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When Destiny Seems Delayed

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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July 7, 2021 8:00 am

When Destiny Seems Delayed

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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July 7, 2021 8:00 am

Learning to deal with the time period between God's promise to us and its fulfillment; three lessons we can draw from David's years as a fugitive; based on 1 Samuel 18:28-29.

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Enters into a period of time where he is a fugitive king.

He is supposed to succeed on the role David is on the wrong years, David is not hiding he's going all like a seemingly getting all all result is easy to lose perspective we read about someone in the Bible story of David is a great example hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard. David is in trouble with Goliath, the next he's hiding from King Saul in fear for his life, but all we have to do is turn a page or two in the crisis is better for the giant has been slain. David is taken a seat on the throne. But what if you actually had to live through what if God kept you on the same page of life for years with no end in sight. What if reaching your destiny wasn't as simple as turning today's message comes your way. Next stay with us here or visit pastor to listen to Destin for victory on. You can also download the podcast to Google podcast or wherever you know the life of David as pastor Paul. Today's Destin for victory message when destiny seems to lay now when we first met David Reese all the prophet Samuel anointed him with oil to be the next king of Israel while he was yet this took place returned to his father's sheep. He was a young shepherd boy and return to his father's sheep. After that, but eventually he became the great slayer of the giant Goliath in first Samuel 17 and after that Saul took notice of him, Saul, the king said who is that boy found out that he was the son of a man named Jesse and he called David to enter into his service as an armor bearer and as his personal musician who played skillfully for him on the heart and in the years that he served King Saul.

The Bible says he also became a great warrior and he would lead God's people out to battle and come back with great success stories, so much so that when you get the first Samuel 18 you see the women coming out of the towns out there returning from battle singing Saul has slain his thousands, and David tens of thousands. And Saul was a very insecure man because he knew we had already been rejected by God because of his disobedience and so he hated to see this young man's star rising and God blessing him in the Bible says ever since that occurred ever since the women began to sing the praises of David. Saul kept a jealous or envious by all David so in the last message in this series we talked about dealing with haters dealing with haters. How do you deal with who don't like what God is doing in your life and who seek to oppose God's plan and purpose for your life now.

As a result of Saul becoming envious of David. We are going to now discover that Saul's jealousy leads him to begin to see my of this young man. Imagine now David is in his own service he has given David one of his daughters as his wife so he is not only a servant of the king, but he is now a son-in-law of the king, and yet the king is trying to kill him. Consequently, the Bible tells us that he becomes David enemy first Samuel 18 versus 28 and 29 jealous when Saul realized that the Lord was with David and that his daughter Michael loved David. Saul became still more afraid of him and he remained his enemy for the rest of his days. Consequently, I want us to look at the fact that David now enters into a period of time where he is a fugitive from the Beverly King.

He is supposed to succeed on the phone for years. David is on the run for years.

David is not hiding, moving from place to place trying to find refuge trying to escape the wrath of a king who is hating him for no good reason David enters into a period of season it is life where he's doing all the right things but seemingly getting all the wrong results. My question is, can anybody really want to talk to people who know what it feels like to be doing the right things but seemingly getting the wrong results I want to talk to some folks who know feels like to have some God and to be doing his will and doing all you know live according to the plan of God for your life and God has spoken some wonderful things. Given use of exceeding great and precious promises in the word and you're just trying to live the abundant life that Jesus promised you but yet you see how breaking out all around in your line. I want to talk to Fogo say what in the world is going on here. Why am I in the twilight zone like that seems right now to make no sense.

That's where David was entered into a period of days weeks only had a few bad we cannot talk about a period of years where this man is running from an enemy will be an enemy. And David is trying to make sense of how it is that God has promised me throne, but right now I am experiencing nothing but trouble and try role in my life I will talk to some Fogo can relate to all of you leaping from mountaintop to mountaintop. This message and who don't know anything about Charlotte right now everything is all the right, God does not need to make everything fine. Thank you, Michelle, and I'm not talking to you I'm talking to some who say believe in God for the mountaintop, but right now I'm finding walking through a valley of the shadow of death friend. I love it when God takes me that no that he won't let you leap from one to the other all the time will be supplies if you happen to find yourself in a valley every now and then because I'm here to tell you that sometimes the path of God for your life is going to lead you through some difficult places where David is the smack in the middle of the will. God has done nothing wrong. David has not missed God's plan for his life. He's not walking and blatant disobedience to David is doing all he was doing is loving God serving the king taking care of his business and just because the Lord was on his life. Saul is after him seeking to kill him. This message is for full course landlord what in the world going on.

I know you promise me something, but wanting to know when the promise is going to be fulfilled.

Listen, let me help you learn from this section of David's life. A very significant principle, which is that there is often a difference between the promise being spoken and the promise being fulfilled is a time element there is a time gap between the spoken promise and the fulfilled promise you learned that sometimes God will tell you what is going to do in your life but you don't know when he's going to do it and the thing is you don't know what you're going to have to go through all he does it to Joseph got a dream when he was 17 and dream look good for the family were bowing down to him in the dream, but what he didn't know was when the dream would be fulfilled. It was going to take place 22 years later Sean didn't know what he was going to go through between the dreams and the fulfillment why God doesn't tell us everything upfront because he wanted to tell you now when I'm with you I'm going to have you in a wonderful place. You will be blessed, and going no enemies at all be actual and everything will be wonderful and I was in. Let me show you what you will go through that would take the place right out your mouth was not asking for plan B when you have another plan that we might sign off all you everything. That is why you gotta learn to walk by faith and not by sight. What you do when destiny seems delayed.

What you do when you know God's taking you somewhere but you don't have a timeline yet. What do you do when you're living in that what you do when you live in tension between promise and fulfillment. I'm glad you asked.

I got three points I want to share with you three lessons I want to draw from this long period of David's life. Now basically this. Last the rest of the book of first Samuel from the end of chapter 18 where we are told Saul and his enemy for the rest of his life and move into chapter 19 and 20 and 21, two, three, four, five, right up Samuel 31 and during all period of time. David is a fugitive.

I want to tell you about some lessons we can draw from his life. During that period for our whole lives while we're waiting on God to bring his promise is the past in our lives just three simple lessons. I want to share and I let you go number one.

David maintained his consciousness of God's presence.

He maintained his consciousness of God's presence while David was going through this trying period of time. He understood his life in the presence of God coming up next.

The rest of today's message when destiny seems delayed with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California.

If you've never stop by our website pastor I invite you to do so today will find all of pastor Paul's recent messages on demand plus a host of great resources that are online store, including books and DVD messages from Pastor Paul. You can also learn about the ministry and about all the great things friends like you are doing through your prayers and financial support. It and that's also the place to find links to all of pastor Paul social media, including YouTube, you can watch some of his best video clips again well wherever you go there you are.

God is right there to know we knew this better than David story continues. Now the rest of today's message. Once again, here's pastor Paul David understood he went he did he did it end up God and all his behavior was based on his awareness that no matter where I am, whether I'm hiding in a cave whether I'm hiding in some child wherever I am. Whatever I'm doing God is with me and God is watching me. I want to encourage somebody who was living in the tension between promise and fulfillment.

Was wondering why I bought the twilight zone.

In my life. I want to tell you that you must. During that period of time maintain your consciousness of God's presence. You must understand that God is watching you. Some of us are self conscious.

We live our lives self-consciously. Others live our lives.

People consciously, but I'm here to tell you gotta learn to live your life. God consciously because when it's all said and done. Destiny is not in and of your own efforts and your destiny is not in the hands of other people, but your destiny is in the hands of Almighty God and therefore you gotta live your life here is that you got to live your life knowing that your reward is coming from on high and therefore I must live a life that brings glory to God, even when I'm going through tough times. David tells us, he teaches us, and he shows us by his example that you gotta live a God conscious life. That's exactly why they been treated Saul right even when Saul was treating him wrong.

When you read what goes on in all those chapters remain in the first Samuel you will see that Saul, David, like you found an animal on a hunting trip coming when he would hear David was in a certain town and his army would head right over there and David will escape and go somewhere else and Saul would wait to hear where he is an innate head over there and I mean he is just being really content down.

But the Bible says on two occasions during that period of time delivered Saul into David's hand Saul in a position where they was sleeping around of all land around the on duty where one is always well sometime I'll sleep in the Bible says that on occasions David was right there, could have killed Saul on the first occasion he cut off part of his role.

Remember that on the second occasion he took his sword and is water and he was right there and both times after he got a distance away and he called to Saul and his army. He said your hand but God would not let me put a hand to you and to his anointed any harm. Gotta be limited.consciousness in order when your enemy with you down is right what you do if you live in only according the subconsciousness all nature is self-preservation and me with some ice trying to kill you, and you have an opportunity you take them out consciousness and do not have people consciousness and you will get you one day you may benefit people in your life like that at all emphatic. Don't know any Bible at all, but they know what they think they know what they want to tell you live based on what you think and feel.

You can live your life based on what others tell you, but I'm living in God and all I know is God has not given me a word to take out his anointed one occasion David said let's all go into battle and he'll kill them in battle, but it is not my job to take out this money and let me tell you something. Only when you reach conclusions like that is you have to live your life conscious of God's presence understood that very clearly. That's why he writes in the word of God, and he tells us, some of us have heard this passage, but this is the wisdom which passages like this, Psalm 139 some of you know it or no parts of it, but Psalm 139 beginning at verse seven tells you where to go from your spirit. David learned this on the run spirit. Where can I flee from your verse 10 go up to the heavens you were there. I make my bed in the depth you are there on the wings of the dawn if I settle on the far side of the sea even bail your hand will guide me your right hand will hold me fast.

I say, surely the darkness will hide me in the light become night around me even the darkness will not be dark to you. The night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you understand that you can run and hide from God I'm running from so I can run from God when the Lord is there and I gotta live my life conscious of his presence. That's why gotta treat people right. That's why gotta make godly decision because God is with me. I want to tell somebody that you've got to make this time in your life.

A time where you and your walk with God and what you come to realize that I live my life to please God. Paul said in second Corinthians 5 verse nine. So we make it our to please God. That's what you got to shoot for a picture of someone shooting for something having a goal having a target assessment we make my life as a game that the target of pleasing God, on the planet.

I can please God, and Romans 1412 tells us the reason why you please God says sold in each of us must give an account of himself to God. You know one day you will run into God in judgment everyone about and on that occasion, God will be asking you what you thought they won't ask you what the people told you to do.

The only question will be how did you respond to my directives for your life. We must answer to God. We must give an account of ourselves to God. Look at Romans 1412 for yourself if you don't believe me, that each of us must give account account to which it godly advice. The Bible says blessed is he in the counsel of the ungodly. Gotta buy and didn't people talking things which are not consistent with the word of God. Here's what you need to do according to the enemy of your soul will use your own flesh alone thinking with me and you know what you need to learn to pay attention to where your directives are coming from your thoughts. That sounds interesting to learn to ask yourself, you can just eat anything that set before you chef is see if you listen to me. I can tell you something know you have to learn to live your life in the presence of God. God is the one who holds your destiny in his hand and he is the one who is going to miss what he started in your life here to have somebody say I want you to give your life over into the hands of God for you. I will put you because when it's all said and done, it is about you, Lord. One of the reasons King David became a great leader of men is because he knew who was leading him.

He understood that it was God would deliver him from Goliath and it was God would spare him from King Saul and that ultimately he would be working for God is the King of Israel. If you want to be a good leader. People start by being a good follower of God, and someone 07.

King David writes then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. If you need prayer today. The destined for Victor ministry team would like to join you in prayer from the homepage of Pastor use the contact feature to let us know how we can pray for you and while you're there, be sure to ask for pastor Paul's monthly letter of encouragement which comes at no cost or obligation. And we have a great resource to share with you today. Pastor Paul's booklet finding strength in tough times, based on his messages when destiny seems delayed in finding strength. This booklet from Pastor Paul will help you learn to deal with the time period between God's promise and its fulfillment as you follow along.

You discover three lessons from David years as a fugitive that will help you handle your season of waiting in a way that prepares you for the promise God is ready for you. That's finding strength in tough times our gift to you by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory. Call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, the addresses destined for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 God's promises are almost never served up quickly. He cooks them slow.

He takes his time and he had just the right amount of seasoning. Here's Pastor Paul.

Technology is a blessing, but it can also be a curse because God will all technology God is not up to a quick walk in your life the best things God will bring.

I'm not coming so they are not coming quickly, but they will come to pass. That's next, I would Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message when destiny seems delayed until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.

In Christ, you are destined for victory

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