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Expound: Romans 8:28-9:6 - Part C

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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June 23, 2022 6:00 am

Expound: Romans 8:28-9:6 - Part C

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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June 23, 2022 6:00 am

Even though Jesus was rejected as Messiah by His people, God didn't abandon them. In this message, Skip shares about the part that Israel still has in God's plan.

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God used Israel to reveal himself to reveal his plan.

As Jesus is predicted oral history is predicted in the Old Testament and to reveal his son so himself, his plan, Jesus Christ, all revealed to the Jewish nation, God's chosen people largely rejected the Messiah, Jesus Christ, God wasn't done with his people today on connect with Skip Skip helps you see how the nation of Israel fits into God's plan what to tell you about a recent will help you grow stronger in your faith joy in the midst of hardship is a hallmark of the Christian life. But is it really possible. Here's one your height, sometimes what that is the happy trail turns into a really daunting road and we have to figure out how to navigate. A lot of times God's purpose in allowing trials is to give us opportunities to grow to the point where we can genuinely experience joy in the midst of trial, or how to face trials with courage, wisdom yes joy with one use booklet happy trials when you get $20 or more today to help keep this Bible teaching ministry of the air will send you a special bundle of three booklets by Linda happy trials don't test me and speak no evil picture bundle of three booklets for gift of $20 or more by calling 800-922-1888, or give online securely that's Romans chapter Skip sites and starts today's you ever been encouraged somebody what is what you are the Lord laid on my heart this morning in my quiet time I lifted you up in prayer. Does that make you feel good that encourage you.

I get awfully encouragement somebody says imagine Jesus saying I've been thinking about you lately and I've been talking to the father about you. How does that make you feel well, honestly better than anybody else saying they been praying for me Jesus Christ died has risen from the dead, ascended to heaven knows my every need is willing to meet my every need and talks to the father on my behalf. He intercedes for me. He prays for me. I can't tell you what a mind you, it's a monumental truth. He makes intercession so hearsay. Summary paragraph who shall separate us from the love of Christ, and he lists several experiences that could make a person feel separated from the love of God. Several seven to be exact, painful experiences shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword. Certainly if these things happen.

Some people's a sword to kill me or I'm in deep distress because he mentions distressed error I get persecuted all right. I don't have enough food to eat. Famine or no close to where, or peril any of those experiences in life will cause you to pause and question God, do you really love me as if you love me when you take better care of me now. God just said he didn't spare his son is to give you everything else you need. So with that in mind what can separate us from his love well yeah but you know what why would he allow me to experience hunger. Why would he allow me to experience distress reliably again all things work together for good. You were always thinking about our comfort, our need our well-being right now.

But God's got something in the future and think of an artist and artist that has a canvases was painting a picture has something in his mind the finished product in mind if you're an onlooker, you're not the artist. You don't know what he has planned even though he tells you in advance.

You know he starts laying stuff out on the canvas. You know putting out lines, penciling, and then or she, and then adds color and and and and formed at first it just looks like a blob or several blobs converging and if you if the artist was painting a portrait of you and you went and looked at it right in the middle of the portrait you would probably say thanks a lot this what you think of me.

I'm a blob I'm a convergence of several colored blobs and the artist would be a little crestfallen at get your reaction because the artist knows what it's going to be in the end, just get out of here.

Go back there and get in the light again and let me finish up here because it's going to be beautiful so God is working on your life. He is sketching out what's perfect and he knows the end from the beginning. That's part of omniscience and he's working it all out together and but this blob and that blob yeah but the synergism is gonna work out and he knows what it's going to be like in the end, so what will separate us from the love of God. All of these things might hurt temporarily, but they're working eventually for something much better as it is written is quoting Psalm 44. One of the sons of Coors songs as it is written, for your sake we are killed all day long we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. I love the faith filled words of the apostle Paul.

Paul the apostle writing from experience. He's gone through nakedness, famine, distress, peril, sort went through a lot. That was his normal experience, Paul's daily life asked the question what will separate us then in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. When we explained that the word more than conquerors. We have to have three words in English to translate a single word in Greek Greek word is Colbert need Coleman or who bear knee, oh, that's the one word one is the actual form the others lexical form. Forget that so one word who bear the cow hyper conquerors. So who bear hyper or super, or more than, and then knee, oh so as some of you are Nike shoes from the from the Greek God Nike Nikkei. That's the that's the Greek word conquer. So who bear knee, oh hyper super conquerors.

That's what faucet we are just conquerors were more than conquerors were hyper conquerors were super conquerors. Okay, so that's what it means. But was it really mean now translated was the idea of this well you can have an automobile for an example your four cylinders in that car. Not a lot of power to small engine for small four cylinders it will gets around town.

Hope it will get you up to speed on the freeway give you great gas mileage. There's not a lot of power to spare and nothing so you can't really tell much with it. If you try to tone anything you go up the hill like love to help. Good luck, you'll take it down from 65 down to about 35 floored but if your car has a fuel injected turbocharged V-8.

You have power to spare. Now you're a who bear knee.

Coleman Urey hyper conquerors you you cannot just go places you can go places you can tow things and you got extra power just in case you want to do hundred and 20 which you said you could so if you're a conqueror. You rejoice when you win the battle if you're a hyper conquerors are more than a conqueror.

You rejoice in the midst of the battle. See the difference.

You're fighting the battle theirs distresses a nakedness and famine and sort and you rejoice because you and I know how this battles command. I know the outcome. I'm okay. That's more than a conqueror. So I just love his spirit fill thinking, for I am persuaded to reset a Romans 828. I know we know this what we know now as I am persuaded now that's Paul writing, Paul is persuaded. I don't know that you are only you can answer that. Now it becomes personal. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, probably referring to demon angelic forms nor powers. Same idea but different ranking, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Thank you Lord.

Now that's that concludes the eighth chapter of Romans chapter 9 begins. Eight. 1/3 part number. We divided the book of Romans up into four parts that we reset them every week. You know them now by heart so he talks about the number one wrath of God, followed by the grace of God, followed by now the plan of God, followed by the will of God. So we are beginning the third section of Romans. In the third section is Romans 910 11 the as the same subject matter and that is God's plan, especially regarding the Jewish nation the nation of Israel.

Jew and Gentile, but especially the Jewish nation of Israel know Paul is writing to the Roman church in the Roman church. There was a mixture of both Jew and Gentile were different ethnicities, but something was happening with the church.

The church began all Jewish Jerusalem. Everybody was Jewish. Everybody believed in a Jewish prophecy. Everybody believed in the fulfillment of Jewish promises in Jewish scripture was all Jewish but now there are more Gentiles in the church. Then there are Jews by far, it has become in the last 2000 years a and non-Jewish or Gentile movement and Orthodox Jew will point this outlook on I can become a Christian. I'm Jewish.

Remind that Orthodox Jew, the early church was exclusively all Jewish because they follow the Jewish Messiah believed in Jewish promises and prophecies, etc. but that mixture of Jew and Gentile, and the fact that more Gentiles are now believing in a Jewish Messiah and the Jews have largely rejected Jesus as their Messiah is brought up a number of issues what's God's plan. How how does the Jewish nation fit into God's plan when they have rejected their Messiah is God then done with Israel so that question that issue that was paramount in the church and is still asked today and and should be answered today. It is answered in chapters 9 and 10 and 11 so chapter 9 verse one element is give you quick outline of 1911 chapter 9 is Israel's past. Chapter 10 is Israel's present Chapter 11. You can guess this is Israel's future. That's how Paul approaches.

I tell the truth in Christ.

I am not lying, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Spirit that I have great sorrow and continual grief in my heart for I could wish that I myself were accursed from Christ for my brother and for my kinsman according to the flesh who are Israelites, to whom pertain the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law. The service of God and the promises of whom are the fathers, and from whom, according to the flesh Christ came, who is overall, the eternally blessed God. Amen. No, please just notice that before I kind of unwrapped this in the section of verses, Paul here unmistakably refers to Jesus Christ. Not only is God. But as the eternally blessed God and just so his readers get the point, he adds the amen to it so executive a way for them to say amen he's good to say it. Amen. This is right. This is true, so Jesus Christ came who is over all the eternally blessed God. Amen.

What is he saying in these verses simple. God made a choice of a sovereign choice to form a nation, the Jewish nation and through that nation to reveal himself. God revealed himself to the Old Testament prophecies the Old Testament Scriptures for the New Testament was written that was the Bible. So God used Israel to reveal himself to reveal his plan because Jesus is predicted world history is predicted in the Old Testament and to reveal his son so himself. His plan, and Jesus Christ Simpson all revealed through the Jewish nation so that's why that the believer, the Christian believer. The modern church person has a huge debt to the Jew because Scriptures come from it. God's plan comes from it. Our Savior comes from Israel, I Jesus said to the woman at the well of Samaria when she said we don't we worship in this moment going to do her own thing appear on mount.

The reason Samarian you Jews worship in Jerusalem. Interesting how Jesus answered he said unit.

Even though what you're worshiping here. We know what we worship. Listen to what he said for salvation is of the Jews. How Paul would say to that. Amen. Salvation is of the Jews.

Jews gave us our Scriptures Jesus gave us God's plan of the Jews gave us our Savior. In verse five he mentions the fathers of whom are the fathers, those of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jacob had 12 sons 12 tribes the 12 tribes of Israel, and they were selected by God. God promised them a land they were taken down to Egypt for 400 years they were slaves. God delivered them through Moses brought them across the Red Sea into the land that we call today.

Israel, they again occupy that land but all came through the fathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the 12 tribes of Israel.

It's worth going to Israel if you can make it.

You're going to make it in the millennial kingdom, but it's kind of nice to have a before and after picture. I always say that because it's can look vastly different than than it does now. I mean vastly different. So if you kinda want to get a biblical history New Testament issuer Jesus walk work the roads, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walked on his good, it's great to see that it's also good to see modern Israel because it's the only functioning democracy in the Middle East is one of the strongest economies in the world today in Israel.

There are 9 million people there about us. The population of Israel, 9 million people, 6.7 million of them are Jewish is about 15 million Jews in the world at large 6.7 million of them live in that land of Israel. Israel today has a $300 billion per year gross national gross domestic product GDP. They are the fourth leading export of citrus in the world. The third leading exporter of flowers in the world.

So when God said to Abraham, one of the fathers I'm in a bless you I'm in a make your name great, you wouldn't get the sons and daughters of Abraham have been blasted and are being blessed today in the land of whom are the fathers, and from whom, according to the flesh Christ came, who is overall, the eternally blessed God. Amen.

But it is not that the word of God is taken no effect, for they are not all Israel who are Israel, so the contention might be well. So many Jewish people have rejected Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

Maybe that means God's promise has failed God's promises to the Jewish nation has failed.

He says it's not that the word of God is taken no effect, for they are not all Israel who are visual so just because you're Jewish and and the majority of those who are Jewish have rejected the Messiah. Paul's point is not all of them have.

Yes, it's a minority. But here's the point. The rejection of God's promise by the majority does not negate God's promise to the minority do understand that just because most people reject something, doesn't mean they gotta be right because that's what most people think and I hope you've gotten over that if you do what you know most people think this so I don't care what most people think I care what's right and what's wrong and I care what God thinks and if what most people think is and what God thinks.

I don't give a who we would most people think because of the end of first John, it says we know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one so John says the whole world's wrong when it comes to spiritual truth. So, Paul's point is a strong point there rejection of God's promises by the majority does not negate God's promises to the minority. Still, a remnant of Jewish people were and are to this day who believe in the Messiah. By the way, that's gonna happen all the way to the end. In the very end a very small amount compared all the Jewish people. If there's 15 million Jews in the world. And yet, the book of revelations is how many people can be sealed by God or Jewish or hundred and 44,000.

That's a very small remnant once again, their disbelief, their unbelief doesn't negate God's promise to the minority, nor are they all children because they are of the seed of Abraham, but in Isaac your seed will be called that is those who are the children of the flesh. These are the chill that is those who are the children of the flesh. These are not the children of God but the children of promise are counted as seed. I'm good have to let this dangle till next time because were getting into some some deep waters once again with Paul.

You know it's funny because it gives I love the book of Romans, and I was a have you ever really read it what you like about it what you love about them either certain verses. That's really what they mean. There's a few verses in it that I really love like that, a 28 thing.

That's that's awesome, but Peter remember did say there were some things Paul wrote that are hard to understand now that it's not that it's hard to understand. It's, it's that the way the languages and if you're not familiar with the Old Testament is gotta make you what, but but but here's what he's going to say I'll give you a preview, God makes a choice because God knows everything he's omniscient. He knows everything. So because he knows everything he makes his sovereign choice chooses a nation chooses people out of that nation makes a choice as to a family lineage you got Abraham. Abraham, a couple sons got picked one of them to fulfill his promise, Isaac and Rebekah had two sons, God chose one of them and it wasn't the oldest one in either case, it was the younger that's God sovereign choice and so I'm can unravel that next time.

I just wanted to give you little bit of a preview of it.

Didn't want to extend my time, but but but next time working at work in a swim in the depths of election predestination and choice human volition.

Okay, that's good with the message from the series expound to tell you about another to take knowledge of God's word to a deeper level personal or small group Bible study is a great way to learn God's word. What you want to learn deeper.

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Apply The Bible is full of God's promises to you and think he is faithful.

You don't have to fear because you can now that he will carry out this promises you can help share the promises found in Scripture with more listeners by giving a gift to these encouraging messages going out just how 892 1888 to give now I think hundred, you come back tomorrow is to share God's plans with his so significant today

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