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Taking Down a Nation-Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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July 13, 2021 2:00 am

Taking Down a Nation-Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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July 13, 2021 2:00 am

King Jeroboam plunged the nation of Israel into division, idolatry, and judgment. And in the message "Taking Down a Nation," Skip looks at Jeroboam's destructive path in order to strengthen your resolve to follow God.

This teaching is from the series Crash & Burn.




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The only worship God accepts the worship God directs you recall that Jesus Christ said God the father is actually looking for a certain kind of worshiper member says the father is seeking those who worship him in spirit and in truth, so we wants spirited worshipers put truth out or innovate the intensity of their own spirit into it. That's what it means, but also in truth and in the way we know truth is, by the revealed word of God.

Jeroboam forsook the word of God and followed his own heart. The Bible tells us that those who cling to worthless idols forsake faithful love truth from God not only disobey also turn away from the good he has for connect with skip. I took today as he explores the tragic ways Jeroboam turned God's word and God's best for his people encouraging you to cling to biblical truth.

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He's a person who loves you and cares for you and wants to empower you to be everything God calls you to be here. Skip, I think I think there's a lot of questions with heard the term Holy Spirit. Obviously they have a very vague idea of who the Spirit of God is and what he supposed to do in their lives. We want to help you better understand the Holy Spirit by sending you expound Holy Spirit DVD study from pastor step and for a limited time, so also send you a booklet by Lenny Heights and called in power discover your spiritual gifts. Both resources are our way to say thanks for your gift of $25 or more to help to this Bible teaching ministry on the air connecting into God's life changing trip.

Call now to request for copies of these resources. 800-922-1888. Get online securely now first Kings chapter 12 as we get into the message with Skip Heitzig God made this king very specific promise which we have a right you before the event of him becoming the king of the North the 10 northern tribes. God personally gives a message to him with the promise. I want you to see it go back one chapter, chapter 11. Look at verse 35.

This is God speaking to Jeroboam by some means God says them.

But I will take the kingdom out of his son's hands. That's Rehoboam, son of Solomon and give it to you 10 tribes of God says I'm to give it to is my gift to you and to his son I will give one tribe. That's Judah later on becomes too tribes that my servant David may always have a lamp before me in Jerusalem, the city, which I have chosen for myself to put my name there so I will take you, and you shall reign over all your heart desires. You shall be king over Israel, then it shall be no watch this if if you heed all that I command you if you listen and you do what I say you walk in my ways do what is right up my site to keep my statutes and my commandments as my servant David did then I will be with you and build for you and enduring house. As I built for David and I will give Israel to house out for promise. How's that for a blank check.

Hey, I'm God and I'm giving you a kingdom free. Here's the check or cash it out funny. If you are come up to me and asked me to write you a check for million dollars.

I do it. Your problem would be when you go to the bank I have to write you a check of you all and afterwards all right you check but you are the banker to laugh at the end of is nothing to back it up insufficient funds. That's a little read on the computer. Now I know people who could write you a check for million dollars and they have the money and more in the bank. God gives to Jeroboam a promise of an enduring kingdom. What was his failure. He didn't take it to the bank and cash the check. He didn't. He didn't trust the promise that God gave him. You can always tell how mature or immature.

A Christian is by how they treat the promises of God. Ask a person what you do with God's promise in the Bible and their best answer is I underline it in yellow. You know you got a problem if their answer is I take them to the bank then you know you got something a fearful nervous believer filled with anxiety speaks volumes. They don't believe the promises of God, a person who is calm and confident that person also speaks volumes.

I'm taking God's promise to the bank. Psalm 20 David Wright, some just trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God. Jeremiah 17 verse five Kirsten is the man who trusts in man and makes the flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the Lord Jeroboam's heart departed from the Lord and it is shown by his failure to trust God's promise, which begs the question if he failed to trust God's promise wordy trust in the Texas to his third mystic. He feared losing power. He failed trusting God his third mistake he followed his own heart. Verse 26 then Jeroboam said what in his Yorkshire Bible open right. He said in his heart. Jeroboam said in his heart stop right there. There's a guy mulling it over in his own heart in his own mind thinking about what he wants to do this is all inward so he said in his heart. Then go down to verse 28 therefore the king asked advice before he made the two calves. He's asking people so he takes it out of his head a little hard.

He's kind of thinking what to do.

Now he takes a massive vice not of the best people because he makes two golden caps, so he takes it up to them to verse 33 so he made offerings on the altar which he had made at Bethel on the 15th day of the eighth month in the month which he had watch this devised in his own heart. Listen Jeroboam was doing whatever felt good to him instead of what God said was good for him to see the difference how many times you heard people say, well, you gotta follow your heart is gotta do whatever is in your heart to do.

Can I just say that bad a device is always batted vice wise about advise Jeremiah 17 nine declares the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked who can know it doing what is in people's heart is what has caused all of the problems in this world, everybody feels something different does something different. There's clashes and wars and I want this in the other person wants that.

It just means a person does what he wants to do the human heart needs to be steered by the divine will.

My heart needs his head, his headship, his direction, one of our favorite verses of Scripture. You probably memorize it within the first month that you are a believer. Proverbs chapter 3 trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. While this is a special especially true in the area of worship because effectively Jeroboam change the whole system of worship for the nation of Israel in one of the most insidious ideas in the world is that we can worship God as we see fit. Because the only worship God accepts is the worship of God directs goddess told us who he is, got us told us how he is to be responded to and got us told us how he is to be worshiped. That's why said I'm the Lord your God, no other gods before me know, images etc. he spelled it all out to worship the God accepts is the worship of God directs, so he made three mistakes so far.

He feared losing power. He failed trusting God. He followed his own heart needed 1/4, which always must follow the third. If you're already doing. The third unit in the fourth and that is he forsook God's word, that is, God laid out what he wanted. How to be responded to and he forsook it he goes from divine revelations to human imagination. He makes it all up. Notice he changes the object of worship. Verse 28 therefore the king asked advice made two calves of gold and said to the people. It's too much for you to go to Jerusalem, here are your gods, O Israel, which brought you up from the land of Egypt.

Does that sound familiar. Have you heard that before know that sounds like to me.

Exodus 32 guy by the name of Aaron, when Moses was up on Mount Sinai get the 10 Commandments and he comes down there's this golden calf and Aaron said this is the God, O Israel that delivered you out of the land of each same thing does the same thing. He moves from worshiping the invisible God changes the object of worship to two golden calves, one in the middle of the country and one in the north of the country out here is always the problem with making an image of any kind in worship of God. There is no image that could ever be made that truly reflects the personality and glory of God can do it.

There can't Be done as soon as you cast some image to remind you of some capability or some attribute of God.

It only shows you that one not the others. So why a calf why why this well in Egypt.

They had worshiped Apus the bowl the calf God, which was a symbol of strength. So when they did that in Exodus and he did it again the idea of a calf. Is it when you look at it will remind you of splendor and strength.

Is it what's wrong with that if when I look at an image and I'm reminded of God strength. What's wrong with that.

Here's what's wrong with that.

It tells you nothing of God's love. God's forgiveness. God's forbearance God's acceptance. All the other moral attributes are hidden by an image so in an image of any there's no artist alive that can capture God so goddesses don't do it. Isaiah 40 to whom will you liken God's good crush you like them to him to or what likeness will you compare to him answer.

None. So he changes the object of worship. Notice also he changes the place of worship. Verse 29 he sets one up in Bethel and one in Dan through the middle of the country way up north instead of going to Jerusalem, the temple, there's two new worship places. What is he do it is convenient. It's all just easier, just easier to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and stay home right here, which is interesting, you know, instead of asking, is it right.


Is it easy to do. It's easy, instead of what's right. Well Bethel is one place I do understand because Bethel had already a rich spiritual history to Bethel was the place you will remember when Jacob was running from his house and he lay down at night and slapped me saw this dream this vision of a ladder going up to heaven the angels of God coming down going back up and he was so overtaken by the next day he names the place Bethel, which means the house of God's great experience. So Jeroboam thinks instead of going to the house of God down to Jerusalem, where the house of God here. This is the original Bethel house of God. We have our own heritage through changes the object in the place of worship.

Notice also he changes the means of worship. Verse 31 teammate shrines on the high places and he made priests from every class of people who were not of the sons of Levi.

Well that's forsaking God's word right because God's word said there's only one tribe were the priest come from, and that's the tribe of Levi, but he doesn't. Why, why can anybody be a priest what you have to belong to the tribe of Levi.

What why can anyone who feels glad to be a priest be a priest another day. He said anybody can be a priest. You gotta know that he made a lot of people happy Google yeah why should the Levites have all the fun. What why do they get to hang out in the tabernacle, attempt, whenever you lower the standard for those who lead worship for those who do ministry for those who serve the Lord in any capacity.

When you lower the standard you will have all the unqualified ones pouring in. He changes the means of worship and finally he changes the time of worship. Did you notice verse 32.

He ordained the feast. Watch this on the 15th day of the eighth month like the feast that was in Judah, and he offered sacrifices on the altar, so we did a Bethel sacrificing to the calves that he had made in the Bethel he installed the priests of the high places which he had made. So we made offerings on the altar which he had made it Bethel on the 15th day of the eighth month in the month which he devised in his own heart. Why do you do this while he's competing with the feast down south.

The feast of Tabernacles took place exactly one month prior seventh month so he goes well I'll do the eighth month but I feel lead to my heart semi-hard to do it now on the service. We don't what's wrong one month is the same as another one which is true unless God said I want that month.

So God says I want you to get together in October you go now good November. You just disobeyed God, right, so goddesses meet every week on the first day of the week to worship me and you go now Christmas and Easter is good enough. You just disobeyed God, he change the times of worship. The only worship God accepts is worship God directs you recall that Jesus Christ said God the father is actually looking for a certain kind of worshiper member. He says the father is seeking those who worship him in spirit and in truth, so he wants spirited worshipers who put truth in our you know the intensity of their own spirit into it.

That's what it means, but also in truth and in the way we know truth is, by the revealed word of God. Jeroboam forsook the word of God and followed his own heart. And one always requires the other. There's a phrase in the Bible. If you read the Bible at all very much. You've seen this phrase about 80 times altogether. It's the phrase, it is written, one of Jesus favorite phrases when somebody comes to ammo.

The devil attacks him at the temptation he'll say it is written, it is written in 80 times it is written now.

I can only think that when God repeat something 80 times is pretty important to him and why is that one so important him.

He must believe that what is written what he has superintended and preserved in this book we are to take our cues from that for everything in life have always loved Billy Graham.

As you know, I can pick a watching Billy Graham one of Billy Graham's most famous phrases in all of the sermons is the Bible says he says said that a lot. All of his greatness and the Bible says in the Bible says in the old quote that's because it was a time in his life, for he struggled with what the Bible says in. He was a young man wondering should I should I believe it all is all God's truth in God's word when he finally came to that wrestling match and said I'm in a declare your word as being truth.

That's when he saw thousands of lives changed. Jeroboam made these four mistakes and led the nation to idolatry measure? You think idolatry is just an Old Testament problem certainly not as I mentioned, first John chapter 5, last verse of that book John in the New Testament, so the little children, keep yourselves from idols. So the first commandment. I am the Lord your God will have no other gods besides me or before me and John, little children, keep yourselves from idols shows that it's a problem in every generation. What is it exactly what is idolatry mean that your books Skip bobble head is at idolatry not I don't think so.

Idolatry means you place something in the place of God. That's what me.

That's the easiest way to think of it, idolatry is letting anyone or anything occupied the supreme rightful place that only God should occupy is the one in charge of your life. By the way, that can be inward in have to be outward. You can want something you may not have a but you want it you want a person you want an object.

Listen to Paul and Colossians chapter 3 verse five he said put to death your members which are on the earth like fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, listen to this and covetousness, which is idolatry. Covetousness which is idolatry. If you want a person or thing more than you want God to could be a girlfriend could be a boyfriend could be the approval of people could be a hobby could be a number of things that can be idolatry always starts inwardly, but always grows outwardly so I want to close with two things on ask you a personal question I want you to ask yourself this question them and asked you to make a personal choice personal question personal choice.

There's a personal question.

What do you think about in quiet moments more O what do you think about in quiet moments, which are mind naturally when left alone gravitate to when you're all alone, because your mind is a lot like a compass, you could take a compass and jostled around move it around when you set it down on the desk and you leave it to settle that needle always points true North one direction and your mind can be occupied by a number of things during the day like mine is going left to settle what direction disappoint as the Bible says in Proverbs 23 as a man thinks in his heart so is he. That's who you are what you think about in quiet moments. That's a personal question now for a personal choice. Jesus said no one can serve two masters. To love one and hate the other older one and repudiate the other. No man can serve two masters. Which one Willoughby daughter something else. Joshua said to the people choose this day whom you will serve as for me and my house we will serve the Lord. Some of you are thirsty and I don't just mean physical first like hurry up, finish the sermons or get a drink of water that may be true as well but I'm talking about that inward nagging unfulfilled vacuum that nothing or no one. Up to this point is ever been able to satisfy inquired some of your thirsty. There is nothing or no one who will satisfy you like the love of God, the love of the sweet love of the living God.

Are there any rivals in your heart that's an idol's arrival in your heart why you're restless, Augustine said, we are restless Lord until we find our rest in the there's arrival in your heart. That's what's causing the restlessness we opened up speaking about American Idol. I suppose if there were ever in American Idol the quintessential American Idol would be none other than Elvis Pressley. I even had one person for servicer. Amen to that. Here we have an Elvis fan Bill Noble some between but you know that Elvis was interviewed by reporter six weeks before he died, and the reporter said Elvis. When you began your career.

You said there's three things that you wanted in life. Number one, you want to be rich when you said you wanted to be famous than you said you want to be happy, rich, famous and happy.

Elvis, are you happy. I know you're rich and famous. Are you happy without any hesitation. He said no I'm intensely lonely.

The great Elvis Pressley, the American Idol intensely lonely, not happy that those who knew him and were close to them would often say that's the attribute that stuck out those he seemed so lonely other rivals in your heart.

Anyone competing for the love of God and choose this day and we will serve as no one can serve two masters. That includes Skip Heitzig six. Powerful message for the series crash and burn.

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Find out Calvary Q, that's Calvary.College. The world is constantly trying to pull you away from God's well that we need God's word is our foundation. :-) Bring these teachings to connect you to God's truth and you can help keep these messages coming their way and encouraging others to their captive support right now and keep this podcast going strong. Just call 819 team. Nothing hundred 92, or is it connect come back again tomorrow. Skip Heitzig begins a series called Technicolor joy about how God brings color to the most black-and-white moments of life and what Christ has so Skip Heitzig presentation of connection communications changing truth ever-changing time

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