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Absurd Truth: Kate Spade

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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March 29, 2023 3:20 pm

Absurd Truth: Kate Spade

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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March 29, 2023 3:20 pm

Kate Spade has a man promoting their spring women’s clothing line. Meanwhile vaccine prices cost more than you think and Kane is on a weird juice cleanse.

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Dana Loesch Show
Dana Loesch

Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida man. All right, so first up here, I wanted to get to this yesterday a Florida man sentenced after he tried to board a flight with a suitcase full of drugs. He was sentenced to several years in federal prison. He was traveling on a suitcase with traveling on a suitcase.

Yeah, that too. Traveling on a plane with a suitcase full of drugs. His name is Rashid Wooten. He 29 years old, he was sentenced for possession with intent to distribute fentanyl. And apparently, he was going I guess from Florida to Tennessee, and they had a drug sniffing dog led authorities on a positive alert to the suitcase that belonged to Mr. Wooten. And they found tons of fentanyl.

Almost 1000 grams of fentanyl, almost a 5000 grams of methamphetamine. He was taken into custody after he went to baggage claim to about his lost luggage. So he's going to be in jail for quite some time.

But my gosh, just to take it on a plane like that. I mean, it was arrested Florida man was arrested after a standoff while drinking beer and falling asleep. Oh, man, he this Florida man was arrested. He fell asleep while drinking beer inside of his vehicle during a standoff with Southwest Florida deputies. This was last week James Allen Curry was arrested by Charlotte County deputies. They tried to felony traffic stop. He ignored all commands to show his hands and exit the vehicle. And then he came to a stop drink a beer fell asleep.

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That's K e l t e c It all started with the first day of spring. I am at Kate Spade, New York to find the perfect spring outfit. Let's go Kate Spade, New York is a staple in my wardrobe. And I think I absolutely need to have this as my spring bag. They're in.

They're in. You know, I love pink and I think the bag will go great with this. Let's try her on. You can always use another pair of heels, right?

Here's the full fit check. I love a puffy sleeve and I added some jewelry because more is always more. And honestly, I think I'm going to wear this out of the store. So happy spring.

I love you. I love you, Kate Spade, New York. I guess new face of Kate Spade, whatever that means. Kate Spade is is just the brand now because Kate get the actual Kate Spade who is interestingly David Spade's sister in law and I love David Spade.

She killed herself with her own scarf, hung herself with her own scarf like a few years ago. But that's some controversy created by the brand Kate Spade which was sold off I believe when they hired the dude, Dylan Mulvaney who wants to be a woman and went and had facial reconstruction surgery to look more like a chick and all this stuff. So he is now partnering with the Kate Spade women's wear brand and they've released new videos promoting their spring 2023 collection in partnership with Dylan Mulvaney who's described as a TikTok influencer. And he's been apparently a longtime partner of Kate Spade and promoted their products for a year. Maybe he has but the only reason that I've never noticed is because I don't like Kate Spade. I'm going to have some really unpopular opinions here possibly like on that it may trigger you more than anything I ever say about Dylan Mulvaney.

Sidebar. Whenever I hear him talk, I feel like he's mocking women. It sounds like he's doing a gross characterization of what he thinks women sound like sound like and it comes off as like mocking women. I don't get all of this brand partnership. I've been a woman for you know all my life Kane and I don't have any clothing partnerships. I don't know anybody who would partner with me though because I considered gray to be color. I constantly have Juan like trying to encourage me not to wear black all the time but then I just don't know what to do. I'm like because Juan's like you're killing my color scheme. Stop it. But I don't know what to do. Like I'm wearing a black t-shirt but it's different because cold buttons so see different.

So I don't know who would work with me aside from maybe like Rick Owens but I think he's a Satanist so I don't think that counts. Anyway so Kate's I can't stand. I cannot stand Kate Spade for the same reason I can't stand Lily Pulitzer. I do not like adult female toddler Easter Sunday wear. I don't have that aesthetic. I just I'm not like a tie a scarf on the handbag type of girl right.

I'm just I mean if you are that's great. You probably hate what I like and I am totally fine with that. It makes the world fun sometimes makes it spin faster. So that's okay.

It means we'll all die sooner. But I just I'm just not into the whole. So I was I was kind of internally the conversation that I was having was that so it makes sense that Dylan Mulvaney is doing a partnership with you know Kate Spade because I feel like he he infantilizes himself.

He dressed up as like a doll and one of the things I don't watch I don't get on TikTok because I don't like commies and also I cannot subject myself to people day in and day out telling me about their lives because they don't care. But oh my gosh like I just secondary to this I just don't get I don't man I just do not get the whole like a night and we were broke when I was growing up so my mom could not actually for Kate Spade and I know if Lily Pulitzer which I only learned like this year was a Palm Beach staple. If she couldn't afford it so it was ever like you know the best that Walmart and JCPenney had to offer which was great. But man I don't I just it is it's it's I don't know how to describe it it's like grandma's tea room throw up on you. Right like and and he's it's why why if doilies and grandma's floral couch and Chanel number five and what else headbands with pearls on it came together and had a baby it would be one of those two brands if not both right. Yeah yeah yeah so it's I don't know I just one of my one of my friends was telling me it's it's 80s Laura Ashley revived I don't even know what that means who's that who's that even I don't know is that grandma chic I don't know who that is. So anyway, former goth kid I don't know. So, why are why is he I guess Kate Spade just doesn't want to make money.

That's okay. I mean, I think only dudes who are cosplaying as women are going to wear this ridiculous crap anyway because who wants to dress like a toddler going to church on Sunday all the time. An Easter Sunday of all days all he's missing is his Bo Peep at it's true. Golly. I just I don't know. So they're what's next they're gonna have play text hiring play text tampons are they gonna hire Dylan Mulvaney next to sit here and tell women about the you okay for real when does it end.

Tell us all about pads Dylan. I mean for real when does it end. I mean I can keep going down that road. Oh my gosh. I mean I I don't.

I don't know. He's a parody of what a woman is right because I don't know any women that act like that. Do you know as a woman if I see a dude wearing chick stuff you're not that's not appealing to me. You know why because when women look at ads they try to envision themselves or they think it appeals to the best perception they have of themselves that product and they that's what attracts them to that product. They like the design or they like the color but then if it's on a if it's on you know the model in the on the picture on the Web site or whatever they they they see themselves they try to find some commonality as a way to make to sort of mentally tried on.

And that's part of the marketing of it. If I'm looking at a dude holding up a bag my first thought is what the hell do you got to carry a bag for. Are you carrying like a secondary you know pistol and some blades and quick clot and all this stuff in there like what do you got in your bag because if that or a computer that's you know. Otherwise what do you have to carry in there. I also think women's bags unless you got babies. I think women's bags are way too damn big.

This I know I'm going to get this is still political people. It's way too big. What was it like in the early early aughts everyone was using them as status symbols and like your whole bathroom in your bag like you don't need it.

You don't need all that. But I just why they couldn't find any actual women. You know what that's the problem Kate Spade couldn't find any actual women to promote their. Hi would you like to wear our toddler on Easter Sunday chic apparel and accessories so this guy didn't know any better because he just became a woman so you know I mean so to speak.

He's playing as a woman so he don't know no better so that's the only thing because it sucks they couldn't find anyone else because their designs are crap. Oh my gosh I can't stand it. I can't say can I can I also say this. When I was in Florida recently I saw someone in Lily Pulitzer I thought it was a sofa with a head walking towards me. I didn't know what the hell I was looking at.

I'm like who willingly goes in here and is like I want all of this on me at once who does that. I don't get it. It's like an East Coast thing too. And it is a big beltway thing.

That's the other reason why I don't like beltway stuff. Their fashion is atrocious. They wear these like coral colors and like that. I can't. Anyway I just I don't know I just I had to I saw this I'm like why but this isn't the only company that's doing this. You know I was I was going to say you know Kate Spade this is the brand Kate Spade committed suicide which seems I mean I guess if you're going to go and partner with a brand. And you're a dude cosplaying as a woman you would partner with a brand where you know I mean it's sad the owner committed suicide but also 43% of men who are cosplaying as women commit suicide too so I don't know. Stay away from the scarves. I mean I don't know what to. Oh don't sit here and tell me that I'm being that I'm being mean or making a mockery.

I'm watching a dude a guy with a penis cosplay as a woman and brands partnering with him ignoring all of the other women so spare me your protestations. Moving on. And I could stay on that for quite some time but I'd have to look at the pictures of it more and I just I mean that bag was hideous.

And it was white. I mean it's not even after Labor Day or Memorial Day for granted. All right. So I know I know Dana you're so mean.

Yes. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. I need to send this headline to my husband because he's always wanted to eat a woolly mammoth. So an Australian company is unveiling lab a lab grown meatball.

Sorry. Made from woolly mammoth. I will say this is something that you can trust that Good Ranchers is not going to put in there.

It's going to be weird tasting. It's a lab grown meat that's nasty. Lab grown meat. It's an Australian synthetic meat producer called Vow. They unveiled a meatball made from the genetic material of the woolly mammoth.

This sounds so disgusting. The meatball was created using proteins. I thought it was going to be like we look we took some something from a mammoth and we grew it in a bit. I mean that would have been more appetizing than synthetic meat.

They Oh sidebar really good total 80s hairband metal hairband like tribute cover band. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Synthetic meat. Mm hmm. Yeah.

I mean, I might take it further here on break. The meatball was created bubble bar proteins. They they unveiled it at a science museum in Amsterdam. They said it was easy and fast to do it just a couple of weeks they wanted to create a chicken tendy a little chicken nugget out of meat from the dodo bird but the necessary DNA sequences do not exist.

Thank heavens. No one has tasted it. It's probably likely that no one will they said they haven't seen this protein for thousands of years. They have no idea how our immune system would react when we eat it. I mean, I bet it would do less damage than the quote unquote vaccine anyway.

They said that they wanted to try to make it more palatable. So we'll see. I don't know.

Let's see. Oh, two groups apparently had submitted bids $6 billion bids for the commanders. The one of Magic Johnson's group submitted a fully financed bid for the Washington commanders that meets Dan Snyder $6 billion asking price and then a Canadian also did some Canadian did to that's all I care about. Let's see moving on Japan's population is apparently going to fall by third because they're aging so fast. And they did not have a lot of kids when they needed to. The Japanese demographics is often cited in secular stagnation stories. And it's getting bad.

I mean, I don't know if it's gonna fall that far but it's a very unusual country demographically 50% greater landmass than the UK but like not as many people. It's weird. Can I just note I just I'm going to move to this this analysis of how much the vaccines vaccines cost. Kane is I'm taking my glasses on and off my sinuses are bad today.

It hurts to wear them on my nose bridge. How many juices did you come in with today? I came in with three juices three.

Cool comes in you he's guys. I wish you could he's drinking a full juice an hour. They're all different colors.

He comes in every 90 minutes with legit like full size juices 24 ounces. What is that one? It looks like green sewage.

What's that? This one is a the digestive. This one is a positive digestive.

Do you need that? Because you've had two juices already. Yeah, one's a liver cleanser and the other one was a liver cleanser. Yeah, it had beets and apples and celery in there.

And this one is got cucumbers and green apple and little pineapple. I think juice is a scam. You think? Why would you think juice is a scam?

I think it's a scam. They're just making up juice. Yeah.

Well, let's put all these green things in the thing. This helps your liver. That's what it does.

I think it's a scam that people use to get you to buy additional drinks because they run out of ideas. All right. So the true good feeling I get from it is just false sugar scam sugar sugar.

Yes, there's no sugar and there's only fructose. Mm hmm. I think it's I I just had to point this out. He comes in. If you go and you you tell me what you said to me on Monday, because you were concerned about my poopies. Like, wait, you're going to have to move the toilet everywhere. That's what you said.

You're going to be pooping everywhere. He comes in with like it. Do you tell people they're all for you because he has they give him the you do. He gets the egg carton thing where you put all the drinks in there.

Yes. And it's all for him. He comes in here and I just I could see it in the back of the studio.

It's kind of dim back there. But I was looking like I'll be damn. He's got two other juices. Now you only got one because you this is your one and a half already. Yeah. And I've got one more before the end of the show, like right at the end of the show.

Drink that. So it's one of those every three hours, every every hour for three minutes, every 90 minutes to two hours. Yeah. So you were just driving by this place and you're like, oh, I actually found them on DoorDash first before I knew where they were. Now he's been stopping there every day. He comes in with all the juices. Every other day.

Every other day. Juan's super healthy. I don't see Juan doing all them juices. Do you do juices, Juan?

Yeah. No, he doesn't do juices. You don't do juices. Oh, he's a young kid. He'll get there. He didn't do probiotics before he met me.

You know, I have a headline about probiotics. But he does them now. Juan says he just does water. Juan's like the healthiest person we know. And he's also like very pure.

So we we protect him at all costs. But it wasn't nice of you to be concerned about my poopies. Oh, my gosh. I was just like, dude, you're gonna your liver's gonna fall out of your ass if you keep drinking this much juice. It's just forgive my Portuguese. But I've never seen anyone drink as much juice as he has in my life. Good for you. In my life. All right.

So let's get back to the I just had to that it was I had to acknowledge it because I mean, how do you not? So a bombshell analysis found $147 billion in economic damage tens of millions injured or disabled 26 and a half million people injured 1.36 million disabled 300,000 excess deaths. A research firm finance technologies is attributing this to the damage from the quote unquote vaccine.

Hmm. Wow, that is pretty significant. Edward Dowd is a he runs finance technologies.

He's a former BlackRock portfolio manager. And they he along with Yuri Nunez, PhD in physics and mathematics, Carlos Alegria in physics and finance, split the impact of the injections into four broad categories to estimate the human costs associated with the vaccine. And it was pretty amazing. They estimate the 2022 damage 26 and a half million injuries 1.3 million disabilities 300,000 excess deaths the economic cost total hundred and almost 150 billion injuries almost 90 billion disabilities over 50 billion excess deaths 5.6 billion. That's I'm not I mean, I'm not actually surprised by this. Notice how all these countries are dropping their requirements Turks and Caicos islands on April 1 are dropping their requirements to have all the facts all the injections. Thanks for tuning into today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
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