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Well Meaning Interference (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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May 27, 2022 6:00 am

Well Meaning Interference (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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May 27, 2022 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the book of the Acts

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It is to watch Christian church.

Satan shook them up over something silly and they believe that good church and then they found so often on the talk about the loss of salvation I'm talking about the loss of service of the privilege the height privilege. It is, it is the church's duty to offer positions to serve so much action takes place. There, this is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher Rick Gaston. Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville. Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of acts.

Please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching today. Pastor Rick will continue teaching through the book of acts chapter 1 in his message called well-meaning interference. When we come to the Scripture we have to call it like it is the rabbinical Judaism was little and Christ took every chance he could get to go against it and he left his apostles to have to deal with it also. And much of the separation is because of the rabbis. Anyway, here of the women praying alongside the men when we get to Pentecost.

The emphasis will be on the men not by not intentional or just the way it was the women again home doing things in the member of there at the temple Pentecost again as I mentioned likely occurring at the temple just for example, chapter 5, verse 14, of acts, the make my point and believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women and so when they make, they make that distinction because of the things that I just pointed out the differences in how the genders had their assignments and and kept to it, it says here and Mary the mother of Jesus.

Wait a minute they're here praying. Mary is present but no one sprang to her does not little big, she would've considered blasphemy to pray to her. She called you out.

No one would bet dear be so foolish and sinful to pray to her at this time.

Is anyone so anti-Scripture to believe that they are saying Hail Mary mother, do you do you really think that that was going on at this point of this snow script that all the Scripture is against such a thing. Mary is called the mother of Jesus is never in Scripture, she referred to as the mother of God.

How can God have her mother, the mother of Jesus, she is though I now listen no slide on Mary Perry was blessed among women of virtuous woman and I looking forward to meeting her. We don't vilify her. Because others have injected into pseudo-Christianity. Mary worship, and I'm not going to knock on, could gag order in place and say well I might hurt somebody's feelings. I can't speak the truth. Nonsense. This is what the Bible is teaching and there are those who would like to believe that she is coequal with Christ in our redemption, which is blasphemous.

There are those who take the names of Jesus and Mary from the Bible and leave all the truth behind a just cherry pick the names and do they want to. It is again flat out blasphemy to pray to Peter to Mary to anyone except God and Jesus of course is God the son, Mary worship invaded the church about 250 years a little more than a from this time in the book of acts, and once that and came in bringing all the pagan practices with at the ridiculous baseless stories. It is astounding what people will believe once they overrule Scripture. Once they just thought of Doug as I mentioned take the names out and forget everything else associated with those names in the Bible and begin to put other things on them. It is astounding by me, Joseph Smith of the Mormon to put his glasses on and you can see all sorts of stuff I have people believe this to this day.

They believe it anyway. We do not read of virtuous Mary again in the Scripture, after this meaning she played no leading role in the development of Christianity and the church and is not an insult. It is an honor her preposition in Scripture is very honorable so it says here with his brothers Mary had other sons and now they're saying Scripture says she was no perpetual virgin detritus. It will Joseph suck, that's not what the Bible teaches you make make a choice. You choose what the Bible says what someone else says. And that always comes down to that. But the question is, his brothers was there. Mary was there. Where will the multitudes that Christ had healed and laid his hands on and taught well. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list. In fact, the 120 will come to an a minute is different event and still they were the 500 in Galilee, for they were others that believe what just the 500 just take that for an example, imagine going into a courtroom with that many witnesses on your side. 500 people is that we saw him crucified and then risen, and these are credible people also what the world is not wanted to be that way, all as a whole, but there are individuals for whom it is going.

They're going to believe the message we just don't know that who they are before I got Savior. Many people said is no way he super lost and there's just no and then I get saved so they didn't know I was going to get saved.

I didn't know I was going to get saved and to this day, you don't know what unbelievers will come to Christ, so don't lose heart.

Keep at it and don't think that it's going to be necessarily the one that you been praying for could be somebody else. We we don't want to interfere. We want to be usable instruments in the hand of God and he is no respecter of persons. That is not an scary thing. That's a sobering thought that God is going to adhere to his truth is holiness no matter what people might feel verse 15 in those days we got a lot more here.

Peter stood up in the midst of the disciples. Altogether the number of names was about 120 and said no, so what he says. And in those days.

It's the disjunctive breaks from what he was talking about and is now coming to another vent within that 10 day or so. Before or between the ascension of Christ and Pentecost remember Lucas writing 30 years after these events to a Gentile name, Theophilus, and he says hey in those days.

This is old school the same to Theophilus. In those days Peter stood up. So again, this verse is separate from verse 14 and you'll miss that LOI lease I have at times though in the past. You kind of thing will this is the 120. This name with the apostles and Mary but it really is is not a Peter stood up in their midst of the in the midst of the disciples. What a wonderful phrase. I like that to be said about me, stood up in the midst of the disciples not doing service now. I use no standing up now for the preacher man but just in life to stand up in the midst of the disciples. Anyway, that's a bit of an allegory.

That's we move move on all together. Bottom of verse 15 the number of names about 120 and again would be difficult to accommodate that many people in in the local upper rooms of the city.

There likely back at the temple as a read from Luke's gospel where that's where they were big. They tended to roll before Pentecost.

Verse 16 men and brethren. This Scripture had to be fulfilled, which the Holy Spirit spoke before by the mouth of David concerning Judas, who became a guide to those who arrested Jesus.

Those apostles, then, that whenever Judah's name came up. They innovate they just that that traitor kind of a spirit new. You can't blame them, they were very much hurt by that whole thing.

I mean, they spent three years with him. They thought he was one of them and he betrayed the Lord and he betrayed them.

But where he says men and brethren of fellow believers is whom he's talking to it this point because there's no outreach yet they're not reaching anybody. Everything we're reading that right now before acts chapter 2 is about the believers and the Holy Spirit is going to be the one to change all that were expanded.

The Scripture had to be fulfilled now this is in contrast to those who claim Christ and devalue Scripture. We don't do that, the Scriptures, the word of God in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He became flesh, and we beheld his glory is the only of the suck.

I mean, it's a big deal. Scripture is not a little thing for some secondary it doesn't line up behind our feelings. It dictates to us and we are supposed to love it so much, John received the revelation he loved what was said to him, he lost all of his strength and I was just at the beginning what Christian approves of the Bible of Bible teaching being distracted or if you know interfere with what Christian would would will in all, let's open up a Chick-fil-A in the sanctuary. SOS services going when you get yourself a yellow some waffle fries and whatever else they have a question would be absurd. What Christian supposes a true church can grow through the preaching of the word being messed with. Interfered with, who believes that which you sign off on something when you see Satan knows that we try to reduce distractions from teaching because it is thus saith the Lord at this time, he routinely sends those who disagree with this determination. Our determination to guard from the distractions from the very beginning from the garden of Eden Satan has been trying to shake man's respect from God's word. Genesis 3 now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which Yahweh God had made. And he said to the women woman has God indeed said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden you see he's messing with the word he does it with you and your alone time when you sent out have my devotions and him and all distractions will come in the flesh will accommodate if you got a fight for the word imagine a pastor who just were too lazy to study stepped up in his pulpit and destroy the same things you already know every single time he got up there. Jesus loves you your saved from your sins. If you come to him allege true and it's vital but of this much more than that. So not a speck will pass away Jesus and mono.not enough' it won't pass away, and this is the value the kingdom of God puts on it and we must to in my two times. It's heartbreaking to see how many people name Christ and really just unmoved by God's word he says it, which the Holy Spirit spoke, there is the word before the mouth of David concerning Judas.

God speaks through believers and what David wrote was Scripture the entire life of Jesus fulfilled what was prophesied about him that that's how serious God was about including the sufferings at this point in church history. There was no Bible except the Old Testament it was no New Testament yet Peter Scripture knowledge skyrocketed. At this time, though he lacked anointing, but he still hate that you know he can work or come to Luke's quote about that later.

Later on what Peter knew enough to know that he better start getting into the Scripture like never before and it's going to come out when he starts preaching in acts chapter 2 without anointing believers have this fall prey to this risk, knowing the Bible with misapplication without the Holy Spirit, you can know the Bible you can learn the stories of the Bible, but your application is going to fail and that we were going to watch. In a moment.

Yes, Peter had the spirit in him. He was spiritually awakened.

Jesus said receive the Holy Spirit and he breathed on the apostles, but there was another experience to happen. The promise of the father.

He was spiritually awakened all of them were but spiritually weak.

Also, they were not yet endured with power from on high. According to Luke 2449. We do not read of them making converts until Pentecost you life to Christ. Some Christians are filled right away. I was filled right away.

I mean, when I came to Christ. Just came together. I couldn't wait, just you know so excited, just weeping all the time out of joy and happiness almost giddy.

I couldn't understand why my friends didn't want to hear it. I just such a you know new believers like you got a listen to this. Listen to this verse and just and on and calling people.

I want to get together for lunch like we always do with them and them not answering the phone lying to me he's not home and I can hear him saying Stella mom not home. That really wasn't exactly how was but I knew they were there just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean some was not after me anyway.

So Peter goes back to here in verse 16, who became a guide to those who arrested Jesus at this time. Of course, Judas is dead and he is damp and that's what he is is busy laying out before them.

God use the betrayal of Jesus. Of course, in his purposes for saving sinners, but as a individual Judas is done. Verse 17 for he was numbered with us and obtained a part in this ministry well, Judas was chosen by Christ himself.

There've only been 13 men handpicked by Jesus to be apostles. Judas was one of them. He forfeited his position and that's where Peter is going with this. Here's the greatest underage underachiever in history. Imagine being handpicked by Jesus Christ be with him and then to carry the resurrection to lead with the message of the resurrection after the ascension and then to throw all that away. How hard, how hard it is to see Christians go to a good church and I know that there people in other churches will be listening to these messages online at different times and and maybe this is for you. How difficult it is to watch Christians going to a good church. And Satan trip them up over something silly and they leave that good church and then they found happened so often on the talking of the loss of salvation I'm talking about the loss of serving the privilege the hype privilege. It is, it is the church's duty to offer positions to serve so much action takes place there anyway. Judas ran out of confidence in Christ.

Why is because he did not enthrone Christ on his heart. Christ really wasn't the master.

The Lord he was there. You know this Messiah. Figure will something other, but the others. The other 11 course they enthrone Christ on their heart and that was the downfall of Judas in verse 18. Now this man purchased a field with the wages of iniquity and the money he got from betraying Christ and falling headlong, he burst open in the middle and all of his entrails gushed out gasp, that's there for you teams to keep you awake. This may be the glue's interest.

Tell us about the entrails. Well that was Judas was. As I mentioned, chosen by Christ and yet that's what he did with the choice he got close to him and he betrayed him well. He gives the money back, but they take that money that they paid him and they could not keep it because they considered blood money so that they purchased a burial plot for Jews. Judas after his death, Romans chapter 623.

The wages of sin is death, and that is pronounced here falling headlong, okay silly it goes to hang himself. And if he falls headfirst likely would have an of the rope broke the branch broke or the knot slipped you know if you are going to talk car with a some sort of a rope you want to get a little strain on that road.

Make a type you just pull off when it's loose it's going to snap the rope more than likely well if he doesn't know what he's doing and he just jumps and is a lot of slack in that line and going up jerk and either break the branch of all the rope. Anyway, that's just the mechanics of of him falling going to hang himself and falling any lands on the rocks.

Evidently he burst open in the middle and all his entrails gushed out so Peter is very articulate about this very detailed what a waste of an invested three years with Jesus all gone just like that. Verse 19 and it became known to all those dwelling in Jerusalem so that field is called in their own language account, that is healed of blood.

This was headline news about the apostate who walk with Jesus for three years and then goes out and kills himself, and it's a gory death, and so everybody talk of the town became known says in their own language to everyone dwelling in Jerusalem, so that field is called in their own language account, out Aramaic words, the vernacular of the first century Jews writing to Gentiles about these events. 30 years later, in the Greek language which was more widespread. The Greek language was used in all throughout the Roman Empire. Thanks to Alexander the great law and that's the language God would use to spread the gospel and it was very effective. That is the field of blood part of the verse 19 Judas should have been associated with the blood of the Lamb and instead is to steal the blood that he ends up with one. One pastor says in one of his sermons. The one trader in the inner circle of Christ's kingdom became his own executioner is not how it was supposed to be and it only happened that way because he betrayed Christ. He turned against him. He became an apostate and a traitor. Verse 24 is written in the book of Psalms led his dwelling place, be desolate, and let no one live in it, and let another take his office. Now, would we have known that those Psalms were prophetic of Judas and couldn't get in connection to the Messiah. Had it not been for Peter's interpretation would we have connected we would if we did not have Peter telling us this would we have read the solvents at Judas. Well, maybe. But listen, this is what I meant earlier about. I hope you been listening whole time. When I say resident doesn't mean, okay, now start listening when I mentioned Peter's knowledge of Scripture skyrocketed one Highway. What is was the whiskey evidence of that bullet 24/25 and he, Jesus open their understanding that they might comprehend the Scriptures you can do it on your own need Jesus to comprehend the Scriptures, but still that's not enough.

According to Christ.

There has to be the Holy Spirit to bring even more life to it. God's judgment upon Judas. According to Peter Psalm 6925 that is dwelling place, be desolate, and the need for replacement.

Psalm 109 verse eight.

Been in the word and he comes across this. These are imprecatory Psalms is a Psalms that invoke evil or curse on the enemies of the unrighteous. The Nutro Testament church is not function this way with that was before been changes major changes since Pentecost that is dwelling B dwelling place be desolate, barrenness.

Let no one live in it for Fitch forfeiture.

He forfeited let another take his office. Banishment three condemning let statements that is dwelling that no one live in it that another take his office. Very sad. Peter felt something had to be done.

The Scripture says another one is supposed to take his office. That's what the Bible says Peter would've said or Peter, always well-meaning always but impetuous. Nonetheless, in other words the feelings rose up and began to dominate Capt. the ship. Let's just review three of them you can go to the cross Jesus even though you said you going to the cross, you know. Far from you as Jesus said, get behind me Satan.

I had pretty serious about let's build three shrines, one for you and one for Elijah one for Moses and the father rebuked them and they are very scared and then how about you know what now because I never liked you anyway.

And agent you are resisting the arrest of Christ with the sword. So this is Peter.

And here he is saying, hey, the Scripture says we gotta be careful in the Bible can say something that doesn't give us right right to misapply it. That's what I strongly believe Peter is doing here and I'll make my case and the minute I read all the other guys the good guys to that don't agree with me but you know what I go to about one of I don't agree with them and I'm not the only one, but the majority of take the position that Peter was right. Matthias was one of the 12 on about the writ that apart. Hopefully, I will say that with pride. Okay a little bit verse 21 therefore of these men who have accompanied us all the time that the Lord Jesus went in out among us, so case is now setting the standards we can find a replacement and so he has to have been with us the whole time we were with Christ. Peter is setting the standard for apostleship but is not there's a fine line between initiative and move you've been listening to cross reference radio daily radio ministry pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

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