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Absurd Truth: The FBI's Scary Symbols

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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November 1, 2023 3:47 pm

Absurd Truth: The FBI's Scary Symbols

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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November 1, 2023 3:47 pm

The FBI makes a list to share what symbols they think represents “militia violent extremism” while ignoring antisemitism. Meanwhile, The White House issues an executive order on AI that makes sure robots promote equity and inclusion.

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Dana Loesch Show
Dana Loesch
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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast. Sponsored by Kel-Tec.

It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. So in Cape Coral, Florida, one business is bringing out the big guns to try to get your money. It's the owners of Roof EZ. They have a Thanksgiving special that actually sounds pretty genius. So if you purchase a roof during the month of November, not only do you get the roof, but you get a free frozen turkey and an AR-15.

Woo! I love America. Jason Polley, who's the president of Roof.

You live in southern Florida? He's the president of Roof EZ. He goes, the turkey will get y'all sitting at the table so you can spend time together. The roof will protect your home and the AR-15 will protect your family.

It's roof, literally the two letters EZ. So if you're in Florida in Cape Coral and y'all need you a new roof, then y'all need to be calling people over at Roof EZ because you get you a turkey and an AR-15. And actually that's so genius.

He goes, I actually saw this idea. A company did it in Alabama and I figured, hey, we're Florida. This is the Florida thing you can do.

Let's do it. So it's called their roof and gobble special. I love it. And he was asked, well, why did you choose the rifle? And he goes, because everybody needs one. The world's a crazy place. They can get a roof and they can get an AR-15 for protection on both ends.

And he's like, and why not? And I think it's a great idea. Somebody goes, well, how about this?

You want to give me a $20,000 boat and a $20,000 roof? So they said that they're working with Chute Center in Cape Coral to facilitate the promotion because, you know, obviously it's FFL. So even if you get the rifle, you got to go to the FFL and then they'll run you through the background check and all that stuff. Then you pick up your rifle. But that's kind of, I think that's kind of smart. And he goes, and if they don't want the AR-15, we'll just give them $500 off the roof because that's how much the AR-15 that they're using is worth. So there you go right there. So that's pretty cool.

That's a really genius idea. So in Orlando, a 23 year old faces several charges after he used a detailed note to rob a pharmacy of drugs. And I am just shocked that people go to this length. It's a long note. Handwritten. This is just a week ago, Orlando Police Department. The note says this is an armed robbery.

Please cooperate. I don't want to hurt you. Bag the following. Oxycodone, all kinds of different milligrams. Hydrocodone, Xanax, and it has all bottles, all different types, I guess of dosages or milligrams.

Adderall, liquid codeine from Viagra. And when finished, place the note in bag and lay down or I will shoot. That's what it is in there.

So it was a very, very long note. So the guy who is behind it, Thomas Muse, 23, hardened criminal, he totally ended up getting busted because as he walked out of the store, the officer showed up. And he still had the bag of drugs in his hand as he was arrested with his handwritten note.

Now he faces several robbery, trafficking and possession charges because he is a moron. But the note though is very, I mean that's, so I guess he was going to distribute them is what it sounds like. Because he doesn't, what is liquid codeine? What is that even? I don't know what that is.

Yeah, I don't even like what do you what does one use that for? I mean, I don't really want to know. But I'm also genuinely curious. So I don't know.

I'm at odds with myself. New film that is out. And it's from the people who brought you The Chosen. And it's Angel Studios is the and it's The Sound of Freedom and The Chosen. And Angel Studios is introducing a new film called After Death. And it looks at the ultimate mystery of what happened. From when people have been on, you know, at death's door who have died and you know, come back and were brought back to life, whether their heart stops, etc. These are the perspectives of individuals who've, you know, kind of gone through this and it uses first person accounts.

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After Death the end is only the beginning rated PG-13. Now you had Chris Wray, who was in the Senate, in a hearing, just today's was it yesterday. And he was saying that the threats are reaching historic levels, etc, etc. I'm wondering, has their list of who they're looking at as domestic terrorists changed? Do you think that that's changed?

I mean, there's a reason why I asked because I was looking at the graphic that they had used before. And I'm just wondering, you know, have because they've they've targeted everyone, like I said earlier, from parents to people who fly the Gadsden flag to people who say all lives matter, things like that. All these people have been previously characterized as, you know, potential terrorists. And I'm just wondering, have they have they widened the list of things that they're watching for? I mean, I got a lot of questions.

This this individual in this campus, I would say that, you know, I mean, good heavens. I mean, I'm looking at I have the symbol of it's the FBI's domestic terror symbol guidelines. And they have comic, they have commonly referenced historical imagery or quotes. They also have a whole number of things they talk about violent, militant violent extremism. The word Boogaloo, if you use electric but how many people use that as like a joke? So many people use it as a joke.

Oh, no. They said they in their in their handout, they say that the following symbols are used by anti-government anti-authority violent extremists. I love how they capitalize anti-authority violent extremists like it's a band name.

Specifically, militia violent extremists, MVE. MVE symbols are often found on propaganda, talking about different symbols and words. So they say the Boogaloo, like saying something, whatever electric Boogaloo, so many people use it as a joke.

I had a friend who literally used that her teenage daughter Boogaloo part two, or was having a fit. I'm like, Oh, you're probably a terrorist. They have the the the listed on here the punisher skull. Do you know how many spec ops use that? That's like a something that they use. And that's considered to be a violent thing. They also have the black flag, heaven forbid, the Latin or the Greek phrase translates come and take it.

I mean, good grief. Warrior culture, military themes, Spartans Valhalla. Wow. So you're basically going after all spec ops that actually use this. All my spec op friends that are retired. They all have this. They all use this. And then they get into Oh, the Gadsden flag still the Liberty Tree, the Betsy Ross flag.

Revolutionary worms. Yes, Cain. The Betsy Ross flag? Not that bitch. Yes. Her. She's a terrorist. Well, I'm just I'm sorry.

I'm taking on the personality of someone who made this list in the FBI so that I can like really give you the news. Actually, that's very accurate, then. Yeah. But in my history, my family, we go back to Betsy Ross.

Betsy Ross is related on my dad's side of the family to you're related to Betsy Ross. Yeah. Yeah.

Who was the one I don't think I want to sit by you. The first you're totally gonna get like nuked. You're a terrorist. I mean, that's one thing to use the flag right that she made. I don't understand. It's another thing entirely to like descend from her. Well, I don't understand the whole the Gadsden flag, the come and take it the Betsy Ross flag.

How are these negative symbols? I don't I don't understand. I mean, that's a great question.

I as good as I am at sometimes trying to pretend to better deliver you a perspective on the air to be a government official. I can't pretend to be that stupid to understand. Okay, so it's not just me. Mm hmm. Yeah, I don't I don't get it.

I don't get it. So I'm just, you know, wondering, it's weird, like none of the anti semitism stuff is up here. And you would think that that would be a thing, right? Like you would you'd think that Oh, well, maybe maybe that should be one of the things up here. No, no, it's not gonna be just kind of kind of crazy. So they say yeah, the Punisher skull, all of these things.

Hmm. That's the end. Chris Ray has even said well, we just don't even know how many terrorists are here.

He literally said that terrorism threat hits a whole other level after the Hamas Hamas attack. By the way, our borders so wide open, it's ridiculous. It's like a it's just so wide open.

Completely wide open. And there's apparently another caravan coming. Chinese influencers are showing people how to best cross the US southern border. Also Caltech are 50. This thing is so cool looking.

First off, Caltech is a really good. It's a great Florida company. And they make really awesome, really, really awesome firearms. The P 50, which I've talked about for quite a long time, love the P 50 huge. P 50 is one of the coolest things that's out there. But they also have the R 50. And if you're unfamiliar with the R 50, this is there.

It's the fights of five, seven, it's a it's the follow up to the P 50. And it is it's has features like that you're not going to find really anywhere else. It's features like no other is the best way to put it. And the cool thing with the R 50 is that you have this ambicide folding stock 16 inches. inch, inch threaded barrel, really great ballistics, it takes the same magazines as the P 50. And you have all the benefits of a carbine. So you get seven inches of rail space, just like with the P 50 for accessories, you know, all the all the dangerous stuff that nobody knows about. And they say that makes gun shooter, I don't know the optics, all kinds of really cool stuff. Five, seven comes in several variants sporting hunting series personal defense.

And it ships with two standard capacity 50 round double stack mags that lays horizontally along the top. It's super lightweight, really well balanced, very easy to manipulate. It's a lot of fun on the range as well.

And it's just cool as all get out. I mean, when you when you need excellent accuracy, minimal recoil and firepower. R 50 is a great home defense.

It checks every single box, you got to check it out. It's the R 50. R stands for rifle, the 50 stands for pews. And that's the follow up to the the P 50. It's only from Caltech. Learn more about the new R 50 carbine at Caltech That's K E l t e c

Tell them Dana sent you. Oh, so gross. I'm so tired of seeing stuff about bedbugs.

It's so nasty. So now in London, it's apparently totally out of control. They found bedbugs now in a West London library. Pest control all over the city says the spread is out of control. The Ealing central library closed because they found bedbugs like everywhere there. You know, they can get in books too. They said they're getting inundated with calls. And they said that they found them in some of their furnishings.

They just shut the whole library down. I mean, it is so bad. Have you been reading about this? Like it's everywhere. In Paris and London. Oh my gosh, that's just crazy.

So oh, man, it totally grosses me out. I don't know. This good dog. We don't deserve dogs.

K I R O. Arlington, Washington. A pet dog helped the Arlington Police Department arrested 36 year old burglary suspect. He was hiding under a tarp. Police said they heard from a homeowner who had discovered an unknown male that escaped out the back door when they returned home, and the dog found them because they would try to break they broke into the doggy door. I don't like doggy doors, man. They totally freaks me out. But they said that they suspected somebody was hiding in the yard and the dog found them.

So kudos to the dog. Let's see this FDA warns that 26 eye drop products, including large store brands could lead to eye infections and vision loss. They said 26 that have been sold at CVS, Target and Rite Aid, US Food and Drug Administration, they say that there's unsanitary conditions in the manufacturing facility. And it's produced positive bacterial test results from the environmental sampling of critical drug production areas in the facility. So they say that like, sold under brand CVS Health, Rite Aid, Target, Up and Up and Leader and Velocity Pharma are supposed to be sterile. They said there's no reports of injuries right now.

But they said that anybody who has who takes them and has signs or symptoms of an eye infection, they should immediately go and seek treatment for that. That's like you have one job, one job, right? Stick with us. We got more in store. This is a moment of profound opportunity. The benefits of AI are immense.

It could give us the power to fight the climate crisis. Look, I know I'm dealing with a migraine. And I'm like, right now, and I'm kind of my allergy meds have. But that sounded whack. That sounded majorly whack. Right? I heard her correctly.

Should do I give her credit for saying that she's unburdened by what has been or no. Okay. AI benefits are immense. It could give us the power to fight the climate crisis or hear me out.

It could make it to where everything is dumber than it is. Do you know that? Well, yes, and it's apparently late.

So do you know in the thing that he signed for? And first off, welcome back to the program, Dana Lash with you. You're lovable curmudgeon. You can listen coast to coast. You can watch the simulcast of the nationally syndicated radio show on YouTube, Facebook channel 347DirectTV. I was looking at the first fact sheet on the executive order on safe, secure and trustworthy artificial intelligence. So what did I ask last hour, the segment before we went into Florida, ma'am? I had asked where all the DEI and CRT morons were with regard to the students fighting anti-Semitism on college campuses, right? Well, we found them.

They decided to go into robots. The executive order. I'm looking at the fact sheet here. Can I just say, let me just read this one sentence.

It says the executive order establishes new standards for AI safety and security protects Americans privacy advances equity, civil rights. Wait, what? Well, yeah, so what you can't you can't. You can't do both of these because they cancel each other out. Equity is not about equality. In fact, they're completely different.

They're antithetical to one or the other. So I'm just fascinated by this because it gets literally gets into AI. Like it says, advancing equity and civil rights. It's like a thing.

Equity. That's a thing in the fact sheet. It says, I'm reading it from irresponsible uses of AI can lead to and deepen discrimination, bias and other abuses injustice, health care and housing.

Wait, what? The Biden Harris administration has already taken action by publishing the blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights and issuing an executive order directing agencies to combat algorithmic discrimination. Oh, sidebar. You know, none of that's going to be about discrimination against conservatives, right?

Right. They okay, I swear this gets dumber. I was reading this last night. This is one of the things I was reading last night. I had a book market to finish the fact sheet this morning because it was so dumb.

It made my head hurt more. To provide clear guidance to landlords federal benefit programs and federal contractors to keep AI algorithms from being used to exacerbate discrimination. To address algorithmic discrimination through training, technical assistance and coordination between the Department of Justice and federal civil rights offices on best practices for investigating and prosecuting civil rights violations related to AI. I mean, they want this is going to be AI that will be formed with the principles of CRT. That's what this is.

So imagine like a code equivalent of Ibram X. Kendi's CRT nonsense. Part as part of AI forever. That's going to go well, right? Because that's exactly what they're pushing here.

Now, go ahead, Kane, go ahead and share. I think they're going to also usher in government control, right? There has to be controls with AI or else it just goes crazy. Oh, yeah, you know, society will be better off with government and control. And this is their effort to do that very thing that they've been trying to do with net neutrality for so long. I realize what this is, it's humans giving up. And so but before they give up, they want to make sure that they incorporate all of this AI DEI CRT stuff in it.

Really? It's going to be Peter Singer on steroids. They Oh my gosh, this is terrifying. This is like I read this and it reads like a horror film.

The fact sheet of it, it is absolutely terrifying. Imagine because the algorithm borrow is built on what it is given. So whatever perspective someone has, they will shape it. So the what is it the winners write the history books? Well, it's not going to be that anymore. The winners are going to be writing the algorithm. If you think that this isn't going to happen, I would just direct you to how Facebook and Instagram and Twitter etc. All of these have been run. Just look at how all of this has been ran. This is I mean, this is exactly how this is going to go. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast.
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