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Do You Have the Time? Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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April 22, 2021 8:00 am

Do You Have the Time? Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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April 22, 2021 8:00 am

The true value of time; keys to developing good habits, eliminating fruitless activities, and maximizing the limited time we have.

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No one can create more time but we can learn to wisely manage the time we have just a few minutes.

Pastor Paul Sheppard shares is destine for victory message. Do you have the time. But first he's been kind enough to join me in the studio, pastor of the last 12 months of taught us anything is that storms even pandemics are going to touch our lives.

But as you know many listing today are dealing with the effects of a terrible time in our world and our heart. Of course goes out to them. So today with a great resource to help, but first wanted to share with encouragement with us and how we can learn to navigate the storms of life.

Absolutely. In Matthew seven and on. I know most Bible readers are very familiar with it. Jesus talks about the fact that there are two different ways you can build your life, and he says you can build like the guy who built his house on the sand or you can build like the guy who builds on the rock and the fact of the matter is I'm trying through this series and through this resource this month to help people understand storms are inevitable and some people see that as as unfortunate. I don't know that I do. Jesus just stated that quite matter-of-factly. He said storms are coming, I noticed this time when I was putting this booklet together. Jesus didn't hit anything about. If you live right.

You won't have to worry about storms. You know when I hear people preach like that like what Bible are you are you preaching from Jesus said storms are coming.

He said the storm blow on both types of houses. The difference is the impact it has. And we will build right where going to see the ability of God to keep us even in the midst of storms like what we are all going through in the time to prepare is before the storm comes absolutely, absolutely the best time to prepare for any wars in the time of peace and the best time to prepare for storm is right now because even if you're in one now you need to retrofit and make sure your life is built firmly on the rock, who is Jesus Christ because more storms are coming. But his plan is for us to endure and survive through them. Thanks for those words of encouragement Pastor Paul France-Presse reported like to send you the book that he was just talking about. Built on a solid foundation. This is a great companion guide was message from earlier this month. Storm proof your life and is our gift to you by request for your generous gift today. Call 855-339-5500 to make your gift over the phone or mail your gift to destine for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Of course you can also make a safe and secure donation on her website. Pastor gotten be able to shrink your dad and by that over time is concerned, it means purpose less activity.

You've got to release yourself and you got not feel guilty as you doing we all have 24 hours in a day.

No more and no less, but we can maximize our time by getting rid of things.

Sometimes the people that waste her time earlier this month on destine for victory.

Pastor Paul shared the four keys to handling money.

God's way so generously shrink that systematically save regularly and spend it wisely will be same principles hold true for most valuable commodity. Our time to share his message. Do you have the time.

Pastor Paul shimmered, you've got to make sure you get rid of eliminating purposeless time. Consumers those can be activities that are unfruitful, unprofitable, sometimes it is people having put their stuff on your plate so you still haven't gotten free enough from other people, but I declare that's a freedom you've gotta believe God for.

Don't let people fill up your plate with nonprofitable activity. I really need you to do this. Sorry boo I can't for me that's not part of my calling out one time thing you need to help somebody out of a crisis, whatever. But you know some people in your life will hold dump truck in your yard if you let it.

You just in the house of your life just doing what you do and you will hear and learn all all now you got a yard full of junk that they want you to do some what you want to learn to do is call in your life. This is an analogy, call one 800 and set up a time when it comes it is about the stuff in my God I didn't put in.

I need it removed. Calling people back it up say if you want any of this stuff, you need to be here by 3 o'clock.

After that it will not exist serious.

Don't let people dictate your schedule let it happen's are running around legions of spirits when called in his right mind, and Jesus is about to leave and going to let me go what you you go back and share what you did for me. Jesus told him no. Jesus tell somebody know easy this man is supposed to be on my I was called to do what he told him and he said you go back home home region you go to your spirit of influence and you share with what I did for you.

Meanwhile I'm going on to the things a father has for me. Don't let people tag along and drain you as they go. You've got to be able to shrink your dad and by that where time is concerned means purpose less activity. You've got to release yourself and you got not feel guilty as you do it do it and say this is the will of God that I don't let you unload me at the end of the day. Everybody's got a bit of their own burdens sure you help people when the Lord teaches you to help them but don't become an enabler of people's dysfunction is not God's will for you so you have adult children watch the kids when it's convenient for you, but be careful, don't become a built-in babysitter. If that's not God's call on you if you feel like this up for this season is what the Lord wants me to do to help my children, who were loving God who are doing productive things. So we all got raggedy kid to England. Do not go out and make some more raggedy kids. I know that hurts haven't tested my kids raggedy grandkids to he so called. I'm trying to help you now. If your kids are living for the Lord are doing the right things with their time and their abilities and not in school. Those who are working or not working gainfully when they could be, or not seeking gainful employment and all you're doing is freeing them up. The little red is not God's will was a season of three years we lived right next door to merit his parents right next door as row houses in Philly you could just walk out the front door while two steps go over the banister and you on their porch so she's okay now look sleep, but she wanted to be clear just because I'm right next doesn't mean that I'm the built-in babysitter make an appointment request and wait for the response before you go make a plan that was right was smart to look at the things that are purposeless time. Consumers make sure that you're not allowing them to consume time that God is giving you to do something more important. Number three save regularly. Now we know what that means in terms of money, we covered that in the money part of the series but what does it mean the same time regularly means the maximum the limited time you have save time by maximizing the limited time I have.

I can't do anything about lost opportunities in the past about wasted time, so you can look at whole seasons of your life in the past, the same man did a load time when you should've gotten the college knocked out and didn't do it. You could've gotten on the track for the promotion and you didn't do you think about when you look back at all. If I had that back what you don't have that back you can maximize the time you have left is the way it's put in Ephesians 516 making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. Making the most of every opportunity. Ephesians 516. That means buying time one transitions every time you redeem time redeem means to buy back you once had it but you lost it.

Now to get you gotta pay for buyback time.

In other words, summarize what you have left doubletime base, but if I pick up my pace.

I can still get where I need to be bishop Tyrone Cushman. Years ago I heard him preaching in Philadelphia and and he gave an illustration from his own life. He grew up in one those old-fashioned family fashion parent so you don't relate to this and all the some of the overhead would be unrelated old-fashioned where when the daddy came home from his job at the factory wherever he come in and shop and then he come out the bathroom and go to the table and everything that had his last name was supposed to be at the table all feathers all fats old-fashioned you go sit at the head of his table, and all the children's bold the table was a day in America where families ate together now at the table at the same time saying and eight. Grace wouldn't even customize it was always the same grace, which is a great show at your house. It was the same was supposed to be there when I went to my friends house I knew what they were ghostly at the table we all sit there and they all said the same to be present at our table, Lord, be here and everywhere a dog. These verses bless and grant that we may freeze and fellowship with me. Located God is great God is good and we thank him for our food buyers and we all give us Lord our daily bread back in all day math will come today when they feel like going to Facebook all around the world, people everywhere in the world go away were only about halfway through today's testing for Victor message with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. If you love what you're hearing today I want to encourage you to subscribe to pastor Paul on YouTube to watch some of his best video clips for more details and links to all the social media sure to visit pastor pastor

You can listen to recent messages on demand or find a variety of resources in our online store. Now here's basketball again with the rest of today's message you have the time when children when the table when Cushman serious consequences. Back in those days with the past would say things like when the street lights come up, you better be in this house you streetlights spoke when the street was shining bright and you are not in the house that we will blocks away at the playground playing baseball and he said the game got good that day can come really good day my brother and we had to play in baseball and he said in the middle of a really good game. Panic struck me and I didn't have a watch on the sky and I wondered what time it was. He said my brother was already crying away from dad's locks from their house Christmas and I just cry and cry and field a spanking already, but my brother grabbed me by my shirt and says we can make it but we got all the way. We should also run a piece that we set up in the bathroom and we were spared to grab some lunch and a bunch of silly came to grab you and you can shave your purpose I came around your you can make it what you came. You gotta run all the way make the most of every opportunity. One more thing and I'm done fourth principal for managing your time God's way is to spend it wisely with me Bible says in Ephesians 517. See verse 16 says, making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil, that very next verse is therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is to get smarter at this season of you like this so that means spend the rest of your time more wisely and you spent your previous years.just get older it gets. See Getting older but you can get smarter.

As I'm just going to get a hold of me again smart. You do know you can be all I hope you understand that you automatically gain wisdom with years you have to be intentional about getting wiser teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. It's a choice you make. It's not automatic.

You lived all these years don't know anything. You had to be intentional about getting smarter.

Three ways that you can spend your time more wisely. Number one maintain focus and do the right things with the time you have left.

Maintain your focus number to maintain your balance, stay fresh and sharp as I talked about earlier in the message. Make sure that you are not going hard, so hard that you are losing your pitch shot you cut down a tree to stop shopping and you gotta sharpen the saw or else you will be what progress calls. That has gotten the whole of the activity, and you have to stop and sharpen the so good at what you like your very and you can tell when your dog is you get on edge people around you don't want to be around you anymore because you're just overdone.

And you gotta stop and sharpen yourself and get Chad to better yourself. You need to know checkup and then have good godly people around you can tell you to think today right usually goes away and go somewhere with you. Go somewhere and play game you need last time you emboldened him some just don't care what it is. Go somewhere and do something to get the edge off of you is not always playing fasting sometimes is just natural rest and relaxation and have fun crackup laugh tottering old sour Christians so holy came crack a smile maintain balance and finally maintain discernment discernment. Not every good use of time is a God use of time and want to do everything at the wrong time.

Sometimes you do the right thing at the wrong time you get the wrong results. You do the right thing at the right time so have discernment as you live your life but you want to be getting more wise.

I'm encouraging you. Make sure wisdom is characterizing your life as you get all you can't help getting older but you can't help getting wiser you get moving up in these years, don't try to be more just to recalibrate what now I never seen the righteous to see big bread when I was a young person only focus on the second part of the sentence never seen a horse seed begging bread claim that all time not look at the first part I was young mole years like me, some older than me. We will try to compete with you claim you to be young anymore stop it completely jump when it comes the strength and energy. When I was a young person singing in the choir is playing music sometime said Mona Singh, and enslaving and overall just send young people gave to the Lord, said Mona now old enough to know what signal baby can be getting up and down and up and down like a dual when you get older get smarter. Just don't compete with the strength to strength, the world used to be, but I will send you the disciple somebody all your strength that you go for young girls look cute. All they got it they see all that pension CQ Cisse 660 you. When you think you take your pictures tell everybody when you think you are looking as good as you have a going take your picture when people don't think you used to be the bomb that was me right there. But listen to strength. But if you doing this right, you gain wisdom as you get older you listen to me talk to you just come get you what you got to go through hell, through out where you go and so spend your time wisely making sure you maintain your focus in your balance in your discernment and you'll see that God will be pleased with your usage.

Thanks so much for joining us for today's message. Do you have the time to find out more about the destined for Victor ministry or to contact us for prayer. Be sure to stop our website. Pastor one last time. Pastor

If you are saved by grace through faith in the Lord has already given you one or more spiritual gifts. Whether you are in touch with them or not, whether you have identified them or not they are there.

That's tomorrow and Pastor Paul Shepard's message assessing the shape you're in.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for Victor

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