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Absurd Truth: To Sir With Truth

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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February 27, 2024 3:38 pm

Absurd Truth: To Sir With Truth

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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February 27, 2024 3:38 pm

Trans activists bully VA Lt. Gov Sears after she calls a trans Senator “sir” in the General Assembly. Meanwhile, Dana wonders if the film adaptation of the video game, “Borderlands”, has woke casting.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. It's time for you to learn the truth.

Hi, I'm Erica, an English major at Hillsdale College. Here's Hillsdale President, Dr. Larry Arnn, with the Constitution Minute. It was created to give us the freedom to make choices about the way we wish to live. Unfortunately, most colleges and universities today fail to teach our Constitution.

When they do, they often denigrate it. This is dangerous because it is impossible to preserve our liberty if we don't understand where it comes from and how to protect it. Having a proper civics education is essential to preserving our freedom.

To learn more and get a free pocket Constitution, visit So I wanted I wanted to get in I got to set this up. I was switching gears here. Speaking of identity politics, I wrote about this last night. And this has to do with Virginia.

So you've got some Virginia, the Virginia State Senate. They were in the chamber yesterday. And I can't remember what it was. And this isn't important. I can't remember what it was that they were discussing. But Winsome Earl Sears is the lieutenant governor.

She offended the far left, because she referred to a male lawmaker as sir. I think we have some of that audio. Yes, 17 audio soundbite 17.

This is the Listen, this is the exchange. The senator may state it, President, how many votes will be what it takes to pass this bill with the emergency clause? That would be four fifths, Senator. And what would be the exact number for that, Madam President?

Yes, sir, that would be 32. And then the senator that she said yes, sir, to storms out of the chamber. The question is, shall the bill pass those in favor of that motion will record their votes? I those opposed? No.

Are the senators ready to vote? Of all the sense. I am not here to upset anyone. This is her response. I am here to do the job that the people of Virginia have called me to do. And that is to treat everyone with respect and dignity. I myself have at times not been afforded that same respect and dignity. But in this body, and as long as I am president of the Senate, and by the grace of God, I will be treated with respect and dignity.

And I will treat everyone else with respect. So this is Virginia's Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Earl Sears, she offended the people she offended were the trans activists, because she referred to a male lawmaker, sir, and the male lawmaker in question is Democrat Danica Roem, who identifies as a female and is an elected member of Virginia Senate. And when he was referred to as sir, and you could tell I the public radio in Virginia, you can tell that these are like the remedial singular brain sold products of Cousin Loving Incest, because they characterize this as Oh, well, Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, she said it with, they try to act like she put emphasis on the word sir.

Now you've heard it, I played it for you. I listened to this audio several times. She was literally looking at papers and the votes coming in. And she is just like in she's, she's talking here, hearing from different senators. And like going through, she was too busy doing her damn job to sit here and try to, sir.

She just said, Yes, thank you, sir. That's it. That's all she did. That's people trying to, they're trying to bully this black Lieutenant Governor, and trying to make her bend the knee. And I noticed it was a bunch of chubby white, progressive beta, probably not even baby girl boys that were writing about this Virginia Public Radio.

Yes, I'm making fun of everyone because they absolutely deserve it. So she you had the Senate. You had the senator storm out of the chamber, right? And then they Democrats who control the Senate, they halted all business.

They halted all business. And they were trying to make Earl Sears apologize. And she says we're all equal under the law. I apologize. And I would hope everyone would understand there's no she didn't actually apologize, apologize.

And Rome wasn't owed an apology either. Who are you to sit here and demand that a woman bend a knee to you, sir? You know, women, women, Republicans supported this. This is why I always say the patriarchy is progressive. Go and look at who supported women's suffrage and who didn't.

Go and look. You go and look and you come back and you tell me who supported women's suffrage and who didn't, because it sure as hell wasn't Democrats. They were the ones who fought against it. They always have been on the wrong side of every issue all throughout history, whether it is slavery, or it's the women's suffrage.

Whether it is slavery, whether it is the genocide of indigenous populations here in the United States, or whether it is women voting and being able to, you know, not have to go to the poorhouse if they don't have any male relatives once their husband passes. Democrats have always opposed that. They were the ones who are out there bullying the suffragettes. They were out there bullying Susan B. Anthony and terrorizing her. It was Democrats. You know, women, because of Republican chivalry, were able to actually have that. I mean, we can we can be able to have our voices that we can have taxation with representation. How about that? And so no, we're not going to go back to those days and have our speech stolen from us by the progressive patriarchy once again.

No, Rome wasn't owed an apology. I wanted to share with you this woman. Her name is Patricia Stevens. She's a trans activist, and she was lobbying for Women and Gender Studies, which is a stupid humanities course of examination that just complains about men. That's all it is.

It's one of the stupidest courses you could ever waste your money on in higher ed. And she said that she didn't think it was fair that Winsome Sears used it as an excuse for misgendering someone. Misgendering isn't a real offense. It's a make believe term that is pulled from the ether by activists who desperately want some sort of leverage in the self victimization games. There is zero offense in recognizing and verbalizing scientific fact.

End of. And the Beta Boys over at Virginia Public Radio, they said that this is how they described it. They go couching her apology in victimhood did not work. They were actually had the audacity and complete, apparently self unawareness to say that they characterized the lieutenant governor's response as couched in victimhood.

It's pretty amazing. That's how they couched it. Rome wasn't out an apology. But have you noticed that if it's a competition between a white man versus a black woman, usually, you know, the Democrat rules went out for the most part. But the white man wins with the left if he's trans. You can be a dude and be as abusive to any woman as you want to if you're actually if you're progressive, you can be especially if you're trans.

I just find that dynamic entirely weird. Because imagine if if if Rome was a Republican, just a Republican dude, and Earl Sears was a female black female Democrat lieutenant governor, oh my gosh, they would be up in arms because of the identity politics and party affiliation. But you flip it and somehow he wins the victimhood stakes because he's trans. They trash they they were really ignorant to win some Earl Sears when she was running just the horrible actually legitimately progressive racist things that they said.

And I say progressive because that's where it originates. She, she didn't owe anyone an apology. There was no if anybody needs to apologize, it's it's Rome apologizing to her. You don't get to storm out because someone doesn't affirm your false fantasy of self perception. You don't get to hijack the awareness of reality that we as women have of science and gender. You don't get to storm out and demand that we give up our right to acknowledge reality that we give up our right to free speech to affirm your lie. We're almost everyone an apology.

He is owed no apology. The demand of an apology in this instance comes at the expense of a right. The right of a woman or a man really, to exercise scientific truth in discourse. So when they tell you you have to affirm their pronouns when they tell you you have to affirm their false self perception, they are demanding you forfeit a right. And it is a civic responsibility to refuse. It is a scientific responsibility to refuse. It's a responsibility to your own self to refuse.

So good on winsome seers. And that's storming out and acting like a victimhood. That don't work. That don't work on me. It doesn't work on most ladies out there either. But see, again, that's a man cosplaying as a woman, playing up the sexist characteristics that he attributes to women. Have you noticed it's sexist cosplay? It's like a sexist caricature playing up these different indicators, because that's what they attribute to being female. It is the most sexist theater of what a woman is that I can imagine.

Cosplaying as a woman when you're a man. Our partners over at Caltech, here's another thing. Ladies, go to the range with your guy. See how well he shoots.

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Sub 2K Gen 3 at That's K E L T E C Weapons dot com. Tell them Dana sent you. And now all of the news you would probably miss.

It's time for Dana's quick five. This actually cracks me up. So this was in Scotland in Glasgow. Police were called to a venue last weekend because furious families apparently spent hundreds of dollars or pounds on the Willy's chocolate experience. OK, so it was like a Willy Wonka like factory thing. You think it sounds cool, right?

Like there's a lot of cool stuff you do. It was charged. It was organized by House of the Illuminati. They promised an immersive experience based on the film and they promised giant mushrooms, candy canes, chocolate fountains and dancing Oompa Loompas. And then when families turned up, they discovered a sparsely decorated half empty warehouse with some plastic props, a bouncy castle and backdrops pinned on the walls. And there was also apparently like a very deflated looking, fully grown woman who's dressed as an Oompa Loompa who was like serving stuff from behind a bar. That's pretty much all it was. That's like and they they actually had to shut it down like halfway after it started because not even halfway after it started because people were so mad over it.

I mean, yeah, if you're, you know, spending that kind of money, I mean, my gosh. Let's see. Alec Baldwin's trial date for the shooting death, because remember, he shot and killed his cinematographer, is expected for the summer. They say it's going to last nine days. It's for the the rust shooting and it's coming sooner than he might expect. And it's going to go on.

Yeah, about 10 days. It'll kick off on July 10th. And so that should be interesting. I think he actually thought he was going to walk on this warring Mexican cartels are wiping tourists off the face of the earth as they start to move in into resorts. Now, I was reading there was like a shooting that took place. It was a cartel war that was in Tulum. That's it was like right in Tulum, which was like really popular with tourists. And there's apparently like a lot of archaeological sites to visit. Now, tourists are being told not to go to those. But Mexican drug cartels, they're trying to assert dominance over an 80 mile stretch of territory, which unfortunately includes a lot of resorts.

And yeah, so Tulum, I think like the whole Quintana Roo area. I don't know, just a little sketchy right there because of that cartel war. A man bit an officer's leg after he stole a car at a Walgreens. I thought it was this was a dog story at first, but it's not.

It's an actual full grown dude. It took place in Nebraska. Cops showed up to a Walgreens. A 26 year old named Michael Dixon had stolen a car, left it running, crashed in all kinds of other cars. They struggled. He bit an officer in the leg. So he got an additional charge for that. Stick with us.

We got more in store. Kane, you don't play video. Well, you do. You never played Borderlands, did you?

No, I never did. I did see it played, though, plenty of times. This, I was watching, they came out, if you haven't played it, it's a horribly woke game that got woker and dumber. And it wasn't super bad until like the last iteration, when their main good guy character was a rainbow unicorn, literally called Butt Stallion.

And it's like a company that's based in Texas, and they're super far left. But it was really cool gameplay. I mean, it was like, you know, an open world.

It was really, you know, really cool gameplay. And we were having this conversation in our household the other day, because Borderlands, imagine Occupy Wall Street, and Hamas coming together and ruling the desert. And that's Borderlands.

Like, that's kind of what it is. Like, it's this, they and Cate Blanchett's in it. And I was shocked, actually, that Jamie Lee Curtis, I actually the biggest thing that shocked me was Kevin Hart's casting in this film.

Because Kevin Hart, I play this game. And it was, you know, it was fun until it got super woke. But basically, you go in and you're part of a crew and you got it, you're fighting against these like, I mean, they're like domestic terrorists, you know, these borderlands, in Borderlands, they're like domestic terrorists, essentially, little factions of terror groups. And you it's, you know, it's like space age, etc.

And you hop to different you can hop to different planets and things like that. But this guy, Roland, the character, he's like this big, you know, special ops dude. And Kevin Hart plays him and I love Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart's one of the funniest people ever.

He could just literally read ingredients off a mac and cheese box, and he would make it hysterical and I would laugh to death. But I cannot see him in this character because Roland is is like a serious, serious dude. He's very serious and he's stoic and he's huge. And then I see all these I was watching the trailer and Cate Blanchett's character. She plays this character Lilith towers over him. But I don't know, like, I don't know if it's going to be I think if they make it as woke as the game, it's not going to get they're not going to I think tiny teen is too old. The chick who plays tiny teen in this game is way too old. But I think if they make it like the game was they're going to lose people because it's going to be so woke. I don't think people understand this video game was woker than any film that the last iteration of it. The tiny teen is like Wonderland adventure or whatever was the wokest stuff I've ever seen.

And then one of their nights was trans. I'm not kidding you like I stopped playing and I'm like, I can't even deal with us. It's the game plays fun, but I can't. But if they make it anything and Jack Black's in it.

Anything like the game. It will be woker than anything that has ever been on film. I don't I don't see how I don't see anything that's woker than this. So we'll see.

I don't know. But I don't know if I want to watch it. Gina Gershon's in it. She's fantastically cast. I think Jack Black's a good cast. Cate Blanchett I think is well cast. Kevin Hart's great.

I'm going to see how that goes. Have you but you're familiar with it. Okay, and you've seen it. I think they're going to downplay all the wokery just to make it more palatable on the silver screen. Because it's like, why would you that's what I understand about a lot of the woke stuff. Like you're running off a significant portion of, of your audience that is starved for entertainment and they would gladly pay money to go see something that's just entertaining. What do you think the Top Gun did so well?

Like the movies that don't preach about this stuff and shove it in your face. They do so fantastically well. And I know y'all like making money, don't you? I know y'all like making money, don't pretend that y'all don't. They're capitalists. They pretend otherwise.

They wait until they get wealthy enough and then they pretend to be socialists because socialism is the indulgence of stupid wealthy people. I don't know. I don't know. I'm keeping an open mind. But I don't I don't know what I think about this. I don't I don't know. I think about the game.

But Cate Blanchett looks good and her casting is Lilith. All right. Anyway, we got more on the way. I had this conversation with somebody the other day because I'm a casual game player. And I think it's like a Rorschach test how people play video games. Ladies, before you ever marry a dude, play video game with him.

And dude, same same thing. You might think it's weird. Actually, go on a road trip with her first.

Drive with her or play video game with her. Because all of her worst tendencies are going to come out during those two spans. And guys will come out during you're going to see how smart your dude is.

If he plays a video game, how well he can strategize. Okay, one last quick story. Because I was playing Darktide the other night, and I got to play Darktide. And I got stuck into a rando group of chicks that were it was like herding kittens, none of them. Darktide, you have like, like four classes. And if you have an evenly balanced group, you have to it's like you have to play with three other people.

Then your your chances of winning of doing well in the mission and achieving your objective go astronomically up. But if the people are stupid, and they can't play their characters well, and they don't understand their class or strategy, then it's a nightmare. And I was with a bunch of rando chicks, and I just wanted to beat them all. I it was like Leroy Jenkins on the steroids with three of them. Then the other day, I was in a group with some rando dudes. And I'm like, okay, you know, yes, I'm sexist. I'm like, yeah, his problem. Okay, it's a dude's probably gonna play.

Oh, my gosh, no. And I'm positive one of them was a squeaker that grew up to be a male, like an adult male squeaker with a deeper voice. But he still sounded just like he was so mad. Like couldn't had to get revived, like five times. Like I am a chick. And I was playing the psycho class. I was a glass cannon. I should not be reviving you. Five times. What's wrong with you on a four level? What's the matter with you anyway? Okay.
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