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Absurd Truth: Chick-Fil-A Reveals New Employee

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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May 31, 2023 3:30 pm

Absurd Truth: Chick-Fil-A Reveals New Employee

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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May 31, 2023 3:30 pm

Chick-Fil-A reveals it hired a DEI executive a few years late. Meanwhile, Trump praises Cuomo for his COVID response and trashes his former Press Secretary.

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It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. A Florida man dressed in a cat costume was arrested after stabbing his roommate in the neck.

Actual thing. Police were called to a home in Gainesville last week after a man called 911 to report he had been stabbed in the neck in a video that was on Facebook. Captain Chris Simms said that two deputies forced their way inside of a home where the stabbing victim lay on the floor, bleeding. The suspect was still inside that residence and potentially armed.

The body cam footage, according to Tampa Free Press, says that shows officers at the doorway talking to the victim, instructing him to walk out of the house, and then they called out the suspect, identified as Omar Gutierrez, to come out with his hands in the air. So Gutierrez comes out, his arms raised, and he's wearing a gray and white onesie. It's a cat costume. I've seen other reports say it was pajamas. That ain't pajamas. He's legit in like a cat costume. The 32 year old was charged with one kind of attempted murder.

He's held on $1 million bond. That's something else. Seaweed, massive amounts of it washing ashore in Florida. It contains flesh eating bacteria that can cause leaky gut syndrome. It reaches with with thick brown algae, emitting a strong odor as it decomposes. I've read this happening before in certain parts.

And it doesn't it happens, you know, on a lot of shorelines. But they say the pathogens blah, blah, blah, microplastics, warm ocean water, blah, blah, blah, blah. But you know, just be careful. Don't play in it. Don't be eating it.

Don't be rolling around in it. But the leaky gut thing is kind of terrifying. It's like you they say that the worst part of it, the red algae is has been on Florida's southwest coast.

And so it's like near Naples and like it's like, basically south of St. Petersburg, Florida is where it looks like it's that's the most where it happens. But they say that you can have like some coughing, some wheezing and things like that for asthmatics. It can you know, you can have some respiratory issues. But yeah, don't just don't be playing in it. They do a lot to try to you know, get rid of it something that it's a normal thing that happens annually. But the leaky gut thing. It's like, that's not like I didn't like the name of it.

That sounds like a bad metal band name. I mean, if I'm being honest. Let's see. I've got a man. I've got a couple. I might. How much time do I have? Do I have time for two stories or one?

Okay, let's end with this. This is a ghost story I was telling you about. Florida man claims he broke into a house to hide from a ghost. Florida man Andrew George is in jail. He broke into a home because he said a ghost was chasing him. Daytona Beach Beach police say George was booked last week for two counts of burglary. According to his arrest report. They were called to this Daytona Beach historic home for a shooting but it was a burglary when they arrived. They found a man identified as George laying on his back on the front steps covered in blood crying. After they spoke with him. They said that the people there heard someone tried to break in they engaged etc. But he said that he ran to the house because the ghosts were chasing him.

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Secure your world with Caltech So I was reading about this yesterday Chick-fil-A remember the I guess the reverse the boycott of Chick-fil-A when everyone wanted to go to Chick-fil-A because it was the what do they call the protest this back in 2012. You had the alphabet community that wanted to boycott Chick-fil-A because they found out that Dan Cathy the guy who owned it was Christian. And they were I guess they thought that you were you was going to get baptized with a sweet tea. I don't know I just you know, who knows what people thought this Jesus chicken. But anyway, everybody went to Chick-fil-A right everybody loved going to Chick-fil-A well now it comes out that they hired a vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion. And that this went out and then they've had they have a dei page now the guys they hired him back in 2020.

But apparently just now went it just now spread news just now spread. They originally released a statement Chick-fil-A did back in 2021 to speak about their company mission with dei and all of this stuff and the statement that they had was quote we are better together one of our core values at Chick-fil-A means when we combine our unique backgrounds and experiences with a culture of belonging we can strengthen the quality of care we deliver Chick-fil-A Inc's commitment to being better together means embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do. Okay, I have a problem with that. It's not there's not a good thing. Because it's equity is not what equality is. And as I've explained before, this is a very Marxist principle. It's critical theory. And at the heart of equity is discrimination because you have to have discrimination for equity. Equality is against that. So I, I think I mean, it's disappointing to see this and I don't know why. Yeah, just be about quality.

I mean, I have these cane notes. I have these questions too. Why can't you just be like what we serve everybody as we always have with quality. The end. All this dei stuff is is branding of the sheep herd. That's what it is. Dei diversity, equity and inclusion. And I don't know why we keep having to affirm the same stuff over and over again.

But then I was thinking about this too, because I mean, this is just Chick-fil-A. I mean, this is the entity that I mean, conservatives protested for. And so that statement that I just read to you that came out in 2021. And a lot of people, I guess, really hadn't known that they were they have this, you know, Marxist dei statement, and they were doing all of this stuff. And then it came out, do you remember, and I remember seeing this right when it first came out, and I thought it was performative.

I think that some people genuinely have a heart and they want to make this demonstration of treating everyone equally, but sometimes it looks pandering and contrived. And it's this video where, where's this at? This is, it's a flashback, this flashback video, where, which Kathy was it, the who is the Chick-fil-A CEO, he sent out shoe shine packages to store managers to remind them about, you know, contrition and humility and, you know, to, I guess, to atone for historical participation and slavery. And he was giving this speech and he got up and was like, started washing the shoes of this other dude on stage. And the other dude on stage did not look humbled. He looked like, wow, this is really, it seemed performative. Listen to this audio soundbite nine.

Flashback. Action here. And if we need to find somebody that needs to have their shoe shine, we need to just go right on over and shine their shoes. And whether they got tennis shoes on or not, maybe they got sandals on.

It really doesn't matter. But there's a time in which we need to have, you know, some, some personal action here. Maybe we need to give them a hug too. That's some, that's some stock in Chick-fil-A.

But I bought about 1500 of these. This kind of goes along with the line. I had a conversation with Max Lucado once. And he was roommates with the pastor at our church.

And I always believe in, you know, talking to people privately and going about it, you know, the New Testament way. But I had been, and I wrote a piece about it at the time, I was upset because he was getting in, Lucado was getting into some of this DEI stuff when he was making remarks during lockdown in his sermons. And I, it made me angry. And so I called him up. And, you know, he, we spoke for a bit. And I said, you know, I, I realized, you know, we come from different generations, and we grew up in very different parts of the country. And I explained to him, you have to realize that I don't know what kind of life you've lived, or what you've experienced, or what other people have experienced because of your actions. But this is, you know, what you're talking about what people have to atone for.

This is kind of a foreign conversation. And this is a concept to a lot of people in my generation who never, we didn't pay attention to that, because it didn't exist for us. We didn't know differences. We didn't know any of that. It wasn't pushed up on us. And it definitely wasn't weaponized politically, and pushed upon us as it is now. And I told him, I said, when you're when you're when you're asking people to assume culpability in something that they had no part in, it creates a burden.

And is that not creating a hurdle for other people? And we had a very in depth conversation. And I get the same feeling watching this stuff. And so I see this, you know, Chick-fil-A made this higher. I, I do think that this is different than, you know, Bud Light or Target or Kohl's because they're not, they're, they're not, you know, obviously not doing the same thing that they're doing.

They're not advertising for the love of all things holy here, you know, tuck swimsuits, good heavens. But it is DEI. And DEI is based in a Marxist, is Marxist critical theory.

I've written about this for over 10 years. That is a theory based on hatred and division. It is antithetical to Christian teaching.

DEI is anti, is antithetical to Christianity, period. Because it teaches you that there are, I mean, it's like the Klan wrote it. It demands that you acknowledge these differences, and you live in a world where you live your life accordingly, and that certain people must be given certain things. You have to employ discrimination in order to have equal outcomes. Instead of having a level playing field, everybody gets an opportunity, you might have different outcomes. Different outcomes are not allowed with equity.

That's the difference between equity and equality. And it's, this is, it's anti biblical nonsense. And it kind of shocks me that a company that is so proud about its faith would incorporate something like this as part of their mission statement. And I do think that Chick-fil-A and their CEOs and the Kathy family should absolutely address that.

If you're people of faith, I think you should, and I think you have an obligation to, especially since you've made such a public show of it. And I don't think that that that's that is, in any way, a ridiculous demand. Now to that point, if I was a strategist for Marxist theory, I would want to make my opponents turn on each other. I would want, you know, the Chick-fil-A, for instance, is sort of a avatar brand, if you will, of conservatism, is it not? I mean, isn't that why you had, who is it, Rahm Emanuel, who didn't want to Chick-fil-A in Chicago saying that their values aren't Chicago values? And I'm like, I guess it's not about gangs and drugs and shooting.

I don't know. And you had leaders in New York City say the same thing. In Austin, didn't they try to drive Chick-fil-A out of an airport in Austin?

I mean, it's Jesus chicken. That's how they look at it. If I were a strategist for Marxist critical theory for wokery, I would want conservatives to turn on the brands that they identify as being part of them and other people identify as being part of them.

I would I would want to foster a sense of betrayal, knives out, and I would want them to go at each other's throats. Now, I don't know why Chick-fil-A felt the need to do this. I know that they are privately owned company, but I do know that their banks and suppliers and everything else, they may not be.

And ESG is a very real thing, environmental social governance standard. So even if they are privately owned company that still plays into this. And I think that if you make conservatives turn on an avatar of their business, then I think that really exceeds the expectations of the Marxists that I think have created this environment to where in which Chick-fil-A feels the need to release a statement like this.

So I think that we need to be very careful in how we deal with us. This is not the same. This is I don't think that this is the same thing as you know, Bud Light.

I don't think it's the same thing as Target. I think it's one thing to sell children's clothes with images that affirm adult sexual practices. And I think it's another thing to have a statement like this.

And I'm not saying I suppose that's not the case. I don't think I support this at all. Like I just I just told you I thought it was unChristian. I don't know how harsh I more I don't know how I can be more harsh in my criticism of it. But I do think that it's entirely different. And I think that we need to take that into account in how we deal with this and I think that we I think that they we owe each other the opportunity here to make that explanation just as we level our criticism.

I think that that they also owe us because we have stuck up for them so much and explanation as to why they feel this is the best move forward and how they think that Marxist dei fits in with Christian principles. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. Utah's Republican Congressman Chris Stewart plans to resign. He's expected to announce his departure soon according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

He's apparently leaving because his wife has ongoing health issues. They didn't elaborate as to what those issues may be, but it will require a special election. So you could have a House Republicans be short the numbers obviously that they have right now. So they're going to take a already slim majority and make it a little smaller.

So that's going to be I'll have a special election for that. Also, moving on here, this is why oh my gosh, I told you yesterday why there was another like what people were sick on a cruise ship and there was another cruise ship that was destroyed by flood now floods while sailing in a storm fan of doing cruises. And then the US government this headline is going to appear in court over the ginger spare Prince Harry's visa application after his drug revelations in the memoir he like wrote in his memoir as he's trying to come to the United States that he was doing drugs, which is a big no no. Because you can be denied entry. And so now the government has to appear in federal court next Tuesday to answer questions about about his visa application. The Heritage Foundation is suing the bite administration to force to force officials to release the Duke of Sussex's immigration files. They want to know how he got in the US. Despite the fact that he was bragging all over through his memoir about doing drugs, just I don't know. The billionaire Sackler family that owns Purdue Pharma are given immunity from civil lawsuits from opioid victims in exchange for $6 billion to fund and treat addiction.

This is an interesting story. They're paying billions in exchange for blanket immunity is what it is in Purdue Pharma's role in the opioid opioid crisis. It is the US Court of Appeals, they approved the settlement Second Circuit, that would result in the family paying about five and a half to 6 billion as part of this deal to get the broad protection. And it would end bankruptcy proceedings that began in 2019. And then the settlement money will go towards addressing the worsening opioid crisis.

So they're buying their way out of it is what they're doing. Wow. Wow. Can you imagine if you were I mean, just, you know, I guess they're special or I guess Al Pacino is going to be a dad at age 83. Daily Mail says he's joining the old dad club. I think that's Can I be honest?

I think it's cruel. 83 years old. His girlfriend's 28. She's eight months pregnant. He's 83.

There's he's not going to see this kid grow into adulthood. I mean, statistically, that's is it's kind of cruel. Is it not cruel? I mean, I just think I don't know. Anyway, he's I guess they're happy about it. But that's weird.

I just gotta say it's the kind of weird and came just odd. Just just saying. And then the New Yorker has a piece which we're going to talk about later. The headline, the rise of Latino white supremacy. They say that Latinos are potential perpetrators of white supremacy, I guess because they're white.

I don't know they're white. That's what the media has been trying to push for the longest time. Coming up Congressman Chip Roy from the state of Texas. So you know that, or maybe you don't. And I wish that I was lying.

Because I don't want this to be true. Trump was saying that Cuomo did a great job with New York. And that other states, I'm not making this up. This is like literally verbatim what he has been saying with lockdown.

He's been on his Twitter platform, saying this with COVID etc, saying that he that Cuomo did better than DeSantis. And I get that it's a very already a bitter primary. Oh my gosh, do we have to do that, though?

For real? So wait, there's a get wait, there's more. There's more.

Hold up. He said that Trump had he said it on video. A couple of times. He said it in a tweet and he hit it again yesterday. That Florida had oh, they had high high number of deaths and they shut down.

They should and then he got mad. He was saying that they had the third most deaths of any state, even Cuomo did better. And then he's, I know.

Don't tell Janice Dean. And he just he keeps saying things like this, like, Oh, well, New York did better, you know, etc, etc. I don't know why he didn't stay there.

And why he relocated entirely to Florida if it did better. Now, look, I know. I know that you know, he's got a different way of doing campaigning. But oh my gosh, I don't want to see any Republican celebrating Cuomo. Stop it. I want one of his handlers to grab his phone and sit on it.

I don't know, don't do this, because this is what happens. So now, now you've got Cuomo, who is basically like giving an endorsement of this. And he was saying, well, it's great that he tweeted this out. I retweeted it. Let me pull up my tweet.

I have like a million things open right now. Bear with me. He retweeted this. He retweeted something from I guess it was the Trump war room on Twitter.

Oh my gosh. And then he was saying that, that he was that he was happy that the truth is coming out. He says this is what happened. This is what Cuomo tweeted, quote, Donald Trump, Donald Trump tells the truth. Finally, New York got it got hit first and worse. But New Yorkers acted responsibly.

Florida's policy of denial allowed COVID to spread. And that's why they had a very large second wave. And then I'm not kidding. And then you have the Trump war room, tweeting, they're tweeting each other now. And then so this is what the Trump war room. This was like earlier this morning. And, well, listen, this is this is what they tweeted.

Natural flashback, this is 23. Always had a very good dialogue. But the President and I agreed yesterday, look, we're fighting the same war. And this is a war.

And we're in the same trench. And I have your back, you have my back, and we're going to do everything we can for the people of the state of New York. And the President agreed to that. I can't I can't I can't even he so he tweeted this out because Cuomo was praising Trump. And so the Trump war room, which is their official, like rapid response them thing on Twitter, retweeted it and was was like praising it.

Okay, there are so many other ways to go after a primary than this. And I I'm I don't even know if I have words. Why are we doing this? And I just retweeted I just said please stop. Please do not do this. Please do not sit here and celebrate. Why is his camp promoting death Cuomo now? Why? It's killing me. Stop. Yeah, I mean, defending the guy whose policy killed grandparents to try to score in a primary challenger.

I think that's peak primary and we're not even a weekend. Stop. It's like watching your parents fight. Sad.

That really hit with Gen X. Gen X is like mmm, just now. Golly. So this that doesn't look good. And I don't know how or why who's telling him to do this?

I'm not quite sure that that's bad. Because New York handled it so irresponsibly. So promoting death Cuomo is not the best way to do it. Going after your previous press secretary for simply citing a poll isn't the way to do it either. Now, what gets me about this is back in 2015. McEnany, his press secretary at the time was like calling him a racist, literally calling him a racist verbatim on CNN, when she worked at CNN. And I remember I was one of the people that got really mad about that. Because I just thought that was beyond to sit here and say that he was a racist. That was in 2015.

You know, for all the people that have gotten mad at me for my calling balls and strikes, I've never done that. And nor have a lot of other people. So I jokingly said, wow, wait until he finds out what she was calling him in 2015. Because she was like, yes, he says racist things. He's racist.

I mean, it's the video and transcripts are all out there. But a lot of people change their tune pretty quick, I think. And the problem that he is creating for himself is you have people who turned their, I mean, completely did a 180. Because you know, the opportunity to work with an administration, you know, that's attractive to a lot of people.

They go and they work with the administration, they do the dirty work of the administration. And then as a reward for that, you blast them because they cite a poll? Really? Like, I think if you're gonna go after somebody, go after somebody for what they're saying in 2015. But citing a poll, that's not reason to do that. I'm so tired of this meandering, ever changing bastardization of what loyalty is. Loyalty is not a one way street.

It's not. And there's no such thing as loyalty when it comes to politicians. At last time, I didn't want to go after somebody for what they were saying in 2015. Unless, which and this is the only time it's really a one way street, unless it's a politician talking about loyalty to the people, and the authority of their consent that they have given them by way of their vote. That's the only loyalty that matters in politics.

I'm so tired of having this like, oh, let's you know, you got it. That's instead of having a candidate who fights for you, you're supposed to fight for the candidate. That's not how this works. This is not the agreement. But I just thought that was that was bad. You're not going to get people good people to work for you if they're worried about you blasting them if they merely cite a poll.

There was nothing wrong with that. So I don't know, I think that it's just not this is not a good look for him. And I really wish that he had some better people around him advising him. And now you've got Mike Pence who wants to launch his campaign. Sit down. Nobody wants you to run. Nobody wants you to run. Like Chris Christie is, you know, like farting out rumors from New Jersey that he's thinking about running for that nobody wants. No, nobody wants that.

Like literally. This is America. No one. Chris Christie, I may run for the White House. Mike Pence may be a very nice gentleman. I've never he's been on the program before. I know Indiana loves him.

He was a talk radio host in Indiana. Dude, your time has passed. It's done. You peeked at VP, it's not going to happen. It is not going to happen.

There's there's, it's just not a thing. And I think a lot of people get in there to raise their profile. They want book deals with their stalking horses, you know, something to that effect, or they're auditioning for a job and maybe a potential administration.

So that's why they act very preferential to one candidate over another. But no, nobody wants it. Nobody wants him in there.

Nobody wants him in there. So I just, I wish that that 45 would campaign more on what he's done. Like do do what your do what your accomplishments.

That's what you need to be focusing on. So yeah, Trump can't make your point King because I thought this was a good point. Well, I don't know why he went from COVID as a hoax, if you remember, in the beginning, this was 2020 2021 to now just praising Democrats. Yeah, what what?

Who is this guy? Well, I'll let DeSantis have a word here. This is what he said in Iowa audio some by 20. This was yesterday at one of the stops that he made in Iowa. Listen to this.

Thank you so much. So you talked about changing your tone a little bit with former President Trump. I don't think you mentioned him here by name tonight. But does this mean you're going to be a bit more aggressive with campaigning against him? So look, I'm going to respond to attacks. I mean, if if you say Cuomo did a better job with COVID than Florida did, first of all, that's not what he used to say. This is like new, like, six months ago, he would have never said that, right? He used to say how great Florida was held this whole family moved to Florida under my government. Are you kidding me?

So, so some of this stuff, I think is look, if someone is saying that I am going to I'm going to counterpunch, I'm going to fight back on it. I'm going to focus my fire on Biden. And I think he should do the same. He gives Biden a free pass. I'm focusing on Biden.

I blame, I blame this on a lot of the people that he has surrounding him with Trump. Bad, bad, bad advising going on here. So yeah, and yeah, there's some of that. Just go ahead and say it, Cain.

Don't say don't put it in slack. I'm trying to be, you know, courteous. It's his own ego. This is politics. There's no courtesy in baseball or politics. His ego seems to be oversizing everything else. And it's that's a bad look.
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