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R1443 Hearing From God

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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May 29, 2020 8:00 am

R1443 Hearing From God

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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May 29, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based breaching of Dr. Don Wilton and a message on hearing from God in these next few moments will deal with what often find many of our lives season of time were were just not feel like our prayers are getting through and and when they do we feel like were not having them answered were just not hearing from God. Dr. Wilson will take a strike in the book of acts adjustable dive into that message the other but as we do so, you want you know were available for you. We love to pray with you and for you we can connect keyboard keyboard our that's DEW or on this phone number 866899 word 24 seven. Would love to pray with you at 866-899-9673. Now today's message with Dr. Don Wilton sprite father walk and incredible wonderful opportunity to to just come and worship you like this.

This is the greatest privilege that we could ever have people everywhere like not worshiping you because of this encouraging word thank Lord we have so many questions.

We got so many circumstances so many needs of the people hurting in Texas where praying for them were praying for our government with praying for our country. We love our country, Lord, please help us praying for people so much division hate and was so blessed then Lord we ourselves need you to speak to us today in Jesus night a minute I'm in awe ask you to open your Bibles to the book of acts chapter 1 we going to be in the book of acts chapter 1 powerful passage of Scripture that I have to share with you so I hope you going to be able to follow along with me this morning you not tell people all the time and I just want to say it again I Don Wilton I've actually got nothing to say. I've got nothing to say outside of God's word. This is God's truth. I want to hear from him.

That's what I want to do. I want to hear from the Lord Jesus Christ. That's what I want to so I'm going to be sharing with you today, something that runs very, very deep and I'm gonna pray that you really gonna listen, you know, folks. All of us are going through life and one of the things that I love most of all about church about worship.

When you lick worship, lead when we do what we're doing right now, we actually are asking God to speak to us. That's what I'm speaking to about today hearing from God. We need to hear from the Lord and now here's the bottom line. I'm going up, shoot, because of God's word that if you let God speak to you. You will hear from him and he will provide every answer to every circumstance. Some of you need healing physical healing turn to the Lord is healed now want to show you something here today.

Guess what I want to say to you is I want you to get a picture with me. Want you to really think about this very quickly. This group of people that followed Jesus. This group, we know them as the disciples. Jesus called them the disciples they were believers like you and me and can you just imagine what they got up to so we can list all their failures in their shortcomings. Old-age journeys following Jesus watching Jesus, seeing what Jesus did, they believed in him. There was no question about and Jesus said he was going to be crucified, took them into the upper room and then he was so they watched all of that. They were so did afraid the crowds were going berserk. You talk about a divided country.

They were howling for the blood of these believers.

They were looking for them. It was so bad that one of them. Peter even denied Jesus for fear of his life and excused Peter you know you are not only know how would we would respond when we looking at imminent death and execution, but I'm not going to stand you and point fingers at Peter.

He was a human person like you and me. Some of you right now. Maybe on the point when you go to work on Monday through Friday you hi you denied Jesus because you you are being confronted, belittled. I admire how young people, so much so many of you are now college campuses and that you denying Jesus per se because you being hammered by hammering you they belittling you name Jesus came back from the dead.

Now that was enough of a shock. They made them on the road to my guess they made him on the highway. They made him on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. He told them then Jesus told them several things. Then he took them back to the Mount of olives and all of a sudden he was taken up out of a side not just time. It's impossible. But put yourself in their shoes it was it was so shocking that God had to send an angel to come down and say it'll be okay boys don't you worry.

The same Jesus that wind up is going to come back down. Jesus had also taught them and instructed them about the Holy Spirit. But they had met the Holy Spirit know who he was and so here they all put yourself in the shoes they were fearing for their life.

They had families that had children they needed to eat.

I had to go to work and all of a sudden Jesus had left. They were abandoned. They they knew it they trusted. They believe it's not that it wasn't about the their faith. They had made the decision they were going to follow Jesus and so they went back and did the only thing they knew they could do. They say listen we not gonna look for something we not going to consult with not, we are just going to go back to that room and we get together ourselves together and we got a late worship we read about case, read a few verses from verse 12 of acts chapter 1.

Listen to this powerful passage then they returned to Jerusalem from the Mount of olives, which is near Jerusalem, about a Sabbath journey away and when they had entered. They went up to the upper room. By the way, that is the same room where Jesus told them about the Lord's supper. They went back to the upper room where they were studying who was there. We told it was they Peter and John, James, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James the son of Alpheus and Simon the zealot and Judas the son of James watch this now. This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible get this get this today understands all of these people were in one accord that little word that means they gathered with one purpose with one heart, one objective. All of them with one accord. This is a picture of worship. This is laying aside everything else they will all with one accord in his what happened they were devoting themselves to prayer really together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus and all the family and the kinsman so this was not just these men. This wasn't a little close community.

They just gather the congregation together they got up to the congregation and they said what is going on and everybody was saying what we gonna do next. Where can we hide how we can do this. What should we be where will we go and I knew that they had only one thing that made any sense, and I have to speak to their leader buying you that I have to speak to the leader. Now that's belief because they just seen him leave the that's faith these men had real faith. Real faith means that you may not feel in your heart like you looking at God. But you know that he's there that's prayer now want to show you something.

What I did was this I said to myself, self, what would you have been looking for. Had you been one of those people, let's put ourselves in their shoes, and I summarize the really and in four areas.

What they need to know what they want they lead to Jesus to tell them teach them, help them with just four things.

I'm sure they were like probably at 100 more.

They need to know about. They will forgive you and Robin will be back with more Dr. Don Wilton's message on hearing from God. In just a moment. Dr. Don's asked me to follow hard on occasion, and this is one of those I want to pray right now because there are some I know they're listening right now and you're wondering really heard from. We love to pray for you specifically one-on-one the 866-899-WORD number. I love taking those calls would love to pray with you anytime. Right now I just wanted take that even out of where you are, let me pray father, I thank you for some that are listening right now and it's been way too good in my life never heard your voice actually all gone. I have felt your voice and felt the direct and guide their has been cleared and that's what I pray for and that it's got a career decision needs to be made and and work we just pray that you make that very obvious as to what the choice for someone who is in a relationship and there has been a crossroads and what I pretty give me wisdom to know what to do next.

Are you the most joy in their lives serve and father for others that you just just seems to be.

I pray Lord even today, refresh and the spirit of God in the hearts of friends that are just God. When that happens we just chlorine on and walk by faith, trust in Jesus name specific, 866899963. While we study God's word, together with Dr. Don.

They needed to know about. They will listen the world in which they found themselves was a mix politics mean they had political people talking out of turn in turn up this way out of that way. They were so mixed up and divided.

They couldn't decide anything there. They world was so filled with hate and animosity with racial division with people demeaning one another. People getting bent out of shape over nothing with big people and little people. That world was in a shambles, and hereby where they were followers of Jesus I want to know about the politics of the world that want to know about the social stratosphere in which they live that they understand the morality if I had time to die. I just speak to you about the moral of this of the world in which they lived, what was going on. The corruption that was going on and they will.

They want to know about the world they wanted to know about themselves.

Gosh, put yourself in the these were fathers and husbands and wives and grandmothers. What am I going to do, to provide for my family where my going to get my next meal from audit even have a job anymore.

Folks who knows. Can you imagine the sickness in that group. What am I going to do about my wife. She's the something wrong. She's coughing up blood. What about this, but what about my son, my son, my daughter, they were worried about themselves they had as many questions about themselves.

That's not selfish, you know why they know it's not so because God loves them like he loves you and he loves me that they wanted to know about the safety safety was a big issue. These people were under threat you talk about ISIS. They will often these followers of Jesus.

They were out to get them and kill them put them real bad run them out of town and stone them but were concerned about their own personal safety, but concerned about the ministry.

Can you imagine here. They'd followed the Lord Jesus, and Jesus said to them, you become fishers of men. I'm going to make you fishers of men. In Jesus life, but what do I do with my ministry now that they were.

These were people who were concerned about others. How can we make this bridge work. They wanted know that how can we be effective.

How can we share the love of Christ. When we living in the world in which we live. So here's what they did. I mean, this is really quite wonderful is that good. The only thing they knew they could do that would work. They gathered themselves and began to pray. You see my friends pray gives us direct access to God and that beautiful do you know that because the Lord Jesus loves you so much. He went to across as a living sacrifice and gave his life for you and for me, so that when you are not confess our sin and repent of Allison accepting our sin before him, believing in him trusting in him gives the word again by faith and he comes into our hearts and in our lives. It is through Jesus that we now can come directly into the presence of God.

We can talk to our leader and he can talk back. You don't have to go through preacher. You don't have to go through a priest. You don't have to go through anybody you individually one-on-one can ghostwrite to the only one who can do everything for you and who knows all about you and that's why they did what they knew was best.

Thank you that I have to hear from God. So they went to him. Now let me tell you why pray gives us direct access. It also is therefore predicaments.

Remember I suggested to you among the many things that these people must've been wondering back in the time of Jesus.

I want to know about. They world they want to know about themselves. They want to know about their own safety. They wanted to know about their ministry God had the answer to all of those questions.

He did not have the on somebody have a solution. Want solutions I want to tell me that helped me they knew.

So they went back to the upper room. I said let's make worship leader God's going to show us what's next blog pray gives us direct access first to bow to our creator so my friends who exactly is God what you believe about pray gives us direct access to our creator gives us direct access to provide you know the Bible tells us that God provides for you and me what you need today just want to mention Mrs. Jeremiah chapter 33. Speaking of Israel is what God said. Jeremiah 33 in verse six, I recommend you take this verse read it every day this week. Jeremiah 33 verse six through nine behold, I will bring to it.

Health and healing. I will heal them. I will reveal to them.

Abundance of prosperity and security. I will restore the fortunes of Judah and the fortunes of Israel. I will read through them as they were to begin with. I will cleanse them from the cute of their sin against me. I will forgive all the guilt of their sin and their rebellion against me and this city shall be to me a name of joy appraise a glory before all the nations of the earth who shall hear all the good that I do for them. They shall fear and tremble because of all the good and all the prosperity that I will provide for them. Now, folks watched this come on now, look at this God provides for us. He wants to give them facts. I will hear you make you all come down upon the nation. Bless the people I will restore you will give you.

I will take you back to the beginning.

In fact, I'm going to be willing to remove any memory. All of all the citizens of Europe lost America. Let's turn back to God. Pray gives us direct access now creator to protect her now provided our protector. You know David was running all over the place Trenton get away from Solon and any wrote this in Psalm 28 seven.

I wrote it down.

The Lord is my strength. What's this, the Lord is my strength. He is my shield in the human mind, heart will trust, and I'm helped my heart exults and with my song I give thanks to him because the Lord is the strength of his people wrote this in Ephesians 6 I couldn't stop. I was scrolling and scratching lessons. Ephesians 616 in all circumstances take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming blocks of the evil one.

Is it any wonder these people just went back to the upper room and lit worship lead because this is what prayer does pray gives us access to our creator and to provide in our protector, but it also gives access to our direct out director again. The psalmist said, Lord, teach me your paths. The one you and I love so much. In Proverbs 36 in all your ways acknowledge him and he will watch this direct your paths.

I think the one question that this group of people are asking was probably this.

What's next what's next in your life. Maybe thinking about retirement facing a battle dealing with the children. What's next, think about our church. What's next. Where do we go from here lost week. We were packed out this week we packed out again waited we got what's next what's next America is going to happen to us value hit me from Lord we we sense we know your presence is so real right now just moving on with my perhaps your sensing and move of God in your own are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now they are gone. I know that Arneson and I know that Jesus died for me cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend.

I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting new welcome many of you I know right now I'm just believing you prayed to give your life to Jesus Christ or some of you I have said I'm coming back home I been away too long. It's time to come home. Maybe now during this time the separation. Some of you realize that the physical ability not to come back to church and get plugged in which you can still come back to God's arms are open wide for you. He's ready to receive you just as you are again a guided surgery heart and Don's prayer Don's preaching today class talk with you. Let us pray with you I jot down these ways to connect assistance. A couple ways and it'll happen 24 hours a day.

We will always answer your call at 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 and a course were online all time as well.

GW three key letters T EW for The Encouraging Word one more time slow them about always reminding slowdown. T. EW would love to not only connect with you but connect with resources to help you grow in your life. Just know that we are here for you. It's so easy to think that no one cares about what you're going through in times of discouragement or travel. It's hard to know who to trust and where to turn. You can turn to January 1924, said that we are here for you want to pray for you what it is you are battling.

We can help you lead at the feet of Jesus and believe with you for what you are needing convalescent write this number down and share it with others, not recording. We are real people that care if you need someone to pray for you are to pray for you for someone else, less 866-899-WORD all prayer requests remain confidential and thank you for listening to The Encouraging Word today times going from day but if you are ready for Dr. Don's Encouraging Word tomorrow that The Encouraging Word signed up for online and give you a taste of what can say tomorrow so sometimes people quote Psalm 5112 as restore unto me the joy of my salvation. Instead of restoring to be the joy of thy salvation legal difference there. My salvation be working hard knowing that I'm never really good enough, but the high salvation depends totally on Jesus. What he did on Calvary acknowledges it will never be sufficient in ourselves, our sufficiency tomorrow on your date Encouraging Word you don't have that you can get a copy for free by calling us at 866-899-9673 or sign up online right now to get the email GW hello wonderful weekend. Hope you join us again for more of the Encouraging Word Dr. Don Wilton

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