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Christ’s Rest is Salvation (Part C)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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January 25, 2022 6:00 am

Christ’s Rest is Salvation (Part C)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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January 25, 2022 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the letter to the Hebrews

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You are now resting in Christ for our deliverance him to lead us rested comes from entering into submission to him because you are a Christian and you are resisting his leadership happens all the time with many of us make poor decisions and you suffer the consequences for them and Christiansen.

That's why the New Testament has the letters, the epistles tell us how to deal with those things when when the train gets off the track. Here's how you get back on the track. This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher Rick Gaston.

Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville.

Pastor Rick is currently teaching through the book of Hebrews. Please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio, specifically how you can get a free copy of this teaching today.

Pastor Rick will conclude his study called Christ's rest is salvation in Hebrews chapter 4 if you wanted to get on the wrong side of Jesus just telling Peter didn't love Jesus would fix your clock for you even if you didn't have one so this understanding, the person of Jesus Christ is not a religion. We have ads religion in the sense of dictionary sense of the word. We have this dynamic relationship. There are forces at work when we are related to Christ every born again believer knows that yeah you have laws you the go through struggles one proof of your salvation is when you're very disappointed with what got what God is doing there going to be those tell what should be happy when something's on something sorrowful happens we praise the Lord. In spite of those things that does not mean we would've voted for. There are many things I would like to change about this life. Even little things haircuts why do they have a mic and you just have G.I. Joe hair, which is stays right there is a lot of stuff in this life goes on deal breakers with us.

Well anyway, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it. Faith is the detonator. The word is is the explosive, but faith detonates those things, and believing them accepting them and always recognizing that he actually is Lord you can read something in the Scripture and like it wanted for yourself and not get it.

He still my Lord. That is faith that is with those in the wilderness were not willing to do and that's what they're tinkering with here in this audience.

Verse three for we who have believed do enter that rest, as he has said so I swore in my wrath, they shall not enter my rest. Although the works were finished from the foundation of the world. We who believe we enter we enter is rest in this life or yes from time but there is a final rest that is coming with. There is no more labor in the realm of sin with which sin present with us. Simple enough we enter heaven, not not Canaan, where he says they shall not enter my rest is quoting Psalm 9511 and is doing that to say to them. Joshua didn't give them the rest that they would've had.

But God did not leave it there. When he finished them off in the wilderness, God still said there's rest for my people and that is developed through the ages and that's why he quotes David, who came 500 years after Joshua and he says although the works were finished since the beginning is twice quoting Genesis 22 ways is the foundation of the world part of God's plan is not something random, so it is now salvation. Ephesians 14 just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world. We should be holy and without blame before him in love from the beginning.

This is been God's plan is been intercepted by sin. Verse four for he is spoken in a certain place of the seven day in this way God rested on the seventh day from all his works. So the idea of this restless concept of rest for believers originates with God for his people.

It is made available to us.

Also God's Sabbath out of Eden was broken by man's disobedience. God rested the seventh day within man's sin. Now God is at work. Jesus said my father works until now and I work and so do we. Because of sin, but before send it was just rest.

Everything was nice.

Adam walk in the cool of the day with the Lord. We are going to have a superior rest.

When we enter those gates in heaven. Verse four for he is spoken in a certain place the seventh day. In this way and God rested on the seventh day from all his work verse five and again in this place, they shall not enter my rest was keeping the parallel before them is not letting them lose sight of the severity of the F of the consequence that will befall them. God is serious he is serious about rejecting those who reject him.

This is how message to the world and we can't lose sight of it world we have what they can get nowhere else. The truth concerning God.

Sin, mankind using Canaan to illustrate the destination and the consequence of failing and unbelief of the Jews.

Again, it was the promised land.

The church ultimately it is heaven.

Verse six. Since therefore, remains that some must enter it. Those to whom it was first preached, did not enter because of disobedience. You get the feeling this is being driven platform driven and repeated over stressing it over is not letting them get away.

If not for one moment they catching their breath.

These holding up before them judgment, judgment, judgment for unbelief. They would come away from this doing some serious thinking about departing the faith. There has to be fear at work.

What if you had no fear of hell you would answer the cry of your flesh every time it made a noise, why not, what consequence do I have to fear from a holy God help changes everything.

And that's where the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Yes, we have grace we boldly enter into the presence of the Lord, that does not mean, for one moment we are free to be sacrilegious and blasphemous. It was free to parade about as though God is not holy and serious about the things that he he is he is made clear to us. Interesting thought about the sixth verse that that they were practicing the Sabbath, the fourth commandment that did not entitle them to be right with God.

While I practice the Sabbath yet will he cannot do a lot more than that. They got eventually became that very way with Jesus Christ whole look with your disciples breaking the Sabbath there eating grain off the hug and on the good or off the stems in this nonsense we hold up the Sabbath. Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man, not the man for Sabbath, church churches made for us.

We not for it were not slaves to ministry or service. In that sense God is given us these things and we are to avail ourselves of them says because of disobedience consequence. So we find this this was something that was stated in the early 1900s concerning Christianity, at least in this country.

What would happen if Christians did not adhere to the spirit of God. He did that goes this way they will seek religion without the Holy Spirit we have that forgiveness without repentance we have that. In other words, I don't have to say I'm wrong before God.

Just forgive me just behave as though I'm fine. Doesn't matter what I do. This is something that many Christians are infuriated when the church upholds the word only take them snow when I can let you do that you can't come back here to fix this.

This is what the Bible says is right here they get very indignant. Often times not all the time. Sometimes they submit and corrected wonderful story, but other times they know they want forgiveness without repentance.

Repentance involves more than just say I was wrong and means you change the direction you're going in salvation without rebirth. I don't need to be born again.

I just need to go to heaven. Is he to save me because it's me see this happening today and then the fourth one fourth warning for the church. Those who seek heaven without hell well and since that yet is no hell in heaven.

Of course, but what's meant by that is, there are those that think only have an exist.

There is no hell that is to again call God a liar. I point these things out so that we can be ready to address them. When given the opportunity.

Verse seven.

Again, he designates a certain day, saying in David, today, after such a long time as it has been said today if you hear his voice, not harden your heart that long.

Time is from the time of between Joshua Lord and Moses when the people didn't enter in the land, and they perished to the time David wrote this, and then from the time of David to its being preached right now so great urgency is placed on this today.

Bryce, this is the third time he did it twice in chapter 3, and he's doing it here now. It is always time for a lost soul to come to God. God will never sell and are not yet at the ready for you will never do that. He says today. The essence of Christianity is getting right with God in this life through faith in Jesus Christ alone. There are no auxiliary saviors. There is no plan B for salvation through Jesus Christ. And if you don't open your heart today, then tomorrow you may find it is too late. So falling short of that risk.

That is heaven.

I would also say when he mentions David here that if Jesus is not the Messiah, then they will never be one because it is now no way for the Jew to prove that he is on the line of David Messiah has to do that Jesus did, of course, but you can't prove it. Today it's impossible. And that is just another reason why we know he is the Christ, the Messiah of the line of David would ask a Jew how's he going to house you going to prove himself when Messiah comes out. Is he going to prove. According to the Scripture that he's from the line of David will have to make something up because it missed the window.

Verse eight for if Joshua had given them rest, and he would not of that word spoken of another day. I Joshua spoke about another day of rest that God would continue to put them in the land but that's not the pronoun here is God, then he would not afterward have spoken and that is a reference to Psalm 95 which we been quoting today. If you harden not your heart so by merely entering the promised land, the Israelites had not entered rest, God speaks of another rest here 3 of rest that we can easily see the rest of entering into salvation in this life we are now resting in Christ for our deliverance for him to lead us as rested comes from entering into submission to him because if you are a Christian and you are resisting his leadership, which is happens all the time with many of us, you make poor decisions and you suffer the consequences for them in Christian sin.

That's why the New Testament has the letters, the epistles tell us how to deal with those things when when the train gets off the track. Here's how you get back on the track because Christians sin, we have an advocate with the father who were not our sins, diet, death. Because of the blood of Jesus Christ. Then there's the day of course, the final rest of entering into heaven. Looking at the life of the apostles and the martyrs we know for sure that when they were in this life. There is a fuller rest that remain that the rest of they had been given in this life is not sufficient to really say this is the rest the ultimate one I struggle to study to try to make it sound sensible to open the word of God.

I try to have it have him open it to me so I can share with you what is given to me.

Verse by line, precept upon precept, here little, there a little and I can tell you the is a lot of work.

I'm fit for this disease made me so he's going to say this at the and and that the Chapter 11 which we won't get to this morning he's going to come out and say be diligent affect our reading verse verse 11. Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, you still have hard work here so he's mixing it is these moving through second Thessalonians chapter 1 tells us of this fuller rest being connected with seeing the Lord Jesus in glory. He says to give you who are troubled rest with us. When the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels. The others arrest coming that supersedes whatever moments of rest we get here in that second Thessalonians chapter 1 verse seven. They were being persecuted and he's telling them and those that are troubling you would God's going to give you rest is coming when he shows up Revelation 1413 he said about the persecuted tribulation saints, there was arrest for them to they were being portable. They will be.

This is not yet happened.

They will be tortured. They will be beheaded. They will be persecuted on multiple levels and they will hold to the Lord, and he writes about this in the book of Revelation, and they will hear it.

It will be preached to them. Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me right. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.

Yes, says the spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them.

So there's that word of assurance given to the tribulation saints and martyrs. It does apply to us. But it is singled out for them because they will go through tribulation, such as the world does not know verse nine of Hebrews, there remains therefore a rest of the people of God and others were here for rest is a different Greek word than what he's been using uses the word resting in Hebrews 108 of them in chapter 4. This word is where we get our words Sabbath's the Greek word for the Sabbath and so he says, there remains a Sabbath. Jesus is our Sabbath, who wisely do this is audience is fully aware of what's going on. They understand that Ms. he's joining that to the faith is not losing them when he uses this word is drawing them in further very, very clever and so and Sabbath means, of course, rest Christians, that would be.

We who believe in Jesus Christ, we have our rest in a person, not a day is just one of the reasons why we don't celebrate the Sabbath day the church through history. Good churches otherwise been confused about this.

You know thinking this Sunday is our Sabbath. It's not that the Sabbath was given to the Jews, Christians, Christ is our rest and simple enough where he talks about for the people of God. Here in verse nine, there remains a rest for the people of God now not talking about the wilderness Jews. But the church in Romans five we hear God speak to the apostle about peace with God and then in Philippians 4 we hear the apostle speak about peace of God while you want to have the peace of God, you have that peace with God. But whatever peace you have with God and of God in this life is going to be challenged by the sin. Satan himself in this world peace that comes after this life will not have any trouble it is again so serious. Paul writes this to the Roman church. He says consider the goodness and the severity of God. Romans 1122 on those who fell, severity or toward you goodness if you continue in his goodness. Otherwise, you also will be cut off and never let the church say you do great damage when you tell someone I want to signal more about you. Good once you said you got a lot of work to do was just Jesus supposed to do all the dying and suffering and were I have learned a lot over the years about joy in Christ and it doesn't live up to the coffee mug and also include joy to the Lord. There is a joy to the Lord, that is firm and steady and unwavering that is in faith, but as far as joy in life and circumstances is fleeting is here a minute is gone the next. Paul the apostle said, we despaired even of life. Things got so bad for us in ministry. We just wanted to die is elaborate and I'm glad he does not elaborate without this knowledge, you begin to think joy in Christ is something other than it actually is and you feel cheated when you don't get it or your feeling towards me at moment know it's America cursed world joy is like mannered burns off on the heat you going to have joy in Christ you going to have to fight for how many of you feel like singing all the time. If you save me you just one of those annoying ones that we still love but most people aren't that way. How many of you word wake up bright eyed and bushy tail every single morning. How many of you go to bed first get on your knees and spend 20 minutes in prayer because the joy of the Lord is with her strength. So this Christian joy. It's serious stuff.

Satan knows about it. He knows how vital it is. So he attacks it and to behave as though he doesn't is to be delusional.

He attacks it.

We are to counter attack. We don't wait to feel the joy to counterattack. We do those things by faith, swinging a sword in all their times using I got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart, and there are other times just can't find the song's okay, just keep marching your joy will be complete.

One day, and you know it and that's why you persevere. That's the meaning of those were almost done the meaning of those words in Christianity endure, persevere. Those words only come to life under hardship. There is no enduring you know an ice cream sundae.

That's not enduring endurance is when something is pressing on you and God is taken away your choices and you simply have to suffer through it. Perseverance is suffering through the right way the world can endure to cannot persevere in Christ. They cannot adhere to him, they cannot stick to Jesus no matter what they don't have him you and I can and every single one of us is too weak to do it on our own without exception when you may think you're strong you're not strong enough that help comes from Christ and he gives it we know it by faith, and Paul went through whatever he was going through an effort he knew he knew in Ephesus. He knew Christ was going to show up.

He just didn't know how much he had to endure until he showed up, but in the end he won verse 10 where he was entered his rest has himself also ceased from his works as God did from his. God has given us.

Example, remember God sees from his words when there was no sin, we will send for we will cease working ourselves. Ultimately, when there is no more sin no longer with the Jewish Christians to depend mosaic rituals and rites to give them a sense of fulfillment and rest. They were to rest in Christ. He rested when he said it is finished, but he rested from the cross. It was death that issued in the final rest.

So yes, Jesus says come unto me all you who labor and labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly of heart and you will find rest for your souls. Yes and amen that is true, but let me tell you it still a yoke and instill a burden.

That's ministry and if you enter into serving the Lord and you think there's no yoke to hold you on course while you plow. If you think there's no burden to weigh you down. You don't understand what ministry is and you going to end up being burned out or problematic or something when you understand that he will be with me in the midst of a burden and yoke. Then you gain strength beer muscles.

Muscles that come from faith to faith has everything to do with truth and destiny where we're going is predestined. In this sense, you go to your grave. Love in Christ, there is nothing that can stop you from seeing him and being with him in heaven eternally nothing that eternal salvation will never ever end, nor be challenged ever again.

Jesus answered them.

My father has been working on till now and I have been working and we say the same thing, my Lord Jesus has been working and I am working you give me rest in his life, but the final rest is coming after this life and that's what I'm working for. If you took that away, what would you don't bother doing. If you serve God symbol at the end you get beef jerky who would bother what he says what I'm going to give you's home you will enter in, you will not perish, and will just stick with me so our salvation is based on the finished work of Christ and thank God it is that way move you've been listening to cross reference radio the daily radio ministry of Pastor Rick asked Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia. As we mentioned at the beginning of today's broadcast. Today's teaching is available free of charge at our website. Simply log on to cross reference that's cross reference would also like to encourage you to subscribe to the cross reference radio podcast subscribing ensures that you stay current with all the latest teachings from Pastor Rick, you can subscribe cross reference or simply search for cross reference radio your favorite podcast to the next time as Pastor Rick continues teaching through the book of Hebrews right here on cross reference radio

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