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There's Power in Fulfilling Your Purpose (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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April 27, 2022 8:00 am

There's Power in Fulfilling Your Purpose (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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April 27, 2022 8:00 am

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Hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, Senior Pastor destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California coming your way next Pastor Paul talks about how destiny Christian Fellowship got its start as he shares his message. There is power in fulfilling your purpose. But first he and I would like to share a few words about the reality of the resurrection, because as part of this month celebration of Easter we've prepared a booklet which will encourage you with the hope and power of the resurrection. It's called he's alive and I'll give you the details of how you can get your copy in a moment, but right now Pastor Paul has joined me. Why should the fact that Jesus is alive be so important to those who claim to follow him. Pastor the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the truth that distinguishes our faith from all other religions. When we think about it. If Jesus was only an outstanding leader and teacher while on earth, and many people even non-Christians realize that he was, but if that's all he was. Then he is to be named among great men. But we who are Bible believers, we who are followers of Christ. We proclaim because we believe it is absolutely true that the historical fact is not only that he lived and died but that he rose from the grave on the third day in many lives now and he still lives.

So that's a different message than you'll get from any religion anywhere in the world. He's not just a great man.

He's not God man. He is the Redeemer. He is the one who revelations as well as their buddies alive see when you got me preaching that buddies alive and he is coming again for his church. I'm excited because Easter is something we need to all rejoice about because it is what makes our belief system different than any other in the whole world and I praise God that that day is approaching and once again were going to rejoice in the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and what a day that will be Pastor Paul. Again, this booklet is called he's alive is our gift to you this month for your generous donation to Destin for victory call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

Again, our address is destine for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Can't wait to get everything together to start your business to start your your ministry.

Whatever God speaking. You can wait until convenience comes showing up any time so sometimes doing God's will can be very inconvenient to have some people rise up against you. You have some long days and even longer nights coming your way next on destine for victory. Pastor Paul Shepherd talks about how his church destiny Christian Fellowship came into being. Along the way he'll encourage you to pursue God specific purpose for you, no matter how many challenges come your way. So let's join him now for today's message. There is power in fulfilling your purpose will never forget starting this church destiny of the church 20 years, personal restoration and ministry and went into that came to some very dark difficult times my life right by my side and when we came out of that when we were a commission to continue on in ministry. Then when that continued on yet, but I'm not at the church anymore and I said okay and and the people who walked with me let me through that process my restoration team. They said will of God has told you to stay in California. Guess what that means, you went to start a church. I said I have one for 20 seasons over and now that you come through what you've gone through and God says I'm still calling you Michael people going from other parts of the country will want to come back here will have an idea for you and know exactly what you and bless the hearts and a couple of pastors were very unhappy that I would leave this just to know what really happened behind the scenes, passes quite unhappy that I was staying.

One pastor was so unhappy he was talking to his staff meeting about me. We had never met. It was so bad.

No lie. One of his staff members called me to say my pastor is obsessed you he wants you out of this area in the past and the staff member said because he thinks you want take all his members nodded. He heard you've been restored in your denomination has laid hands on you and let you move forward.

He's scared you want take. I said tell him how low his church and don't want to go out scene stealing how he just guesses as the women hope God gives them rest and so we we are in the area because God has in some way to a meeting with the and he was trying to say.

Well, you know, you really need is the problems are.

I said the Lord is the one who sent me here so he's the only one who sent him away like he sent me here you can send me away like that. He was not pleased. So fact is this okay.

My wife and I was okay will stay and we had to start destiny.

We had a meeting.

The markers lived in a place that had a community meeting and there were now with the Lord. But Mark and Lucius Barker. Let us use their community room of their condo and we wrote only people who have written us to say if you stand in the area, your pastor would praise God for your restoration will that if you stay in an area, so just tell us what we don't be only people who have said that got invited to meet somebody said he split his own church.

I heard that rumor said would you know who got it when he got it from. Would you send this reply from me, smart man. I got degrees if I want to split a church I would do it way better than this one to split a church had a membership booklet in my church that was a mega church got a grown through our ministry over 20 years booklet of 7000 names in it with addresses and phone numbers. If I want to split a church.

Michael's email 30 some people only reason you got the email was because you had said to us, your pastor, we want to be where people say that you are invited to the meeting.

Why because I got when God uses words appeal. When you converted, strengthen your brothers.

Do right by God.

Long story short, we got together so we start destiny Christian Fellowship. I know the days before I go to Sacramento and started as a religious nonprofit went up to fill out the paperwork and all that wife and I went to the bank after we got our our number corporate number and all I could start the Corporation into the bank and started accounts. We took $10,000 amount money and started this church with $10,000 so I went to that meeting that we callin the been about 40 people in there because a few of them had a friend to my friend Gus is your friend knows that I'm not asking them to come they want to let them come. So we about 40 people there and I told him we just started. The thinkers and fellowship in the Bay Area sound that will meet or anything.

All I know is God told me to stay here. It has a bank account, not religious nonprofit tax credit if you want to start giving to help us began this church and that night they started writing checks. That's how we started destiny and we had to find some way to meet and you know that story. We couldn't find a place to meet. We ended up finding four different places in four different cities to meet. It was cold how not to start a church. Sometimes we met in Santa Clara.

Sometimes we met in Newark.

Sometimes we met in Fremont is five places. Sometimes we met couple times we met in Hayward extra bold college and the fifth place was San Mateo. On the other side of the whole thing like weight San Mateo. We live in you. That was what five places five different cities told handful of folks said. We believe God is in this way, which is how the church started you can't wait to get everything together to start your business to start your minister whatever God speak and you can wait until convenience, showing up anytime so we made many hotels we had to pay money for the ballroom money to get a company to loan in the baby all the screens and stuff they were charging us thousands of dollars a week.

These companies to give us sound and and video and then thousands to rent the ballroom that was some weeks we paid $15,000 just to have two services many weeks 15 grand of the most expensive places between the sound company because it was this is double time for my people because this is something you got paid, and guess what I need and sound going in your preaching that same $10,000 just to break even week and week after week after week. Bottom line is at a certain point I got folks together as a go figure out how to be our own sound people and by some screens in the street is that many people doubled and we we just figure out how to do it read up on the manual push them and finally, finally. Then we had to buy equipment and load and every week for four almost 4 years 44 miles load in mold uses all to stop the dedicated members got up at six in the morning they are driving to storage to pick up our stuff and drive to wherever we go meet my time I showed up at a something this church already been working for two hours when you want to change.

Be easy to figure out how you will be right back with more of today's destiny for Victor message from Pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. Remember you can always listen to this program on that's pastor

Find a host of great resources that are online store. Once again, here's pastor Paul with the rest of today's message. There is power in fulfilling your purpose baby I need you God is at work in our lives and and and and all that and so she got used to that and the people were excited about it and I said that that's going be our best when we do charge you get that from Joel and Victoria may repeat the way.

Listen, you just got it out as you go.

But if the Lord is with you. That's what's important.

You will know God, because despite the process into despite the despite all that comes against you, God's purpose will always prevail, build, build three ministry facilities in California. The first two were in the church that became a mega church wonderful. I praise God for the church to this day I'm still in touch with their leadership.

To this day because it doesn't honor God for you to write off people because you had a bad season & still to this day in touch because we don't have personal vendettas in the kingdom. That doesn't glorify God and so I built two facilities there was a little warehouse 14,000 square-foot warehouse little raggedy place but we we grew from 250 to 2500 raggedy warehouse that only set 300 and the sanctuary. We created an overflow and illegal overflow was illegal. Okay, back to you but they keep coming so so what what do you propose we do because by then we were having for services for services and and so we had to create that overflow. Here's how we credited people told me you know pastor the 300 when the room with me is this is about the people in the back people on the other side of that loadbearing wall. We cannot get as a loadbearing wall that will this people sick just to hear the service. There, that's how we did a video and finally became a overflow in the fire chief showed up really should check this down by Lake fire code, but he looked around at the excitement he said people know how to get out here in the case of a fire and and he turned his head and walked away, got in trouble you will do things because of the two facilities I built when I was leaving abundant life. Praise God for them and many souls were one of many lives changed all that he knows facilities couldn't own either one of them. They work they were owned by families who use those properties for income for the families and they told us you will never own this warehouse and then they said that again in Mountain View. You'll never own this we spent $12 million building something and you we would never own and we know it. They told us that we did this just understand it's okay just let they said you have a long-term lease but it's always will be family income for guess what, we have to start I go through my dark season would start destiny I'm standing I'm preaching in a church that we own. We are by now you don't know, unexpected blessing. The other two families that will never this one.

When we we came to this campus owner here said I'm not a real estate guy and so I want to sell property here body because he only missed sports teams here in pro sports team in the bay area and they're not real estate people and they thought build a stadium down here is what he brought up a whole bunch of Fremont property they found out that stadium. One common download on so families my former church that you'll never only this guy said you got only because it is only when we put away over time limit for this is real quick and the funny thing we said when we want to own it but we had little church we been hopping around in these hotels for four years and we need the lease. First, I'm not real estate. I'm sick is that no property I can use I want to sell and be done and I'll give you some ideas. My team and I said tell you what will buy from you in three years. What you are alone in three years. Now we tell the man will buy from you and just listen to us for three years and this will buy because it was on the market for sale and he wanted 95,000 square-foot way that you can get anything close to that for 95 square-foot now.

We came at the right and he wanted 95. I said tell you what lease it to me for three years I'll buy from you for $90 a square foot. Tell a millionaire.

Why don't after three years I said if it takes me four years by 93 takes all five years. I'll give you asking price of 95. I'm telling a multimillionaire what I'm about his property for the first year he laughed and and dismissed him that I met Lisa stay in hotels another year and came back the next year said hey we still interested in your property. Guess what he will laugh when making no money because when listening to us, 90, 93, 95, yes you got where my mortgage every month. This is our three build outs is the only one will be able to turn over to the generation, that this is really good. We might build a turnover, a debt-free place to embody time so however it is, we turn it over something with to the generations coming in. The only charge will be never use it for anything. But for the glory of all the glory of God are stolid so young. He's younger generation they got their own style and nine old people complain is not for you is like when I got saved.

We froze when I was five days and we would save as teenagers and going to church one day a lady said to me your Hera ends me when the site your help in the mansion had long hair, you'll have to pry 13 years old looking like Michael, your hair offends me with my dad said mother Susan's in my no no I just need to have a meeting with the older saints, and he had to meet with. I didn't get to sit in on a meeting they left us all alone after that meeting was over, and as a result, we became one of the greatest churches in terms of soul winning young people because the church thanks so much for being here for pastor Paul Shepard's message.

There is power in fulfilling your purpose.

Remember, for your generous gift to Destin for victory will be happy to send you by request. Pastor Paul's booklet, he's alive. That's he's alive our gift to you by request. When you make a generous gift to Destin for victory.

Just call us at 85533955004 visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online and as always, you can mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Biblically speaking in terms of the principles and precepts we learned in Scripture. Here is the best simple definition for success that I can give you from the word discovering your God-given purpose and fulfilling it with excellence and that's tomorrow and pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message, set yourself up for success. Until then, remember he who began a good working you will bring it to completion.

In Christ, you are destined for victory

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