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Absurd Truth: SOTU Fearmonger

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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March 7, 2024 3:27 pm

Absurd Truth: SOTU Fearmonger

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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March 7, 2024 3:27 pm

Joe Scarborough says that this is the best Biden he has seen in years. Meanwhile, The White House fearmongers ahead of Biden’s State of the Union Address.

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Speaking of bad decisions, okay. Let's lighten things up. Florida guy, Florida Man, claiming he was simply trying to flirt with another traveler in the waiting area when he made some wisecrack about having a bomb in his bag at the airport. Man, if you've got a friend named Jack, you know the last thing you should ever do is say, hi, Jack.

Hi, Jack. Bomb is another word you just should never say. So this guy, 7-year-old guy, he said he was trying to be funny. He was trying to impress with somebody. A couple of other people heard him say something about a bomb in his bag going off prematurely. He apologizes to the family.

So those two who overheard called police and that dude taken him into custody. Start your tape right now because I'm about to tell you the truth. And F you if you can't handle the truth. This version of Biden intellectually, analytically, is the best Biden ever.

Not a close second. And I've known him for years. The Brzezinski's have known him for 50 years. If it weren't the truth, I wouldn't say it. How bad must it have been before for Joe Scarborough to say, to claim, such an unashamed and, I mean, what else do I call it but damaging piece of propaganda. Joe Scarborough. You have no shame, Joe Scarborough. Seriously, dude, you and all your colleagues, the ilk over at MSNBC, all you crazy leftists, lying leftists, Marxists. You guys are a real danger to our, you're keeping a lot of people and see people are free to choose the media that they consume and they consume you in large volumes, too many, way too many consuming large volumes, keeping themselves willfully ignorant and stupid.

An uninformed electorate. That's the biggest danger right now. And that's what Joe Scarborough is contributing to. Welcome to hour three of the Dana show. I'm Sergio Sanchez and you're listening to the Dana show. We're broadcasting from Affiliate K.U.R.V.

in South Texas. It's emailed Sergio, S.E.R.G.I.O. at on Twitter at X, our neighbor, Elon Musk here at Starbase in Brownsville. It's at S.E.R.G.I.O. talk, at S.E.R.G.I.O.

talk. Propaganda man from all these crazy leftists defending, carrying the water for Joe Biden and all these America hating, destroying radical leftists. I've said it a million times before, this is not your daddy's Democrat party. And I know it pains me to say this, but sadly, in media and in politics and leadership that is absent right now on the Republican side.

They need to be connecting the dots. At this very moment, these days, since the election in essence will be determined, the presidential election, all these delegates, they will be determined by literally a handful, if not maybe a half dozen swing states. So you think that we will have leadership, and of course, the Republicans are the party of the rich, right? They have plenty of friends, they have to call and get some money in there, concentrate, let's say, on six or seven states, and about 40 congressional seats that might be up left and right, they kind of, they oscillate, they go D and R, they focus on that. Oh, no, we got no leadership focusing on that. We got no money, because we had no leadership that were focusing on that. I am, at present, I am afraid and disappointed that, you know, while opportunity knocks at the door to make wholesale a major change in American politics for the sake of protecting our country, opportunity knocking at the door to get rid to flush a bunch of these leftist radical marches, especially in the at least those at least those 40 seats, that supposedly, you know, 35, 40 seats that could oscillate, go D or they need to go back solid to the R side, just focus on proper messaging, get the money that you need from the money bags, the rich Republicans, say, look, we got it, we got a ground game we need to play the Republican National Committee change up your leadership, which by the way, that's supposed to happen pretty soon.

Let me mention this real quick because Super Tuesday, the 16 states, and this goes for both parties, many times in many of these states, like two weeks afterwards, like maybe one and a half weeks, two weeks, the rules are different from place to place. But I can tell you here in Texas, as an example, this is what we have, we have party primaries, you choose R, you choose D, you go vote, and then about two, three weeks after, you have the conventions at your local level, a county convention, you get together, and you figure out who's going to go to the state convention, develop the platform, and then you eventually go to the national convention. And that's where a lot of people that have, I was told before I was volunteered as Republican chairman, with the help of so many young people and precinct chairs, courageous people, people who funded local doctors and business people who funded the creation of a permanent Republican headquarters in deep blue country Rio Grande Valley, Hidalgo County. As we set that up here in South Texas, I was told by a previous chairman, God bless him, Hollis Whitley, I'm going to mention your name on national radio, brother, I renamed him just, I rebranded him for a younger audience.

I call him Hot Liz, Hot Liz now. He told me, Serge, what you're about to do as volunteer chairman to try to set up a party down here. Well, set up an HQ, that was my passion for that. But it's a thankless job.

And there's two forms of Republicans. One is the sweat equity, that would be me, and all the volunteers, the young people, young clubs, women's clubs, sweat equity, we're not millionaires, you know, I may have the talent to be, you know, do some good radio, good talking and all that. But no, I don't have a Dana Lash salary. I don't have Rush Limbaugh salary.

Maybe Sunday, maybe Jesus will open up the door for that. But there's a sweat equity. And there's the money side of politics. Right now, with all these local conventions to go to state convention that will throw people to national convention, here's where the money people show up, the ones that behind the scene will fill the 10 gallon hat with a 10,000, 20,000, $50,000 donation in many places here in Texas, and they will get themselves a ticket to attend the state convention and then catapult to the national convention with all the lights and the cameras and all the national attention, get to see Donald Trump and take pictures with him, all that. Does that sound unsavory to you?

Yes, I know. That's what I had to volunteer and had on a sweat equity side. And yes, for people who never showed up to local meetings, never just helped out with the parties, never helped out with the phone banking or block walking, or registering people to vote, you know, all those clubs and the training, all the mechanics and everything that went into party politics. Yeah, there's some people with some deep pockets. On both sides, Democrat, Republican, they're able to pay their way in the national convention, despite the fact that they never showed up.

They don't know. Who are these people? It's like everybody on the same bus at the same time going to a national convention. Who are these people? Oh, that's one of the money guys.

Or one of the money gals. That's what we have right now. So you got those conventions coming up here around the corner.

So reminding you of that, because that's the way you get in there. Hi, I'm Erica, an English major at Hillsdale College. Here's Hillsdale President Dr. Larry Arnn with the Constitution Minute. The human soul is made to learn, and the highest things of life are the best things to learn. One of these, it turns out, is the way we govern ourselves, and one of the best examples of that is the Constitution of the United States. It explains what our government should look like and how it should function to best protect our rights. It was created to give us the freedom to make choices about the way we wish to live. Unfortunately, most colleges and universities today fail to teach our Constitution.

When they do, they often denigrate it. This is dangerous because it is impossible to preserve our liberty if we don't understand where it comes from and how to protect it. Having a proper civics education is essential to preserving our freedom.

To learn more and get a free pocket Constitution, visit Testing new self-service screening technology at the Vegas airport. Got some friends in Vegas. My head sounds kind of crazy. New setup would have, of course, fewer people, fewer TSA agents at the security checkpoint, trying to streamline operations, so you would be greeted, if you used the one in Vegas, you'd be greeted with a virtual agent, somebody on the screen, assist you with all sorts of questions that you need to answer, direct you to the x-ray machines and all that.

As long as they don't start using robots to pat you down and do certain body searches, okay, maybe that's an easier way to take care of business. Oh, and Iowa women's basketball star Kaitlin Clark is rolling in the cash. My producer told me that $900,000 salary this year might be $3 million next year if she sticks around to play. She is inked a deal with a major trading card to, I wonder how much money she's making for her new trading cards from Kaitlin Clark NCAA all-time score for men and women's basketball.

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That's Tell them Dana sent you. You're going to hear the President address how our democracy is under attack, how our freedoms are certainly under attack. He's going to speak to what we've been seeing across the country as it relates to a woman's health care and the radical extreme bills that we're seeing.

Karine Jean-Pierre. And on that genius note, we begin the program Thursday edition. The Dana Show.

I'm Sergio Sanchez and for my friend Dana Lashley. Today is the State of the Union speech and of all the issues and solutions that I suspect millions across the land will be hoping to hear from Joe Biden. Yeah, you're not going to get any of that.

The President addressing our democracy is under attack. Got to create the boogeyman. Got to create the boogeyman. Here in my nose.

Where is it? Got the communist congressman from Texas, Joaquin, appropriately named Castro up in central Texas, up in San Antonio. Joaquin, Castro, communist Castro. Oh, yeah, they need to continue their effort to they, the left, the radical leftist, these lunatics destroying America and all you people voting for these national Democrats, all these Congress people, all these senators, stop it already. You want to save our country? Stop voting for radical leftist.

All Democrats sent to Congress, all Democrats sent to the U.S., especially the White House. Just stop already. Stop voting for them. You don't want to vote for Donald Trump.

You don't have to. But stop sending these idiots, these communists, quasi-communists, these socialists, these revolutionaries like Joaquin Castro up to Congress. We deserve the government that we have right now. We deserve the confusion that we have right now because you people keep voting. Every two years, you have a chance to replace these people and you don't.

And states all across the nation, you don't. So stop voting for them, especially this coming November. You don't like Donald Trump?

Orange man, bad, all that stuff. Fine, fine. Just don't. Don't send them.

Let's send new people, let other people vote some solutions, send them up there. You know, this communist Joaquin Castro, you know, because all these Congress people, pretty much all of them, they take a guest with them. They invite somebody to be in the gallery, overflow rooms. If I recall correctly, I think my buddy Dana. Dana, she was a guest of one of the Congress people last year.

She got to experience that. So they take all these guests. So this communist Joaquin Castro up here, up in central Texas in San Antonio, he's taking the wife of some rancher. They say it was murdered and they say it was racism. Ms. Martinez, you know, you need to see something. We need to stand up because we have a growing threat. Here's the boogeyman. Here's the boogeyman, the straw man. It's white supremacy that is the biggest threat in our country.

I'm just so, so tired. Yes, there are white supremacists. No, they are not the biggest threat to our country. Yes, they're full of hate.

They're full of bigotry and all that. But they're not the ones that are burning up American streets. They're not the one screwing up policy and allowing all this political and social and cultural upheaval taking place in our nation. They're not the ones who are rotting America as if secretly some, you guys recall some years back after the terrorist attacks and there were all these rumors and conspiracy theories.

There were camps in our country. There were training Islamists, radical Islamists and these potential terrorists training camps in our country in the desert soils of West Texas and in hidden areas in the nation's midsection. It's the same darn thing but from the radical leftists who want to create an enemy. They wish to create a boogeyman for everybody to be afraid. It's white supremacists.

All these white supremacists. They're building what? They're building armies somewhere. They're doing tactical training, getting ready to overthrow the U.S. government.

Yes, sir! J6 is a great example, Mike. J6 was a riot. The protest got way out of control. Let me tell you the only mistake that Donald Trump made, in my opinion. The only mistake that Donald Trump made in this crazy 2020 election, post-election period, with all this confusion, all these lax rules, all these swing states, all these metro areas, the lack of supervision, the fact that some of these swing states and lefty states and Democrat states, they sent out and mailed out all these live ballots everywhere to everyone, even dead people, they sent them out, just created, put in place the conditions, the ingredients to bastardize, to destroy the election, to put into question everything that would come in on election night. That issue itself, and thank you, Dinesh D'Souza, and thank you to other friends. All that information needs to be collected and properly chronicled in a book.

I wish it had been done by now. I remember asking one of our congressmen that were looking, asking to tap the brakes after the election, asking to do an investigation, asking to assess all these votes that were coming in. But the process is, votes are certified by the state, the Secretary of State, they're sent up to Washington, it's a process, you want to go through it, be done with, and that's what happened, and all these, that's why the course didn't want to get involved, so as not to create all this chaos, but irregularities, and the lack of rules, the lack of controls, the live ballots ever, the potential ballot stuffing, and the questionable numbers that they came in. It didn't take very much, we only have like a handful of states, like maybe five or six states, really, that you need to concentrate on, and then within those states, the metro areas, the big cities, and the elections department could say, either way, you have uncontrolled, just like we did under COVID, uncontrolled election, a not properly regulated election, that they removed all the rules to allow everybody to vote from home, everybody stay home, just send in the ballots.

Of course, 2020 was, it just created all these questions, my opinion, Donald Trump, biggest mistake, I love you, Donald Trump, I'm voting for supporting you, you're not perfect, brother, I know you'd like to think you are, but you're not. But we need the America first mindset up in Washington, D.C. Your mistake was to call that meeting, call that rally in Washington, D.C., you had no business doing that, because when you call thousands of people, some of it more excited, or impressionable than others, a bit more self-controlled, but they allowed themselves to walk into a situation where they were literally escorted in, many of them escorted in, to break the law, and you had plants in there. All sorts of belligerence, and breaking of this and that, it just got way out of control, there's no reason, no reason thousands and thousands should have been there on the Capitol, near the Capitol ground, they weren't even near, they had to walk like two, it was like two miles away to get there.

He never called for the insurrection, he never called for the overthrow, he never called for that. But, Mr. President, Donald Trump, right now it should have, would have, could have, it never should have had, but all these idiots like Joaquin Castro, communist Joaquin Castro up from Central Texas up in San Antonio, bringing the wife of a rancher who was murdered, they say it's white racism, because the neighbor said that he didn't want Hispanics or Hispanics don't belong in this country, there's a lot of questions with that case, that case needs to be properly fleshed out and communicated. But that being brought up by Joaquin Castro as a signature example, forget the hundreds, if not thousands, and many probably already unreported incidents of crime in this country, perpetrated by illegal immigrants. Yes, we've got some high profile ones, we've got every high profile murder in this country of young women going to college out for a jog that wind up being their heads beaten in by some illegal immigrants who never should have been in here.

There are dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, more cases, smaller cases, from DWI to assault, to shoplifting, to homes broken into, individuals that rob other folks at parks, like New York City, I have a dear friend up in New York PD, retired New York PD, tell me, at parks in New York, it's a mess. Things are really, really bad in New York, and a president who takes to the microphone tonight, and is supposed to focus on, and I would hope, admit to what the real problems are, but he's so clueless, he's not there, he's a puppet. Since Joe Biden took office, it's been like weekend at Bernie's, ever since day one, you got Obama pulling the strings behind the scenes, maybe, you got definitely his wife pulling the strings, a bunch of other mental midgets, a bunch of leftists and Marxists behind the scenes, pulling the strings, and Joe Biden is just the puppet out there, representing, since day one.

And all they have on the left is hate, all they have is identity politics, all they have is to try to create something, and we don't have a president, that office has been devoid of any leadership, anybody recognizing problems and trying to solve problems, and worse than that, Joe Biden, by executive pen, day one, day one, doing a 180 and reversing course, and we had a secure board, in fact, I remember KJP had a quote on that, oh yeah, it's cut number eight, Steve, cut number eight with KJP. Is the administration still debating taking executive action on immigration? I mean, we've been clear about this, the bottom line is the best way to have moved forward on dealing with immigration, dealing with the border challenges that we're seeing was for Republicans to have gotten out of the way, not let the former president tell them what to do, and actually move forward with a bipartisan proposal that came out of the Senate, that would have been the toughest, the fairest way to have moved forward with dealing with our immigration, as it relates to an executive action, that we believe that's the best way to do that, no executive action would have been able to have the impact that bipartisan proposal would have had. Oh, my goodness, no executive action could have secured the border.

Woman, you had an executive action, plenty of executive actions that he undid, Joe Biden undid, that Donald Trump put into place that provided us a secure border. This is, I don't feel bad for her anymore. You know, I think she actually believes all the lies she goes out there and spews all the time. She's nothing but has become nothing but a political sideshow Bob. It's beyond, it would be comical if it wasn't just so tragic and deadly. Thanks for tuning into today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
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