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2 Samuel Chapter 19:1-43

Cross the Bridge / David McGee
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August 21, 2020 1:00 am

2 Samuel Chapter 19:1-43

Cross the Bridge / David McGee

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August 21, 2020 1:00 am

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He wasn't after anything, there wasn't any any agenda with him, he's just like, you know what, David's out here. His men are hung around when taking a bunch of food. I'm blessed. You know, it's a good thing to do to bless other people, to be a blessing to other people. A lot of times are very concerned about being blessed, but we should be more concerned about blessing others, especially as Barzilai saw David in this place. It was a tough place. And Baggio, I thought, you know, I'm going to God blesses me.

Welcome to Cross the Bridge with David Magee, the senior pastor of the bridge in Kernersville, North Carolina. Today in the studio, we have one of David's associate pastors, D.A. Brown. Welcome, brother.

Hey, Bob. It's great to be here. We want to take a minute to pray for some cities in our listening audience. Hope everyone prays with me. Holbrook Pace and Pinetop Winslow, Yuma, Arizona. Bentonville, Fayetteville, Arkansas. God, we pray that many in these cities would tune in and listen today. Got it. We pray that if summer under the weather. Sick not feeling will that you would heal them God for your glory. Well, we also pray that some would give their lives to you. Receive your grace and mercy to Jesus Christ. We pray that these cities would get excited about following you and the churches would fill up. And you give the pastors wisdom and discernment on how to expound upon your word for your glory in Jesus name. Hey, man.

Hey, man. Brother, I think it's awesome that we're lifting up to the Lord. Those listeners that hear us right at this moment. And as we're going into the teaching and 2nd Samuel, Chapter 19 D.A., what are some of the lessons we should look for and take away?

Bob, Pastor Dave is going to remind us today and 2nd Samuel, it's important that we remember others are going to things. We should consider those things that they're going through. That only applies to our friends, right? No. God seems to love our enemies, too.

Well, let's listen as David McGee finishes up second Samuel Chapter 19. And we can absorb and learn some more of these things.

We find ourselves in the midst of this story of second Samuel. In the meantime, of the story of Absalom, Absalom was the son of David, who at one time was probably going to be heir to the king. But a lot of things happened. And regrettably, Absolom was probably not that heir anymore.

And even if he was the year, Absolom wasn't patient enough to allow God's timing. And so Absolom created a rebellion. He led part of the Kingdom of Israel against David. There was a big battle. Absolom was killed.

Then we find David in the midst of this chapter 19, verse 18. Then a ferry boat went across to carry over King's household to do what he thought. Good. Jimmy, the son of Garah, fell down before the king when had crossed the Jordan. Then he said to the king, Do not let my Lord impute iniquity to me. Or remember what wrong your servant did on the day that My Lord, the King left Jerusalem, that the King should take it to heart. For I, your servant, know that I have sinned. Therefore, here I am, the first to come today. Day of all the house of Joseph to go down to me, my Lord, the King. But Abassi, the son of Zehr. I answered and said Shall not she may be put to death for this because he curse the Lord's anointed verse 22, David said. What have I to do with you, you sons of Zoriah, that you should be adversaries to me today? Show any man be put to death today in Israel for do not know that today I am king over Israel.

Hmm. This is interesting. I think once again, here's something that we can grab on to. David says, you know what? Who's this guy? He came out throwing rocks at me before and saying words. And now he comes out and he's saying words again. And you're asking if I want to take him out. You know what? We don't need to take him out. But notice what David says for do I not know that today I'm king of various. Sir David knew who he was. There was a confidence in who he was that this little guy shimmy I coming out didn't didn't matter. And in essence, daviss, you know, I know why I'm not worried about this guy.

Verse twenty three. Therefore, this the king said the Shemya, you shall not die. And the King swore to him. Now in the Fibi ship, the son of Saul came down to meet the king and they had not cared for his feet, nor trimmed his mustache or washed his clothes from the day the king departed until the day he returned in peace. It was a type of mourning. He wasn't just being weird, none cleanly. He was a type of mourning. He was really looking forward to the king's return.

We should be looking forward to the king's return. How much anticipation is there in your life for the return of Jesus Christ now? I understand some days more than others, but there should be a general sense of man, I can't wait till Jesus gets back, I, I just can't wait. I just can't wait till the return of the King verse twenty five.

So it was when he'd come to Jerusalem to meet the King that the king said to him, why did you not go with me with Furbish? Now let's remember Zieba had come out and said Move Furbish up is after the throne verse twenty six. And he answered, My Lord, oh king my servant deceived me for your servant, said I will sell a little donkey for myself, that I may ride on it and go the king. Because your servant is lane verse twenty seven and he has slandered your servant to my Lord, the King. But My Lord, the King is like the Angel of God. Therefore do what is good in your eyes. Angel of God also would be messenger of God.

And you know, we looked at that place where the guy rode. He came to give David a message and he really didn't have a message.

Make sure you have a message in your life. And your primary message is talking about the love of God and the forgiveness of God, what God has done in your life. And that kind of button creates all of us to be messenger verse twenty eight for all my father's house were but dead men before my Lord, the king.

Yet you set your servant among those who eat at your own table. Therefore, what right have I still to cry out any more to the king? So he's saying, you know, whatever you want to do, David.

And let's remember that David, maybe in a rash moment, told Zebo that he could have everything that Lefebvre chef owned when Zebo was talking about let me finish, chef was in a conspiracy against him, probably a rash decision.

But here's what happened was twenty nine. So the king said him. Why do you speak any more of your matters? I have said you and Zeba divide the land. So at least now he has half. Then move, finish, Bishop said to the king, rather let him take it all in as much as my Lord. The King has coming back in peace to his own house. So we see the heart of a finish of Mfume's shows. I don't care about the land. I'm just glad that you're back.

I'm glad that you're here.

It's interesting, as you see David coming back in that all these injustices are getting righted. I think there's a bigger picture going on. If you're going to this wife and you're thinking this life is just it's not if you're thinking that our judicial system is able to. Force justice to a complete degree, friend. It ain't going to happen. Now, does that mean we'll never have justice? Absolutely not. We will have justice when he who is just returns. Then we will have justice.

David's walking in and he's correct in all these things. And we have to understand that there's some things that won't be corrected until the return of Jesus Christ versus 31 and Barzilai the Gillet. I came down from Roger Leam and went across the Jordan with the king to escort him across the Jordan. Now, Barzilai was a very aged man, 80 years old, and he had provided the king with supplies when it stated man name for he was a very rich man. Keep your finger right there. Let's go back to 2nd Samuel, Chapter 17. Let's read a couple versus at the end of a Chapter 17. Just to remind ourselves who Barzelay was. Chapter 17, verse 27. Now, it happened when David had come to manning the show, be the son of their hash from Rahbar of the people of a man mature, of the son of Amy, a little from Loda Better and Barzilai. The Gillet right from Roggeveen brought beds and basins, earthen vessels and wheat, barley and flour parts, grain and beans, lentils and part seeds, honey incurred sheep and cheese of the herd for David, the people who were with him to eat for. They said the people were hungry and weary and thirsty in the wilderness. It's an interesting thing whenever you are in life and occasionally you do go through the desert. But even in the desert, the Lord sits a table out for you. The Lord will set a table for you, even in the wilderness, and bless you and take care of you. So this is what this guy had done in verse 33 and the king said the Barzilai come across with me and I will provide for you why you are with me in Jerusalem, Barzilai said to the king. How long will I have to live? That I should go up with the King to Jerusalem? I am the day 80 years old can discern between the good and bad. Can your servant taste what I eat or what I drink? Can I hear any longer the voice of singing men and singing women? Why then, should your servant be a further burden to my Lord the King? Your servant will go a little way across the Jordan with the King. And why should the King repay me with such a reward?

So you see his pure heart. He was just blessed. David, the blessed David. He just he I believe he he knew that David was God's man and he just won the blessing. He wasn't after anything. There wasn't any any agenda with him. He's just like, you know, what David's out here is men are hung around with take him bunch of food. I'm go blessing.

You know, it's a good thing to do.

It's a good thing to do to bless other people, to be a blessing to other people. A lot of times are very concerned about being blessed, but we should be more concerned about blessing others, especially as Barzilai saw David in this place. It was a tough place. And Barzilai, I thought, you know, I'm going to God bless this man. He isn't a man of a heart. I'm going to God bless whether it's a small kindness or big kindness. We should be kind to people. Here's what the Bible says. First Corinthians 13 for says, love suffers long and is hard. Love does not envy. Love does not operate itself, is not puffed up, we're told in another place in the freezing chapter four or thirty two says and be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. Kindness being kind of people to be a blessing to one another. Here's the life lesson. We should be kind to one another, especially when someone is down our bita. The Bible talks about us being kind. We look at the life of Jesus. Jesus was an extremely con person. He was very sensitive to the needs of people around him.

And I think that's important for us to walk in and as we're following Jesus.

And so in the midst of this, you know, the king says the barzelay, she's you know, you've been such a blessing me. Let me buy you dinner. Let me let me feed you.

It's a bargain. As I say, you know, I'm very old. I don't want to make the trip to Jerusalem. Can't really taste food anymore. I can't hear music very well. I'll just stay here and God bless you, you know, I mean, he just, you know, so he appreciate the hospitality of David, but he wasn't going to go with him.

And again, we see that is pure in his motivation. Look at this. He actually he asked in verse thirty cent, please, like your sermon, turn back again that I may die in my own city near the grave of my father and mother. But here is your servant, Chima. Let him cross over with my Lord the King, and do for him what seems good. Do you and the King, answered Chim him. She'll cross over with me, and I will do for him what seems good to you now. Whatever your request of me, I will do for you. So he's gonna bless Chairman who probably a son in the way they was going to bless Barzilai.

Let's note something because there's there's something that's missing in this chapter in the sense of here's this victorious military leader who's quelled this rebellion, who's coming back in and notice what's absent.

He's not coming back in and going, OK, I want the guys who are responsible for this. I want a lot. I'm up against the wall. I want to know who they are. I want to know who they are before sundown and I'm taking them out. David doesn't do that. As a matter of fact, he's making this appeal. That those who were in the rebellion, part of the rebellion, that they now agree to unity and come over and serve with them. That's an amazing thing. Once again, we see a picture of Jesus Christ. Why? Because you know what? All of us were rebelling against God. All of us were astray. So democracies, all of us have gone astray. And God says, you know what? You've been you've been rebellious. You're guilty. But then when we come, don't say, you know what got him guilty. Please forgive me. God says, OK, OK. He doesn't say, well, no, no, I'm up against the wall. Gonna take you out. Now, I think we understand that the essence of the gospel is that God the father sentence God the son for our rebellion. It's an amazing thing.

We can mistakenly get this picture when we read the Book of Revelation and note that it's singular. The Book of Revelation. It's not the Book of Revelations. Most people say the revelations say it's the revelation of Jesus Christ. So there's only one singular revelation of Jesus Christ that we're building the church on now.

You can read the Book of Revelation and you can think, well, Jesus is coming back and he's gonna whip up now.

The bad guys need me. I will taken them out, buddy. No, that's not it at all.

Now he will becoming in truth and he will be coming in judgment. But do you understand why even this evening, why God is waiting to come back?

Had to be honest. If I was God and we can all be thankful that I'm not.

But if I was God, I'd have pulled the plug on this thing like a long time ago as I watched people hurting each other and doing all this stuff that we do. I looked and said, well, that's it. That's it. These people are going nowhere. But he keeps waiting. Why does he keep waiting? We're told. Second, Peter. Chapter three. Verse nine says the Lord hasn't really been slow about his promise to return, as some people think.

Now he's been patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to perish. So he's giving more time for everyone to repent. A friend of your in here tonight. And that verse is not consistent with who you believe God to be. You have to change your vision of who you believe God to be. If you think he's some cosmic spiritual cowboy waiting to come in and clear out Dodge City, you've got the wrong pitcher. He's waiting and waiting and waiting. But even as David returned to Jerusalem, meaning understands him, at some point the waiting's over. Now, I don't know what point that is. You don't know what point that is. Somewhere in this world and when somebody comes forward and asks Jesus to forgive them of their sins, that's gonna be the last one. Gonna be.

And you have to wonder I wonder sometimes on Sunday mornings, I see people come up from think, was this it? Is the door getting ready to be closed? It's a really sad place in the Bible where the door of the ark was shut and people begin. You know what happened? They began to beat on the doors and let us in. We were wrong. And probably they thought somewhere along the line. Well, you know, when it starts raining, then I'll go make friends with Noah.

But it was too late. It was too late. Don't wait too long.

You're listening to Pastor David McGee on Cross the Bridge. He'll be back with more in just a moment. But first, if you haven't been to our Web site at Cross the Bridge dot com yet, what are you waiting for? Go to cross the bridge dot com to learn more about how listeners like you are helping get the life changing truth of God's word to more people through the radio, Internet and mobile technologies that cross the bridge dot com. You can also check out our broadcast schedule. Listen to more teaching from Pastor David. And sign up for Pastor David's free daily devotional. And there's more there, too. So visit. Cross the bridge dot com today. Now, here's Pastor David as he continues sharing verse by verse, verse thirty nine.

And all the people went over the Jordan. And when the king and crossed over, the king kissed Barzilai and blessed him. And he returned to his own place in verse 40. Now the king went on to giggle and shame him, went on with him, and all the people do the escort of the King and also half the people of Israel. Just then all the men of Israel came to the King and said to the King, Why have our brethren, the men of Judah, stolen you away and brought the King, his household and all David's men with him across the Jordan?

This is kind of an old division that's being brought back up. If you remember when David first was first made a leader over the tribe of Judah, not overall of Israel. Seven years later, he was made king overall of Israel.

And so here's this old division taken place again. These old wounds tear open. Why?

Because of the crisis when we hit crisis either as an individual or as a body, as a church, it tells a lot about us because what you find is in the middle of a crisis, people are either their worst are there. They're your best. It's been said believers are like a teabag. You don't know what's in them until you put them in hot water. And then once you get in the middle of. Crisis. You learn a lot about yourself and those people around you.

And so here we are in the crisis in this old division pops up.

And it's kind of interesting because, I mean, just a chapter ago, these guys were joined against David, fighting against them. And now all of a sudden they're fighting over him, kind of points up the fickleness of humanity done.

It was forty to. So all the men of Judah answered the men of Israel, because the king is a close relative of ours. Why then are you angry over this matter if we ever eaten at the king's expense? Or has he given us any gift?

So there didn't get this back it because the division comes in and it's going to last hundreds of years, this division that's starting now.

And why? Why is the division being created? Same reason divisions all make because there's people they're thinking of themselves. The nation of Israel isn't going away. No damage from the tribe of Judah. It kind of makes sense that these get that they would have this whole reunion thing going on, but they didn't think of the other person, the tribe of due to didn't look at the other tribes of the nation of Israel. Go away. You know what? He's the returning king. We should share this moment with a man. That's not what happened. And when people begin to consider themselves, there's always tension. There's always division that gets introduced.

And it's it's a very interesting thing. You know, few years ago, they came up with this whole theory that the thing that's wrong with us as individuals is that we lack esteem for ourselves.

We lack self-esteem. Yeah, I've never seen that played out in the highways of America. When you're trying to get in on a busy highway, you ever seen a lack of self-esteem? I haven't. You know, it's interesting because one time I did a word study because I was, you know, what does the Bible have to say about esteem in itself? Here's what it says, Philippians, chapter two, verse three. And forces let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but loneliness of man. Let each esteem others better than themselves. Let each of you look out not only for his own interest, but also for the interest of others. So where to esteem others higher than ourselves?

Final life lesson. We should consider others what other people are thinking, what other people are feeling. Because if we do that, we set the time, we set the model, we set the model in our home.

We set the model our workplace. We set the model in our churches.

First 43 and the men of Israel answered the men of Judah and said, We have ten shares in the king. Therefore, we also have more right to David than you. Why do you want and do you despises? Were we not the first to advise bringing back our king? Yet the words of the men of Judah were official and the words of men. We have ten shares in the King.

It's like they're treating him like a public stock or something. There's an exchange is very interesting. In Verse 19 when Shimmy asks, don't impute inequity to me. He says that to the king. And David says, OK, you're not going to die. David meant that day.

And we're reminded we're reminded that we need to approach our king and say, God, don't impute, don't assign, don't mark our spiritual. Scorecard with iniquity on it. Please forgive us. The Bobbo first. John says if we confess our sins is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and the cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

But notice the verse starts with if if we confessor's. Since the sin that you can't be forgiven of is the sin that you're not willing to go to God about the Bible. Psalm 32 says this blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven. Who sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity. Blessed. If you go to him and ask him to forgive you, you're blessed. And then the part of you that he said You schumi. I shan't.

That you're not going to die. Let's remember the words of Jesus to the Sisters of Lasser's and John, Chapter 11.

Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me. Though he may die. He shall live. And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Do you believe this?

That's the question. Do you believe this? Not. Do they believe this? Not your belief. But do you believe this? Do you believe that Blessin is the person who doesn't have sin held in their account? Do you believe that if you believe in Jesus, you're not going to die? That's what God said. That's what Jesus said. When the King David departed Jerusalem, the whole world was messed up. When Jesus ascended, the whole world was messed up. But as David's coming back in, he's making everything right. Guess what? When Jesus Christ returns, he's gonna make everything right. And we can look forward to the return of our king.

And just as David didn't punish anybody that came to him after the rebellion and said, you know what? I'm gonna serve you king.

God doesn't punish people when they come to us and God. You know, I've been rebellious. Please forgive me. I want to serve you. I want to follow you. God says, OK, all those who ask him to be their king. He forgives. We need to understand there's kingdoms of this world. And you know what? They're gonna fall. This kingdom of Absolom. It fell. Wow. It's filled with rebellion, envy wise to see. It's just never gonna. But the kingdom of David, the Bible says last forever. See, because from the seat of David came Jesus and the Bible says and of his power, his rule, his reign, there won't be an end.

So what we all have to decide is which kingdom we're going to serve or we're gonna serve Absolom Kingdom. That's all about me. It's about materialism. It's about what I can get.

That kingdom is going to fall. That's the way the world thinks. And friend of you want to think that way. You can think that way. But that kingdom is no fall. Or you can say, you know what? I'm going to serve the real king, the true and living king, because that's the kingdom that will last. We all have to make that decision. If we're going to serve absolute, are we going to serve the true and living king? We're going to serve ourselves. We're going to serve the Lord. One last thing before we close. As I was looking at this, looking at David's grief and I was comparing it to when he lost the child with Bathsheba. And I was thinking, there's something different going on.

And then I read commentaries that said, well, this was a difference and that was the difference. One interesting point, and I think this one had validity, is that David knew where that little child was going.

He said, I'm going to see him again. And I don't think he had that assurance with absolute. But I think there was something deeper going on. Absolom messed up. He left the kingdom and he came back.

And when he came back, he was not allowed to be part of the king's court.

And I wonder if in the back of David's mind, in his heart, if he thought what would have happened had I welcomed Absolom back to my table, what would have happened had I forgiven Absolom?

I think that's the part that was turned, David. Have you ever had somebody that died that you had or against that you had that you were offended over and then you haven't forgiven them? You had to straighten that out that where you are now. But tonight we're given several gifts.

And the fact that we're sitting here, we worship with one another, we got to go through this incredible Bible study. We have a choice before us off of serving the kingdom of light or serving ourselves.

And we also have an opportunity to think about the absolutes in our lives.

And we can not invite them back to the king's table or we can extend grace the way the father did in the parable of the prodigal son.

Which did Jesus do? Which did God do to us?

He welcomed us by friends. You know for sure that your sins have been forgiven. You can know right now I want Legian a short, simple prayer, simply telling God you're sorry and asking him to help you to live for him. God wants you to pray this prayer so much that he died to give you the opportunity and the ability to ask him to forgive you. Please pray this prayer with me out loud right now.

Dear Jesus. I believe you, dad, for me. That I could be forgiven. And I believe you were raised from the dead. That could have a new life. Now, I've done wrong things. I have sinned. And I'm sorry. Please forgive me of all those things. Please give me the power to live for you. All of my days in Jesus name.

A man friend of you prayed that prayer. According to the Bible, you've been forgiven. You've been born again. So congratulations, friend. You just made the greatest decision that you will ever make.

God bless you if you pray that prayer with David for the first time. We'd love to hear from you. You can visit cross the bridge dot com to receive our first steps package with helpful resources to help you begin your walk with Christ. Or you can write to cross the bridge at P.O. Box 12 515. Winston-Salem, North Carolina two seven one one seven. And share how God is working in your life. Well, D.A., before we go.

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That sounds good. Pastor Day. And again, it's been great to have you with us on the program today. But tell us, what else can our listeners find on Cross the Bridge dot com?

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