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John Chapter 3:20-36

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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October 7, 2020 1:00 am

John Chapter 3:20-36

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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October 7, 2020 1:00 am

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We have certain things in our life as we went on about you and other certain flaws there certain character imperfections and impurities for the Christian, you have to stay that way. He wants to help us.

He wants to put in us a desire to be conformed to his image.

He wants to do the work.

He wants the changes but the reality is all of us are like ups we can only hold so much and we do play a part in the decision of what Dennis he desires to conform us to his image he's willing to give us the power to do it that awesome. Not encouraging welcome to cross the bridge with David McGee. David is a senior pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina, were glad to have one of the McGee's associate pastors DA Brown here with us as Pastor Dave continues through the book of job. The more we follow Jesus, the more he realized that he must increase, and we must decrease. We must look more to the way he wants to do things the way we wanted in the way that actually happens in our life DA is not as bad as it sounds, it's actually a joyful experience to let God work yourself about flying the plane never even been on before God knows every control on that thing. If you distrust him want to help take you look like good example DA, so let's listen to David McGee's claims how we do that as he continues teaching in the Gospel of John finishing up chapter 3 verse 21 but he who does the truth comes to light, that his deeds may be clearly seen that they have been done in God and again is run to the light. Don't and and pleases I'm saying this. Don't don't get don't get all filled with pride, religiosity and stuff right now. Don't be sitting there going out. I don't have any problems. I don't struggle I don't have any issues in my life.

A friend you're in the wrong church because the rest of us do, and I see it. Sometimes you are remembered as it is a child playing with the blinds and the sun was shining in an and open the blinds and then the sunlight shining in and you see the dust in the air in and out, you know, as a young kid I try to figure out what does the sunlight attract the nicest now just reveals the dust. That's the way it is with Jesus say we have our sins as we walked closer. Jesus, yes, you're going to see more of the manufactured housing man. I'm not getting anywhere but you are no God is working in your life because you here this morning that shows me some proof.

Praise God Naaman church because I'm a good person to person. Sorry which is more encouraging the fact that you think you're a good person or that God is at work in your life. I get much more excited knowing that God is at work in my life.

You're not here this morning because your good person it in Ephesians says very plainly that it is God. Both it puts in you both to do and to will of his good pleasure. The fact that you want to do some good is that you and Scott so the factor here this morning is not you sky that's encouraging.

The main some people run from the Lord. Some people sadly of run from this church that they've been confronted with something they present been presented with something maybe on a Sunday morning. They hear a word they hear a voice their challenge. Then there religious pride are challenged and clinging to their sins and they make a decision and they run the China run from God that you know what that guy goes with them and chases him and doesn't let up. The Lord is shining in her life and he course he's going to reveal some stuff in our life that makes us uncomfortable because that's what happens, but what you do in that moment of discomfort is the real challenge. That's a real decision. Do you run from God ready run to God. Like the saying that same sun that melts the wax hardens the clay, the same sun that melts the wax hardens the clay you see as Jesus shines in some people's life. They run off and very often they run from church to church and church run and not from anything else, but really running from what God is revealed in their life they get uncomfortable when they go somewhere else and go somewhere else.

You're not gonna find the perfect church. This is not the perfect church and if it was a perfect church. You can join you. Not perfect, it would be perfect anymore.

It's not perfect I'm not perfect that you know what times we run from that lie the story you know they can they get this guy discuss on a desert island, and he's been marooned there for years and years and so they go to rescue Miller's two buildings on the island they go. What's that building is what's my church circuit what's at the library because lots of church are used to go to. We tend to run in the moment that you recognize you have the tendency man. You're more than halfway there because we have that decision. The moment you realize you can't deal with your sin on your own. All man bingo your winter when you realize you need help because when you're condemned is when you reject Jesus. When you reject the light in your forgiven. As you come to verse 22. After these things Jesus and his disciples came into the land of Judea, and there remained with them, and baptized that John also was baptizing a nonnurse Olympic because there was much water there and they came and were baptized. For John it not yet been thrown in the present. Then there was a dispute between some of John's disciples and the Jews about purification now understand we think of baptism as a New Testament concept and certainly the symbolism changed in the New Testament but is not a new concept in the Hebrew Scriptures in the Old Testament you have the Lord himself initiated the concept of the mikvah. The ceremonial cleansing we see that the Old Testament people would cleanse themselves to go into the temple, cleanse themselves for the work of the Lord and that is a picture of baptism. And that's why you know if you go to Jerusalem now in the book of acts. It talks about when they were in Jerusalem. They baptized 3000 people.

When you go to Jerusalem it's a desert city. There's not like a lot of water. There so how did they baptized 3000 was you stand on the Temple Mount on the southern step to see if you can look and are still there. There's about 42 different mixes, places of ceremonial cleansing. That's where those first believers were baptized. Verse 26 and they came to John and said to him, Rabbi, he was with you beyond the Jordan, to whom you've testified he is baptizing in our comment to him.

Jesus and John answered and said a man can receive nothing unless it is been given to him from heaven. The first, because as you look around and you see people who are ungodly. Being blessed you look at people who are ungodly who it looks from the outside looking in that they got it made a friend. You don't even see them late at night. You don't see the pain you don't see the agony and and what if they are blessed if they don't know the Lord, you realize this is as good as it's going to get for them and after they die gets much worse for the unbeliever.

This is as good as it gets.

This life is as good as it gets for the believer. This is as bad as it gets. Even if you walk in a blessed life and in and you're blasting what is still at and compare to heaven doesn't compare to what about these people in ministry that you see fleecing people.

Certainly, God is not blessed them, God's not given them well.

According to this verse. Nothing can be given to them except from heaven. So what about these guys that are fleecing people you know at some point they have stand before the Lord and I have to give an account for what they've been given so you know what you and I don't need to be overly concerned. We need to warn people to stand before the Lord for teaching heresy someplace I would I would want to be verse 28. You yourselves barely witness that I said I am not the Christ, but I've been sent before and he who has the bride is the bridegroom, but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom's voice. Therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled, he must increase but I must decrease. That's a good verse in the that's just that versus life lesson number three. He must increase in must decrease. We have certain things in our life as we been taught about you and other certain flaws. There are certain character imperfections, impurities and and don't ever.

It was just will know no Christian you have to stay that way you don't have to stay that way. He wants to help us.

He wants to put in us a desire to be conformed to his image. He wants to do the work he wants to change his but the reality is all of us are like ups we can only hold so much and we do play a part in the decision of what Dennis he desires to conform us to his image he's willing to give us the power to do it and that awesome not encouraging. He wants to change you. He wants to do work in your life and is going to use this book and he's going to use the Holy Spirit and disgusting little bit and he's going use other people would be easier if he didn't use other people specially can't believe he uses Pastor David can't believe he uses my spouse all my gosh I can't tell you the times I prayed to hear from the Lord. And then my wife would say something and you know and I try to be hyper religious know Mike here from the Lord how to be quiet when it is interesting such as very often the voice of the Holy Spirit sounds a lot like the voice of my spouse, a mineral me hello both elbows flying around the room, enter he's going use us.

Life lesson number four God will use his word. His Holy Spirit and his people to make us more like him will be right back with more from David McGee on cross the bridge right now there's a word from associate pastor DA Brown hey Bob Lynn take a minute and pray for a listening audience. Those living in these cities in California. Orville Paso Robles Pine Grove courts Hill Red Bluff Reading and Ridgecrest God, we thank you for those listening in these cities and the surrounding areas. We pray that you would speak or write to them right where they're at today that they would be excited about following you, that they wouldn't fear that they're going to fall short because you're going to do the work in God. We pray that they will get plugged into a Bible teaching Bible believing church fathers did you get the pastors in those churches wisdom and how to encourage those whom God brings in Jesus name, amen, amen.

Thank you brother and now get back to David McGee as he continues teaching verse by verse. God never and he is the one that put the church into place, he never intended it to be a place where everybody just got along together. No SOI puts us altogether as altogether because he knows that were not going all along together like dictation. There's probably some person here that you don't get along with Iraq, maybe even when you see them you just get this little shiver.

Do you realize that person is doing more to conform you to the image of Christ and possibly anybody else in this fellowship because they're revealing to you. Your imperfections as you walk in what so obviously is not the love of the Lord as you extend that judgment on condemning attitude towards this person because of their duress are the way they look the way they talk or whatever. Or perhaps because they're not spiritual. Maybe they just got saved in the service last week and got to use us to conform us to the image of Jesus.

And if you run from that then your jump in your ruining the process, not something as we can be like Jesus, we desire to be conformed to his image in others it commercial a few years ago.

Be like my Michael Jordan. I think it was Nike or something. Ill be like my kind of thing promise. I don't want to be like my I don't know I don't desire to be that tall to play basketball that well or anything like that so that commercial never really appealed to me to be like Jesus. That appeals to me to walk in the love and the righteousness that Jesus walked in. I want to be like, and you understand that the exchange he offers each and every person in here this morning. He wants you to trade your life for his life.

Does Jesus get the short end of the sticker what, but he's willing to do.

He's willing to take my life in exchange for his life and conforming to his image while now you know I may not make the most money of the people that live on my street. I may not have the best nicest house of the people that live on Maastricht are the nicest car, but I can be the most like Jesus and that's what's important to me and I hope that's what's important to you. That should be a high priority for you that should be a goal in your life is to be more like Jesus. And then the other decisions all come under that I will be more like Jesus and I would be more like Jesus. I want to be in want to be in fellowship. I will learn about who Jesus is to learn about his work and I want to be more like Jesus only give more because Jesus was a giver going to be more like Jesus love people more because I see Jesus with people.

There should be some of our goals. He must increase but I must decrease is not about you anymore. If you know Jesus here this morning is not about it's not about we get request in emails and phone calls and I understand if you approach this with these questions, don't.

Don't get me wrong, but some people you'll call or email the church or ask questions, and it's almost like what can you do for me what need in my life. Can you me how backwards. That is what the church is supposed to be the churches first to be where you can pour yourself out in your gifting's and bless others. So shirt other than a young teenager had on it said it is all about me get over it. I thought how tragic and you could see by the look on her face. This was not a happy camper and you know you can't be a happy Christian you can be a joyful Christian that your attitude is not about you anymore. It's about him. Now I realize that's a real popular message these days in the churches.

What is about you it's about discovering who you are about discovering how important you are. It's about discovering how and that's your problem. You don't think you're important enough to yourself.

That's what the churches were claimant is about discovering all about you it's about discovering your purpose. Your plan is stop skipping about you anymore spell him and I know that's tough to live out, but he empowers us to live it out uses now 09, but all use again cats and dogs wheat we have both go with me for a minute dogs when you level dogs in the timeout map are cats at home because our cats are very godly But don't look at you and they think you take care of me. You feed me you give me water you you know when I need to go out and they look at you and they think you must be God. The Other Hand, They Look at You and They Think All You Feed Me. You Take Care Of Me You Give Me Water When I Needed All That You Pet Me. If I Feel like It and You Care for Me and You Love Me and the Cat Thinks I Must Be God I Love Cats Don't They Taste, Check No, No, I Love We Got, You Know What I Would Be in Paris to Tell You How Many Cats We so I Love Cats No Doubt about but Did You See the the Philosophy There. Do You Use Either Perspective. Perspective There.

He Loves You and He Died for You, He's God in the Mistake That We Make. Sometimes I Think Will Were so When He Died for so Were What Everything Rotates around and You Know It That's a Carnal Christian Is Not about Us Anymore. 31 He Who Comes from above Is, above All, He Was of the Earth's Earthling Speaks of the Earth Comes from Heaven Is above All and What He Is Seen and Heard That He Testifies, and No One Receives His Testimony You Receive Is Testament.

Do You Believe What Jesus Said.

The Bible Says Some Radical Things He Says It in Order to Find Your Life You Got to Give It Away. That's a Radical Thing. Just to Give Thanks in Everything That's a Radical Thing You Do That No I Can't Give Thanks Because of This I Can't Give Thanks Because of That I Can't Give Thanks Because Amanda Can't Give Thanks Because I'm Offended I Can't Give Thanks Because I'm Filled with Doubt. You Know What to Do It Anyway. Give Thanks.

Give Thanks Because As You Give Think You'll Be Reminded to Be Focused on the Lord with Whatever Gratefulness You Can Stir up, Give Thanks and He'll Do the Rest. 33.

He Was Received. This Testimony Has Certified That God Is True for He Whom God Has Sent Speaks the Words of God, for God Is Not Give the Spirit by Measure. The Father Loves the Son Is Given All Things into His Hand.

He Who Believes in the Son Has Everlasting Life, and He Who Does Not Believe the Son Shall Not See Life, but the Wrath of God Abides on God's Judgment Rest on Soon and When You Choose to Reject Jesus and You Choose the Run from Jesus in Your Sin You Receive upon Your Self-Condemnation That Wrath of God Stays on the Sin until There's Payment Made in You Can Afford the Payment.

Only Jesus Can Make That Payment. And It's a Simple Faith and Trust in Jesus, Eternal Life, Joy Unspeakable.

All These Things Are Things That When You Know Him Your Given but Has To Start with That Trust.

Sometimes It's a Small Amount of Trust Even As the God Mark Said No and I Do Believe, Help My Doubt. They Say That We Make 3000 Decisions a Day. Some of Them Very Small, Trivial Decisions, Some of Important Decisions, but There's Three Decisions That We All Have To Make and You Know What, and This Is a Have To You Know the People Say What You Gotta What Is He Got Live, Got It.

Gotta Pay Taxes and What Go to the Restroom in between, or Something like That.

There Certain Things You Gotta Do in Life but You Know What You Also Got the Side about Who Jesus Is. You Have To Decide That and Then Once You Decide That There's Other Decisions That You Have To Make See There's Three Must in the Gospel of John in Chapter 3, Number One, You Must Be Born Again Is a Must for the Center.

The Son Of Man Must Be Lifted up the Must for the Savior, but the Third Thing Is, He Must Increase, I Must Decrease. That's a Must for the Servant Message of Jesus Christ Is Not about You Acting Better or Getting Better or Making More Promises. It's about Seeing the Spirit of God to Work in Our Life. It's Not about God Doing a Little Bit of Repair Work.

It's about the New Life Being Generated in You Something New That You Didn't Have before, That the Lord Desires to Do in Says Here That Those Who Don't Trust Them Will See That When Asked a Question Are You Running Some of You Are and Even the Fact That I Would Ask You That Question Is Kind of Scary. I Know How to Recognize a Runner Because I Ran for Years I Ran from What Terms the Big Stick. God Felt the First Business That Me and God Would Need to Do after I Quit Running Was That He Would Meet Me at Done Things That Were Worthy of a Beating, but He Wanted Me to Run to Him Because He Missed My Fellowship and Maybe Your End Here This Morning and You've Been Running All Maybe Are Not Engaged in Horrible Dark Sounds but You Know in Your Heart, You're Not Where You Should Be with the Lord and Wonder How Many People Would Have the Boldness to Say You Know What You Just Described Me This Power Heads.

Lord Your Spirit Is Here This Morning Your Truth Is Being Proclaimed in Lord We Recognize How We Want to Run, Sometimes Lord Is the Light Shines in and We See That Dustin Receive the Dirt and We See the Imperfections in the Inactive's Inadequacies in Lord We Want to Run We Want to Run from What We Know Were Supposed to Be Doing from Serving You from Pouring Our Lives out Lord There's Some in Here This Morning That Turned around Lord We Need Your Help. We Need Your Strength to Not Run Lord We Thank You That You Are Sheltered You Are a Strong Tower and When We Run Lord Help Us to Run in You Friend, You Know for Sure That Your Sins Have Been Forgiven. You Can Know Right Now Only Jenna Short, Simple Prayer Simply Telling God You're Sorry and Asking Him to Help You to Live for Him. Please Pray This Prayer with Me out Loud Right Now. Dear Jesus, I Believe You Died for Me That I Could Be Forgiven and I Believe You Were Raised from the Dead That I Can Have a New Life Now Done Wrong Things I Have Sent and I'm Sorry.

Please Forgive Me of All Those Things.

Please Give Me the Power to Live for You. All of My Days in Jesus Name, Amen Friend of You Prayed That Prayer According to the Bible.

You've Been Forgiven You've Been Born Again, so Congratulations for You Just Made the Greatest Decision That You Will Ever Make. God Bless You, If You Pray That Prayer with David for the First Time We'd Love to Hear from You. You Can Visit Cross the to Receive Our First Steps Package with Helpful Resources to Help You Begin Your Walk with Christ. Or You Can Write to Cross the Bridge at PO Box 12, 515 Winston-Salem, NC 27117 and Share How God Is Working in Your Life Will DA before We Go. What Are Some Ways That We Can Bless Our Listeners Each Day. You Can Wake up with Encouragement from Pastor David to the Word of God with His Email Devotional Life Lessons to Consider a Daily Reading Plan and a Thought to Meditate on throughout Your Day. From the Heart of David McGee. That Sounds Good.

Yesterday and Again. It's Been Great to Have You with Us on the Program Today but Tell Us What Else Can a Listers Find on Cross the If You're Not Able to Make It to Your Home Church This Sunday. Why Not Join Us for Our Lifestream at 10 AM Eastern Time or on Thursday Night at 7 PM This Visit.

Cross the and Click on Our Lifestream Link. There You Will Experience a Live Service from David's Home Church.

The Bridge in North Carolina Again. That Website Is Cross the Thanks Again for Listening and Join Us Next Time. As David McGee Continued Teaching Verse by Verse in the Gospel of John

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