America today is our values are being threatened, so whoever you are out they don't tell me I cannot worship in freedom because that is fundamental to Michael value any questions on open your Bibles to second Timothy just to start out with. If you will look with me at second Timothy chapter 3 the eruption back with more of today's message. What value Dr. Don Wilton in just Dr. Don Wilton remind you this is not just a presentation screeching and great Scripture conversation or mystery your heart maybe even to have questions about what Dr. questions about your own life or just like some of them pray with you right now at 86991. That's her phone number that you would want those 24 hours a day, 866-899-9673 rather connect online keyboard keyboard TBW that's you have asked today's message with Dr. Don Wilton second Timothy chapter 3. Now some listening today might say while you know Foster you you you pretty serious about this. Well, God is very serious with me because the weakest side of my life is the frequency with which my own life runs interference on the cold value that I am in my relationship with Jesus. These are very, very important.

So let's just put this down as a as a starting point. I'm gonna read to you a cold value of the Christian faith right now and of me and of you and of our church. Second Timothy chapter 3 in verse 16 and 17 all Scripture is breathed by God. It is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, in order that the people of God may be complete.

Don't you love that word and equipped for every good work. Interesting. Jesus said, let your light so shine that others might see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven Read this one verse.

Again, I'd like to highlight it and I'm gonna come back to it again.

All Scripture is breathed out by God. It's profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, in order that the people of God may be complete, and equipped to let their light shine so that others may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven. Our church. This church has five core values you part of a church if I was anywhere near this community. I would scramble to be part of a church that had these five core values. I'm on absolute truth core value number one absolute truth that is fundamental. This is our fundamental belief. It's our guiding principle dictates our behavior. It determines the rightness of our path way and it's the measurement of our success.

Absolute truth. What is absolute truth heritage.

God's word, every word from Genesis to Revelation. We don't believe that this would contains God's words. It is everywhere. We don't leapfrog talk to me about that because I'm a Bible teacher, preacher cannot possibly suggest to you, and all our life group leaders and discipleship readers. How many times because I'm a systematic Bible expositor I come across passages that don't suit me. Excuse me just a minute. You know how many times I end up coming across passages that don't suit me that I'm a little bit afraid of because if I actually even read them.

Someone's gonna picket outside my church or if if we did say that God saving this, we might have start a revolution. We believe in absolute truth, there are three critical issues that face the church in America today. Can I give them to you by someone's the issue of absolute truth. Do we all don't we believe that God's word from Genesis to Revelation is the inerrant inspired word of the living God.

Do we or directly. We do, I do you do this is God's word. All Scripture is breathed by God. Second, most critical issues, the issue of personal conviction. I love personal convictions you not already pray when we look at these Boys and Girls Club racing up like this little ones grandkids.

I hope all our kids grow up with being men and women of great personal convictions personal convictions for believers need to come out.

Of absolute truth. It's the outgrowth of that but watch the sparks. If we believe fundamentally in absolute truth, we can never get to the point at which we allow ourselves to use our personal convictions as a substitute for absolute truth, you with me so let's go to the third critical issue facing the church. The issue of personal preference right you get absolute truth. That's the fundamental core value just a little over this way personal convictions great things I didn't nullify them. We work for that we want that, but it can never take the place of absolute truth, no matter how much we convicted if it's not absolute truth you will and my personal conviction can never take the place of absolute truth, but then one step further. Over this way is the issue personal preference and we are more people who have personal preferences.

Of course we are in us.

We all like it this way and that way we have our own teams.

We like to eat food. In this way, and we don't like this and we want that we needed personal preference. Have you figured out why we never take surveys in this congregation because we can't deal with the personal preferences you want me to tell you the stupidest thing I can ever do to use a congregation that we got something to do and we get up without leads inside think really really ride is that is that a criminal thing criminal.

You can criticize me.

I like my eggs over easy, you got a problem with that. I wanted running all over the place and if you throw up because my eggs run all of the place get a lot done. He thinks no, that doesn't make me a criminal that makes me very sensible because it's got good taste in personal preferences, guys, that's not a it's not a criminal thing.

Nobody did anything wrong but watch this personal preferences can never be a substitute for absolute truth never my are just very lovingly tell you why so many churches are in trouble. I just told you core value number one that I'm on your number one on my need to turn this into two weeks. Core value number two intentional unity, intentional unity. We value a determined oneness for the purposes of God. Listen to this. Folks, this is very important to what I want to read too quickly.

I even marked it in my Bible. I think so that I can get it. Obviously on the market. I want to just read two Psalm 133 just just listen to this. I want to read it two Psalm 133 very short behold God said how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters will in unity. It is like the precious oil on the head, running down on the bid on the baby beard of Aaron.

Running down on the color of these roads. It is like do you of Mount Herman which folds on the mountains of Zion for there the Lord has come bonded blessings of life for ever more.

Everybody watch me. You want God to continue to bless this church. Excuse me. You want God to continue to bless this church we will never sacrifice the core value of unity. We do not commit this unity in the house of God, because God's word teaches and God sees you want blessings be unified. This is not the United States Congress and Lord help us if ever we did become that I'll show you today one church after another, fighting, carrying on fussing people getting up strutting around I'm not going to do this and I'm not going to do that and I'm not going to play with you anymore. Watch me folks, this is a core value. By the way, why don't you introduce that into your family circle wanting to sit down with your wife in full agreement with your sons and your daughters. Teach them this as a believer as a Christian family.

As a Christian family unity places total value on the Lordship of Christ.

It recognizes the volatile ability of human nature.

Did you get that one. It recognizes that it recognizes the sinful volatility of human nature.

That's the sinful nature, sinful natures, my way or the highway. Sinful nature is well as far as I'm concerned sinful nature as well. I'm going to tell you what that sinful nature we will have that propensity. All of us, me and you excuse me, some of you need to get up and lead this world needs leaders, spiritual leaders, where is the church intentional unity understands the mandate of Scripture to follow Hart off to God. Our number one core value number one absolute truth core value number two. Intentional unity core value number three redemptive passion. We value burdened hearts for broken people that beautiful.

I love that. It just does something to me.

We are you we are value that on want to tell you something I value my burdened heart for broken people because this is of the Lord, that you you'll burdened heart for the brokenness of the people amongst which we live. We as a church that's a whole value folks.

It drives us. Why do we have redemptive passion because we live in the lost and the dying will because we know what Christ has done for us. We would be without Jesus. Many you.

You listen before Jesus became the Lord of my life. You want me to start telling you about me apart from the fact that I've always been such a wonderful person you know selfish and hidden strong my way or the highway you want a piece of me met get in my face angry. I carried with me and angry in my heart is in anger. Florida circumstances in life when Jesus came into my life and he still working on me, but this is why redemptive passion is so because of seeing it in my own life.

I'm not the same person I'm restrained and honest by the spirit of God, and my burden is that others too would come to know Christ. Number four redemptive prayer.

Sorry dependent prayer on. Let's go through these. I'm one. These are our core values.

This is what folks these are our fundamental beliefs. This is what guides the principles upon which we serve the Lord Roger is what dictates our behavior. It it determines the right path way and it's the measure of our success. I'm on absolute truth number two. Intentional unity. All of these require jolly hard work, discipline all out of bed with these things they will correct to the human human spirit but not to God by his spirit number three redemptive passion. I just want you to know about Jesus dependent prayer because we know what Jesus and Jesus gathered his disciples and he said our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. He showed us and he invited us to be dependent on him through prayer. Wonderful powerful message of the pastor and maybe as he's been talking about this since of depending on God.

You realizing that you really can't depend on someone if you don't have a relationship with them other people in our lives are family members and as we build those relationships.

We know we can count on them. We can depend on them while tell you.

God is the one you can depend on more than anyone else that you start with a personal relationship with him. Would you please take a moment and and if you got questions call us 866-899-WORD is the phone number that's 866-899-9673 but more than that.

Would you open your heart to perhaps the most important question our pastor has to pose in this whole broadcast today. Are you ready to give your heart of life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm so happy to hear that wanting to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know that you love me very, very much and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ came God on the cross so that I might be forgiven of my sin. Today, I repent of my sin. I can face Mohsen to you and I invite you to come into my heart into my life by faith in Jesus name I pray, if you prayed that prayer. Let me be the first want to welcome you to the family of God. This is one I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying how very important this is for me. Call us so we can talk to connect to the right vice, you can begin this wonderful journey just given your life to Christ. Welcome to the family of God.

Welcome to a family that you can never be ripped apart from I pray that you would open your heart to do more family conversations with us right now you can connect with us on our website at He give us a call at 866899 word I pastor Dr. Wilson has a wonderful packet of information for you just give your life to Jesus Christ rededicated your life to Christ, but he want you to have absolutely free but you need to call and let us know 866-899-9673 is the number to call you email us at he that's TE W great place discover resources like this.

We are at a critical time in our nation urgency intolerance toward Christianity's rise of religious freedom in America under increasing attack like never before. Even though the number the cat is the word of God not only triumph over cannot close their eyes and ears to what is going on and on doing a 899 today The Encouraging Word anything anywhere in administering and delivering billing. It's been a great week of euro The Encouraging Word but I know Dr. Tom would launch.

We can, let's not forsake the gathering together of believers can some ways get outdoors like our churches to do the online but the inserts this weekend and watch God

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