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Junk Removal for the Soul, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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September 1, 2021 8:00 am

Junk Removal for the Soul, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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September 1, 2021 8:00 am

Understanding the three-part process involved in spiritual growth and development; what it takes to put away unwanted practices and habits; aiming to please God, remove negative attitudes, and forgive those who offend us; based on Eph. 4:22 and other passages. (Included in the 6-part series "Embracing Newness".)

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It's been said that anger is often heard demanding justice that demand is not met. Anger can lead to unforgiveness and bitterness just a few moments, Pastor Paul Sheppard helps take you from bitter to better, and is destined for victory message junk removal for the soul before the message he joins me now from a studio in California past we've been asking her listeners during these critical summer months to be as generous as they can in their giving. And so many people have become very generous and we thank God for them.

You know in this post pandemic time ministries like destined for victory sometimes get forgotten and it strikes me that that's why partnership was so important Pastor talk about our destined for victory partners know you look at them is the lifeblood of this ministry, don't you, they absolutely are. We have occasional donors and I appreciate those who from time to time so you know what I want to be a blessing to Pastor Paul and destined for victory. I don't see my way clear to give every single month but I do give occasionally I will let you know we see it we needed and we appreciate it and I want to encourage those donors who can to step up to the next level and become partners. Those are the people who are the lifeline of our ministry because they give month in and month out $20.25.

Some of them give more to make sure that we can continue to bring these messages your way and then we have 1/3 category of people that I am so grateful for they are our legacy builders. These are people who are committed to giving $3000 or more every year.

That's too 50 or more every month so that the gospel goes forth from destined for victory.

All three categories are absolutely important.

However, the Lord leads you. I want to thank you for partnering with me because you're giving we are able to reach a dying world with the living message and the good news of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your partnership. I look forward to more joining us and I pray that God will bless you as you bless the kingdom of God through your giving and as our way of saying thanks for your partnership today will send you a few thank you gifts including one of Pastor Paul's most popular CDs.

The best of let my people smile, call 855-339-5500 and find out more about how to become a destined for victory partner for as little as $20 a month you can make your pledge over the phone or mail your gift letting us know you wish to become a partner.

The address is destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. You can also partner with us from our website. Pastor can't become a destined for victory, monthly partner, but can make a generous donation to destined for victory would like to send you a booklet from Pastor Paul Sheppard based on the message of the hearing today called junk removal for the sole requested when you make a generous gift this month God is really interested in making sure that we are prepared to move into the new season. The new things is introducing into our lives. The only way I will get there as we got to get rid of some junk.

You can't move forward into your new life until you deal with the issues in your now life today on destined for victory.

Pastor Paul wants to help you get past some of the old habits that are weighing you down, keeping you from enjoying the abundant joyful Christian life. God wants to give you so now here's Pastor Paul.

Today's destined for victory message junk removal for the now God is really interested in making sure that we are prepared to move into the new season. The new things is introducing into our lives.

The only way we'll get there as we got to get rid of some junk and so I want you to notice very clearly these kinds of things where pertains to your life. How bitter are you is a question you need to answer and what you bitter about who argue bitter about God wants that John dealt with. Do you have anger going on violence inside explosiveness like a violent storm or quake clamor is there screaming and yelling on the inside of you.

It needs to be properly dealt with by the way God doesn't do all of this supernaturally just like he doesn't do all healing supernatural. He has given us wisdom so that we through the wisdom he provides can get healing for the things that are hurting in our lives.

Do you know, just like doctors and nurses are an agent of God, even those that are atheist I don't honor God. It doesn't mean God doesn't use in the bless you, thank God when they bless you to give me a good operation of my life, the spirit, if you don't know God I'm a pray for you that one day you'll come to know him before eternally too late, but you are an agent of God, will you know what you in the same way. Could this especially those with a biblical paradigm but even if they don't have a biblical paradigm, a worldview if they have learned how to help you deal with the junk on the inside. There are agents of God as God to always do a miracle he's a miracle working got some of us have had it work miracles in our hearts, but however you get to stop that with so we don't need to sit down with a good therapist and work and how and that is God's will so that you can move in to the newness that is destined for your life one more thing in this list before I give it a seven point evil speaking, evil speaking, especially evil speaking born of malice is in this context here evil speaking, especially that which is born of malice. What does that mean it means animosity despite or hatred that manifests in abusive words" mockery.

Let me let you hear that again some of you have evil speaking weathers come out of your mouth yet or not, is there evil speaking is not just mere nasty words.

It's animosity despite its hatred that manifests in abusive word somebody tried to use the earth to destroy a person newswires to beat them down. Sometimes people don't beat you went there with an instrument in the hand, they beat you with their and that's what Paul is saying here.

Some of you Christian folks only folk spiritual folk. So when you say on the side and back to manifests his evil speaking Seminole got some stuff that if you actually spoken, we'd all be shocked. We thought you will go to save say I say stop 100 spiritual and help you the stuff because you can't move into newness. If all of that is still there.

So that having been said, you are now prepared to do the last thing Paul talks about in the passage, which is the last point in this series.

And here is point number seven. Enjoy the freedom that forgiveness provides. Now look at these last three points together. Always aim for the only light that matters. So God's gotta be your audience for an audience of one. That's the best way I can help you frame it in my life for an audience of one. If the other folk around like it is good but I'm 11 one like the one that matters. That's the one that will judge me in the end, why bother having a million followers on Instagram be great I love it even of all but 10,000 box I love the 10,000, that's great. I will see what I can do to befall make myself more friendly and user-friendly.

Whatever to get some folk to have some these young people help me think through bottom line though is I can live with these people out here on social media. You know they don't have a heaven for me. They don't have a hell for me and what they think doesn't change who I am. Remember Jesus one time looked at the disciples as to who do men say that I in a day somewhere off this morning that when all is simple. Thank you.

This is an outputting you say that I at the end of the day though.

It doesn't matter what the people say what you think of God, it matters what God thinks of you would that's good you need to write down what you think you got a madman is what he thinks are you Hebrews out how I'll know that I believe even in the God of Christianity. Okay what he believes in you and he sent his son to die for your sins and you need to accept him now, having looked at that point having to look at making sure he is the main like in your life and having also let go or make any commitment today to let go of negative attitudes and treat people with kindness now look at this last point, enjoy the freedom that forgiveness provides is point number seven. Enjoy the freedom that forgiveness provides. I'm trying to set you up for the rest of your life being the best of your life. That's what I'm trying to do all Pastor my best is behind it was said that behind you when you get that you can get that from God. God has a way of taking what doesn't look like it has much potential ahead of you and making it better than what's behind you don't believe me ask a lady name Naomi she left town with her husband, a little like a two sons went down the Moab during a famine, and in the 10 years that were down there husband died and her two sons died here. She is a winner.

All kids know I have her look like the best of her is definitely in her rearview mirror, but God had a plan and one of the boys had married a girl named Ruth Ruth end up going back to Bethlehem. Would Naomi is really no longer her mother-in-law because they don't have any relation out of the sons. They put they had kinship of spirit because God sometimes does something you is not based on black is not based on any connections that you would think are obvious. In today's world, but is based on a spirit connection. See you gotta stop worrying about you think you know everything's gotta have to do with the people that are skin to you. Some people a skin to you, but other folks are kin to you in the spirit I just say some good you worried about the people asking me you, especially when a dog in you and hurt you and that's what you get to one 800 spiritual giant out the call. Sometimes you gotta ignore people you love them from afar.

All but the people are people who are kin to me in the spirit Ruth was kin to Naomi and the spirit they went back to Batman through the never been about life was to get this old lady she wanted to kill because God put it in her spirit. She goes out to a field one day to glean you noticed or you read the four chapters of the book of Ruth and it just so happens. Some translations say that she was gleaming in the field belonging to Boaz.

God had some destiny connections that these ladies knew nothing about. But God hooked up next thing you know, and they only have a kinsman redeemer named Paul as my man is a Bala start Baller and he drives up in his Tesla he sees a piece in the field settle is and everybody sings appraisal sees a diligent young woman. She came back with and tells the story how to take care of Naomi. He meets her bottom line, he marries her she didn't know she was gleaming in the field. She was gonna own. You gotta know you might think your best days are behind you, but you will know to God you serve. So you gotta get rid of junk or skin. Do you and the people who are attending some of them could be relative, blood relatives, some are not. But Cox got a play for your life. So the final point is important.

So you've got enjoy the forgiveness the freedom that forgiveness provides elemental some of you all this, the Lord spoke to me as I was preparing this that I was to inform some of you this is the last season of your life where that rationale, which is a lie that I have to hold people in unforgiveness because of everything they did to me is the last season where you been able to tell yourself that as of today that Allawi has gotta go in the one 800.junk file that's a lie.

You don't have to hold anybody in unforgiveness because of what they did for you the way to get where God is taking you with got 14 now let me just been these last 10 minutes telling you this and I'll pray for you and let you go look at what Paul says in verse 32. Here in Ephesians 4 the kind to one another, tenderhearted, then watch this forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you. You see that you got a forgiven site is a good idea if you really. I know they hurt you but to be a good idea if you know God doesn't tell us to be a good idea if you notice every time you see forgiveness of people in the New Testament.

You are commanded to forgive your not suggested is not okay. Come on, come on me to be the bigger person doing the bigger person if forgave you.

That's what Paul said then you must forgive them what is forgive me to send the offense away.

The Greek word translated forgive simply means to send but in the spiritual context is to send offenses so the forgiveness to send I'm getting away from me offenses, trespasses abuse, mistreatment, violence. They destroyed my reputation.

Whatever it is called me out. Forgive is to send it away. Now your carnal nature.

Go say no talk you into that hold them in unforgiveness don't know what they did but you see, they just preaching. He'll know none missing. This is the word of God. This is the word Paul. The word of God said, forgive every time you see it. It's a command you gotta forgive so to send is that definition of the Greek word here is the practical definition to forgive is to relinquish my perceived right to hurt you for hurting me to forgive is my is to relinquish to let go of my perceived right to exact revenge on you because of what you did to me. Some people have lived your whole lives say and I don't get mad I get even. I know what that's like.

I'm choleric melancholy by temperament. I could be the king of I don't get mad I get even that is so aligned with my nature.

Why bother getting mad when I can hurt you real bad. Some of y'all are saying a man in your spirit, if not out loud you know you like me in that regard. Even if you got a different temperament, you wind up in the same place to get mad when you can hurt real bad and the Bible says you can't hold them in unforgiveness and you can hurt them real bad. You gotta send it away. You gotta relinquish your right to exact revenge.

Why don't have to forget Baxter really two reasons. Because Christ commands it. When you send away interrelation with Christ you send it to him.

Christ sent his offenses to the father. He's on the cross.

These centers who is dying for our killing him. And what does he say father forgive them. He submitted to the father because they don't know what they're doing. Stephen the first Christian martyr accept the seven what you see him doing their stoning him, and he says Lord don't lay this sin to their charge ascending away from him not see the lie that you gotta relinquish. As of today the light is telling you don't know because they'll think they got away with it. If I don't exact revenge. They'll think they get away with not going to the Scriptures because when you're sending them where to send them you sending them to the one who's going to judge the living and the dead, sending them directly to the shops rinsing of Christ everybody who told me is gotta answer to my daddy. Heavenly father will get you, little quality, which is what it is Nessie that doesn't satisfy the flesh blessed none. I know I want to do it myself, but gas is no vengeance is mine. Meaning is. He says I will repay. I didn't give you authority to do it. Some of you realize that God will not get after your enemies in your way. He's going get after them in his way. He knows what he wants to do in their lives in you gotta release them so that's the first reason I forgive because he commenced.

Second reason I forgive is because it sets me free. That's why were to this point where I did you want to enjoy the freedom that forgiveness gives you listen, it sets me free, refusing to forgive is like drinking poison you heard it a thousand times, but you need to hear it again refusing to forgive is like drinking poison and waiting for your offender to die you drinking the poison BC is there breathing.

You know that not breathing hard. A lot of people that you hate and the people that you are holding unforgiveness for 17 years.

Haven't thought about you and the little gifts you drinking the poison what's expected change in their life for his another refusing to forgive sentences me to life in psychological prison and my offender is my cellmate. Did you when you refuse to give you sensual self to jail emotionally and your offender is your cellmate, your celly is right there in the jail. What you write in the cell which you can escape them when you refuse to release them in unforgiveness through unforgiveness then okay that's your cellmate for life always be with you the power you had no business giving and I came to tell somebody the Lord says today is the day you got this unforgiveness stuff once and for all.

Yes they hurt you yesterday abuse you. Yes, it was criminal. Yes, some people need to be in jail for what they did to you. Yes, it was dastardly and badly bought God says vengeance is mine. What I want to do is bless you with a future that you can't take unforgiveness into city. Gotta release and gotta relinquish the right to exact revenge. One more thing, refusing to forgive prevents me from truly healing and moving into my destiny as long as you hold them in unforgiveness. You're the one who can't move into what God has for you in your own progress to be like Esau in the Old Testament. You know how Esau was dogged by his own mother, and his own brother. His brother stole his birthright and his blessing.

And mama was an accomplice. No dysfunction is bad when a mother. People always about a mother's love is not in the universe like a mother's love well when mama got it right this true but sometimes a moment and get it right and listen.

The bottom line is you got to be like Esau. Esau said yeah my brother did me wrong and mama helped me roll, but how many more years of living.

This so he decides Jacob and I have to have a meeting you know the story when he's coming toward Jacob. Jacob, his he got 400 people with 408 UN ID coming for you bore all man I located all the junk I didn't when Esau got their sorties, gifts, and all this bowing and scraping of the one is also isabouthowI'mtheservanthehewasrighthumbleandsogoodhewillbekilled.WatchEsau'sresponse.Hesaidyouknowthere'sonlytwogiftsI'vesettledinmyheart.Whatyoudidyearsago.I'mjustcomingtomeetmybrotherandendthestrife.Someyougottadoit'stimeforyoutointhestrengthEsau,yougotmetoJacob.YougotadealyougotconfrontyourstufftosayI'mreleasingyousaidbutpastorthatI'mstillhurt.Yesyouhurt,butonlywhenyouforgivecanhurtbehealedbyGodandI'mawitnessandmanyofyouaretoifyoutrulyforgiveGodcantrulyheal.You'llneverforgetforgiveandforget.That'snotabiblicalconcept,youneedtoforgiveandforgetthatsomestuffI'llneverforgetthelongestday.Ilivebutwhenyouforgetityourememberit,itdoesn'thavetheviolencetohatredallthestuffwejustsaw.That'snolongerthere.Ifthat'sstillthere.Youhavetrulyforgivenhimtothereleased.Ifyoustillgotalittlebit.Icannoteversee.IfIeveriftheyeverwalkingdownthistimetoworkyoulettheHolySpiritgettothebottom.It'sbeensaidthatunforgivenessislikedrinkingpoisonandexpectingtheotherpersontodie.Ifyou'redealingwithbitternessorunforgivenesstoday.LetGodhelpyouletitgo.Thelifeyousavewillbeyourown.Thankssomuchforjoiningusforthemessage.Junkremovalforthesoul.Ifyou'dlikemoreinformationaboutthedestinedforvictoryprogramorhowyoucanreceivethismonth.SpecialofferforsuretostopbyourwebsitePastorPaul.netthat'sPastorPaul.netweliveinaworldwherethereisincreasingtechnologythatisincreasingthoughtaboutvariousareasoflife.Butwhatisnotontheincrease.Whatisactuallyonthedecreaseisplayingoldgodlybiblicalwisdomwegetsmarteranddumber.Atthesametimeandthat'stomorrowwhenpastorPaulSheppardshareshismessage.Followinggodlyleadership.Untilthenthey'llrememberhewhobeganagoodworkinyouwillbringittocompletion.InChrist,youaredestinedforvictory

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