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R235 The Absolute Authority of the Lord Jesus

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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February 8, 2021 8:00 am

R235 The Absolute Authority of the Lord Jesus

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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February 8, 2021 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Has reopened, together with Dr. Don Wilton, another were open to talk with you and pray with you it 866-899-WORD that's 866-899-9673 now Dr. Don Wilton's gospel chapter 5 are subject today is going to be a remarkable subject of very deep virtual significance. The absolute authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The absolute authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many years ago before I became an American citizen and I'm probably one of the proudest American citizens in this congregation to because I know what God has brought me into what a tremendous privilege, but many years ago before I had all those papers and especially that little blue book could say is US citizen. My wife and I were in Canada and we came across the border back into the United States.

There was just one little problem. We didn't have all our papers in order and can you believe folks that the guard officials and those they were up there at the border detained me that I didn't tell the deacons this until today. Can you imagine a man of my caliber being the time. I mean, these things ought to be and yet we were right up in Vermont in a faraway land detained at the border and these gentlemen said your papers are not enrolled. And guess what, if your papers are not in order. You not going anywhere. Buddy and of course for the first time in my life I was unable to talk my way out of then I remembered something about this great nation. I remembered that I had rights and so I informed this gentleman that I wanted to make a phone call which I did by the grace of God I managed to find the man in Mississippi with one goal that I needed to call and I told him my predicament. He said you just wipe we fix this up I could see myself. Five years later still waiting languishing around in prison in Vermont.

I don't mind dying folks but not in Vermont it's the place and so we waited what seemed to be like. Finally, the telephone rang. This very very executive official picked up the telephone and he said yes sir yes sir yes sir yes yes sir right away sir. Yes, absolutely, sir yes sir thank you sir put the phone down. I said that's it. Obviously he's coming to talk to me. He didn't say a word, walked around and did whatever else, and after a while he sidled up to me and he said I have decided to let you go listen. One of my favorite places to preachers in the black church I preached in many many black churches. Some of my dearest friends and they have a theological insight in black churches.

It goes like this.

That means everything that you've ever learned from Genesis to Revelation. That's what it means and when he told me he'd let me go. All I said was I found out later on when I was back in New Orleans that my friend called the senior senator of the United States who called the man in charge of all these operations who called this man in charge of one little operation and told him to borrow a phrase is that my more you got held up, letting go, buddy is remarkable that the Lord Jesus Christ was able to do what he did because of who he will in John chapter 5 in the first few verses we discovered that this man was in a terrible predicament and found himself in the pool of Bethesda. The Bible says for 38 years Jesus came increase presence and violated the religious sacred observance of the religious order of the dire they were two major violations. First of all, Jesus healed somebody on the Sabbath day. The second violation was that he told this man to get up and make a public damages ration of the strange that he had asked. As a result of these encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. The Jews were angry. They were absolutely positively mad that Jesus had violated this dictate their religious parameters you see fit. These people, my friends. Religion was something which found its ultimate asked ricin in the force of the head, whereas the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ finds its ultimate asked question the animals about half there is an eternal distinction an eternal difference between knowing about God in your head and having the Lord Jesus Christ living and dwelling within your heart and so we find from verse 16 of chapter 5 all away to the end of this great chapter 1 of the most distinct and one of the most dynamic one of the most applicable theological discourses that Jesus shares in all of Scripture.

You see, there are three dynamics here.

First of all, they was the indictment that was raised against the Lord Jesus Christ. In verse 16.

Then, from verse 17 through verse 38, there is the reputation the dream afforded taken place as Jesus refuted these allegations and then from verse 39 through 47 we have the reversal of the indictment against the Lord Jesus Christ and the question is what Jesus say to these Jews, in response to their installation that Jesus was violating the sanctity of everything that they held their subject this morning is the absolute authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let's read a few verses together beginning in verse 16. So because Jesus was doing these things on the Sabbath day. The Jews persecuted him back. I persecuted him all the way to the cross, did they not fight persecuted him, even unto the day upon the cross, Jesus said to them, my father is always at his work to this very day and I am working for this reasons the Jews tried all the harder to kill Jesus for not only was he breaking the Sabbath, but he was even calling God his own father, making himself equal with God. Now this is the on so that Jesus gave I tell you the truth, the Son of Man can do nothing by himself.

He can do only what he sees his father doing, because whatever the father does the sun also does. For the father loves the son and shows him, for he does yes listen to what he says to these Jews you yes to your amazement. I love that song Steve. I stand what amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene, can you just listen to the severities we gotta find this word amazement cropping up time and time again why because it all points to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus says in verse 20. Yes to your amazement he will show him even greater things than these. For just as the father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the son gives life to. He is pleased to give moreover added to this, the father judges no one that has been trusted old judgment to the son that might honor the son just as they honor the father.

Are you noticing that my prayers and twining between who God is and who the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we got to see something more about this in just a moment. Verse 23. Why is this so so that might honor the son just as they honor the father he who does not honor the son does not honor the father who same thing I tell you the truth that Jesus, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned, he has crossed over from there onto life. That's exactly what happened to the man at the pool of Bethesda. The absolute authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to submit to you today my friends that they would to relationships that Jesus referred to as he endeavored to refute the claims of guilt that these Jews had laid against him. First of all was the relationship between God the father at the Sabbath day. The second was the relationship that we going to discover was between God the father and God the son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

It's right here in the states. You see my friends, these Jews absolutely this last day with mad they hate the fact that Jesus referred to himself and to God in intimate and in absolute terminology and so the first thing we need to look at is Jesus and his relationship between the father and the Sabbath, its) versus 17 and 18. There were four things that Jesus was saying in these two verse about the father and the Sabbath number one Jesus put his liberty on a complete Paul on an equal footing with God or the Jews didn't like the they didn't like the fact that Jesus said wait a minute.

I did this for the man at the pool of Bethesda.

Not just because I'm Jesus, but because I'm God, but the second thing I believe Jesus was saying to these religious people was that God was Sabbath day. Now listen carefully what he was saying to these Jews was that God was Sabbath day was not the rest of action. It was wrong with the rest of them find satisfaction.

Jesus was pointing out to these Jews who were so distraught that Jesus Christ had violated the sanctity of the Sabbath. He said number one, I'm on an absolute ball with the father. He said secondly the Sabbath was not God's grace of action. It is raw. The gods greatest find satisfaction.

You see, my friend, God created man in his image, and when you go back to Genesis chapter 1 and you read these wonderful accounts of God's creative act, God created man in his own image and then what is the Bible say he saw that it was good.

And God came to the saving and he rested. It was not grace of divine connectivity. It was not grace of creative activity. It was written greatest my friend find satisfaction so that he had created was the very base of the base, but things in third place. Jesus was trying to remind these Jews, these religious leaders, my friends, that God was rest had been interrupted by the unbelievable violence of sin and when he's rest of the client satisfaction was interrupted by the violence of sin in the fourth place. God's creative race began to be translated into his redemptive work and redemptive work, which began right there my friend at the fall of man has continued on till this, I want to run that by doing the Bible teaches us very clearly my friend and off the God created the world and he created man in his own image. He's rest was not the race to be an action. It was the rest of divine satisfaction and then soon came into the world.

The Bible says in Adam all die, and he's rest of divine satisfaction was interrupted by sin than by Satan.

And so he's creative race was translated into redemptive work and the redemptive agent of the redemptive work of Almighty God was and is Jesus Christ. Amen Jesus Christ, the son of the living God, and you see my friends.

It is just broken man. This man at the pool as the who was God's time. Exhibit the vaccine had been to the will this man sitting there on the Sabbath day after 38 years of unmitigated social and cultural and religious effort to try and alleviate these position. He was the ultimate exhibit in the presence of the divine creative redemptive agent, the Lord Jesus Christ of the absolute ruination of sin.

So what happened here we find God's creative genius man created in the image of God the ultimate satisfaction that had led ultimately to God's creative race. Harry was disfigured by the ugliness of sin interrupted in his relationship with Almighty God daily needs to follow hopelessness and he needs hopelessness and Jesus Christ increase presence and when Jesus countered this prime exhibit what happened God's redemptive work picking the high gear. That's exactly what happened. My friend, God's creative work kicked into high gear as the exhibit of these disruptive creative race was directly confronted by God's divine agent, the Lord Jesus Christ and what was Jesus saying Jesus was saying I did what I did on the Sabbath, my beloved friends because I am God, and because I am part of God's redemptive work and because I gave my life and because I'm about to die for the sin of man and therefore there was a sense in which because God and Jesus are one. When Jesus looked at the man Jesus looked at God. When Jesus looked at God, he sold the redemptive work of God. It came back to Jesus and Jesus did upon Sabbath day or not there are people you who are prime exhibits of the ugliness of sin. I want you to know I stand my friend as a prime exhibit of the disruption of God's creative risk sin was in my life and get that came a time in my life when seated at the pool. I counted the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. And when I encountered the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

These redemptive work was applied to my heart and life and because of the relationship between the father and the son. I was made completely whole again.

Listen to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word and will be back with the completion of today's message the absolute authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. In just a moment Dr. Don Wilton me to remind you that we are here for you connecting it 866-899-WORD that's our phone number 866-899-WORD 9673, and online as well. At TW

It's a brand-new freshening our website that's G and so many are talking about the walking with God's giant series. It was so successful in so many people strengthen and encourage last month we've been apart. To this point, no change. Have you settled the issue of your personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ my occiput to you that despite all the opposition that these religious leaders were coming on to Jesus about that verse in verse 17 again is what Jesus said my father is always at his work to this very day and I to am working you know that woodworking means do not. It points to points to the continuing work of the ministry of intercession. You see, the Bible says that when God was exalted and raised to be seated at the right hand of the father. He's was completely complete. He had played the pricing full. There was nothing more that could be done for your salvation and for my buddies. Three continues to this day and write you in verse 17 Jesus reminds us, my friend of the continuing work of the street of intercession. Jesus Christ agent son having given himself for you and for me, so it seems to me that this fact of the relationship between the father and the Sabbath points to the authority of Jesus, but there's a second factor points to the absolute authority of Jesus and that is the relationship between the father and the son verses 19 through 24. The Bible is very clear. You see beginning of verse 19, and indeed all the way through the end of the chapter.

I just don't have time to preach on the whole chapter to the old way through the end of the chapter. Jesus begins to think about. He's unique relationship with the father and there are two aspects or two dynamics that grow out. Jesus unique relationship with the father. Number one is the Lord's jurisdiction. In other words, how fall and to what extent does Jesus power extend the Lord's jurisdiction, but the second thing that the relationship between the father and the son speak to is the Lord's judgment is seen on any does the Lord have jurisdiction. He has power, but the Bible says on the basis of God because he is God. He has complete accident power over judgment that suppressed abilities jurisdiction, and if we can understand the jurisdiction of the Lord Jesus Christ and what Jesus was trying to say to these disciples. There are two things that it speaks to number one. It involves his loyalty. It involves Jesus Christ loyalty. I want you look at verse 19 look at it very carefully follow along in your Bible spokes very important to read this for yourself. Jesus gave them the sponsor I tell you the truth say Jesus the son can do nothing by himself.

He can do only what he sees his father. Because what ever the father does. So the sun does also.

This is ultimate spiritual goal loyalty. You see friend. There was no friction here.

There was no independence of thought between the Godhead as man and she you see as man, my friends, Jesus still possessed all the attributes and all properties of deity that he never used them without permission from the father. That's what the Bible teaches us. He still had all the attributes all properties as the Son of Man because of these deity, but he never use their without the direct permission from the father. In fact what Jesus is saying to these religious leaders any thought of acting in the payment. The father would be the ultimate violation of everything that God is in fact my friend given the payment for from God is what it is the very essence of Watson.

That's what sin is all about 80s thinking up from the thoughts of God.

That's what it's all about.

Satan wanted to be gone and he filled in other words, shows what Jesus was saying he was saying. While I as God and never anything less than God. So it is that I as man and never anything man on the run that by getting because you had a rough night because not does what he was saying to these Jews. He was saying today and while I as God and never anything less than God at the same time as man and never anything more than man what was going on here Jesus was saying that he was here on this earth to these people. He was yet to make any laws as man available to all that the father was as God, so that that the father was as God might be made available to that he was as man is not incredible then asked me to run that by again but I want to listen is not unbelievable but that's what Jesus was saying to these religious leaders.

In other words, my friends. It was an incredible dynamic in which perfect deity was enshrined in perfect humanity.

Jesus was saying on the basis of his absolute loyalty to God independence of thought was absolutely impossible. Now what about you and me today. The Bible says all of us is coming to a relationship with Jesus Christ we have been good to become joint is with the sun is not incredible. You know what one of the greatest calls that God places upon our lives is our loyalty to him. Folks, it is our absolute loyalty to the one who has absolute power and authority. Jesus here is say yes authority because of the relationship between the father and the son, but it is based upon my absolute loyalty to Jesus Christ and God.

Well, there's a second thing that this means the Bible says not any was based upon his loyalty, but it was based upon his love verse 20 speaks about love. It's right there, look at what the Bible says, for the father loves the son and he shows him what he shows he already does. Then he says that verse are a little while ago.

Yes, even to your amazement he will show him even greater things than these.

For just as the father raises the dead and give them black even so the son gives laughter. He is pleased to give are you seated at the pool of Bethesda.

Do you know him know him, per Dr. Donna's been preaching his heart out preaching through God's word in John chapter 5, but now as he comes in the studio would you open your heart to what Dr. Dorrance can ask next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Arneson and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today.

I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my phone in Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting new if you just prayed with Dr. in your heart you give your life to Christ, you rededicated your life to Christ. Welcome welcome back to the family of God. Welcome to the family of God. For the first time we are excited to see you grow for more than just your fire insurance more than just knowing you have been saved from hell for having an opportunity see God do something in your life now here on earth we have wonderful resources absently free Dr. Don 12 to half that you need to call and let us know 866-899-WORD is the number that's 866-899-9673.

We love to connect with those resources as a matter fact, one of the ways to connect is on our website.

It's brand-new and here's Liz with all the details to announce that we our new website can find order in the current monthly offer prayer requests for sign up for the daily Encouraging Word right Tony The Encouraging Word W online OIG times. Dr. David O tomorrow. Dr. will to this message. How to understand the deeper things of God is going to be a blessing. I hope you'll join us and maybe bring a friend. You can stay connected again or on the phone at 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 The Encouraging Word is brought to you by members of our encouragement team listeners just like you that are prayerfully and financially supporting the ministry could discover more at our website about how you

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