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Gluttony: Society's Most Acceptable Sin - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig
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June 15, 2021 2:00 am

Gluttony: Society's Most Acceptable Sin - Part B

Connect with Skip Heitzig / Skip Heitzig

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June 15, 2021 2:00 am

The temptation to eat too much, drink too much, or indulge in any number of things is constant—and it is also trivialized. In the message "Gluttony: Society's Most Acceptable Sin," Skip shares how you can honor God with your body.

This teaching is from the series White Collar Sins.




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Connect with Skip Heitzig
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Because God gave his son to you to place his Holy Spirit is our responsibility outside God in your body and in your spirit, which are in other words, your body should be a billboard, the glory of God.

That is, your body should point people to God. A study from 2015 called America United States of excess detailing how gluttony and overconsumption had become prevalent in the US connect with Skip Heitzig today as he shares some life-changing reasons for taking care of your body, not just for physical health for spiritual impact right now want to tell you about a resource that will help you dive deeper into God's truths, holidays and special days, celebration, wake us up from the daily grind and provide a backdrop for creating memories beyond traditions time off and intentional family time, holidays can illuminate spiritual tricks as we hear from Skip I think you may not know that Valentine's Day has Christian roots, but time and secular culture have transformed what was a great celebration of those who would stay true to the Christian faith. It is turned into simply a celebration of romantic love.

You can find spiritual significance, happiness, holiness, and holiday for DVD collection of celebration messages from pastor's And our thanks when you get $25 or more to help keep his ministry on the air here step with a strong thought on another holiday on our calendar because God is our father. We never because God is our father. I don't have the selfish, myopic life because he is our father in heaven no limit to his power from heaven. For those of us were on the incredible phrase, our father in heaven. Call now to request a copy of happiness, willingness, and holidays are. Thanks for your generous gift 800-922-1888, or get online securely first chapter 6. As we get into the message with Skip Hunt?

Why do people become gluttons to use the Bible term careful here because I am not a doctor I'm not a psychiatrist I'm not a psychologist. There are variety of reasons that people have food issues but let me give you one of the most fundamental reasons why a person would resort to gluttony is because so many people have a flawed view. The primary view of humanity is flawed and that is most people.

Many people in this world are primary view of humanity as I exist here for my pleasure. Life is about my personal pleasure, which by the way was the unsaved Corinthian's view of life as a whole, Greek school of thought called Epicureanism and Epicurus and his followers the Epicureans believed that life's purpose was for enjoyment, sensual enjoyment, drawing food, enjoying Drake enjoying all those things in excess is much as you want as long as it brings you pleasure.

Now, many times. Gluttony is the result of trying to cover up some emotional scar gluttony is often regarded as an emotional cry for help as author Peter degrees writes gluttony is an emotional escape assigned that something is eating us back in the 1980s there was a young man from New York called Christopher Rios he was a rapper rap artist and his nickname because the big time stood for big punisher actually admitted to eating to seek relief from emotional pressure to seek relief from emotional pressure. He eventually died because of obesity when he would go to the stage that a part of a golf cart just to get Humberto to take him off the stage on a golf cart to come to his room, put a minivan taken back to his hotel room, etc. before and after the show yet. It just be hooked up to oxygen just to survive while he died of a heart attack at age 28.

Most articles will tell you directly due to obesity.

Then there's actor Marlon Brando and that his eating binges were legendary. He frequently ate chickens. I have a cheesecake and a pint of ice cream in a single set was also known to drive to food stands in the wee hours to gorge on several hot dogs so he put on his hat and sunglasses like he's hiding me. Come on is the Godfather some hotdogs close to his death. Brando weighed over 300 pounds.

Did you know that Satan often times people with food.

He didn't believe in the garden.

He held out food to tempter. She looked at that and said it's good for food, Satan tempted Jesus with food is the son of God commanded start to be turned in the bread Jesus, that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. Satan tempts people with food, but the stomach might be.

So while the heart remains empty and for many people are just trying to cover up what is long been called the God sized hole that every person has in the there's an emptiness that everyone is born with a God sized hole in people to try to fill it with food with drink with sax status with wealth with experiences that hole just grows bigger because a God sized hole can only be filled with God himself not Christian. You and I were the temple of the Holy Spirit and the temple of the Holy Spirit.

That means our chapter should be filled with what the Holy Spirit is whether bodices be filled with the Holy Spirit. So think of it before body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You can't lock the Holy Spirit up in some little room in the corner of your temple on-site you're staying in there all week long, except on Sunday, I'll take out once a week you give them the keys to every single room in your life so with the Holy Spirit is one little category, not just one little area be filled with the spirit be filled with the very resident that God has placed within you the Holy Spirit, so your body is a holy place. Your body has a holy person.

Let's take it to 1/3 positive thing about this very negative topic. Your body had a hefty price.

Want to see what God did to get you in your body. Your body and spirit. Verse 19 tells us do not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, no rush this. You are not your own. Well, you don't belong to you so you verse 20 you were bought at a price. So get this you could ever think of saying matter what I do with my body really matter what I do with my spirit. Let these verses sink in God.

A hefty price to get both you and your spirit and your body know one package and that was according to first Peter chapter 1 you were redeemed by the precious blood of Christ.

Vance have put it this way. Salvation is free but it's not cheap because God paid that hefty price means he owns your very life.

As Daniel would say to Bill Sasser back in Daniel chapter 5 God holds your very breath in his hand. That means is you cannot claim independence. You cannot claim individuality. You cannot claim self-determination. You cannot say I'm my own person do whatever I wanted you know you're not you were bought with blood. God brought you for himself as Paul's point so wouldn't you Anna make lifestyle choices that reflect that great truth wouldn't want to make sure that the base of operations for the Holy Spirit. Your body is kept as pure as possible. Think of your body as a city in ancient times, it would put a wall around the city to keep bad guys from coming in.

Good guys from getting hurt by walls around every city for protection, and in the city walls they had city gates and I was to monitor the flow of traffic.

Let certain people in but not others. Let certain people are protected but they could come back to that protection. So think of your body that way you have gates you FBI gates here. Gates move the mouse gate will open your eyes and you let images in let things in your I get to be very careful when you look at, especially men. Be very careful to allow your eyes to fixate on protect the city by the gate. Be very careful what you allowing your hearing can be unwholesome.

Be very careful in the mouse gate. What words you let out what foods or items you bring in. Make sure that it's protect someone might be thinking yeah but Jesus said it's not what goes into a man that the files them. But what comes out of them and you are absolutely correct. Want to talk about being defiled here were talking about being usable as long as it is physically possible. Make sure that your body is a well tuned instrument in God's hands because you see gluttony. According to this article that I have devalues and lowers our quality of life according five minutes, and obesity is a health hazard. It's a risk factor for such serious health issues as type II diabetes, high blood pressure on healthy cholesterol levels, heart disease, stroke, colorectal, breast and uterine cancer, gallstones, infertility, joint problems and back pain.

Sorry for some of your TMI.

But obesity causes 300,000 people a year. Their lives that's that's the rate in this country every year 300,000 people die of obesity, not to mention the emotional scarring. The depression below self-esteem and other factors that are involved so so God did something to purchase. You, so that the Holy Spirit can then live in you, from which he can influence and work on people around you know let's close this off and let me give you 1/4 positive truth about your physical body.

Your body has a heavenly purpose. There's a word in verse 20 that is the hinge word is the word therefore notices is therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which I got to know that's all Paul writes he was so logical he would say stuff stuff stuff more stuff and then he got up there for so I said all that stuff is leading to this. All that means this and here's the hinge. Therefore, because God gave his son by you to places Holy Spirit and therefore our responsibility will find God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's. In other words, your body should be a billboard to the glory of God.

That is, your body should point people to God. Now I know you've heard that term before glorify God Bible sounding term vital sounding phrase. What is it mean exactly what I think it exactly simply means I'll break it down it means your mouth. Are you body your mouth and preach the gospel. Your hands can help the needy. Your feet can go to the lonely. Your ears can listen to the brokenhearted, your lips can smile at the press your eyes can give attention to the forlorn and all these ways you usually body you are telling the world God cares about you. God loves you that you glorify God in your body know I start thinking of my life this way right doesn't become about my pleasure becomes about his purpose. So instead of this slogan in Corinth, verse 13 foods for the stomach and the stomach for foods by slogan is my life.

It was Lori my left foot was Lori my eyes for his glory.

My ears was Lori my whole life for his pleasure.

Therefore glorify God. Now here's the irony to this when I live for his pleasure and his purpose. I find pleasure and I find my purpose funny about works where you give your life the way Jesus said, the more you gain your life will you pull it out the more comes back with more joy you get by not living for your own pleasure or joy, but you look for this pleasure and purpose, and that brings you joy. It's funny how that works best example I know Paul the apostle listen to this man standing on the shores of Miletus with the short with the elders of Ephesus around and he says I go bound in the Spirit to Jerusalem. Not knowing the things that will happen to me. There, except that the Holy Spirit tells me in every place the chains and tribulation. A lightning now listen to his response, but none of those things move me nor do I count my own life dear to myself that I might finish my course with joy. What who are you, Paul says I know to get back to Jerusalem and on to get beat up in interested Holy Spirit says that it will I go here I go, because actually I don't care about my life I care about what he wants for my life and that brings me joy. I live for his plan and for his purpose and that brings me joy. I said this on several occasions are repeated again to then turned around, that the more you do as you please. The less you are pleased with what you do. I know people all over the place. They just do what they please, and the more you do as you please.

The less you are pleased with what you do. But here's the reverse of that is also true. The more you do as he pleases. The more you are pleased with what you did. That's our works. Having said that, I will bring this to a conclusion. So I asked this question and try to answer a little bit. How does one overcome gluttony about son he's in question is not an easy answer. There are food clinics and there are programs that deal with a number of different levels.

I just wanted make it simpler than that. I want to begin on a simple level and I want to say that to begin, we need to say yes we need to say no. We need to say go unexplained for so we need to say yes before we say no. We need to say yes to some and what you need to say yes to is to develop an appetite for truth and appetite for the word of God to me. Out here brush this over.

Have you noticed in the Bible how oftentimes the Bible is used with the analogy with food like it says in Psalm 34 verse 8O taste and see that the Lord is good or first Peter chapter 2 verse two desire the pure milk of the word that you may grow thereby, or Jesus words. Matthew chapter 4 verse four and shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Say yes to that and allow the Lord to develop within you are real hunger for righteousness, for spiritual things. That's what you say is second say no yes there comes a point when you are sitting at a table and their stuff in front of you say no Dana said no. It is about all the scrumptious federal goblin and he said no it says he purpose in his heart not to file himself with the person of the Kings delicacies said no. Saying no self-control in the Bible says that part of the fruit of the spirit Galatians 5 for the fruit of the Spirit is love, peace, joy, long-suffering down the list is self control. It mean saying no to certain kinds of food you mean saying no to large portions of food you mean saying no to seconds or thirds or four. One of the ultimate ways of saying no is something that is little talk about these days call fasting. The Bible talks about fasting from food that's we say no to food itself for a period of time for specific purpose. Jesus spoke about this on the sermon on the Mount, he said and listened. I reported when you fast, don't be like noticing insight.

If you ever fast.

He just assumed you would said when you fast will be like a big share of it this way. So when you fast, you are making your appetite your slave you're saying appetite controlling your appetite wants to control you think medicine 20 minutes I have any, and we started to so when you said last you tell your appetite down. BA controlling under the control you so that for a period of time I can focus on the Lord say I say no and then finally say go is very practical means get up and move that body around. We live in a very sedentary culture we live in a deskbound chair bound couch bound culture and sometimes you just need to tell your body like Paul said, I beat my body into subjection right I make it a slight get up and go first. Chapter 4 verse eight tells us bodily exercise profits a little but godliness is profitable for all things for people for years about that as a reason why they don't exercise bodily exercise just profits a little.

You need a little help. And yeah, the ideas, godliness is more profitable than bodily exercise.

But the idea of the verses bodily exercise has some value, so use the value and keep your instrument. Your human physical body as usable in God's hands as healthy as possible until the day he calls you. I have a friend whose around 80 very healthy exercise all the time and I said to him, so would you like to do so. Don't misunderstand, I hate exercise I don't like any of idea I do it frequently, but I like a sorority.

Do it right. I do it because I see it as a way to tell God thank you for the body. I'm assuming that he's given me. And so for me to take care of this on this, giving him thanks by taking care of the vessel. The God gave me.

So in conclusion, gluttony. Janelle was once on the list of seven deadly sins.

I have targets off that list is now on the acceptable sins list.

People don't bat an eye at this. Most people don't even think about this the same time we have to be careful not to judge people based on outward appearance on body type person number of reasons. The people of different sizes and weights a week. We can go there. However, having said that, we also realize the culture that we live in a culture of fast food we live in a culture of supersized drinks and will supersize me. Culture of taco Tuesdays and waffle Wednesdays and French fry Fridays and all-you-can-eat buffet. I make a lot of younger self included motto in some Christian circles goes like this when we need to eat can I encourage you not to use that model from our if you do about when we meet we meet each other's needs. When we meet we eat, the depth of God's word.

Let's meet over those issues, not the food is food is good, you need to much food is not too much of anything excess of anything. Something that is good can become bad when it's not done for the right reasons at the right time the right amount includes six powerful message for the series white collar said.

Now we want to share about a special opportunity you have to take your knowledge of the Bible to a deeper level personal or small group Bible study is great. We learn God's word want to learn more, go deeper every college offers classes studies classes like the fundamentals of difficult counsel take classes on campus or online transfer credits to Calvary Chapel University or Veritas for an accredited degree spiritual life your life. I know Calvary, ABQ College… Like you vital part of helping share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible teaching to increase the return blessing.

Thank you today, to keep them coming to you and more people around the world to connect this connect this to come/Downey or you can call 800-9200 98 come back again tomorrow SQ shares how you can cultivate a powerful habit of prayer in your daily life.

So Skip presentation of connection communications go through ever-changing time

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