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The God of the Comma, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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November 5, 2021 8:00 am

The God of the Comma, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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November 5, 2021 8:00 am

Four challenges we face in the course of doing God's will; understanding God's provision for each challenge; based on 2 Cor. 4:8-9.

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Get all your questions answered to be free from despair.

You can be free from despair.

While you still have questions you can answer. God let you know that this is optional.

God may not always give you the answers. The good news is he is all the answers, hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard wherever you are and how they may be listening. Thanks for spending part of your busy Friday here with us well when we learn to shift our focus from our storms to our Savior will find that our despair, our pain or confusion will begin to disappear. Pastor Paul want you to know that there is a prescription for peace and he shares it with us. In today's message that message a straightahead stay right here or visit Pastor to listen on demand. That's Pastor Paul. You can also listen to or subscribe to the Destin for victory podcast that's modified at A podcast or wherever you get your programs is Pastor Paul.

Today's Destin for victory message, the God of the, no folk who have gotten other people healed had wonderful gifts of healing. I know several people in my during the years of my ministry and I've seen God supernaturally healed people on the spot instantaneous total miraculous healings on the spot. The product of that because my dad was healed supernaturally on the condition but Dr. proclaimed he would never be a father and the Lord healed in supernaturally and one service when anointed person with laying hands on people and spoke the word of healing to him and he was healed and had five kids on the third of listen, God is still a healer miracle worker.

I've known people I've seen healing take place. But I know some of those same folks who got other folk healed by utilizing the gifts that God gave them. They ended up dying of cancer and there were times when they said, Lord, how is it that you use me as a vessel to get other people healed and here I am and I'm praying and calling on you and I can't get the healing I'm seeking. Don't try to make sense out of that we don't understand I don't understand why some folks go through what they go through the same some good old St. wherever they going from one trouble to another one. One sickness to another one.

You look around to see some somebody who had lived for God. Any days of daily life for center and they hardly catch a cold and some godly person dying slowly, trusting God every day.

It perplexes you sometimes and don't try to make sense of the things you can't make sense out of the mystery, and I don't understand when you go to seasons where you feel like I've given everything I can, Lord, and I can't make it anymore. You got understand God's going to make sure that he's the God of the, and he said no were perplexed, were not in despair. You don't have to get all your questions answered to be free from despair. You can be free from despair. While you still have questions you can answer.

God let you know that this is optional city's mandatory times you don't get it. But despair is optional. I don't have Doppler despair serve the God of the, Lord going to trust you and you will give me the grace to make it anyway.

I came to tell somebody. God's got a grace for you on the other side of the, you don't make it anyway sometime late and I said no Monica make up in the world's worst season ever take me home like Elijah. Elijah prayed like that. And the sad thing about it is the day before the power of God was only so strong he calling down fire from heaven, consuming the sacrifice had the false prophet slave was under the anointing. The next day he got word that Jezebel has put a contract out on and the messages that Jezebel said to tell you that within 24 hours you will be. I think somebody would all Jesse said if you get burned up all got burned up, she better get up out of my faith. That's what you would think would happen. But how many know when you go to certain times.

You can be on the moment and hold despair. The next moment hello look, and there was that powerful profit now to mow the lawn limited to, I'm about to go see about take a nap, Lord, only will wake up here on earth. I will wake up in your presence you ever been that you get there as an anointed child of God, the Lord just let the stop the world. Let me get off Jesus. But when you get there. The Bible is telling you here. You don't have to be in despair.

And here's what I learned to tell folks when you are playing and I telling God you run your hope you can make it. You know what you need to do. I got a word from God for you all to sleep as the word is the word from God. Write down in your notes when you despair trying to creep up on you I got done my better get Lord take me home. Anyway, Angel and Peter in them. When you feel like that I got word from you. Go to sleep as a word from the Lord would say him to be. You know I say that because the prophet Jeremiah said morning by morning, God renews his mercies in our lives. You know that me when you, but you can make it anymore. This means you ran out of that day supplied grace and mercy go to sleep announce to the house I'm going to bed. I've had it been a long day is a long season.

I'm going to bed, should this go.

I don't want to hear you all turn the TV down low. All that running around and and I think right now know why my parents. Stuff like that when they come out and say look, we turn in don't want to hear y'all. You don't want this door open back up this door. You want this door to stay shut, so I suggest you keep it down if you're down there horsing around.

Take that to the basement go somewhere. Don't you just start my sleep.

I now know they had wisdom. Wisdom is when you know when you get down to the vapors and the fumes you run out of grace. You are low on everything low on supply time. You want people run up on you because you are not to say in that moment, so don't go perpetrating you got to big Bible is out on Stanley thought about all I do is this premise. I go to sleep, shut up perplexed, but not in despair that he said persecuted, but not abandoned, persecuted, persecution has to do with people come against you.

Whenever you see the word persecution that's people come against you. You gotta know that when the Bible talks about other kinds of troubles. It uses words like trials and tribulations.

Those are circumstantial in nature. When you see persecution when you read all will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.

That's people persecution is people.

That's when folk come against you.

That's when people try to take you down. That's when people lie on you and talk about you and slender you. That's when people make trouble for you on your job.

That's when relatives start acting ugly. That's when people kept acting up in your life and I will let you know just because you saved me nonfocal like you. In fact, sometime folk don't dislike you real good to get serious about walking with the Lord.

That's when you find out how dislike you can beat. Gotta grow closer will get your feelings are. When you first find out that they are people who don't like you some. Y'all get to feeling so hurt. Let me help you. Let me help you grow up real quick, get over it in a hurry know you think you are wonderful you think is not about you to dislike see something else and then over the years of the past that comes to my will describe the people that handed them tissue and let them get it out.

You know, I learned to do when they finally get through complain about to find out how folk were talking about them in the church or whatever was on the job in the community.

Whatever was that, when they get there, you know, I tell him they were dumb but you before you just now found out about actually get over it because they will dictate your future. God is working you say I do control what they do have to know what you do you stay on the wall and you keep building like Nehemiah you let Sam valid until buyer talk. They down on the ground while you up on the wall. We have the meat they were plotting to kill and that's coming up. I got a series coming up on their my knee down upon you gotta learn to not come down off the wall. Every time somebody called you is just a preview of coming attractions you learn to stay up there so I'm doing a good work and I'm not coming down come down to people when they talk about you and your job.

So mess let him talk you just make one simple declaration to the people need to hear the deadline on you to your boss whatever you find out about you just going to boss over the fruit of an email saying I heard that this is was being discussed, and I just want to let you know. Here are the facts. Hope you have a great day send, and you keep doing what you do, don't run down. I have learned the hard way. Don't spend your time running down behind every rumor and everything everybody said every blog you just want to tell y'all that's true. First of all, you can't run that stuff down because your enemies. They have an agenda they can out run you but here's what the Lord's is your persecuted but don't sweat it, could you not abandoned know that means the Lord is saying to left you. They might be sick if you done what you still with you. That's what you gotta know who left her to talking about your foods for you before you lose against you. As always, they were persecuted, were not up next. The rest of today's destined for Victor message with pastor Paul Sheppard. We want to take a moment and think all of you whose prayers and financial support help pastor Paul share the gospel all over the world. Your donations to make a difference.

So as God leads prayerfully consider making a generous gift to destined for victory today can do that online.

The pastor pastor or call 855-339-5500. The reason God tells us that today is the day of salvation is because tomorrow is never promised his pastor Paul was arrested today's message for God, God is which I can tell somebody people put you through but refused to stoop to that level don't even let the enemy see you sweat.

If you can help. Don't stoop to their level. Just do the work of God. Let him talk, let him bark.

Let them be the moon, the dog can bark at the moon. All he wanted became let the dog how at the moon.

Just don't be the moon and stars Hollenback at the doll let the dog bark is God's got you where he wants you and he is controlling your destiny. Stop trying to run fold-down stop trying to make everybody like you just want to know me. They would really like. Make no effect when people are against it in the facts will become heroes with the truth as to believe what they try to get old.

Now that you explained it okay now I say okay give me please you settle one lot.

It does make up another one some coworkers does not go like you'd asked the end of the day and like you stop trying to when we have lunch but I think if you just got that they don't want to know you that what I understand you sound like you if you ask now is you, not really in the so-and-so was up with that knowledge in some how to know I can't quite put my finger don't know and others could articulate very well why don't like you either way, it doesn't matter. You can't control what they think you can control what they do.

You can control what they say. And God is saying to you through this message.

You don't have to stop spending your time worrying about other people.

They don't hold your destiny in their hands they can make life difficult. They can give you trouble but cannot dictate what God does in your life you God's business.

Take what God asked him what the results the Lord wants to. He knows how to make your footstool if he wants to he can bring them like Joseph's brothers and they were bowing, begging for food and didn't even know that they were talking to the man that they have sold into slavery and you know what, I learned that God wants you to keep your heart right so that he chooses to bring them to your feet like that you don't have this bad attitude. Somebody all right now you're not quite ready for God to put your enemies at your disposal all your might as well be honest now somebody all right now God will bring them in, headache, median balance and only know who you are. Please help me at all that you get all you hungry you, you hungry, you got some for you. That's not acceptable to him. People working on you to your heart is right. People work on you until if he were to bring them. You are so ready that if they want to repent, you would express forgiveness toward them and mean itů Your forgiveness. Many times you don't go telling people you forgiven, who happily repented what you do is you have a forgiving spirit. You have forgiveness ready so that if they ever get broken if they ever come to the end of themselves.

If they ever, so you know I wronged you. I talked about job lot on you. I've assassinated your character slandered you whatever you call me at any point in life and acknowledge what they did against you. You have a heart that's ready to forgive but you can only forgive a person wants their broken impenitent walk up to somebody who still nasty and mean toward you say I just want you know I been praying and I forgive you go say that they don't want forgiveness there still guilty before God. But you can have a forgiving attitude. A forgiving heart but you got a whole storeroom of forgiveness in my heart as God is worked over me worked on me over the whole storeroom I got forgiveness with various names on it in boxes in a store room in my heart come between now and the day I close my eyes and go to be with the Lord by God's grace I got it ready for you to say listen, I really did you wrong. I'm so sorry God has shown me in all that I go right in the store room and pull it out here you are. I forgive you. It's overdone, as if it never happened. Hug you and mean it don't mean I will trust you.

Necessarily, that's a second step you forgetful but then you gotta wait and see if they are worthy of neutrons.

I'm trying to have somebody you will trust somebody that that Rick you are blind and you forget my get my new no particular time and make sure you worked all the kinks out. So we all gotta crack a kid, you can forget method. Examples are going to grab about your house, and spoke about and they really broken, forgive them a new key. Wait and see them develop new character getting the church into a sound lifestyle get a job in recovery and staying in their work it out. In the meantime you say. Let me know when you want to come over trying to help you help you now. Could you give it to.

So you give trust to soon as you can handle trust and they just they just put stuff in the car and took it the last time you given trust to so mail back the truck up the next time your neighbors will be forgiveness trust two different things. And finally he said, we are struck down, but not destroy.

I came to tell somebody just because life knocks you down sometimes just because you get blindsided.

Sometimes just because you failed sometimes does not mean the fight of your life is over. The Bible says we are victorious in Christ to brag about us as we are more than conquerors but notice the same Paul who told the church and well we are more than conquerors now tells the church at program was been struck down sometimes, but not destroy you sent Whitman a contradiction a little, you know what Paul understands what you need understand, which is just because a boxer goes down and mean the fights over that's why the referee walks over and says one to three, five, still own the CRU because there is a time where you can get up so I said you want to go back in and the fight is still no matter if sometimes you're not really gratified you get hit real good good good common that never saw it coming.

By looking at me on TV so bad I'm never been like this before someone bans all my key get your self up all love it when a boxer gets up with a different look on their face horse around before displaying Lincoln I did very well. I got real good now will you please bring back all you don't know I just went to the movies right quick struck down sometimes are pummeled your battered sometimes you don't always get everything right sometimes and not down. But if I start over because you went the fights only over. If you refuse to get but if you get up, brush off and say let's win this thing.

God says you are more than you been struck down. You will not.

I came to tell somebody we serve the God of the, don't you let the devil put a period where God says just put, I got something for you so that you can win whatever challenges you may be going through today. I hope you find strength and comfort in this message from Pastor Paul Sheppard when this world brings you dark days and shadows lose them in the light. Well, as he does every weekend destined for victory. Pastor Paul wants to invite you to partner with him in ministry helping them share the gospel over the world by pledging a donation of $20 or more each month as our way of saying thank you for your partnership will send you if you think you gifts including one of Pastor Paul's most popular CDs. The best of let my people smile, call 855-339-5500 to find out more about how to become a destined for victory partner or mail your gift letting us know you wish to become a partner. The address is destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 and also partner with us from our website. Pastor know if you can't become a partner, but would like to send a generous one-time gift to the ministry today would love to share with you a gift of our own Pastor Paul Sheppard's booklet turning your test into a testimony that's turning your test into a testimony, our gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to destined for victory. I'm here to tell you that if you don't just follow God and do what is leading you to do in the season when you what you're going through your going to be practically unrecognizable to those who have been against you.

That's next time. In Pastor Paul's message unrecognizable.

Until then, enjoy your weekend and remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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