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Absurd Truth: Don't Believe What You See

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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June 18, 2024 3:13 pm

Absurd Truth: Don't Believe What You See

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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June 18, 2024 3:13 pm

The White House claims that actual footage of Biden looking lost and wandering off is a “cheap fake” perpetrated by the right. Meanwhile, Biden’s Intelligence Department is celebrating Pride by giving free trans flag colored manicures.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. Florida Man's brilliant plan to hide in the ceiling was ruined by his phone ringing. It's in Polk County. Let's see, Polk County Sheriff's, they were looking for this guy who broke into this building. The individual had been evading capture. Due to his, he had outstanding warrants and he hid in the ceiling of his workplace. And apparently, while they were looking for him, that's when his cell phone rang. And they were able to apprehend him and take the individual into custody.

This was just earlier this week. Yeah, that's um, yeah, that's maybe, maybe put it on mute if you're going to be doing crimes. Saying you know, like silent mode. Let's see this one. A drunk dude at Disney World punches some cast members and then threatens others with a pole. I love how it was. I love how it's described as two shirtless men. So this is Epcot in Orlando, two shirtless dudes assaulted, they punched a cast member, and then threatened other guests with a pole that one of them ripped out of the ground. Goodness.

It's like some what is it drunk strength? The I just feel like if you're fighting with someone and you don't have a shirt on, you're probably guilty of starting all of it. Right? I mean, you're just saying. Yeah. So apparently one guy punched an older lady cast member. The other ripped a pole out of the ground and started swinging it around and yelling it. And one person who was there actually told police they thought it was part of the show. So I mean, it's just a orange county deputies handled it. Yeah. I'm so sad that there's no photos of this. I'd say, you know, guys do us all favor here.

You know, everybody's got a cell phone, right? Be your own citizen journalist. Get us video. That's all I'm asking for.

Right. I ran out of time for this one the other day. Guy on a bike who stole a tip jar. That was fundraising for a baby.

It was at a diner. It was a baby fundraiser. And they literally just ran up and stole the donation jar. I mean, biked up right peddled up.

Yeah. They said that deputies were asking for their help, people's help trying to find the thief because apparently, I mean, he took $2,000. They were raising money for the kitchen manager who had her baby two months early. And then he rode away with it on his bike. And yeah, and they said that it was crazy because the guy was looking at the sign reading it and seeing what it was for and then he still took it anyway.

So the diner is still collecting money, but they're putting the cash in a safe place and nobody can steal it. That's sad. That's sad. It was like for their babies in neonatal.

Intensive care neonatal unit. That's just so sad. Let's see this Florida street racer driving 80 miles per hour goes airborne lands in a canal and it's all caught on camera lands where the gators live.

Just want to point that out. He was racing 80 miles per hour residential neighborhood lost control of his car and it was a challenger. How are you going to do your challenger like that? So oh my gosh, and challenger landed he was racing a Mercedes. And they were trying to see who could be dumber faster. So it went right into the canal. There's video of it too.

There was a guy like outside in his yard and then there's a car that comes flying in and the guys running away because he sees it coming into the canal. Golly as we move our partners that will bring you free radio. It's the folks over at Caltech. Florida based creator of pistols rifles shotguns as well as all kinds of accessories and gear and they've continued the mission of game changing innovation and performance with their sub 2k Gen three it's a light it's foldable it's effective and you don't have to detach your favorite mags are your favorite optics also you just fold the whole thing in half and it also just as quickly and easily deploys actually just remembered I got some stuff in from Caltech that I just literally this weekend that I need to unpack and kind of go take to the range I need to go take my toys out. But they're all quality made right here in the US of a Caltech made in America family owned company family owned values they employ veterans they stay they they stand behind what we all believe in. And it's just another great American company that makes stuff that's useful to you and support your natural rights.

See all Caltech has to offer at Caltech that's ke lt EC follow them on social media so you can be in the know when stuff drops. That's Caltech tell them Dana sent you there seems to be a sort of rash of videos that have been exited to make the president appear especially frail or mentally confused. I'm wondering if the White House is especially worried about the fact that this appears to be a pattern that we're seeing more. Yeah, we and I think you all have called this the cheap fakes video. And that's exactly what they are. They are cheap fakes video.

They are done in bad faith. And in some of your news organization, have have been very clear have stressed that these right wing, the right wing critics of the president have a credibility problem, because of the fact checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation. And so we see this and this is something coming from from your your part of the world calling them cheap fakes and misinformation.

Who the house is cheap fakes? We stopped right after we departed. And we left the microphone now we're back together again. Welcome to the program. Dana lash here with you on the cheap fakes edition of the Dana show top of the first hour. We're gonna be insufferable today.

So let you know, it's good to be with you. Let's all sit together and just talk smack. You can also watch the radio show. I know technology, you can watch it channel 347. Direct TV, you can also check it out on x and rumble and all the places the things you guys know, and make sure you sign up at substack chapter and verse because lots of good stuff comes out of there, guys.

That's the newsletter, you're gonna want it because you get lots of good stuff up there. Okay, so can we for real like had this conversation here? First off, not to be not to be the language police, but the hell is a cheap fake? Is that a word? She just is that a word? Mrs. Nordstrom pipeline just came up with emeritus, tyranny? Is that what she just came up with?

The CCA Poirier crowd? That's the so cheap fakes, right? Because they does she was that a turn of phrase that they came up with? Or did she just mess it up?

I genuinely want to know. This was like the first thing I was thinking of. I'm like, did they mess that up on purpose? Or is that just is that another Nordstrom pipeline thing from her? What do you think? Do you think that they did that because they thought it was a fun turn of phrase?

Do you came to you? I think she messed up. I think it is a situation where she just messed up. Yeah. That's so bad.

It's like no offense. I don't think she's listening. I have to look around like she's gonna operate in the studio. So like Nana, right?

Constantly. If Nana if there is a name that can be gotten wrong, Nana will get it wrong. And sometimes it's like she's she is the she was the original Starbucks name right around the cup person first, right?

She will purposely mess up your name. If it's Mark, you know, with a with a what is it? Mark, there was that one joke was Mark with a C. And it literally just said C on the cup.

Like they just wrote C on the cup. Like it's just the goofiest thing I've ever seen. But if Nana could always get names wrong, always gets names wrong, not always could like still does. And I just like I'm I feel like I'm talking to Nana sometimes when I hear that I'm like, nobody says cheap fakes. Nobody says that.

That's not a word anybody says like, where's this even coming from? But this is how freaked out they are. First off, we all know what a deep fake is correct. Okay, we all know what a deep fake is a deep fake is an actual, like edited video. It is a it's a it's a manipulated, artificially enhanced or something, whatever video.

And so we know what those are. They're fake. And it's, I mean, sometimes it's like AI generated or whatever.

It's a fake video, though fake video, fake concept, fake everything. And in some instances, isn't it a felony? Isn't doing deep fakes a felony? Yeah, it's kind of that's kind of the question that I have.

I'm like, I feel like it's, you know, since might be a felony here. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because cheap fakes I don't even know what the hell that is. But this isn't a deep fake. This is literally an actual these are actual videos of Joe Biden being awkward. They're actual actual videos of him. And none of it is fake. It's all real.

We can all see it. And it's not that it's been because see that the left used to say selectively edited. That was their favorite phrase to say, selectively edited these selectively edited videos selectively edited.

That's what they used to love to say. But now, now it's cheap fakes and deep fakes. So they're they're freaking out because the videos have looked bad. And these are actual videos. These are, you know, for real videos, unedited videos.

I mean, nobody, nobody. I mean, that's not how any of this works. So she's taking issue with the videos that came from the Normandy ceremony, and videos from G seven in Italy. And the videos of Biden have not been, you know, altered in any way.

They haven't been altered in any way. There's been none of that. And there are actual videos of him being confused and falling down stairs or struggling or something or whatever.

And otherwise looking generally concerning health wise. And this, by the way, I want to point out that this is not the first time this narrative, this new narrative, because clearly Democrats are freaking out now, and they have to convince you that what you're witnessing is actually not what you're witnessing. And so this isn't the first time that we heard this. In fact, yesterday morning, Joe Scarborough was the first person to say that these are deep fakes, that these are deep fake videos. He was the first person to say that yesterday. And then Corinne Jean-Pierre at the press avail yesterday afternoon, right after we finished radio. That's when she dropped that.

She was prompted by a reporter whose question was like, thick with butt kissing. Oh, my gosh, yeah, you know, to make him look like a panda. No one's making him look anything.

So disgusting. I want to know how you how are you going to digitally alter first off, if they were deep fakes, don't you think were you telling me he wasn't in Italy? Are you telling me he wasn't at G7? Did they just, you know, bibbidi bobbidi boo, Georgia Maloney, and the Fumio Kishida, and Emmanuel Macron and all of these other world leaders that they just, you know, digitally drop them into the frame? The hell are you talking about?

You telling me he wasn't in Normandy? There's nothing about it. That's a deep fake. These are actual real videos, which is why no one else has stepped forward to go. These are fake videos, because they're not fake videos. Biden looks bad.

The end. And Democrats, instead of actually taking accountability, which they're never going to do, it's all your fault. You're too stupid to recognize that that's a fake video. Now, they're not going to sit here and show you what's fake about it.

They're not going to do that. No audio soundbite 10. Listen to this. This is another example. This is Nicole Wallace on MSNBC. What? I mean, his own the videos. It's Biden that's casting doubts on his fitness for office. It's not the videos. It's Biden in the videos. And that's Biden doing it.

If you're going to deep fake something, I think you would go to a more extreme extreme, I think. This is just it's it This is though, they're just they're lying to you at this point. These are the people by the way, I think it's funny. They these are the people who did the Russian colonial illusion, the laptop and the pandemic, all that nonsense, all those narratives, all that brainwashing.

All of that. Those are the same, the same people who lied to you about actual evidence. They had 51 was that 51 or 31 members of the Intel community lie to your face, and they knew they were lying to your face. But they're going to get mad because you're showing actual videos of Biden falling all over the place, and looking otherwise poorly. I mean, this isn't rocket science. To see that he's different, that he's lost some some ability that he's lost a little, you know, motor skills, some cognitive ability. It's not rocket scientists to figure out.

I mean, it makes him look like he's, I mean, he's bad off. And now they're trying to provide it up and tell you that, oh, well, that's a deep fake. The same people who deep faked you about the 2016 election trying to tell you about Russian collusion, the same people who deep faked you about the lockdown and pandemic, the same people who deep faked you about the laptop, and all of those Intel officials signing on to it. Now they want to tell you that because you're seeing actual unedited video, that that's the deep fake. Anything that's disadvantage disadvantageous to them is the deep fake.

No, trust them. The thing is, is it looks worse that they're trying to hide it. And it looks worse that they're lying about it. I mean, I when you're watching people like Giorgio Maloney have to run after him in a field.

And when you're watching Fumio Kishida run towards him as he takes a trip down some steps. That's not that's not deep fake because then you're involving other world leaders that never happened. But this just goes to show you how desperate they are. This looks bad.

It looks bad. And it is causing people who maybe were supportive of Biden, but they weren't, you know, hardcore Biden fans or however you want to put it. It's making those people question his ability, which then puts a seed of doubt into the mind of that voter. And Democrats are trying to avoid that because they are having to claw and we're going to go over polling coming up, we're going to do a deep dive in some polling. And we're going to look at a very new toss up state. It's a state that's been classified as a toss up that I think plays into the VP stakes. And I'm going to unpack that for you. If you sign up to the newsletter, though, over at Substack, you already have it.

So you're already head of the campaign. But this shows goes to show you how desperate Democrats are with all of this. And they're they're freaking out.

They don't know how else to deal with it. So they're going to lie to you and say, well, it's a deep fake. But they're not deep fakes. These they're absolutely not deep fakes. They're real videos. And the other thing, too, are they floating this idea that it's a deep fake so that they can I mean, because remember, some deep fakes are felonies.

In some contexts, they they can be felonies. Is this going to be actionable to them? These are the same people that were trying to shut down social media. If you had questions about Ivermectin, Trey, you know, like if you said something, you know, Ivermectin, are we going to get penalized on YouTube by the by the fascists if we say it? I mean, they were the ones who were pressuring social media to to censor people who were asking questions about the lockdown and asking questions about shots and, and therapeutics, etc.

I mean, that's, it's bad. Everybody's in on this NBC, the Associated Press, Colin AP issued a fact check of the video of Biden freezing up on stage and being led up by Obama. And there are so many different angles to that video. And they all show the exact same thing. Different videos from different people all showing the exact same thing. And they tried to say, the claim was this is how the AP put it quote, Biden froze on stage during his fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday night and had to be led away by Obama.

The facts. Biden paused amid cheers and applause as he exited the stage with his predecessor following an interview moderated by late night host Jimmy Kimmel. And then they cited a source, quote, a source who helped organize and attended the fundraiser told the AP that there was nothing noteworthy about this moment and that Obama wanted to be chummy by walking off stage with Biden. Oh my gosh, that's literally what the AP did.

That's how the AP spun this. I've had the hours of training that I've had or feels comfortable around firearms due to years of use, or maybe they're by a gun free zone. I'd like to change that what I can while encouraging self defense at the same time.

So this is where BERNA comes in. It's kind of like a starter weapon. It's they make a non firearm firearm. I like the idea of incredible force sending chemical irritants towards a threat as an additional option for women. And the BERNA SD model shoots chemical irritant projectiles 68 caliber rounds that can deter threat in their tracks up to 50 feet away.

I mean, it is hard, easy target acquisition, zero recoil. BERNA is legal in all 50 states. There's no background checks, no permits required.

It's shipped directly to your door. Gun free isn't applicable to BERNA. It's great for wherever guns are banned.

Visit I've been hearing about super dangerous heatwave looming for over 135 million this week. And they said it's going to be in triple digits. And it's going to be 90 degrees in Chicago or New York City. It's going to be 90 degrees. Well, it is June. Right?

Is that I might be an unreasonable. Come on people. 90 degrees. It's going to be like triple digits down here. And that's normal, but it's a dry heat. So I feel like they're really amping this up.

They really are. Justin Timberlake was busted for DWI in Sag Harbor. According to the New York Post, it was in the Hamptons early in the morn. He was apparently driving drunk. He blew a stop sign, swerved out of his lane. He was pulled over in Sag Harbor just after midnight, charged with driving while intoxicated, cited for running a stop sign failure to keep to his lane.

He appeared in court looking rough, they said in a black baseball cap. But he was partying with friends at a hotel and a two minute walk from the local police station before he drove off. Can I just ask and this is maybe is it was his wife with him when he was partying? What is a grown ass father going out doing partying and getting drunk at a hotel and then like driving off like you're married and you've got kids? What is the matter with you? Be a man. Step the hell up and be a man.

I'm so tired. He's like my age. And he's acting like a like a 21 year old. Not even that I know more mature 21 year olds. Is that harsh? I like grow up dude your midlife your don't Hunter Biden it out man.

Good night. Let's see your Thailand past same sex marriage. Apparently the first Asian country to do so. Dropping bodies is bigger than dropping f bombs. I had to laugh at the story from the hill.

The headline. Fauci says Trump dropped f bombs during the 2020 COVID call. And it apparently was just very jarring to Huckle from labyrinth to Fauci. He said, you know, he goes I have a pretty thick skin, but getting yelled at by the president no matter how much he tells you that he loves you is not fun.

I mean, cane dropping bodies dropping f bombs, which one's worse just asking for a lot of people. And Biden's Title Nine rule? Well, apparently there's gonna be this temporary temporarily blocked the change to that over some alphabet protections.

We'll talk stick with us. Speaking of your tax dollars at work. From the Daily Wire, the Intel community is celebrating Pride Month with free trans flag manicures and Filipinx lectures. Yep. Yep.

Taxpayer funded, by the way, they're bringing in nail techs to do trans flag manicures. I just heard half of the audience just choking rage. I just I could you hear it? Oh, boy. Yeah.

They you can participate in a pride ally challenge learn from a non binary Filipinx event. It's nine different Pride Month activities. It's the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Oh, look at that.

How nice is that off? Yeah, that they're they're just, you know, taxpayer I mean, it's not like we have anything else that we have to worry about here in the United States. I mean, it's not like we're getting warnings about Oh, my gosh, we've got a we have to worry about increased terror possibilities, etc.

I mean, you've got a daily use at the border. You have terrorists that were coming in. You have people who are raping children. There was a guy who was arrested in broad daylight because he raped a 13 year old.

There was another guy who came in illegally from El Salvador who raped and killed a mother of five. There's I mean, we keep going on and on and on. But hey, you know what, it's more important that that they have nail techs taxpayer funded to make sure that they quote, decorate you ready for Pride Month with the option of celebrating Pride Month.

Pride or trans flag colors in quote. Not even making it up. Wow. So that's what they're focusing on a whole month for this. A whole month D Day got one day. And that was it one and done. This they act like these people are more heroic than the than the brave men who stormed the beaches at Normandy.

Oh, you have sex a certain way you want to pretend your penis is a vagina. You're more heroic than the heroes who stormed the beaches at Normandy. Instead of one day you get an entire month here. Here's a taxpayer funded nail tech to go ahead and paint trans flag colors on the staff members at the checks notes Office of National Security. Wow.

Yeah, it's the nails and crafts event. Not even making it up. That's what your tax dollars are paying for.

How nice. Your tax dollars at work. But I love it. It's all Republicans are mad over.

Everybody should be mad over their tax dollars being spent like this. Now speaking of culture, I don't know if you guys saw this earlier, I tweeted about it. Because, you know, just to dovetail in with this, this insane story, I saw it from New York, it was New York Magazine. They said for our latest cover story, they said we report on the evolution of Republican women their wrath, sweetness, strength and subservience to the MAGA right observed.

Now I was reading this I tried to I tried to get into it. They literally in the first sentence, admitted that they really couldn't define what a woman was. Actually, sorry, second sentence. They couldn't even define what a woman was. And then they put a few and I think Juan has the cover. Then they threw this on the cover. The cover is I guess, like, I don't know, like an amalgam of women. And it says our Republican women. Okay, I feel like we're okay, because we can define women. I feel like if you can't define what a woman was, you might not be okay.

That's kind of my thought on this. But they put this chick on the cover this like this pieced together. I guess what they think a Republican woman is on the cover and I'm trying to figure out. She's holding a chromed out Tommy gun. And I can't make fun of it enough. I cannot First off, we can at least we can define women. Secondly, who doesn't have a chromed out AR Tommy assault rifle with a fully auto drum clip is in high capacity drum clip is in that holds hundreds of shells.

Who doesn't have that? That's so dumb. This is so dumb. I feel like if you have to ask if you can't define what a woman is, you might not be okay. Just saying if you're upset, because there's an attractive character in a video game, and she's a female, you might be the woman who's not okay.

You know what I mean? Just feel like that needs to be said. Because that's but that's are they okay? Are Republican women okay? That's how insulting by the way is that?

And I don't know who this chick is that wrote it. I don't even care. But the that's that's what the leftist female position always is. If you don't agree with us, then there's something about you. That's not okay. If you don't agree with us, then are you actually okay? Is everything all right with you? Because we're the status quo, and you don't agree with us. Thanks for your check. You may not even be able to be qualified to speak on this if you don't know that whether or not you're a chick or define whether or not you're a chick saying that's the stupidest gun ever. And also, where can I have one? Where can I get it? Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast.
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