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Developing a Lifestyle of Faith, Part 5

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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February 11, 2021 7:00 am

Developing a Lifestyle of Faith, Part 5

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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February 11, 2021 7:00 am

An insightful series of messages on practical ways to build a faith-driven life; learning from key Old Testament patriarchs what it means to live by faith; based on Hebrews 11.

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If you can decision can influence the first thing you can learn here from Abraham is you have to be willing to share with him where God is brought your phone if you want to help your children get where they're going.

A good place to start is by telling them where you've been Lord welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California.

You know every life is a story if you want to impact the lives of those around you the best ways is to tell your story, not just the high points on the part where God pulled you out of my replay with the full story of the time you spent inside. It transparency and full disclosure are essential because points to the grace and mercy of God, and reminds us that every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future. Stay with us now.

But remember, you can always stop by Pastor to your recent Destin for victory message on demand.

That's Pastor here is Pastor Paul. Today's message developing a lifestyle of faith we are called to pass on the goodness and the spirit and proper behavior. See God move mightily from one generation to another.

And so the lesson we are going to learn here is what that looks like, how can we establish generational blessings and then pass them on as we move throughout our lifetime.

Now here is the first thing I want to focus on just this statement down generational blessings are not accidental or coincidental.

They are intentionally conferred what that means is you are not going on a generational blessing.

People don't just say what you now know my family just found out somehow God just God just bless the fall to be nothing. I don't know generational blessings that were going to see from this Bible passage to see that every time people were blasted by God in this family.

It was because it was intentionally conferred on them just hope the kids were blessed they bless their kids. And isn't that what we desperately need today.

I mean look at what's happening in our world and our nation and our cities and our communities. Look at what's happening in our schools and churches, and certainly in our families. In far too many cases, what were saying past on is ungodly and unfruitful actions, attitudes, and associations. That's what we see passing from one generation to another ungodly, and/or unfruitful actions, attitudes, and associations.

What we see in far too many cases being passed from one generation to another is people who don't act right who have a bad attitude and who have long dysfunctional relationships. Think about it, don't you know bus pull a truck for a train full in some cases a stadium full of, and you see from one generation to another. They don't hack right. They don't think right they don't react right and they don't have right relationships say mass from one generation to another is not like you know hello all, I can't wait will we love each other, you will see that happening very much what you see most of the time is our crazy level. They just died. Also, if you want to be crazy but they passing craziness and dysfunction all the way down through the generations just generational craziness, generational foolishness, generational dysfunction, generational fighting, generational jailbird, generational dogmatics, generational alcoholics asked what we see too much of passing that stop on one generation after another, and so we need to turn the tide. We were people of God. We need to understand that God has given us the ability to live under generational lessons.

And here's the good news. Even if you have been generational curses and your family for five generations. You are say you now are in a Bible teaching church, you will receive in the entrance of the word which brings light. You are coming understand that God has not only seen his son to give you eternal life. He sent his son to give you abundant life like that means whatever was going on in your family. I don't care how many generations should arm us with you and you need to enter the pattern of the pattern of generational blessing.

I need you to open your heart and hear God speak you know your basketball. I need you to hear God on this matter. God wants the mess.

And your family. Even if you are the first one.

It God wants the job. He wants to dysfunction the stop he wants to craziness. Gotta stop being no crazier spoken your name.

You gotta stop being an alcoholic stop stop industry is always called old is time to stop it.

In Jesus name.

Gotta stop it and you got to establish a new pattern, not just you have to live right you got all establish the blessing so that those coming behind you start living right is the patterns it's the pattern noticed how patterns live in families. Here's the principle the traits of the parents become the tendencies of the children.

The traits of the parents become the tendencies of the children.

That's just one of those principles. Whatever the parents do say, however, they behave however they think the natural tendency is for those things to show up in the kids the traits of the parents become the tendencies of the children think about the families you know and procreation. Your kids don't just get any old set of random genes.

They give genes from the parents. How many times I went up to the kiss that got to be a Johnson but you see the face want to do nothing. Because you see them trying to become the children you just say it but I'm here to tell you not only do we pass on natural biological traits we pass on all kinds of actions of attitude and associations because they learned from us. They pick it up from us. Now some people who don't even know what dysfunction is because it was just their family.

So when you tell them dysfunctional about 30 natural 911 is called Morris caught then is taught is another way to put it more as God Dennis and you catch it you pick it up, it becomes normal for the kids so what God is wanting us to do is to use this principle since the traits of the parents become the tendencies of the children since Morris caught then is taught. We have to be the generation that says not only am I going to live under the blessing of God but my children are going to live under the blessing of God.

My grandchildren are going to live under the blessing of God, my great-grandchildren to go live on the blessing of God, family, in Jesus name we will be you will separate you will be blessed.

In the discussion because we are household of faith. That's the kind of decision we have to make we make this principle work for good. God wants us to live under an open heaven a favor and blessing found in can we establish it. You know me I am not what preacher without help reach. I hate being preached to. With the what and nobody give me the how to stand and sit on the some of my colleagues and I make some really good points. We are doing is where we had to say in okay how and then he said last day you have a pastor who's out of the be a teacher inspired teaching is what I meant to write about here thrilled every Sunday but not till I tell you how to live the way God wants you to live. That's my job as my job but take all the time my job to do permanent damage to your ignorant gospel to come to this church do not know what God wants to do or how to do so. Okay blessed yes I want to establish a passable yes master. How do I do it graduate begins this down. It begins with us personally.

We must blessed life before attempting to confirm blessings on will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard to listen to any of Pastor Paul's recent broadcast.

Be sure to stop by Pastor any time to listen on demand. That's Pastor You can contact us for prayer or make a safe and secure donation to the ministry online.

Pastor Paul has a special request for you. So stay tuned after the message when you join me in the studio but first let's join him for the rest of this message. Developing a lifestyle we must blessed life.

Personally, I want know is are you living under God's blessing you personally are you living on God's blessing or are you still living under some stuff that you need to break before you try to break it off for the next generation so the first point is one of self examination.

You can confirm blessings are not living in and also influence others. I want to broaden this concept. Even if you're not a parent, I want you to know that God's given your sphere of influence their people were looking to you as a model you don't know it, but their people looking to you as a model remember couple decades ago when Charles Barkley was still active in the MBA and he did some commercial and he said I am not a role model and it calls a whole lot of controversy of people were trying to decide whether sports figures and and Hollywood personalities know that should be considered role models and people get all these talk shows and stuff on this and you don't get the pick whether you're in influence or role model you can intentionally put yourself in a position to try to take the influence of the fact of the matter is anybody you have influence over. You are a key model in their life Bayside you can sign yourself up.

They decided your important and so we all have to understand even if you don't have a single child.

If you have a spare influence. If you have nieces or nephews. If you have coworkers kids. If you have people in your community. If you have people in the church whose kids, look to you anybody from the next generation who, is inspired by you in and take a look at your life, you must understand this principle as well. You can't bless people when you're not blessed yourself. It starts with us.

Notice Abraham to the text talks about Isaac thoughts about Jacob and Esau talks about Joseph and talked about Joseph some blessed talked about several generations in this family just in those three verses of Hebrews chapter 11 started with Papa Abraham and the Bible says about him. In Genesis 24 and one Abraham was now old and well advanced in years and what's this, and the Lord blessed him in every way. How did this family become blessed even through all the stuff missing feelings and moods and all that this family end up being blessed because God blessed the patriarch God bless Abraham in every way Abraham was able to confirm blessings because Abraham was a blessed man I came asking are you blessed know you say that when people ask you how y'all blessed. I know you say I want know do you live under the blessing of God. Put another way, you cast off the curses that the enemy has tried to put on your life to keep you from being at all, you're supposed to be gotten sick enough, a bondage in this area or that area of your life where you all that I will not live underneath my privilege.

I'm going to leave God has for me. You must understand how God thinks and generational term is not just about us we think is all about. The reality is, is really not just about you.

It is about those coming behind you. When God blesses you. He's got his eye on 23 generations thing about people who aren't even born yet he saying about the people who are going to come through your lineage or through your influence until Jesus comes again. So God is thinking what he's thinking, way past you so have understood that it wasn't just about him and as he lived his life he lived it with a consciousness that he had to walk under the blessings of God so he could pass on those blessings to others. He understood that God cares about the generations following. And if we don't intentionally bless those generations. They will be the worst for it. We don't intentionally pass on blessings were putting them in a precarious situation. Not what I want to do the remaining time then to talk with you about three ways that Abraham blessed his son Isaac.

Because this passage opens talk about Isaac being one who blesses his kids so let's start with Papa. Let's learn three key lessons from pop-up that can be translated not only through their lineage, but through our own freeways. God blessed Isaac. These are principles that will help us he blessed him is by disclosing his testimony blessed.

His son by his son know how God had blessed him throughout his lifetime. If you bless your kids, your grandkids, your nieces or nephews can influence anybody who's looking up to you big brother big sister anybody. Let's spread it out beyond children. If you want to be a blessing to those coming behind you.

The first thing you can learn here Abraham is you have to be willing to share with them where God is brought you from getting that I get mad from the fact that Isaac was away all of the back story to his own birth. You do know the back story.

You do know the broader context of how Isaac got here he got here.

First, because God promised his parents in their old age that they were going to have the son of promise, who was Isaac and the parents responded improperly and I came up with Ishmael.

We've already talked about that I could go back there got too much ground to cover. We've already talked about that. They came up with Ishmael. You have to be willing to tell the generations as you walk on the blessing you are now.

You finally are living under the blessing you mistakes.

That would bind you and keep you from being what God wanted you to be walking in victory and in the blessing of the Lord, you have to be willing to share with them the testimony and the testimony can't just be your high point in all of them does not show testimony that your bragging and your trip your testimony components in trouble.

Somebody told him about Ramona brief basketball.I myself knew the story behind it well before they got it right that he knew that because Isaac knew Ishmael, Ishmael and Hagar were cast out with two or three years old in the Bible, Genesis 25 verse nine, here's what you see him.his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him Isaac and Ishmael buried him a son comes to help Barry daddy even though he lived in his household for decades because I grew up about his brother, Ishmael, and where he and his mom every now and then and hung out so much so that when Abraham, Isaac, no, Ishmael, cell phone number is I'll be right there. You know Ishmael as your brother without knowing the Ishmael story as well as a raise in our house sitdown sunless talk show testimony and blessed you talk about what you all think. Thank you so much for being here for two days destined for victory message developing a lifestyle of faith. Pastor Paul Sheppard joins me know from a studio in California pastor. Looking ahead into this new year 2021. The things we like to do from time to time to share stories of how God is using this ministry. I'm excited about that and I know you are as well. So let's encourage people to tell us some of those stories about how God is using this program I would love to hear from our listeners, you know Dustin for victory exists to challenge and inspire people everywhere to know God's son to apply God's word and to fulfill God's purpose that's our mission statement were serious about it and I want to know that all three things are happening. So if your listener and as a result of listening to destined for victory, you have come to know Jesus for yourself or your finding application of these messages in your every day and your finding your purpose in life what God wants to do in and through you. I would love for you to drop us a line and share your testimony can be one or two paragraphs. They can be a full-length letter and then we'll just pare it down, but please share with us what God's done as a result of your being a listener and give us permission to share it because we may find ways that we can share your story. We don't have to call your name. If you don't want, but we can share your story and by doing so others can be blessed as well.

So please consider getting in touch with us, letting us know the difference that destined for victory is making in your life, you know, one of the best ways to bless others is by sharing with them what God is done for us.

If you've been blessed by the destined for victory broadcast would love to hear from you. Visit Pastor and use the contact feature at the top of the homepage. We look forward to hearing what God is done. We also have a special gift to share with you this month. Yours my request for your generous donation to destined for victory, introducing Pastor Paul Sheppard's booklet lessons from the cocoon you butterflies don't enter this world with wings. They don't even enter the world as butterflies, their transformation takes place over time. And that's how the life of a believer in Christ works in lessons from the cocoon. Pastor Paul helps you understand that God is doing good things and you even when your life seems somewhat stagnant and unremarkable and remind you that eventually you will have wings because you were born to fly. That's lessons from the cocoon our gift to you today by request for your generous gift destined for victory.

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Again, our address is destined for victory.

Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 because the traits of the parents become the tendencies of children.

He seen his daddy unquestionably follow God and now he has his first chance to and what a first son I want you to get on the that's tomorrow in a message about un-conceivable sacrifice unwavering faith in God's willingness to redeem our past mistakes. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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