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Unbullied (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston
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January 12, 2021 6:00 am

Unbullied (Part B)

Cross Reference Radio / Pastor Rick Gaston

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January 12, 2021 6:00 am

Pastor Rick teaches from the Book of Judges (Judges 12)

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You know the sad thing you go to church for years. He stopped going. The unbelieving friend of someone ought to church anymore and you love it so much what happened to be was something if you say the doctrine went foul usually not the doctrine it's I was offended not of the testimony, but does nothing much we could do about it but I think we can slow it down some. By making comments as I just made from all of us can say to you know what, that's right on my guard post a double guard because it's so easy.

This is cross reference radio with our pastor and teacher. Rick asked Rick is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Mechanicsville.

Rick is currently teaching through the book of Judges. Please stay with us after today's message to hear more information about cross reference radio. Specifically, you can get a free copy of this teaching unbelieving is the title of Pastor Rick's message today will be teaching in Judges chapter 12 let's summarize this response. He says I was in a life or death situation. When I called to you. You ignored me. So we delivered ourselves. We won without you closing point get out of my face pretty much again. Don't fault me because I'm liking Jeff I told you at the beginning. I liked him. He had that whole mess something with his daughter, but outside of that I would've liked to have known more about him so why is it that troublesome people are so surprised when other people have finally had it with probably fed up with them. If you ever come across my just keep picking and picking and then you deal with them and I just just so shocked that you know you finally had enough well versed for.

I have "y" vent appear to my life experiences through Jeff that was not mail-order staff. I'm just commenting its expositional teaching. So Jeff, the gathered verse four together all the men of Gilead and fought against it from and the men of Gilead defeated Ephraim because they said you Gilead lights are fugitives of Ephraim among the Ephraimites and among the Manassites, so there has to be some lapse of time he likes. He had to have known they were coming into his territory in force. Otherwise, he would not have had time to gather forces to withstand them when he told them you know a you know we won without you and what you doing here, they could just kill him on the spot.

Anyway the point that I'm trying to make is Jephthah was a step ahead of them. He got ready ready quickly. Men rally to him very quickly that goes back to his personality when he says it's time for war men who had already gone to war came right back to his side.

It was, you know, really you have to complement his leadership skills and skills, the followership skills of the men that served him. This is wasn't his first choice, but this was now a self-defense situation and they insulted another proverb Proverbs 18, six and seven, a fool's lips enter into contention in his mouth, calls for blows. You might want to write their social media. Social media will suck you in like a black hole, it will hook your flesh like a fish hook is you just feel your comments going to change the world and you throw down your comment and all of a sudden people will scratch your eyes out from the back of your head is in the world is the Tower of Babel and it feels like I got tight and I told them, and then on this. I think I told them to find someone to block somebody or go you and I'll meet you in the parking know it's crazy only extent of my social media as a church website church tomorrow. Kaufman the Proverbs not finish a repeat of full lips enter into contention in his mouth, calls for blows and I'm not calling anybody of fools and social media comments, but I am just saying that's the proverb.

He continues a fools mouth is his destruction and his lips are a snare of his soul.

That sobering word for anybody. This is what happened in the Ephraimites. Their mouth got them in trouble could I just stayed home. That would've been a good start, but they came okay the late talk with. Then they still wanted to war God's people defeated the enemy and found themselves fighting each other. Great jazz great. What a testimony and it happens too much.

You know the sad thing you go to church for years. He stopped going and then your unbelieving friend or someone ought you don't go to church anymore. Others you love it so much what happened to be was something if you say the doctrine went foul is usually not the doctrine it's I was offended not of the testimony, but does nothing much we can do about it but I think we can slow it down some. By making comments as I just made from the pulpit and all of us can say to you know what, that's right on my guard post a double guard because it's so easy once I offended myself okay that's happened quite a bit and so have you. We just call me just disappointed with yourself. You said something the wrong way or was taken the wrong way or just you just goofed met you meant to be funny and it was taken just fell apart so to some awful part of this I will miss it and have it I will if there's a window to look back at this life. I'm going to break it up because I don't want to see back in this life.

I just want to go forward.

That's on the pressing men of Gilead defeated Ephraim.

That is what it says they learn the hard way. Another proverb because of a bunch of bigmouth malcontents who tried to bully the innocent Proverbs 1315. Good understanding games favor the way of the unfaithful is hard in the unfaithful in this case with you from nights and it was a hard defeat and is going to get worse. He says so he adds this to historian because it gives us also insulted Jeff because they said you Gilead lights are fugitives of Eve from among the Ephraimites and among the Manassites of those are two of Joseph's sons so Abram was essentially saying that my brother and I Manassites and I we are the boss of the tribes. And you are runaway slaves. You're supposed to be under our authority arrogant and unnecessarily help arrogant to assign themselves. Such an elevated status.

Judah was probably of doing its own thing about big tribal why mess with them flee from and Manasseh were thinking. You know what the lease according to this one who made the statement, Manasseh is not mentioned as being present so they're probably not guilty of this. But these words a week of arrogance charging the two tribes to have tribes on the east side of Jordan with again being runaway slaves.

This only stirred the defiance in Jephthah and his men. And that's why the historian says because they said it is stuck with him since I don't answer to you. You want to see what it's like to rebel, to show you what it's like to rebel. Someone call for source also look at these lessons as Christians and say let me Lord not be like the Ephraimites in this story, and if I am in a position of Jeff, may I be wise and merciful, with thorough if that's what he calls for verse again if we did have a new test. You know what I came across some of my research site where this person was trying to use the Old Testament to support polygamy to that's what happens when you have only the Old Testament and you do not subjected to the New Testament that is exactly what I have one case in point, and that is like 39 named polygamists in the Old Testament and the New Testament. Of course Paul says that's not how we do it anymore and it was a big problem in the early church because many people were getting saved. They were they were that multiple wives he couldn't just tell them the okay split the family up to bad sister you should've been the first wife church had to deal with and they dealt with it in grace. They put some boundaries on it and eventually of course it died out as a practice until heretics, cultists know Brigham Young said it, he believed there were people walking on the sun hereunder. Brigham Young is one of the deformed much of the doctrine of the Mormon church. This is the man they follow. Just trying to say you know how much sunscreen you would need to walk on the sun.

You have to buy it by the how would you buy anyway I like to put in order for verse five.

The Gilead guide sees the fords of Jordan is doing or Chevys before the Ephraimites arrived and when the for my who escaped said let me cross over the men of Gilead were said to him, are you an Ephraimite if he said no verse six. Then they would say to him and say shibboleth and he would say simple graph.

For he could not pronounce it right then they would take him and kill him. At the fords of the Jordan there fell. At that time 42,000 Ephraimites where to begin in verse five they where they sees the fords of course that's the escape route back into Israel east across Jordan into the mainland. So they strategically, the Gilead lights. Jeff, this man, they set up there so you couldn't get past them without the password which involves some dialect's dialect center is kind of exciting kind of a thing is like in also. The New York is take the Hudson and they say to the people from Boston say car. That's what that's what was happening so their word was not good enough is are you and Ifor might know well this test that we not going take your word for it, because this is more verse six as I mentioned here that verse six the Jephthah and his men you know they know how to bust the guilty in this case I'm hooked on it was dictating what just ask shibboleth and if he's as simple as receiving head Justin backdated to mispronounced.

So where it says a 42,000 fell. That's likely the total number of the entire campaign, not just there at the fords that would've just not been practical you. We have to remember that those battlefield first aid will care for the wounded on the battlefield was pretty much nonexistent. And if you didn't bleed to death. You going to Shockoe if you wanted enough or die of dehydration. I just read. Come dehydrate and cause other problems, and so the killed in action. That number would be very high and that's why we read of these big battles of so many people died to benchmark it next to one of the Napoleonic wars the battle of the Brom there in 1809. 40,000 dad on each side.

The Austrians and the French infringes on their the allies of the French so you had 80,000 dead and in a two-day battle. And here you have 42,000 and likely is not one day that this battle took place. The historians I think of the Old Testament really thought they were sparing us a lot of unnecessary reading. Come on, have you ever read the Old Testament was like why is he still repeating that if he wanted to spare me some reading their other details. I would've liked to have had to leave that one out. I guess I'm the only one verse seven says no you have to read in front of people as your verse seven and Jephthah judged Israel six years, then Jeff that the Gilead I died and was buried among the cities of Gilead. Now you know doesn't mean he chopped them up just he's somewhere in Gilead I guess is a better way of saying it so ends the leadership of this judge, and again is guided just he reached the point in his life where he just wasn't going to be bullied anymore and he did a lot of good. Evidently the Jews had 31 years of peace and security because of of following him because of what he accomplished. The gutter word got out, don't go messing with them, even when he was dead and so these next judges the next three judges that we have here again they take up a period of about 30 some years and it was a peaceful time. Jephthah was the cause of that we come to verse eight after him & of Bethlehem judged Israel now, again, you mothers looking for unique name of all the other names are taken give you some suggestions. Rick biblical and MZ take choice so gives them so such a foreign and you could probably get away naming your girl that you know I would know was masculine or feminine was anyway SORRY but I'm going to do some ornament so this is a again not much going on with their judgeship which is a positive, this nothing to report. The plane landed safely as the analogy may be that we like to say that is so were very grateful for that and if that is the case, there really is not are not many details that go along with it. Verse nine he had 30 sons and he gave away 30 daughters in marriage and brought in 30 daughters from elsewhere for his sons.

He judged Israel seven years.

Well 30 is 60 kips. He's trying new Gideon chair.

They were judges that also had multiple wives and platoons of care of children because here we have the case with it was on.

It's interesting that the judges, the judge that preceded Shaffer and the two that follow immediately had all these children and while Jephthah was childless himself of an ironic placement. Verse 10 the nibs and died and was buried in Bethlehem now this is probably Bethlehem in Zebulun's territory as opposed to Judah's territory and you say will why is why do what I care well, it's an interesting stamp timestamp. It whenever Bethlehem of Judah, is intended, then the writer says Bethlehem in Judah whenever it shows up in Joshua and in judges and the reason is because by the time the historians compiled these books that we have Joshua Judges Davis on the throne and they wanted to draw attention to the fact that David was from Bethlehem in Judah, and there were other places name venues of Mechanicsville in Maryland so I can call to the universe their states, named after a girl ladies they see, we were not hating you for a while, but remarks like that undo any progress you've made. But anyway there is Mechanicsville and in Maryland. This anybody who did not know that that of the good all right saw the enlightened someone tonight and that's my job. Verse 11 after him L on the Zebulun night judged Israel, he judged Israel 10 years again. 10 years of apparent stability. Verse 12 and L on the Zebulun night seat see what I mean to make you say it twice.

There are other details that we could've had in that place. The Zebulun I died and was buried in agile on in the country of Zebulun well agile on his way. Joshua had the great battle sun standstill and the hailstones as large as you know man's fists.

God got involved in the fight and of course the great victory was one, and that was that took place in agile on and that's with L on that judge was from verse 13 after him. Avedon, the son of how well the paraffin night. Yeah, he's going to repeat that several times. He judged Israel. Incidentally, the paraffin night. One of David's mighty men was from there. Then an iron on this to Ben and eyes that were part of David's mighty men. This was a relatively unknown one, but there is another Ben Anaya, who was a Levite and he was was is one of my favorites.

He was captain of David's bodyguard. He's the one that went to execute the prints Adonijah for trying to take the throne from Solomon and he went to Solomon's mom to do it. Bad move and she didn't see it that she would. Solomon got worse is what and that was it for the hazy dispatch Ben Anaya and then Joab.

David said to Joab, don't let that Gray had mangled his grave without sword he he he is a killer is a madman. David couldn't do it would've destabilized the kingdom into politically tied with we like it or not, but he was wise enough to know Solomon was removed from all that trauma and Solomon could pull it off in the nation wouldn't suffer and so Solomon comes to the throne.

Joab get backs the wrong guy. And of course show at the you know the chainsaw of Israel.

It also hides in the temple and Ben Anaya take some out there is holding all clean and then another one. Mr. Maye who was the one that you know cursed David you go if you follow manual bloodthirsty man Gino.

He was a Benjamite which means Saul king Saul sighed and he hated David join Roxanne in kicking up dust at this picture and abaci Joab's brother, Celeste, let me take this dog's head off and David was just so such an grief over his own sin. He just this is from the Lord. I deserve this. You know they begin melancholy on you real quick that he didn't kill him, but later when David comes back to the kingdom. She might complement sorry David, you're really not that bad. I mean the man, David and and typically a year and and tell Solomon you do him to seal start trouble. And of course he was confined at one point to his own territory as slaves ran away from him because he was such an icky guy am sure and Nikki cover such a wide range of emotions doesn't not. Anyway, he goes to fetch his slaves and he broke the sort of territory, arrest, went outside the boundaries and Ben Anaya again was dispatched and took him out to so now she's not my favorite because he's killing all these people not one of my favorite buddy. It is just you have to read the story and as his name comes up and what's associated with the phrase trusted is no nonsense.

He's he's a stand for justice and I like Ben Anaya will be another good name for a boy that Anaya utilizes a Benjamin know it's been Anaya T-shirt. Anyhow that's that Ben Anaya he is not saying so I just took the time to go into the other one because were going to be coming to Samuel and sweet. Once we get through Ruth story the gentle story of Ruth is such a loving story.

We get to meet Samuel and Saul and David well-versed 14. He had 40 sons and 30 grandsons who wrote on 70 young donkeys.

He judged Israel eight years well.

Another well-to-do judge and also he had many wives erode on the young donkeys as opposed to the old ones. It was very nice of them like they had all new cars is the idea we back in Judges 10, it reads read of the judge year 30 Cents Rd. on 30 donkeys and they also had 30 towns and so some of these judges, state pieces associated with their judgeship, but also an extreme amount of wealth and carnality and aren't we glad were New Testament ladies verse 15 then Avedon, the son of how well the paraffin night died and was buried in Paris on in the land of Ephraim in the mountains of the Amalekites so that doesn't really mean too much to us anymore.

It meant something a little bit more to them at that time. Incidentally how things slip around when the Gibeonites regarding the Fords that led back into the promised land. In this battle, 30 years earlier. Under Gideon. That's with the Ephraimites when to cut off the retreat of the Midianites, trying to get out of Israel back to their land because Gideon put a beating on them and so essentially what irony again on the opposite of what you would expect one time here you are guarding the Fords.

The next time it's being guarded from you and if you can't say shibboleth then you are done so. Here in verse 15 with these relatively uneventful tenures of these judges. Sampson snacks and he'll make up for all of the dullness nonstop drama before he was born.

He comes on the scene and of exciting and fascinating way. He is such an enigma loaded with lessons and is a tariff to men should look at Sampson's.

I want you Sampson own mind muscles, but the rest of the drama system personality riddles so that doesn't appeal to me and he was a good river so he was riddled with rental okay. They are those which are most on this. Hang in there you'll make it.

What was missing in the story that were reading in the times of the judges. What was missing from Ephraim is a very fundamental thing that all of us need and have to fight to keep your entire Christian life and that is blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.

You may say I have hungered, and I have thirsted and I have not been filled in, what you doing here if you haven't been filled, you wouldn't be here if the fillings is a different or worse on a different scale than what we do. The scales of God are just and they are eternal and hell knows it takes. We we we catch it more slowly, will little bit slower than Helen recognizing the victories of God so many times is for instance name and tell him Jesus was. I know you are the holy one of God. So, blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they shall be filled me that BS move. Thanks for tuning in to cross reference radio for this study in the book of Judges cross reference radio is the teaching ministry pastor Rick Gaston of Calvary Chapel in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

If you'd like more information about this ministry, we invite you to visit our website cross reference you will find additional teachings from Pastor Rick available there, and we encourage you to subscribe to our podcast by doing so you will be notified of each new edition of cross reference radio. You can search for cross reference radio on your favorite podcast out for just follow the links and cross reference that's all the time we have for today. Join us next time to continue learning more from the book of Judges right here cross reference rate

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