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Words, Words, Words - Proverbs 6

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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October 19, 2021 2:00 am

Words, Words, Words - Proverbs 6

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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October 19, 2021 2:00 am

In the book of Proverbs, King Solomon shared practical wisdom about living righteously. In the message "Words, Words, Words," Skip draws from Solomon's words about how you can use your own words to glorify God and draw others to Him.

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Words are powerful.

They have weight words get inside of us. They affect our emotions. Not only did it affect our emotions. They affect our relations the way we feel about other people's did you hear about some effect.

The way you feel about others today on connect with Skip Heitzig Skip shares his top teaching from the 90 explaining just how powerful your words are and how you can use them for good.

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Can you imagine what the disciples must've felt like afraid the Bible says they were alone locked in the upper room. The doors were locked for fear of the Jews. This is after the crucifixion they thought they got Jesus were next will be crucified up tell us they lack peace that no peace of mind no peace of heart, Jesus appeared.

He did need a Glock.

He just appeared in the room and what it is idle, he said, peace to you, my peace I leave with you.

That's exactly what they needed to hear. Like sweetness that just raised her countenance.

There was a man who went to a restaurant and he overheard a conversation he was writing a little discourse is that when I went into the restaurant there was a table with a father and a son and the son spilled a glass of milk. The sun was probably seven years old.

Milk went all over the table and the father said his and I overheard he said what good are you for anyway little boy just hung his head and said nothing managed heard it said I'll never do that. I'll never say that that's the coolest question.

You could ever ask a child would bill you for anyway. Well a few years went by as his own son was growing up and committed a minor infraction. It really angered the father and his father turned to his own son and said good are you for anyway and his son did the same thing, hung his head and said nothing and it struck him the damage that he was doing to his son. He wished he could take the words and stuff them back in his throat and then he thought, you know is nothing wrong with the question, is the answer little bit later the same thing.

Minor infraction was committed and he said to his son on purpose. What good are you for anyway before he could answer, he grabbed his son drew close to his bosom, hugged and kissed him on the head and said I'll tell you what you're good for your good for loving your good for loving so words are powerful.

They have weight words get inside of us. They affect our emotions. Not only do they affect our emotions. They affect our relations the way we feel about other people's did you hear about so-and-so really yeah I heard they affect the way you feel about others, even a slight whisper can change our attitude about another person.

This now Solomon puts it in one of this Proverbs the words of a talebearer are like tasty trifles that taste good.

Did you hear about last you've given me an appetizer to have a meal. Proverbs 1628 says a perverse man sows strife and a whisperer separates the best of friends.

Have you ever experienced someone that you know suddenly appear cold to you and you don't know why that person. Actually, they were so warm and friendly. It's like the wind of your relationship is suddenly shifted and gone a different course.

Many times it's because a whisperer has separated the closeness of the friend driven you away from that other person the Japanese proverb says the tongue is about 3 inches long and can kill a man 6 feet tall converter purse destroy a person so words have weight. They get inside of us. They affect our emotions. They affect our relations, and more importantly, they affect our convictions the way we believe about truth about life. They form our convictions in our belief system. Proverbs 10 it declares the lips of the righteous nourish many another proverb Chapter 11 in the living Bible says evil words destroy godly skill rebuilds you see when you hear words.

Those words make impressions on your always filter you don't yes yes no no don't want to hear that. Want to hear that they form impressions and convictions under heart attitude and perspective. When Peter preached on the day of Pentecost know what a great sermon. It was it was so good that it affected the conviction that the people who listen. It says, as Peter preached they were cut to the heart and they asked men and brethren, what shall we do, and Peter hoping they would ask that question said repent and turn to Jesus Christ, but they were cut to the heart of form conviction. That's good when they're the right words and it's bad when the wrong words. That's why the Bible has a lot to say about false doctrine and false prophets, and the irreparable damage that can be done in the lives of people who give false prophets an audience.

The more you expose yourself to them without the proper biblical filters. It forms wrong views of life of God of truth what you listen to.

Do you listen more to the spiritual stuff spiritual words or do you listen more to non-spiritual work.

I know some of you think you think you look I live in the secular world right I'm around people who spew their garbage and their value systems all day long. I am around non-spiritual words all the time. I'm not asking that question I'm asking deliberately what you expose yourself to given the choice of information that is spiritual or non-spiritual, which do you gravitate toward the most spiritual or non-spirit. I found an interesting quote by Soren Kierkegaard 1800 sees the Danish philosopher notices long before Letterman, Leno or the television was even invented.

Soren Kierkegaard, the philosopher said.

Suppose someone invented an instrument, a convenient little talking to which say could be heard all over the land. I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing the whole country would become mentally deranged. If it were used that is prophetic wasn't even invented.

What a thing to say, though, I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing the whole country would become mentally deranged. If it were used. I'm not saying if you have a television. Your center I'm saying do you deliberately expose yourself more to that which is non-spiritual or spiritual. Because whatever you put in will grow whatever you saw in your heart you have a harvest.

It will make a difference. So words have weight. They affect they get inside of us and affect our emotions, our relations as well as our convictions. Secondly, word spread around us. That's the other quality that adds to that. Probably just mention death and life are in the power of the tongue, and I found that words seldom die when you say the they come back words. Interestingly enough, a lot like seed sown in soil. It grows something happens to them.

They produce a crop that kind of cross do you words produce you read your words come back to you. Hey I heard somebody told me that you said that now listen, I'm a public speaker. Words always come back to me as I share them here in public. The words get taped. They find their way all over the place. There on the radio so I am very publicly accountable for what I speak. So they're gonna produce something there to spread and produce a crop. What kind of crop does your words produce they can produce an evil crop. A good crop in a speech can spread like a verbal fungus and erode people's reputations.

Proverbs 16 tells us evil is on the lips of the wicked man, like a burning fire. A perverse man. Here's the picture sows strife picture that it's like a field where the weeds grow.

I look back in chapter 6 were we began. It's the same thought in chapter 6, verse 19, one who sows discord among the brethren. The thought is that speech spreads in its effect. It might begin as a whisperer. It might begin in secret as a gossip but it has the power to spread like fire that is power that is power. Not even a prayer request if the prayer request is done to give information that would damage another person all you are doing is sowing discord among the brethren in a very spiritual way. I give an example for me as a bunch of significant people around and so out loud you decide to pray this all helps Skip suddenly are forgotten.

Help, Lord you know is a jerk and a tyrant to be so dishonest now. Maybe somebody told you that I am in that prayer request John or Pete or Angie or whoever. I hear that sale really that is a concern. I'm to share that prayer requests with a few other people when I get home if it's done because it's tasty trifles and it can destroy your reputation, and so discord among the brethren can do great damage.

There's a flower shop and place called Campbell's Creek West Virginia small town. Campbell's Creek is not only a small town, but because of the small town. It's a gossiping small town of so many are nothing else to do but talk the guy who owns the flower shop is a 41-year-old man by the name of Bill Arreola's bill Ellis started losing weight. People started talking about Bill Arreola's losing weight know they said he's got AIDS to set it who knows who said it, who came up with it, but it was a rumor. Well, this is what happened. He found when morning graffiti all over his wall words notes that he was a clear that he had the AIDS virus customers that had been as customers for 20 years. Just didn't show up anymore lost business. One lady had been a customer for years parked her car out of the curb ran up to the glass door open to slightly through the check-in and jump back in the car and sped away. Would even go in and you want to get near anybody. It got so bad that Bill got tested and he posted his blood test results on the window of his establishment.

He was clean he was fine.

The medical establishment said negative rumors and stop Going got worse. The Atty. Gen. of West Virginia said shame on the people of Campbell's Creek. This guy is clean. It's a rumor didn't stop now. His van has been trash vandalize the windows ripped out of his establishment. He wasn't destroyed by AIDS.

He was destroyed by the contagious gossip and rumor of other people, you know what Bill was doing dieting and he got off his diet because of the pressure. Word spread around us nuts for the evil they can also spread for good words implant important ideas in the minds and hearts. They can ramified for the good. Proverbs 12 says a man will be satisfied with the good by the fruit of his mouth again.

Proverbs 10 verse 11 the mouth of the righteous is a well of life is not a great picture. Well, in ancient times was a place of public refreshment is where the community got together to get their water to be refreshed together and that well had a great impact on hundreds of people and so what you say can reach out and benefit others or can poison others. Proverbs 15 a wholesome tongue is a tree of life over in chapter 18 verse for the words of a man's mouth are deep waters.

The wellspring of wisdom is a flowering book so your words have weight. They get inside of you. They spread around you now since we know that to be a fact from the Bible. That is what the preaching of the gospel is all about the preaching of the gospel is a bunch of people who get around and say God told us the greatest secret ever told that he sent his son to die for sinners and I'm one of many save me and Noah on to do that. Everybody else have you heard that God sent his son to type your sentence structure around what evangelism is one of the greatest stories is the story of Paul going to the church. It Thessalonica in the New Testament. He goes there. He can't shut up. He tells them about Jesus they received his words. So Paul put it in his letter you have received my words to those words or spreading then it says from you the word of the Lord has sounded forth or echoed for you couldn't keep it a secret. Either you started spreading it around that spreading around for good. So your words can be powerful and that they can spread compared to people.

The first adult figure. The second Billy Graham both powerful speakers very persuasive. Both have spread their speech to the populace at our finger in the early 1900s sought counsel from a well renowned European astrologer by the name of Eric Jan Thomason, who taught him the art of mass communication, group psychology, how to move people.

It is said that for every word in his book Mein Kampf by outfitter that 125 people lost their lives in your comparing to Billy Graham, spoken to more people in the world about Jesus Christ and anyone else last year year and 1/2 ago. Maybe it was two years by now over in Puerto Rico.

We were witnessing that incredible event of Billy Graham preaching to an audience of several thousand, but it being beamed up reaching 185 countries around the world being able to be watched by 10 million people at the same time in the next month. We need to be in prayer for this another massive global satellite outreach.

Almost every country in the world will downlink. It and we figure over 2 1/2 billion people will hear the gospel that is the word power of the word spreading around the world. I want to close with a final thought that is the weight of our words must look at the weakness of our work to say what sounds like a contradiction. No, it's not because your words can be powerful, but they can also fall short sale. How can they fall short words can never substitute for deeds. That is how Proverbs 14 all hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads only to poverty, to get back. I wish that same word, every counselor's office in America. Mere talk leads only to poverty in more ways than one. A lot of times people will sit there and tell me, tell me, counsel me. Tell me, but they'll never put into practice what is being shared especially from a biblical perspective. You can quote Scriptures all day long, but if a person doesn't apply it in its useless turnover with me to Proverbs 26 for just a moment. Verse 23 fervent lips with a wicked heart, that's a drastic combination are like earthenware covered with silver DOS he who hates disguises it with his lips Lays up the seat within himself when he speaks kindly do not believe them. For there are seven abominations in his heart. Though his hatred is covered by deceit, his wickedness will be revealed before the assembly, whoever digs a pit will fall into it. He who rolls a stone will have a rollback on a lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it and flattering mouth works ruin back to verse 23. That's the key text fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver DOS. The NIV puts it the best, like a coating of glaze over earthenware see words are powerful but they are powerless when not accompanied by deeds if it's just words like a coating of glaze all look pretty but there's no substance to it. It's only week if you tell your wife honey I love you but you never demonstrated just words you say I surrender all, but you never do it just words and those words are weak when not accompanied by lifestyle listen to Jesus as he gives a preview of coming attractions.

He said many will say to me in that day. Laura we prophesied in your name.

We did this in your name and we did that in your name.

That's what they'll say, good words create speech Jesus will say, depart for me. I never knew you. You workers of iniquity. Your words didn't match up to a lifestyle it's just words and there in is the weakness of words in first John over and over again we read this. If a man says he loves God, but he does this. He's a liar. If a man says he walks in the life, but lives that way. He's a liar several times if you say, if you say, if you say, but if you don't do the words are weak. I share what Irma Brownback has said and I think it fits here never go to a doctor whose house plants have died. It's good counsel is in it.

I would also say, then why bother going to a Christian who seems lost himself the right words.

Nothing behind the profession without a practice I was speaking to a friend from Kansas City years ago in Kansas City when I network with sign off at night. I mean, late at night like early morning 12 in the morning they would always close off the evening with a minister getting on the screen. Organ music would play he would give some little my sermon at a few words a few little scriptures were quoted and then they would show the American flag and then music Star-Spangled Banner and then it would close the broadcasting session. One night as my friend was watching and Kansas City Kansas. The organ music came up, the lights came upon a pulpit, the lights came up to the preacher and the camera came into his face and he opened his Bible and he said words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words. He kept doing this.

Then he turned my concerning the reference words words words words words words words words words. Many would like giving evangelistic appeal words words words words he calmed down as if bringing it back to the appeal.

Words words words you hold out his hand, words, words, words, words that he bring it down like he was gonna pray. But rather than saying in Jesus name, amen. You'd say words words words words words words and then broadcast my family first look that said, that angers me. He's making fun of the Bible, but more than making fun of the Bible. He understood later what he was doing, is that we have relegated this to the end of a broadcast evening at two in the morning.

This stuff is important, but really all it is become to so many people's words words words words words words words words drone on and shut it off, go to bed and so often, this book has become too many people who proclaim it. Words, words, words Jesus said something interesting by a man's words will he be justified, and by his words, shall he be condemn. I would say words are pretty important when you and the most important words you could ever say the words yes to Jesus Christ's word begins yes Jesus, I am a sinner. Yes, I admit that I am yes you died for my sins. Yes, I will surrender my life. All of it to you when you begin, you haven't really begun their following from your heart. Just a bunch of words that it be more than then wraps up skipping six message from the series wiser right now. Huge scape with an important message for you the greatest trials in your life are often your greatest opportunities to reflect the gospel and we want to connect friends like you to God's truth. So your equipped to share your faith with others during those times. That's why we've made these encouraging Bible studies available to you and you can help keep them on the air when you give a gift today here so you can give now visit to give your gift today that's or call 892 to 1888, 809 two 218 to it again tomorrow. Skip Heitzigs and shares his top teaching from the 2000 explain why worship so meaningful and beneficial to Skip presentation of connection communication changing truth

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