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Absurd Truth: How Many Potatoes?

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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November 15, 2023 3:27 pm

Absurd Truth: How Many Potatoes?

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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November 15, 2023 3:27 pm

Dana’s family has a debate about how potato side dishes are acceptable at Thanksgiving, Dana can’t stand Peloton after Dana White and Theo Von get into it. Charter bus drivers staged a “sick-out” to avoid picking up Jews at the airport to transport them to the March for Israel.

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Welcome back, like I said, to the show.

Dana Lash here with you. So I did ask you, give me a break here for one second. I did ask you as the issue with the potatoes for Thanksgiving. Can we just talk for a minute about how in my house it's a Danaocracy when it comes to starches? I know that this is America and we're in the land of plenty.

And we're celebrating with the feast on Thanksgiving. But for the love, how many potato dishes does one need? So in my family, because everybody's got some people want two different but it's a starch. How many starches you're gonna have? Gonna have the sweet potato casserole, right?

So this is how crazy it gets. Sweet potato casserole. Oh, are you gonna have the baked sweet potato?

What? Yeah, the baked sweet potato with some of the butter and the cinnamon. That's basically the known sweet potato casserole is done.

Go front. These are the conversations that I hear from people in my home. Mashed potatoes. That's an that's that is like the one that I'm like, there's no question because you have to have a receptacle for the gravy for your turkey.

It's engineering. Thanksgiving plate engineering is a thing. Then you have baked potato because somebody wants a baked potato. I've literally watched my stepdad eat a baked potato and mashed potatoes. He wanted both of them. It's the same thing in different form.

Literally the same. And then the scalloped potatoes. Guys, we got to draw a line here. That is so many starches. I'm not even getting into like the green bean casserole. I'm not even getting into the mac and cheese because you got to have the salad.

I'm not even getting into all of this stuff. That is there has to be I get it. It's the beautiful Irish fruit. But come on.

There's got to be a line here. How many taties do you get? The sweet potatoes actually make more sense. The yams like historically, that makes more sense, right? Because you got to have if you have your sweet potato casserole, then some people are like, I got to have the candied yams that are like sliced up and then glazed and all that.

Then they I mean, you could literally have it a million different ways. Kane, how many starches taties, tatie dishes to see that's what I'm to tops. You're you're you're pushing it with me with to go over to it's that's not kind of insane. Yeah.

Thank you. But then I have people are like, Oh, we don't have this potato dish. As they look at the sweet potato casserole, the mashed potatoes, the scallop potatoes, the candied yams.

Like what? Oh, I thought we were gonna have this potato dish. It's there's all these tater dishes out here. Enjoy one of the four that have been prepared. We don't eat six.

Golly. It's making a mockery of Thanksgiving. What's your top topic? What's your top two or casserole mashed potatoes?

And what's the third? If I was forced, I would do scallop scallop potatoes. But I ain't doing like for the people who are pushing me about the candied yams for the love. It's caught up damn sweet potato. It's just chunked sweet potato.

This casserole is mashed. It's the same thing. The same ingredients. The same thing.

You don't need to I mean, I only got so much space in my oven. You know what I mean? Golly.

Someone said sweet mashed and all gratin are separate categories. We're gonna ignore you, John. On social media. We're ignoring you. Oh, it's like a big deal. Right?

I do enjoy the twice baked potato. Stop it. Stop it. Never had that. Stop it.

We're not introducing that to this conversation. You get once baked. That's it. What are you a hobbit? What about second breakfast? What? No.

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We'll pull this out. Who was it? Theo Vaughn, who's funny. He they were they had this discussion about Peloton that wanted to pull in it. Can I just say I'm just bringing this up because I hate Peloton. Can we talk about Peloton for a minute? I hate Peloton to death.

I am the stupid schmuck that ended up getting one several years back. I hate Peloton to death. I hate it. I wish I could blow the damn thing up. If it wasn't so heavy and awkward.

I would have literally thrown it to the moon. I hate Peloton. And I think I hate the people on the Peloton even more. When I'm on the exit. What is this about community with doing this stuff?

Stop trying to make everything community. When you're sweaty and working out. I want to be buddies with you. I'm not there to be buddies, whether it's in the gym or virtually. No, I don't give a rat's ass about your best time. I don't care.

Are people that starved for connection in life? Go to church. Oh, my gosh, everybody's thinking, Oh, you can answer that. You can and then you can like give somebody fives or something. What if that's I don't care. I don't want to be acknowledged and I'm not acknowledging you.

Right? I hate I hate it even like my oldest son will attest to this. So I enjoy.

This is a crochet. I feel like it's almost inappropriate for a woman of my age to say this. Baby Gen X. And I, I play games, right? I will play games. I'm a casual gamer.

I'm not going to be like super serious. I'm not I just enjoy it. It's fun. But I hate it when they when when you're forced to interact. I hate when I go out in public and the public is there. Like, when I started playing Darktide, I was like, What the hell is this public lobby? I just I don't want to talk to people.

I don't want to tell you good game. I just want to go in and slay and then be done with it. And you know, like power up and get out.

That's what I want to do. I don't anyway, my whole point is I hate Peloton. Why is Peloton being picky? Aren't they the people whose sales have been like in the crapper, the Peloton people? And they decided to get all political. They got political at the BLM stuff and they got political with the Rona and all this other stuff. You're, you literally do digital biking.

Well, I mean, I guess they have some in in person studios. I don't know, man. I just I hate it to death. And I think I hate I just hate bicycles. And bicycling Oh, I hate it to death.

The only time it's appropriate is if you're on a beachcomber on vacation. That or you're a toddler, or a kid. That's it. I'm just I I'm sorry if you're into that. I'm not I hate it. I hate it so bad. I hate it to death. I'm just I have such a hostile reaction to bicycle.

Adults should not be riding bikes. No, I tolerate it because the law requires but I hate it. And I'm looking at this thing because it's in my bedroom. And it's like I'm trying to think of the equivalent. Right?

What is the equivalent? It's like a golden calf in my bedroom. I just want to destroy it. I see this thing and my husband's like you will not touch it. That was expensive. So we just keep it and close on it.

I don't know. I hate this thing so bad. I want to I want to build a trebuchet and put it in the trebuchet and then fling it into the lake.

That's what I want to do. I've never hated an inanimate object as much as I hate the peloton. It's stupid. And the seat hurts. It hurts you. And I don't like being trapped in a bike. Like you put the shoes on and it locks you in the hell is that? No, then you can't get away. It's just if something's coming to get you, you're stuck. You're dead. You are dead.

I'm like, Oh my gosh, what happens if my house blows up and I got to get off this bike? I hate it. I hate it so bad. Anyway, can I just vent real quickly because I hate I just I can't stand it. And the virtue signaling made it worse. It really pushed it over the top for me, the virtue signaling from that company.

And then they're going to sit here and like pick and choose who they want to advertise with because of politics. Good grief. Give me a break. Everybody just you know what? Everybody needs a dictionary for Christmas.

I see your all's post. People need a dictionary and they need to go to Hillsdale or just at least take advantage of some other online offerings that they make available to you for free. So many colleges, universities today are they just it's all about critical race theory when really they should be about critical thinking.

That would be so helpful, right? It's all about indoctrination. So over at Hillsdale, if you're unfamiliar, it's a small Christian classical liberal arts college in southern Michigan that's actually focused on something called academics. Super neat.

I mean, it's like unheard of now in today's environment. You can watch a short video that shows you how Hillsdale's work is incredibly effective in defending American liberty, not just on the Michigan and DC campuses, but across the nation. And you can access it at See at Hillsdale, students are encouraged to debate ideas openly and honestly. And pursue truth together with their professions to study America's great heritage of liberty and understand what is required, the type of education required to preserve civil and religious liberties. That's their mission that they were founded with in 1844.

It's what they still do today. To learn more about the mission of Hillsdale College, visit That's, Hillsdale College, developing minds, improving hearts.

And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. Man, applesauce pouches are weird.

Can I say it? It's just weird, man. And NBC says nearly two dozen toddlers have been sickened by lead linked to applesauce pouches.

Kids age one to three were affected, and at least one child showed a blood lead level eight times higher than that. Can I just can I be real snotty for a second? All these bees out here who have been flipping out over that stupid study about gas stoves where they turned on a gas oven, legit in the middle of a room that had no ventilators. Nothing at all. And they're like, Oh, my gosh, this is my house.

Yeah, if you live in a box that's sealed up, you don't have any ventilation or anything. Anyway, they've all been trying to like have a phallus measuring contest online trying to see who loves their babies more, because they can preach more against gas stoves, but they're giving their kids lead pouches filled with applesauce. Shut up.

Anyway, moving on. They're warning. They're they're basically saying look out. It's uh, what is it though? Wanna banana? The hell is that?

When you have to put I am fruit on the side of the package? You ain't. All right. Life expectancy for men in the US falls to 73 years. Six years fewer than women per new study. It's because we nag you to death is why. As soon as you guys get comfortable, we're like, honey, can you? You know, it's true. The moment you settle down and that's in the chair or the sofa.

Honey, can you you know it, you know, it's coming. Life expectancy. So 73 years.

That's actually really sad. It was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, the life expectancy six years shorter than that of women. They said that they think it's partially a consequence of over a million Corona deaths that that that life expectancy has declined and also because dudes were hit.

Now remember this. Dudes were hit harder than women by the Rona right? I mean, that was one of the things we all were kind of like, curious over like, how was that possible? But so yeah, they said that the life expectancy countries, Japan, Korea, Portugal, UK, Italy, all enjoy a life expectancy of 80 years or more. Turkey and China also. I see. I don't know. I don't know.

I don't know if I believe anyone where they say China, they they all fare better. I do think that having living a sedentary lifestyle contributes to it, because you don't want to turn into those people on Wall-E that are sitting around in their floating chairs, right? And then like they live their whole lives. You know, they don't go out and touch grass because there isn't any. So I mean, I think that there is something something to that just, you know, let's see. Let's see. Also, media jobs slashed amid soft ad market. Of course you knew that. That's one of the first things that's cut when times get bad is ads. So I don't want to hear anybody complain about sponsors because they help bring you free radio and they help employ people. And that's how we keep the world going round.

And that's also the first thing that's cut in a bad economy. Also, scientists discovered what they say is the first vampire virus. Stop finding weird stuff and calling it scary things. It's not. And parents are fuming because of after school devil club.

No goats are going to be sacrificed. And I think that if you have, I don't know, it's just dumb. It's just proof that God exists if you have to have a devil club. Oh, boy, cell phone.

Stay with us. Now, speaking of ideological predispositions, did you hear what happened by the way, the rally yesterday? I mean, it was really, it was a peaceful rally there.

I mean, it was, you know, handled wonderfully. A huge I mean, over 290,000 people. But there were some others who really wanted to be there to add to that 290,000 plus attendee number. But they were blocked. They could not attend.

And no one was giving them the straight story until like yesterday evening. So bus drivers staged, according to the New York Post, an intentional sick out. 300 Jewish people who were headed to the rally in DC were left stranded by bus drivers that staged a deliberate walkout.

They said that they were stuck at Dulles for 11 hours before they were sent back home. They all 300 people got together and chartered a flight, which actually would put the price per seat about what you would expect for a regular average commercial flight honestly. And then they were sent back home because and they missed the entire event because bus drivers walked out so they didn't have to take them. There's three planes out of Detroit chartered by the Jewish Federation of Detroit.

They booked several buses to transport the whole group to the National Mall. A third of the passengers weren't allowed to leave the tarmac. But then none of the buses showed up for the 10 30am pickup. And it was because they learned that there was a deliberate walk off of drivers that was in response to that rally.

That's wow. And you can't, if you're on a chartered flight, you come in on a different tarmac, you have to have pre-org for big groups like this. They they require you to have transportation off the tarmac. And they weren't they had they couldn't get. They had no buses to get on.

So that's that's unbelievable. And they said that, yeah, they waited for about 11 hours, 11 hours. And they kept getting different stories like, oh, they're struggling to get through security or they're struggling.

No, no, no, it's just because they staged. They had staged a walkout, or a sick out, an intentional sick out. And they weren't the only ones they were people in Connecticut who had chartered buses to go to the rally who were also left without drivers. They ended up getting a bunch of cars and drove instead. Now, I would imagine if management, I well, first off, I think every single one of these drivers that did this should be fired because that's insubordination.

Number one, number two, the company, if management if this was a management, if they can prove that the company or management or anybody signed off on this, then the whole damn company could be in trouble. Because this would be classified as discrimination. And the and the left used to champion these laws. And apparently they want to flout they want to flout them. I mean, there's there's there's a whole thing.

Let me pull this up. I mean, public transit workers, I mean, go back to Reagan, there's a reason there's a whole history about public transit worker transit workers and strikes and, and what you can and can't do. But this was not a something that the drivers did that just happened to coincide. With some kind of contract negotiation that had nothing to do with that there was no negotiation. This was them staging a sick out just to target Jewish customers.

That's what this was. And that's, that's pretty anti Semitic. Because that has nothing to do with you just dislike Netanyahu, or you just like, you know how the Israeli government might be handling X, Y and Z. You're just literally refusing to drive Jewish people because they're Jewish. That is anti Semitism.

That's anti Semitic. I think every damn one of these workers should be there making their names public and fire them. That's what I would do. If I were in a company, I'd be slapping your name up on posters and be like, I'm firing these people because they're Nazis. And I would just legit put it up publicly. Hey, you know what, free free free market, right?

Free world. That's just sad. They couldn't even drive the bus. But that's what they. So what do you think? So we'll I mean, I'm sure that there'll be follow up to it, but I just can't that that is that is anti Semitism that goes beyond just disagree. It's not about disagreeing with a governing style or a politician that is targeting people because of who they are and what they believe. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast.
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